Death From Eating Fish With Shelled Eggs Chapter 48: Tongue Leakage

Lao Yangpi suddenly opened his mouth and told us that when he was a tomb robber, he had heard of this kind of ticks that live on zombies. He never thought that such a thing existed in the world. If it weren't for the water gall in the golden well that saved his life, everyone would have been dead for a long time now. . In fact, this kind of lice is not a living thing at all. The Huang Pizi refined the inner elixir as big as a blood egg during his lifetime. After his death, his flesh and intestines did not turn into flesh and he gave birth to countless lice. They were knotted by his spirit, like the seeds in a magnet. Mother beads are usually attached to corpse hair like skin flakes. They come alive when angry, and cannot be extinguished by water or fire. They specialize in absorbing the essence of living people and then replenishing them in the mother beads. The ticks on a zombie can cause not a single living person to be left within a radius of more than ten miles. Fortunately, the fat man stepped on the blood egg. Otherwise, even though we had water bladders to save our lives, the ticks in the yellow-skinned corpse would still be there. It keeps appearing until it sucks out the souls of nearby living people. I'm afraid that the people in Yun's research institute were not prepared for this, and that's why they all lost their lives. It was the chairman's educated youth who had the most luck, and Lao Yangpi thought he saved his life because he was with us. These centipedes are full of raw water, but the mother pearl has been destroyed. Soon, they will dry up and dissipate, and they will no longer pose any threat to living people.

I asked Lao Yangpi what happened to these? It's really a bit foggy now, and I'm getting more and more confused. We have gone through these life and death tests, and we are all grasshoppers on the same rope. We have to die together, and we have to live together in a pile. There is no need to hide it anymore.

Lao Yangpi stood up from the water with difficulty. He admitted that although he had told us most of it, there was indeed a hidden secret inside. Now is not the time to talk about it. It may not be safe in this golden well. We have to leave quickly and wait until we get out. After that, it’s never too late.

Everyone was flooded by the clear water in the water bladder. Although their whole bodies were shivering with cold, their mouths no longer hurt, and they had some strength again. At this time, when they heard Lao Yangpi said that there was still danger here, they felt like drowned rats. He climbed out of the golden well from the water and planned to go back to the building of the research institute to find some dry clothes to change into, otherwise he would not be able to return home. As soon as I walked into the hole covered with turtle bones on the ground, I heard an evil wind in front of me, and large swaths of black ash drifted past my eyes. When I grabbed it with my hand, I saw that it was all the ointment from the body of the dead.

The sound of the evil wind coming from outside the corpse cave brought together the cries of ghosts and wolves from the heaven and the earth, like a dragon roaring in a long valley. It made the cave walls tremble, and flakes of black dust floated in the air. We waved them away casually. The black smoke on my face felt greasy on my fingers, filled with hot grease, and I couldn't tell whether it was human fat or butter.

Lao Yangpi shouted, "No, the demon dragon is about to return to its nest. Being swept up by this black wind is like being incinerated by the high temperature of a corpse crematorium. A living person will be turned into ashes in an instant."

I knew this was no child's play, so I kept my feet on my feet, urging everyone to run away. The terrain inside the Turtle Bone Cave was flat. If the cave was blocked by that blast of foehn wind, no one would be able to survive. The only way to survive was to rush out of the way of that hopeless wind. Before the invisible demon wind appeared, he fled into the Yin River under the Luoshui Bridge. At this time, no one could think about the cause and effect. He threw away all the things he could throw away and traveled lightly.

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The sound of ghosts crying outside the cave entrance grew louder and louder. We almost crawled to the bridge and slid along the smooth rocks beside the falling water bridge into the cold and biting underground water. The water was not deep, almost up to the chest, and the feeling of blind, eyeless fish slipping past me, as if there were many cold and slippery strange hands on my body, was even more frightening. On the head is an endless stream of hell karma fire roaring and burning. As long as you put your head out of the water, you will hear the screams of the hot wind blowing through your ears.

We lay in the water and waited for a long time. The wind suddenly stopped in the cave on the Luoshui Bridge and everything was completely silent. The four of us stuck our heads out of the Yin River dripping wet. We didn't climb back to the bridge shivering until we were sure it was really safe. , his whole body was shaking with the cold, his upper teeth were chattering with his lower teeth, and he couldn't open his mouth if he wanted to speak, so he had to fumble his way out of the cave. In the huge corpse cave outside, almost all the corpses were blown by the foehn wind and turned into black ashes. This is exactly the same as the legend of the turtle resting place. The corpses buried in the turtle bone cave eventually became feathers. , not even a bit of bone or residue was left.

We returned the same way. By this time, the fire underground in the institute had been extinguished, and the fire had not spread to the floors above. In a room upstairs, we wanted to pick up some clothes worn by dead people and change them, but we felt that the clothes were Since I couldn't wear anything, I had to give up and light a fire in the middle of the building to keep warm. We were all pale from the cold and our lips were blue. Thinking of this experience in Baiyan Cave, it was really unbearable to look back, especially when Lao Yangpi saw that the body of his brother Yang Erdan had been burned together with many dead people in the basement. Lao Yangpi has always been buried in the ground in his hometown in Shaanxi. After his death, his body was buried with a handful of loess, so that he could be worthy of his ancestors. The idea of ​​​​"laying in peace" is deeply rooted. At this moment, the half bag of tobacco leaves hanging on the pot of the tobacco bag is also soaked. He was even more uneasy after smoking tobacco, shaking his head and sighing for a while, but I really didn't know what he was thinking.

But the fat man didn't care about what happened today, and even advised everyone: "Why do you see all of you dejected and listless , eating fish with shelled eggs and dying ? Aren't we still living well? This time not only did we appreciate the cruelty of nature, The ruthless power has also tempered the quality of one's will to a great extent. This small situation is nothing. You must know that the torrent of revolutionary struggle has just begun. The sea is flowing across the sea. In the future, on the battlefield, our true strength will be revealed. heroic nature."

I was in a confused state of mind, lowering my head to think about my thoughts, and ignored the fat man who was singing a high-key tone. Only Ding Sitian was busy checking the wounds for everyone. Although the wound on my shoulder was deep, luckily it did not hurt any muscles or bones. As long as there was no infection or inflammation, it should be fine. There won't be any danger. On the contrary, a piece of meat was bitten off by the old sheepskin on the fat man's neck. The injury was not serious. Any movement of his body would cause the wound to ooze blood. However, he was as thick as a black bear and naughty as an iron bull, so he did not treat these injuries. Pain in my heart.

The fat man discovered that the wound on Ding Sitian's palm had not healed. It was left when he grabbed the knife in the tree hole. Along the way, four people were trapped in the tree hole, facing two people who could read minds. It was most dangerous when it was just yellow skin. Looking back now, if it hadn't been for the narrow terrain and special environment, I would have been buried in that old tree hole.

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The fat man was unforgiving. He asked Lao Yangpi to take a good look at the wound on Ding Sitian's hand. Such a tender and beautiful little hand was cut so hard that the bones were almost visible. This was Lao Yangpi's fault. If the truth had been told earlier, everyone would not have almost lost their lives. But so far, this hateful old sheepskin, disguised as a poor and lower-middle peasant, with a face full of class bitterness, seems to have a lot of conspiracy and tricks that he has not revealed to everyone. Frankly speaking, it is really annoying and hateful. It seems that he is determined to die for the landlord class. It is necessary to call on the revolutionary masses to take action and hold a reasoning and struggle meeting against him.

Ding Sitian disagreed with Fatty's point of view: "Chairman Mao once emphasized repeatedly that we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts and ensure that everyone is equal in the face of the truth. When the truth is unknown, we must never be as arbitrary and arbitrary as a warlord." Oppressing the people. I believe that Old Sheepskin Grandpa has his reasons, and don’t forget, Little Fatty, he also saved our lives."

The fat man said to Ding Sitian: "The principle you mentioned only applies to internal conflicts among the people. There is absolutely no room for reconciliation on the line issue. We must have a clear position on the relationship between ourselves and the enemy. I think Lao Yangpi has ulterior motives. Who knows what he is thinking Aren't you hiding some unforeseen consequences?" After saying that, he turned to me and asked, "Old Hu, you also want to express your opinion, do you agree with what I said?"

I said to Fatty and Ding Sitian: "Normally, the fact that the herd got lost has nothing to do with me, but in the past two days, we have gone through life and death without blinking an eye, and no one has done anything. Why is this? I thought. It’s because we believe that Lao Yangpi is the third generation of abject poverty, and we educated youth are connected with the poor and lower-middle peasants. There are two proletarians in one sentence. I don’t agree with the views you just said, although I hold the opinion of Lao Yangpi’s class composition. I have reservations and even doubt the motives of what he did. I don’t know what kind of medicine he is selling in the gourd. But I am also extremely nervous, worried and uneasy about your radical actions just now, because it is not in line with Marxism-Leninism. The basic objective attitude of concrete analysis of specific issues.”

The fat man still insisted on fighting and shouted: "Old Hu, I'll fuck you, second uncle. Don't mention anything about objectivity and attitude to me. You are practicing naked eclecticism! If you say it, you haven't said it. I want you to use a The position of the descendants of revolutionary soldiers shows your attitude!”

When the three of us were having a heated argument, Lao Yangpi suddenly said: "Stop arguing, what's the point of arguing? I don't want to hide some things from you educated youths, but I'm afraid that Chief Ni in the organization will know…"

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These words were so unexpected. We didn’t know why Lao Yangpi suddenly got involved with Chief Ni. Could it be that he also had an unknown relationship with Baihe Cave? We stopped talking for a moment and let Lao Yangpi explain the matter clearly. Otherwise, when you go back to the pastoral area and are interrogated, you really won’t be able to explain anything.

After Lao Yangpi said it, it turned out that he didn't want to hide any facts from us. It's just that in that era when all monsters and monsters were swept away, even a person like him who was not very aware of the struggle and had low enthusiasm knew that some things should not be said indiscriminately. He would become the target of public criticism. What he was hiding were rural affairs. It would be fine if the educated youth who followed the locals found out about this kind of thing, but it would be troublesome if it got to the ears of the Revolutionary Committee.

The reason why Lao Yangpi knew the situation in Baiyan Cave so well was because his brother Yang Erdan found the copper coffin and took it to the Japanese military research institute in Baiyan Cave and then disappeared. Lao Yangpi was cowardly and did not dare to go in. to find out the truth, but he has not been idle these years. Back then, he learned some techniques of fighting dragons from the bandit chief surnamed Chen, and he knew that there were many special ways to find dragons in fighting games, such as changing costumes, exploring places where there were legendary ancient tombs and huge tombs, and collecting information from the local population. Understand intelligence clues, such as whether there are any legends on this mountain and whether there are any relics. Through these clues, we can firstly find the location of the ancient tomb, and secondly, we can also understand the dangers around the ancient tomb from the side. The underworld is in charge of this. It's called stepping on the plate. Stepping on the plate is originally a folk juggling performance, which means to be cautious and to test the reality of good and bad luck. Those who fight upside down use this method to detect important clues, which is called "tongue leakage".

Lao Yangpi picked up countless tongue leaks in the nearby mountainous pastoral areas, pieced together these scattered folklores, and then filtered and eliminated based on past experience, and gradually learned some of the inside stories of Baiyan Cave.

In fact, Baiyan Cave is not a corpse cave of Xianbei people at all, and there are very few Xianbei corpses in it. However, Baiyan Cave is indeed the same as Gaxian Cave, representing the two holy places of yin and yang, life and death, because The ancestors who lived on this land found the bones of many giant tortoises buried here. Fairy scenes of palaces and buildings often appeared in the caves. The ancients did not know that this was a ghost town created by the sea air in the tortoise shells, and thought it was a ghost after death. Go to the destination of the underworld, but the nomadic people have always preferred sky burial and do not emphasize the safety of the earth and the people. However, there are still many ethnic groups with different cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs who come here to worship the mountain.

Until a kind of "Yuan religion" appeared near the Daxingan Mountains. The star of Yuanjiu was Huang, and the immortal he worshiped was Yuan Daxian. The word "Huang" coincided with gold, so it was called "Yuan" without mentioning Huang. It was very prosperous for a time and had countless followers. . The Yuanjiao shaman is said to be a female humanoid transformed by Wong Tai Sin. He wears a mask and sits in the hall all day long. Devoted men and women worship him and respond to all requests.

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In fact, the so-called Huang Daxiangu was just an unknown female corpse made into a human skin body. The magicians put the old Huang skin inside and used illusions to confuse the people. However, Lao Yangpi didn't know this part. He also said that the female corpse was really Wong Tai Sin's remains. Fatty and I had seen this kind of hollow human skin under Huang Pizi's grave and in the secret room, and knew what was strange about it.

When Lao Yangpi heard what I said about the human-skin puppet, he suddenly felt enlightened. Then he talked about Yuanjiao intermittently. Yuanjiao absorbed many local witchcraft in the Northeast, such as dancing with the gods. Dancing as a master is like dancing as a shaman, but they act very secretly. Later, their scope of activities gradually expanded to the grasslands. Baihe Cave is an important place connecting the grassland and the desert. At that time, people and animals often disappeared near the mountain pass. After Wong Tai Sin's death, the Yuanjiao's magic stick claimed that there was a ghost dragon underground, jumping out from the underworld to cause trouble. , as long as Wong Tai Sin's remains were buried in Baiyan Cave, the dragon's soul could be suppressed, so a tomb with a gold well was built and Wong Tai Sin was buried in it. In fact, they did this in order to occupy this treasure land where turtle bones were buried and condensed by raw water, and they preached that believers in the religion would give up their money and belongings and be buried here after death, so that they could become immortals and ascend. As a result, many people spent all their wealth and suddenly disappeared from the world. As the saying goes, in the past two hundred years, countless dead people have been buried in the Baihe Cave.

The Wong Tai Sin that Yuan Jiao refers to is actually the female corpse with an empty shell. There is also a copper soul summoning box, which contains an old weasel whose corpse has been transformed. The soul summoning box is hidden in the golden well, nearby There are also some yellow men who specialize in guarding this soul summoning box. It is said that the souls of all the dead in this big tomb will be included in this box. If the family widow needs to talk to someone who has been dead for many years, as long as they give the Yuanjiao gold beads, Wong Tai Sin can call back the souls through this copper box. .

After experiencing its heyday, Yuanjiao was finally suppressed by the ruling class and gradually declined. The remaining believers took the spirit summoning boxes and hid in the deep mountains and forests of the Daxinganling Mountains, built the Huang Daxian Temple and continued to engage in their secret activities. At that time, there were veins of gold in the mountains, and there were many people digging for gold. Since there was a long-standing saying that all the gold in the mountains was hidden by huangpizi, gold diggers had to burn incense and make offerings to Wong Tai Sin. The incense burned again.

But the good times didn't last long, because a few brave people were curious and secretly looked at the things in Wong Tai Sin's copper box. As a result, many people died around them. I don't know if the gold veins in the mountains were dug out or they grew their own legs. He ran away and disappeared without a trace. Later, there was a mudslide that buried Wong Tai Sin Temple, and no one has ever seen the contents inside. Because of this incident, the deep mound in Tuanshanzi was called Huangpizi Tomb. However, we know the origin of this name. There are too few people, and Lao Yangpi got this tongue leakage accidentally.

Later, the Kwantung Army established a secret force specializing in the research of murderous weapons, and announced to the outside world that it was a water supply and epidemic prevention force. They were very interested in this legend and believed that the box was a mysterious and ancient weapon. However, they failed to find it during excavation in Baiyan Cave, so they bribed traitors to search for it, and finally they got it. However, after the copper box was brought to Baiyan Cave, a huge disaster followed, leaving no one alive. As for how the people in the institute died, there are many possibilities. Not all of them were sucked out of life by the centipedes in the copper coffins. They might even be those with white hair all over their bodies. , who knew by nature that their ancestors contained them in the coffin, followed them all the way and killed all the living people in the Baiyan Cave overnight. With their weird and terrifying methods, it is definitely not impossible to do such a thing. From this point of view, Huang Pizi can be regarded as having made a contribution to the Anti-Japanese War. Of course, this is just our guess afterwards. Unless the dead are resurrected and tell us everything that happened that day, there will never be a real answer. In short, not a single living person in the research institute was left alive, and it must be related to the fact that the gangsters from the Ni'er Society brought this box in.

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Although Lao Yangpi knew that the soul summoning box had fallen into the Baiyan Cave, and that his own brother Yang Erdan probably died in it, he had not been able to muster the courage to go in and take a look in these years, because after all, there were legendary living people there. There was a "ghost yamen" with no way out, so he stayed on the grassland doing odd jobs to make a living. After liberation, he was classified as abject poverty. When he became a herdsman in a pastoral area, he even opportunistically went to Baiyan Cave. .

However, there are unforeseen circumstances, and disasters have occurred in various pastoral areas this year. Only this grassland is peaceful, and it has become a typical example of grasping revolution and promoting production. Chief Ni who was sent also conveyed an instruction that there were still large areas of idle pasture near Mongolia, which should be fully utilized, and a group of disaster-stricken herdsmen should be moved there with their livestock to survive the winter famine.

Lao Yangpi was horrified when he heard about this. Due to all the sensational legends over the years, no one has ever actually entered the hilly jungle of Baiyan Cave. Once herdsmen move there and die by eating shelled eggs , the Revolutionary Committee will sooner or later You will find that there is a soul summoning box hidden in the mountain, and that's all. The soul of Sheep Erdan is probably still locked in it. Besides, you can't just watch people die, but you don't dare to say this directly. But he didn't want to go deeper and deeper into Baiyan Cave until he saw Yang Erdan's body wrapped in corpse ginseng. He lost control of his emotions and almost opened the soul summoning box to summon his soul. Fortunately, the fat man stopped him in time. .

While we were falling asleep due to exhaustion, Lao Yangpi was getting older and had slept less, so he woke up after being confused for a while. He had been fighting for nothing in those years, and his escape technique was very good. He used a knife to break the thorns. He stopped the belt on his hands and feet, sneaked back into the secret room, and cried loudly over Yang Erdan's body. The sea of ​​evil was boundless, so why not turn back early.

The fat man listened to Lao Yangpi's pitiful words, and suddenly his heart softened again, and he intervened to persuade: "Being a gangster or a traitor and dying is lighter than a feather…" Ding Sitian was afraid that the fat man would not speak carefully, so she said something else. The ridiculous nonsense hurt Lao Yangpi's pain, so he raised his hand and pinched his mouth.

Lao Yangpi let out a long sigh. Death is indeed lighter than a feather. When a person dies, he leaves his name, and when a flying goose passes by, he leaves a voice. If he dies worse than a feather, it would be considered a great sorrow. When he returned to the secret room for the second time and saw the dead body of Yang Erdan, Lao Yangpi finally came to his senses. This man had walked out on his own path. He had persuaded him hundreds of times, and even if he was a biological brother, he could be considered a wise man. I have done my best to him. Lao Yangpi was worried that things about the Baiyan Cave would be exposed in the next few days, and that the box would be opened by someone who didn't know the truth and hurt innocent lives, so he decided to bury it in the gold well under the turtle bone cave, and accidentally broke the box. He had a copper coffin, and in a hurry he led everyone to jump into the golden well to survive, and then narrowly escaped death. Wong Tai Sin's summoning box was completely destroyed.

When I heard this, I felt that the copper coffin containing the old weasel's corpse could summon souls. I'm afraid it's difficult to judge whether it exists now. In the early years, the gods and goddesses had similar means of deceiving people by eating and drinking, and summoning the dead souls to prison for interrogation. The case has been around since ancient times, who knows whether it is true or false. However, I would rather think that this is a deceptive illusion, otherwise people will not be able to escape after death, and the people above can pay to get you back to nag you. This situation is really unacceptable to me, a materialist.

Lao Yangpi didn't tell us in detail about the Soul Conjuring and Wong Tai Sin. In fact, he was worried that Chief Ni would find out. Although he didn't understand the struggle situation, he also understood that it would be over if he just put the hat on. Not only would he be unable to eat and walk around, but his son's family would also Gotta be implicated. Before liberation, he had engaged in back-and-forth fighting with the bandits for several years. He has extensive knowledge and knows a lot of things, but he usually hides it. Although he does not understand the principles of Feng Shui and Qingwu, he can know a little bit about the water in the golden well from the excavation of ancient tombs and mounds. In the eyes of an expert in the phase and earth, it is the gathering of dragon energy. The dragon spits out the heavenly liquid, which has the power to bring the dead back to life. This is where the shadowless and invisible dragon energy at the mountain pass of Baiyan Cave comes from. In his eyes, the dragon energy that devours living beings , is a real dragon. At this point, Lao Yangpi stretched out his clenched fist, spread his palm, and revealed a bronze eyeless dragon talisman. He placed it in front of everyone for everyone to see, and told us the last tip.

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