Chapter 20: In The Bashan Monkey Village

Although no one can explain it all so far, what I saw in front of me can't help but vaguely feel that the bronze dragon talisman is the first of the four hexagram talismans. It is an ancient bronze artifact forged by dragon fire in the South China Sea. It was regarded by the ancients as a secret weapon of Feng Shui. Most of the lightning that appears is related to this object.

The Yuanjiao believers who worshiped Wong Tai Sin at that time believed that the Eyeless Dragon Talisman was brought by sea turtles from the sea, because sea wonders often appear in the turtle resting place, and sea turtles have the habit of migrating back, and their bone armor is a dragon bone spiritual object. The sea air in the dragon's veins is stored in the tortoise shell and can last for thousands of years.

But we recently learned from research that although the Dragon Talisman is a secret treasure in the South China Sea, it should not have been found in an empty tortoise shell. It was an artifact that was buried with King Mu of Zhou. The legend unearthed from the tortoise sleeping place is very likely It was fabricated by Yuanjiao.

However, this object is indeed a secret weapon of Feng Shui, so it is okay to bury it in the ground. Once it is close to the corpse in a place where it can see the sky, it is likely to cause lightning and thunder fire due to the interaction between yin and yang. Between the cliffs at both ends of the black wooden beam, there are Many ancient corpses were dragged out of the hanging coffins, and the canyon was filled with heavy Yin Qi. The Guixu Dragon Talisman and the Gua Mirror must not be used here.

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As soon as this thought flashed across his mind, several fireballs fell from mid-air, all of which were golden feathers struck by lightning. At this time, as long as a bolt of lightning struck the wooden beam, no one could survive. How dare I be negligent? I hurriedly stuffed the bronze mirror and bronze talisman into a sealed bag, and waved to everyone: "Don't stay here for a long time, leave quickly."

Professor Sun didn't seem to understand the seriousness of the situation, and asked what was going on? I didn't care to answer, pushed him and left. Under the urging of thunder and lightning, everyone moved very quickly. They immediately climbed into the gap in the nearby hanging coffin tomb, moved their bodies along the rock crevice and along the cliff, and were gone in an instant. wooden beams.

Suddenly there was a flash of light in the dark canyon. I looked back and saw that several fireballs had rolled down on the black wooden beams. I don’t know whether they were swifts burned to death by thunder or lightning struck from the sky. The wooden beams were destroyed at that time. The beam burned into a large pillar, crackling with blazing flames, and the flames illuminated the surrounding area.

Demon God's Bone model_Demon God's Bone poster_What is the origin of the Bone Demon

Since I had put the dragon talisman into the sealed bag, the thunder in the black cloud continued to muffle for a while and then disappeared. However, the wooden beams were burning with great intensity. As I climbed on the cliff not far away, I felt The heat was unbearable, and he was worried that the fire would ignite the ancient vines and coffins on the rocks. He hurriedly asked everyone not to stay, and then used the tombs and rock crevices on the cliff to continue to hide away.

The hanging coffin tombs on this cliff are very densely distributed. Although the upright mountain is steep, there are places to stay everywhere. I climbed the rock and hung on the wall all the way until I reached a slightly wider horizontal gap in the mountain. I saw that I was far away from the burning black wooden beams, so I asked everyone to climb into the rock crevice tomb and take a breather.

In the horizontally cracked rock gap, there were four coffins placed side by side. They had also been stolen. The ancient corpses were staggered in the tomb. One of them had a white hair and a childlike face. The skin and flesh were so white that they were almost dripping with water. The fragrant smell was so fragrant that it looked like a child. Very eerie.

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When we got into the tomb, we had to lower our heads and bend down to pass by the ancient corpses one after another. Professor Sun has been working in the tomb all year round and has seen a lot of dead people. For him, crawling into the tomb with hanging coffins is not a good idea. Nothing. Fatty, Shirley Yang, and I are all "gold-touching captains". How can we care about these activities in our duties? But what surprised me was that Yao Meier, a girl in her early twenties, had no fear at all, and she seemed to be worried.

I couldn't help but ask her: "Sister, you are so brave. If an ordinary girl saw the ancient corpse in the coffin, her soul would fly away, she would faint on the spot, and it would be difficult to even scream out of fear. It’s so precious, but you don’t even blink?”

Yaomei'er told me that when she was twelve or thirteen years old, her parents were still alive and they accepted the bride price from the bald-headed man who owned a small restaurant, so they decided to get married to the bald-headed man who owned the restaurant. Even now, arranged marriages are still popular in the mountains. This year, she was forced to get married by her bald-headed boss, and she was crying every day. Fortunately, her godfather and old shopkeeper had the insight and asked us to take her out of the mountains. This time Even through mountains of swords and seas of fire, there is no turning back. Those zombies seem to look much better than the bald ones.

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Even Sun Jiuye, who always had a sullen face, was amused by Yao Meier's words. He smiled bitterly and shook his head: "This is the terrible thing about arranged marriages. The ancients said that the poison of wealth is like a snake." Almost, and arranged marriage is more terrifying than the zombies in the ancient tomb, alas… I know it very well. When I was in my hometown, it was a marriage arranged by my family. I didn't know until I got married that my wife was older. I am eight years old, how can such a marriage be happy? I wonder how I survived those years…"

When the fat man heard Master Sun Jiu start complaining again, he felt that his ears were about to get calluses, and said sarcastically: "Then why didn't you join the revolution? If you had really taken practical actions to resist the evil old society, you wouldn't have been able to continue to do so later. There is no right to be mistaken for a revolutionary traitor."

I was worried that the fat man's nonsense would hit Mr. Sun Jiu's pain again, so I thought of changing my words. As soon as I turned around, I saw a fluffy face sticking out from the crack of the tomb. It was as ugly as a mountain ghost. It was the Bashan monkey that pushed Fatty off the "Shadowless Immortal Bridge" earlier.

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I don’t know what the sneaky ape wanted, but it must have evil intentions and wanted to kill us. I immediately pulled out the engineering shovel and was about to go over and shoot it, but I was so anxious that I forgot that I was in the mountains. In the gap, I raised my head and hit the rock formation above. I didn't even have time to put on my mountaineering helmet at that time. The impact was so severe that I gasped in pain and quickly rubbed the top of my head with my hands.

At this time, the other four people also discovered the Bashan ape hiding in the tomb. The fat man hated it and immediately cursed: "This time I have to send you to the West!" He raised his head in anger. "Quick crossbow" will shoot.

Professor Sun was shocked. He blocked the crossbow head and said, "Don't do it. The Bashan Ape knows me." After saying that, he pushed away the fat man's crossbow box and turned to look at the Ape. He was worried about the flashlight. The light was too strong, which frightened the Bashan Monkey away again, so he closed his "wolf eyes", crouched down, and walked forward slowly.

Because of its hideous and ugly appearance, the Naba Mountain Monkey has always been known as the "Mountain Ghost" among the people. It is said that "Mountain Ghost can know things within one year", which means that it can predict what will happen within a year. Of course, this is just a lie. It is an untrue legend, but it also proves from one aspect that the Bashan ape is extremely spiritual.

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