Why Moti Must Die Author: Yongjie Puta

Ayuan and Lilai are a pair of best friends who couldn’t be better. As the old saying goes, “They are as good as one person.” If it weren’t for Ernan in the end, the two would have stayed this way forever.

Ernan was first Ayuan's boyfriend, and they had a very deep relationship. Ayuan came from a well-off family, and didn't want to go to a worse place on a date, so naturally she had more chances to pay. But Ayuan didn't care, as long as she was happy, it was fine.

But then, Ernan kept asking Ayuan for money. Ayuan gave him money at first, but then she felt something was wrong. Ernan always had a "project" waiting to be "taken down". He always promised that once he "took it down", his "career" which had never made any progress would start to be successful. Ayuan believed him at first, but then she started to doubt him. More importantly, even Ayuan's generous pocket money gradually became insufficient.

The one who discovered the problem more promptly than Ayuan was Ayuan's father. His daughter signed up for the supplementary card at an alarming rate, so this shrewd businessman set up a reminder for the supplementary card. If there was a purchase exceeding five digits, an SMS would be sent to the phone number associated with the main card. But after the successful setting, his own phone started ringing incessantly.

So I asked my daughter, and she gave a very sufficient answer: "Dad, don't be so unsophisticated. Nowadays, all the better clothes and handbags are priced around this price. Ordinary working girls have to wear fashion clothes that cost thousands of dollars, so isn't it normal for me to buy a few pieces worth tens of thousands to show off?" As a father, it was difficult for him to say anything else. Daughters are always different from sons, and daughters should be loved as much as possible.

So I was pestered and cancelled the text message reminder. My daughter was right: "You know everything about my purchase of a purse, coat and cosmetics. This is not like being a boss. Dad, don't be like this. Can you give me some privacy?" My daughter has been getting more and more coquettish recently, and my father happened to fall for it. So he cancelled the reminder and returned the card. After thinking about it, he still advised: "You are grown up, don't just spend money, you should also think about serious things, whether it is work or marriage, Dad can help you arrange it." Ayuan kissed her father's cheek and ran away quickly: "Whether it is marriage or work, I don't need to bother you, Dad."

When I ran out of the door, I was stopped. My father looked at me seriously and said, "Ayuan, you are my daughter. I don't mind spending money. I worked hard to earn money for you. But if you spend it on others, I will be unhappy."

A Yuan lowered her head, lowering her eyebrows and looking more submissive: "Dad, I understand."

So Ayuan finally began to feel a little afraid of Ernan.

As it happened, not long after, Ernan asked again, and this time it was still a large sum: 200,000. Ayuan shook her head again and again: "Impossible, what are you thinking? Even if I'm an ATM, I can't be that easy. Besides, my dad has discovered my money problems and has asked me to pay more. If I spend 10,000 now, my dad will start to nag me, and I won't stir up that hornet's nest."

Ernan's eyes rolled around: "You said you wanted to change the car, your father has already agreed, just deduct the money from the replacement price for me, that's all."

"I don't know if you are stupid," A Yuan was already impatient. She had had enough of this 'face-to-face' man and had planned to dump him, but at this moment she couldn't help but nag him: "If you want to buy a car, you have to drive it back. I gave you the money, will the 4S store let me buy a car?"

"You can just pay in installments, right? With your ability, it won't be a problem to pay in installments." Ernan said gently: "Be good, I will definitely get this 'project' this time, and the money will be returned to you soon. Isn't it okay for me to give you interest?"

A Yuan had already slapped Er Nan's hand away: "Don't dream, I'm telling you this is the end, I know who you are, I don't want to settle accounts with you for the past, and I won't do that anymore in the future. Let's break up!"

"Break up?" Ernan actually smiled: "Sure, but you have to give me the money if we break up."

"What? Are you dreaming?" A Yuan took out the perfume and sprinkled it on the hem of her miniskirt with disdain . Why did Moti have to die ? She had to go to the nightclub to dance happily later. She was glad that she had just shaken off this big fly.

Ernan took out a cell phone from his pocket. It was the latest high-end product, a gift from Ayuan. Before Ayuan could react, Ernan had already pressed the shutter to take a picture of Ayuan.

"What are you doing?" A Yuan asked angrily

"Don't be angry, don't be angry, first see if the photo I took is beautiful." Ernan handed over the phone with a smile.

A Yuan took it and looked at it, still feeling proud. Today's outfit was very hot, and the chin she had done in Korea was also very charming. Feeling proud, she casually pointed her finger at the screen, and the album turned to the previous photo. Chestnut curly hair, fair skin, blurry eyes, and beautiful eyes with false eyelashes. The transparent dress was extremely tempting, especially after the shoulder straps slipped down, a pair of soft breasts were fully exposed, and the "two points" done in the United States were pink and beautiful.

A Yuan couldn't help but feel a chill down her spine. When was this filmed? She sat down on the chair, pressing her fingers frantically, flipping through the pages. She, it was all her, in all kinds of seductive looks, even the little bee tattooed in the most hidden place was in the picture.

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"Two hundred thousand," Ernan said calmly, "I promise not to bother you anymore. It's a good deal, isn't it?"

Ayuan threw her phone to the ground and stomped her feet a few times.

"Now I have to add another identical phone." Ernan looked at the broken screen with disdain: "You are not so naive as to think that I won't back it up."

"If I give you the money, how can I guarantee that you won't keep any back?" A Yuan stared at Er Nan hatefully.

"When you give me the money, you will know."

The nightclub seemed to have transformed into a demon's den that was howling all the time. The once familiar and intoxicating noise became Yuan's worst nightmare.

Finally, they used 200,000 yuan to settle the matter. Ayuan didn't tell anyone. In fact, she had been dating Ernan for so long, but she never mentioned his bad deeds. Rich girls don't mind spending money on men, but they don't mind being taken advantage of by others. It's one thing to spend some money on a man, but it's another thing to be taken advantage of by a man.

So Ayuan didn't even tell her best friend about Ernan's usual behavior, and she was even more secretive about the threat he suffered in the end.

Until one day, Li Lai called and said, "Ayuan, there is something I want to tell you, but please don't be unhappy when you hear it."

Ayuan has no interest in anything recently: "Don't tell me bad news. I'm in a bad mood recently."

Li Lai actually hesitated, and after a long pause she said, "Ayuan, I think I still need to tell you… Didn't you break up with Ernan? Well, I always thought he was pretty good, and I've always liked him, so he's my boyfriend now. Ayuan, you won't mind, do you?"

Ayuan just felt her head buzzing. She wanted to say something to stop Lilai, but she really didn't know how to start, so she just said "hmm".

Kelilai continued, "Ayuan, I know this is a little awkward, but I really like Ernan. I know Ernan may still like you, but you broke up after all, so I… don't hate me, okay?"

Ayuan's mind was in a mess. She really wanted to tell Lilai to get away from this dangerous boyfriend as soon as possible, but Ayuan didn't say it out loud. She just said at the end: "Lilai, it's okay. We have broken up. Breaking up is breaking up."

Ayuan could feel that Lilai was relieved: "Thank you, Ayuan." Lilai seemed to have nothing more to say.

Ayuan wanted to say something, but she didn't say it in the end.

The two people held the phone in a daze for a long time, only hearing the hissing sound of electricity coming out of the receiver from time to time.

Ayuan hadn't seen Lilai for a long time, and Lilai didn't call Ayuan very often. Ayuan was a little worried at first, wondering if Ernan would repeat his old tricks. But Ayuan quickly denied herself that Lilai had always been daring and daring, and was smarter and more decisive than herself. If Ernan really used his old tricks on her, Lilai would not fall for it. Moreover, the important thing was that Lilai didn't have a rich father to back her up, but was just a child from an ordinary family. Ayuan met Lilai at the equestrian club, where there was only one girl like Lilai. Lilai was very capable, and every penny she earned was earned by her own hard work. Ayuan had never admitted it, but she really admired Lilai.

Maybe Ernan must be with a girl like Lilai to learn to be independent and strive, and maybe he can let go of the idea of ​​getting something for nothing. Maybe they really love each other, Ayuan thought: Maybe they know everything, but they still really love each other. Ayuan felt a little sour, but she finally felt a little relieved.

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Until one day, Li Lai invited A Yuan to dinner. When A Yuan arrived, she found Er Nan was there. He was not shy. A Yuan regretted coming here rashly. When she sat down, she felt very nervous and tried to hide her anxiety. Er Nan was very natural and talked and laughed. A Yuan felt a little uncomfortable. She found that Li Lai was looking at her from time to time.

So Ayuan stood up and said, "I'm going to the bathroom."

Leaning against the wall of the bathroom, Ayuan wanted to flush herself down with the water. Did Lilai discover something? Or did Ernan say something? If she had to become a laughing stock, Ayuan would rather jump off the building.

Finally I walked out of the bathroom, and a figure flashed behind the carved glass: "You are really smart. You haven't told her anything for so long." His white teeth were exposed when he smiled. He was very sunny but also very much of a bastard.

A Yuan quickly avoided his eyes: "If you don't feel ashamed, then I do."

"That's good to know," Ernan came over and said, "You have to be good, and I will be good if you are good."

A Yuan didn't dare to speak, and hurried away. When he reached his seat, Li Lai extended her hand to him: "Er Nan also went to the bathroom, did you meet him?"

A Yuan hurriedly shook her head. Li Lai looked extremely panicked. "A Yuan, time is running out. I'm going to ask you a few questions. When you were together with Er Nan, did he frequently ask you for money?"

Li Lai looked a little unhappy and had her head lowered, so she didn't notice that A Yuan's face was covered with dust for a moment.

"No," Ayuan forced a smile, "How strange, why do you ask that?"

"Nothing," Li Lai said, a little embarrassed. "Ernan has borrowed money from me more than once. My savings are almost gone. That's all the money I have. I'm a little worried."

Li Lai grabbed A Yuan again: "Did he really never ask you for it? You are so rich."

A Yuan quickly pulled her hand back: "No, we have been together for so long, have I ever told you? If he borrows money from me, I will definitely tell you." Why did Li Lai ask this? Did she discover something or did they collude? A Yuan gritted her teeth and secretly decided in her heart that she would not see either Er Nan or Li Lai from now on.

Lilai's expression softened a little: "You're right. We are such close friends. If you had any, you would definitely tell me."

Before Ayuan could reply, Lilai's eyes flashed towards her. Ayuan pretended to drink her tea casually. Ernan's hand was already on the back of his chair: "We haven't ordered yet, beauties. Wait for me to decide, right?"

Ayuan smiled and looked at Lilai. Lilai's hand holding the cup was trembling slightly.

After that, Ayuan really kept her promise and tried her best to avoid meeting Lilai. However, there was no need to be particularly deliberate about it, because neither Lilai nor Ernan contacted Ayuan again.

Ayuan finally decided to study abroad. In fact, her father had this idea long ago, and she also wanted to leave here temporarily. A few days before leaving, she kept thinking about whether to talk to Lilai. Many times when the phone was connected, Ayuan still silently pressed the hang-up button.

Until one day not long before leaving, in the middle of the night, Li Lai called A Yuan. A Yuan woke up from her dream. There was a lot of noise on the phone. Li Lai's voice was desperate and crazy: "A Yuan, come and drink with me."

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A Yuan was a little shocked: "Li Lai, what's wrong with you?"

The phone was hung up with a click. Ayuan couldn't fall asleep anymore. What happened to Lilai? She must have found out about Ernan. Why did Moti have to die ? I don't know how much she knew. Is she blaming me for deceiving her? The glass suddenly crackled. The big raindrops fell all over the sky. Soon, it was white outside. It was dark all over.

Ayuan crawled back into bed and continued to call Lilai, but the tone was busy, always busy.

At about midnight, Ayuan was woken up by the cold and found herself curled up in bed with most of her body exposed. Just as she regained consciousness, the phone next to her rang again. It was raining heavily outside, and when the phone was connected, it seemed as if it was broadcasting the heavy rain.

Li Lai's voice rang out in the heavy rain: "Ayuan, I'm downstairs, please come down quickly." After saying that, Li Lai hung up the phone.

Ayuan rushed to the window and saw that it was raining heavily outside. She put on her coat after making up her mind. The elevator was bright and the corridor was also filled with yellow lights. When she reached the first floor, the security guard at the door stood up and said, "Miss, it's raining heavily outside."

A Yuan nodded quickly and said, "I know. I'll go out and pick someone up."

The security guard stood up, watched Ayuan leave through the glass, and kept an eye on where Ayuan went. As the owner of a high-end apartment, he has greater responsibilities and cannot be negligent.

Ayuan stood under the huge eaves at the door and took a closer look, only to find that Lilai was sitting next to the huge flowerpot behind the pillar.

"Lilai," Ayuan called tremblingly. Lilai raised her head and her face was only half the size it used to be.

"Ayuan, Ernan cheated me." Li Lai burst into tears. She had been crying for a long time and her eyelids were swollen, but when she saw Ayuan, she burst into tears again: "He cheated me of everything. All my money is gone."

A Yuan's heart sank, but she still said, "Really? How could it be?" The wind was strong and the rain was heavy. Raindrops kept hitting the eaves. A Yuan's coat was soaked. "Li Lai, why don't you come in first and talk at my house?"

"No need, I just want to ask you one question." Li Lai touched her face: "Did Ernan lie to you and ask you to lend him money for his business? Don't hide it for him, tell me the truth."

Ayuan's heart was pounding. How could she admit it now? Should she tell Lilai that Ernan had deceived her before? Should she tell Lilai that she had been threatened by Ernan? Should she tell Lilai that she knew Ernan was a trap but she deliberately let him fall into it? Ayuan's mind was in a turmoil, but she finally made up her mind: "Lilai, I don't know, really, Ernan never lied to me, or there was a misunderstanding between you two."

Li Lai stared at A Yuan blankly: "I knew it, I knew it, you wouldn't lie to me together."

Li Lai slowly squatted down: "How dare Ernan lie to you, he must love you, you are beautiful and rich, your father is so powerful, how dare he lie to you." Li Lai raised her head and murmured: "He must really love you, because you are powerful in everything, I am the one who threw myself at him, he doesn't love me, he looks down on me, he is with me for money."

"Lilai," Ayuan was a little scared. The wind blew over, and her clothes soaked by the rain suddenly felt cold to her bones. "Lilai, come in first. You'll get sick if you keep getting wet."

Lilai dodged Ayuan's hand: "I want to break up with him. He asked me for 200,000 yuan. I don't have any money. He said he would publish my nude photos. It's over, it's all over." Lilai burst into tears: "I gave him all my money. I really don't have 200,000 yuan." Lilai stood up while crying, and slowly moved backwards, out of the protection of the eaves.

A Yuan hurried over and said, "Li Lai, come in, come upstairs with me first, I'll help you find a solution, you come in first."

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Li Lai shook off A Yuan's hand and said, "Don't pretend to be a good person. It's all because of you that Er Nan treated me so badly. Why didn't he lie to you? Why didn't he threaten you? Why am I the only one who is so unlucky?"

Lilai ran into the rain: "I hate you guys, I hate you!"

Ayuan chased for a few steps, and her wet slippers made her slip into a puddle of water. Ayuan was in so much pain that she couldn't stand up for a long time. The cold and hard rain hit her head, making her dizzy. Several security guards ran towards her, shouting. Ayuan suddenly felt very tired, and she fell asleep with her head tilted.

After waking up, Lilai was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing a bright red dress, as red as a wedding dress: "Ayuan, you're awake, I'm sorry, I made you sick." Ayuan rubbed her eyes. Lilai was in great condition, with red lips and white teeth, and her permed hair tied into a ponytail, she looked pretty and charming.

"Ayuan, it was all my misunderstanding. I misunderstood Ernan and I misunderstood you. It's all my fault." Lilai smiled apologetically: "But now it's all over, everything is fine. I came to say hello to you, I'm leaving." Lilai said and was about to get up.

"Lilai, don't say that. I'm actually very sorry for you." A Yuan grabbed Lilai's wrist and said, "There are many things I haven't told you. I have selfish motives and I'm also afraid."

"Don't say it, I know everything," Lilai stroked Ayuan's left cheek with her hand, "You are too naive and timid, but I don't blame you, really." Ayuan felt a warm feeling and couldn't help but put Lilai's hand close to her face, "Lilai," Ayuan choked up a little, "Where are you going? Back to your hometown? Or go out of town to relax? I'll go with you."

Li Lai turned her head and smiled strangely: "I want you to accompany me for a while, but I'm afraid you don't want to go."

"I do," Ayuan quickly sat up: "Wait for me, I will definitely go with you." Ayuan took the clothes on the bedside and quickly put them on. No, no matter how she put them on, they were all twisted and distorted as if they were arranged. Ayuan threw her clothes all over the floor. Finally, she managed to put them on. When she turned around, Lilai was gone. Ayuan ran downstairs. Fortunately, Lilai was waiting for her at the stairs. Seeing Ayuan, Lilai smiled: "Ayuan, hurry up."

A Yuan nodded, but suddenly froze. On Li Lai's thin ankles, there was a big iron chain, and at the end of the chain were two huge iron balls. A Yuan heard her voice trembling: "Li Lai, what's wrong with you?"

"I killed someone. I killed Ernan." Li Lai said calmly, "Death penalty. Today is the execution day. Aren't you going to accompany me? Are you going or not?"

A Yuan felt herself trembling all over: "I will go, Li Lai, I will definitely go."

In a trance, they arrived at a hospital. It was a building with huge glass windows. The walls were covered with vines, winding beautifully. Ayuan was arranged to stand outside the glass window far away from Lilai. Lilai and a girl stood at the railing, wearing the same beautiful red dress, but the other girl's face could not be seen at all. Ayuan felt very sad and kept crying. Someone patted her shoulder. She turned around and saw that it was her father: "Ayuan, look, Lilai is still as beautiful today." Ayuan cried out in pain: "What does it matter whether she is beautiful or not." But Lilai was really beautiful, with bright eyes, pink lips, a faint smile, and shiny hair tied into a ponytail.

Through the glass window, you can see the staff nearby mixing various poisons into a huge machine. Red, green, bright pink, and burnt yellow, as well as highly toxic ones, are all beautiful. Ayuan seemed to have heard someone say that.

Lilai and the girl were already lying flat on the stretcher. Tubes had been inserted into their mouths. Under them was a huge glass jar filled with bright red blood, which was rippling out.

The poison was injected into Lilai's body bit by bit. Lilai was still smiling at Ayuan. Suddenly, she vomited blood, and the blood flowed through the tube into the glass jar under her body.

"Lilai! Lilai!" A Yuan cried loudly, "Lilai, Lilai, why are you doing this? I am the one who hurt you."

Lilai closed her eyes, but suddenly they widened. She sat up, and the tube slipped out of her mouth. Blood spurted out, and there was a sea of ​​blood everywhere. Lilai struggled to knock the tube out of the other girl's mouth. The two people covered in blood hugged each other and cried, "It's so painful, so painful."

Ayuan could only hear her own frantic voice: "Doctor! Doctor, come quickly." No doctor came, only armed prison guards. Ayuan hugged the guards frantically: "They are not dead, but you have already executed them. The execution can only be done once. They are not dead, so let them go."

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The prison guard politely pushed Ayuan away: "There is no such rule."

A Yuan frantically hugged the prison guard and said, "Let them go, let them go, please let them go."

Ayuan felt a tightness in her chest and she felt like she was on the verge of collapse. She screamed loudly but only a faint sound came out.

"Ayuan, Ayuan, wake up, wake up quickly."

Ayuan opened her eyes and saw her mother, looking at her with fear and love: "Ayuan, did you have a nightmare? You scared me to death. Why did you run out into the rain by yourself last night?"

A Yuan sat up and felt a severe headache: "Mom, I fell asleep."

"You slept all day, and your fever was almost 40 degrees, which scared your father and me. But after the infusion, your temperature finally went down, but you didn't wake up." Mom stroked Ayuan's forehead with her hand: "Are you feeling better, baby?"

"Mom, Li Lai came to see me last night. I went downstairs to talk to her and caught a cold." After saying this, A Yuan became nervous again: "Oh, by the way, I have to call Li Lai first."

"Look at you two kids," Mom smiled and shook her head, "You have a really good relationship, always thinking about each other. Li Lai just left and came to see you for a day, but you haven't woken up yet."

"What? Lilai is here? How is she?" Ayuan asked, grabbing her mother's arm anxiously. After hesitating for a moment, she still asked: "What is she wearing? Is it a red dress?"

"What red skirt? This child, is she confused because of fever? It's already this month, who would still wear a skirt?" The mother laughed: "She was wearing jeans and a plaid sweater."

A Yuan breathed a sigh of relief: "Okay, Mom, it's okay, I'm much better now."

Mom tucked her quilt and said, "If you have nothing to do, sit up and have a seat. I asked Auntie to make some porridge for you. Come down and have some first."

"Okay, Mom. I'll be down in a minute." A Yuan closed her eyes, rested for a while, then picked up the phone and called Li Lai, but the call didn't go through, "The user you dialed is out of service area."

A Yuan put on her clothes and got out of bed. "Forget it. I'll ask Li Lai to come over tomorrow and try to persuade her." A Yuan thought, "I'm leaving anyway. I might as well persuade Li Lai to go back to her hometown and hide. After all, it's bad luck for us to get involved with someone like Er Nan."

Ayuan changed out of her pajamas and planned to comb her hair. The comb brushed against her chestnut curly hair, making a comfortable rustling sound.

"Oh!" Ayuan suddenly cried out. The hair beside her left ear was tangled for some reason. The comb brushed over it accidentally and it hurt. Ayuan quickly touched it with her hand and found that her hair was sticky.

Ayuan smoothed her hair hard, and several strands of hair were broken. Ayuan looked at it in front of her eyes with heartache. Something was wrong. Why did it smell fishy? Ayuan twisted it lightly with her fingers. It was blood, blood that was almost dried.

Ayuan turned her neck stiffly and moved towards the mirror next to the dressing table. The hair beside her left ear was wet and sticky, and tangled into a ball. Ayuan lifted her hair and found a blurry bloody finger mark underneath it.

Ayuan screamed and frantically searched for her cell phone, dialing Lilai's number over and over again.

"Lilai, answer the phone, answer the phone, answer the phone!" Ayuan prayed silently.

"The user you dialed is out of service area. The user you dialed is out of service area."

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