Diving In The Raging Sea And Sand Chapter 23 Continue To Solve Puzzles

What the fat man said made a lot of sense. I sighed and thought about how my third uncle managed to escape twice. What method did he use? He didn’t have any diving equipment when he came out the second time. Could it be that he was hard? Shengsheng swam out of the ancient tomb with his breath held? Among the things he experienced, there must be something I don't know, but this old fritters just don't say it, third uncle, third uncle, do you know what you said in an understatement? , Your nephew may be killed on the bottom of the sea more than ten meters deep. … Continue readingDiving In The Raging Sea And Sand Chapter 23 Continue To Solve Puzzles

Chapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi

Yang believed with certainty that the ancient city of the beehive we were in was not a real city of evil, but a bottomless ghost hole, and let the fat man and I look at the back of the necks of Uncle Ming and his daughter. So far, the ins and outs of the phoenix gallbladder have basically been figured out, but what is the city of Eurasian Sea where we are? When Uncle Ming heard that he was still saved, he immediately regained his energy and asked how to find the real ruins of Eiluohai City. This is the most important thing. … Continue readingChapter 24 The Real City Of Elahi

Chapter 55 Monsters

The male corpse hidden in the skin and flesh coffin of the Wuyang King, although it has been dead for hundreds of years, but the man is as alive, the heroic spirit in the face is condensed but not scattered, with a jade crown on his head, wearing a black robe, and holding a whisk in his hand. There is a vaguely immortal posture, but a gloomy and abnormal corpse aura is shrouded on the corpse’s face, indicating that it is definitely not a fairy, but a dead zombie. They should be monsters that have grown into spirits over time, but Huangpizi is different from common sense. It’s just that they can understand people’s hearts after they have lived for more years. , In the end, it was not lost by me and the fat man. … Continue readingChapter 55 Monsters