Chapter 20: In The Bashan Monkey Village

Professor Sun was shocked, blocked the crossbow and said: "Don't do it, the Nabashan Monkey knows me. Because of its hideous and ugly appearance, the Nabashan Monkey has always been known as the "Mountain Ghost" among the people. It is said that the "Mountain Ghost" "Able to know things as old as one year old" means that it can predict what will happen within a year. Of course, this is just a false legend, but it also proves from one aspect that the Bashan ape is extremely spiritual.

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The Legend Of The Evil God Bingyu Chapter 16 Strikes First To Defeat The Enemy

In addition, the posture of the white wolf demon slave also explains everything. It falls from the sky with white destructive power. This is also in line with the description of avalanches and ice avalanches in ancient myths and legends. However, if Chu Yi had not taken advantage of the enemy, the corpses scattered on the snow might not just be wolf corpses.

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Mesmerizing Meat Hook

After hearing what I said, these people calmed down, because they are all rural people and know that the meat hook is an absolute murder weapon, and it is the most commonly used weapon by ghosts to seduce people's souls, so if someone hangs this kind of meat hook during the day, In the tree, if someone passes by under the tree at night, the ghost will draw his soul away. No wonder the boy named Xin'er's soul was easily snatched away by the meat hook.

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Chapter 14 Demon Slave

In the long rap poem of the Great King of the World's Enemy-Conquering Orb, the white wolf is a demon slave of the Demon Kingdom. The King of the Enemy-Conquering Orb once led an army and fought many fierce battles with the wolves led by the Wolf King. Perhaps the Wolf King discovered that this was a demon tower dedicated to evil gods, so he had to abandon his original plan and killed several wolves for sacrifice. This is somewhat similar to the ancient legend of wolves by American Indians, Kunlun Mountains Does this also exist in Karamir? … Continue readingChapter 14 Demon Slave

Chapter 45: Hall Of Yama

The Japanese devils suspected that the Baiyan Cave was haunted. There were similar ghost-suppressing charms in many places, including the strange structure of the incinerator, all for the purpose of warding off evil spirits. However, the so-called haunting might just be caused by yellow skins. Moreover, there seems to be something moving in those ancient buildings. Could it be that they entered the Yama Hall by mistake? … Continue readingChapter 45: Hall Of Yama

Death From Eating Fish With Shelled Eggs Chapter 48: Tongue Leakage

In fact, this kind of lice is not a living thing at all. The Huang Pizi refined the inner elixir as big as a blood egg during his lifetime. After his death, his flesh and intestines did not turn into flesh and he gave birth to countless lice. They were knotted by his spirit, like the seeds in a magnet. Mother beads are usually attached to corpse hair like skin flakes. They come alive when angry, and cannot be extinguished by water or fire. They specialize in absorbing the essence of living people and then replenishing them in the mother beads. … Continue readingDeath From Eating Fish With Shelled Eggs Chapter 48: Tongue Leakage

Haunted House

I have long seen that Adong is not a good person, with a fat head and pink face, a sinister eyebrow and a ratty eye. When he sneaked back to the Guge ruins in the middle of the night, I knew without asking that he must have been eyeing the silver-eyed Buddha statue. The lama said that the black iron door under the Samsara Temple represents the hell where the most sinful people are thrown. The things crawling out of it, even if they are not zombies, are not easy to deal with. … Continue readingHaunted House

Everyone Dies In The Third Chapter Of The Finale

My heart said, you are really fucking dead, Men You Ping is really fucking dead! There is such a thing in this world, Men You Ping Jingran will also die. I have always thought about how I would feel if Menyoubo died. "I can't understand: Fatty said: "I didn't say everyone was dead here! But obviously someone had discovered this place, and someone had checked their faces to see who was dead, so they took off the gas masks. … Continue readingEveryone Dies In The Third Chapter Of The Finale

The Finale, Chapter 30, Isolated And Helpless

On the way to the underworld, guess who I am! The emotion in my heart is very strange. I don’t know whether I want this mask to break or the other way around. Do you want to kill me? My chances of finding Fatty when I go back are probably very low. Thinking back to various experiences in the past few years, this is not the first time I have encountered such an embarrassing scene. But at least I don’t want to be beaten to death here. I said to myself, God has crippled me so many times, and he definitely didn’t want me to end up here. … Continue readingThe Finale, Chapter 30, Isolated And Helpless

Blood Devil Symbol Haunted House

After we experienced the hurricane, we accidentally discovered this stone coffin locked on the turtle bones. This may be a miraculous coincidence, but I don't think it is necessarily the case. The ancient green-headed jade collected from the coral island also hides mysteries. It also happens to be a sign of the hexagram created by lighting the candle. … Continue readingBlood Devil Symbol Haunted House