Everyone Dies In The Third Chapter Of The Finale

After the fat man went up, I heard various sounds – his coughing and the dragging of various things. These sounds lasted for more than ten minutes in total.

I finally got impatient and asked uneasily, "What's going on? What's going on? How are they doing?"

I felt very uneasy. I heard when the old woman and the little brother were there. My heart was already tense. Then the fat man told me that I might not be able to accept it.

Can I really not accept it? Not necessarily, I really don’t think so. When I entered the ancient building, I told myself very clearly in my heart that I was likely to face some death – I had such a prediction. On a larger level, I was doing the psychological construction of They Are Dead from the get-go. Therefore, I can face death, but the process is not particularly comfortable.

I asked several times before the fat man stuck his head out and said to me: "Come up here."

I thought in my heart that you would die just by saying something casually. What’s the problem? I have to go up and see for myself.

I reached out and grabbed the fat man, stepped on the edge of the burnt coffin, and managed to climb up.

Above is a very, very small mezzanine, about 1.23 meters high. I saw that it was crowded with people, all of whom were from Old Madam Huo's team.

There was an indescribable stench throughout the mezzanine. The smell of feces, urine, and rot was almost indistinguishable from the mixture.

I covered my mouth and nose and saw many traces of dried liquid on the ground. The liquid should have come from where the men were lying, and had dried on the wooden floor, leaving dark red marks.

The fat man kept coughing. Said to me: "Basically everyone is dead."

I looked around, it was hard to make out the men in the dark. The first thing I recognized was Old Madam Huo because her features were very obvious. I crawled over and came to her side. I discovered that she had been dead for quite some time. Even his eyes were cloudy and turned the color of amber, and his mouth was opened wide. The facial expression looks particularly unsettling.

She must have died quite unwillingly, I thought to myself. I sighed. To be honest, I have no feelings for Mrs. Huo, but she is an elder after all. When I saw someone I knew turned into a corpse, I still couldn't suppress the sadness in my heart.

Continuing to look to the side, I saw several faces I recognized, but now they were all stiff. After death, feces and urine flow freely. These usually all-powerful players have now become like this. A bit unsightly.

"Where's my little brother?" My heart had completely sunk, knowing that everything was over. Although it was different from what the ghost said, they seemed to have found a place to escape the alkaline fog, but the result was still the same.

Surprisingly, I didn't feel sad, but I could feel a very strong emotion that was ready to burst out at any time. This emotion transcended all feelings, and its name was "collapse." But I suppressed it forcefully. I don’t know that my ability to escape reality has grown to a certain level. Or my mind can't accept such information. Choose self-bypass.

The fat man used his flashlight to shine in the corner next to him. There was a pile of clothes there, and he said to me: "Don't look there yet. Let's see if there is anything valuable here. It stinks so much."

I cursed in my heart: "Can you be more ruthless? My brother is dead, and you still fucking stink." After thinking about it, I walked over and tore off the clothes over there: I immediately saw my brother shrank. The face in that pile of clothes.

I was stunned for a moment and suddenly stiffened. At that moment, my mind went blank.

I can't describe the blankness in my heart. Suddenly I don't know what I should do.

Just kidding.

Really dead? Hey, what kind of international joke is this?

"Wake up, go home." I patted his face. Suddenly I felt very funny. I turned around and smiled at the fat man: "Look at me, little brother."

"I know." Fatty said from the side. The voice was deep.

Then my hands started shaking uncontrollably. I looked at my hands and saw no sadness in them. My consciousness didn't respond, but my body instinctively felt despair.

My heart says, you are really fucking dead, you are really fucking dead, Menyou Pingpin is really fucking dead!

There is such a thing in this world, and even Menyou Ping Jingran will die.

This ancient Zhangjia building is really amazing. I always felt that the ghost was being alarmist, but now I just feel like the world is spinning.

Menyouping is a miracle. His death suddenly makes people feel that the whole world has become extremely real and cruel: Can't all the miracles in this world be eternal? Or is there no such thing as a miracle in the first place? It was all a coincidence that Yadan was dead or not , and now the coincidence is finally gone.

The instinct is collapsing under strong pressure, but there are still various uncomfortable feelings leaking out of the emotional "pressure cooker". I feel like I can't let my emotions go. Once sad, I might die here too.

The feeling in my heart is very strange. It's not just sad. I don't know if others can understand my complicated mood.

First there was despair, then more of a distrust of what I was seeing. My mind was blank for a long time, and all the emotions in my heart came out.

I have always thought about how I would feel if Menyoubo died. I thought maybe I was extremely sad, maybe I became a little numb because I thought too much and did too many mental constructions. I feel like I can totally handle it. Now that I have really encountered it, it has turned into a strange feeling that I can't even handle.

After that, I have been in a dilemma, not knowing whether I should be sad that Yadan is dead or not , or pretend to be calm and endure the pain. In the end, the former gradually gained the upper hand. I did nothing next to his body, just stared blankly.

But just when I thought I was about to shed tears, I suddenly saw the hand of the oil bottle move and scratch on the floor!

The fat man shouted at the side: "What are you doing? Stop looking, come and help!" My tears still fell due to inertia, but the feeling in my heart was extremely complicated. I turned around and stammered to the fat man: "He, he , He seems to have faked the corpse!"

"Holy shit, if I can fake a corpse, I must be such an awesome rice dumpling. The king of rice dumplings." The fat man said, "Stop talking nonsense and hurry up."

"He, he, he really faked the corpse!" I said. Suddenly there were countless associations in my mind. I thought about what I would do if my brother really turned into a zombie. Are we going to rob a tomb with a zombie? That’s not tomb robbing. That's more than a diplomatic activity.

The fat man looked at me with a strange expression. He asked me, "What's going on?" He walked over. After walking a few steps, suddenly, another corpse beside him moved.

The fat man was not afraid and walked straight to my side. I pointed at the corpse he passed by just now and stammered: "That man moved too. Is this a corpse raising ground? They all faked it." "What kind of corpse raising place? These people are still alive," the fat man said.

"Alive?" I couldn't understand: the fat man said: "I didn't say everyone here is dead! Many people are alive. But the situation is not good: take a look quickly. Is there anything useful around – water, medicine, etc. Yes, give everyone alive some water."

I just realized that was what he just said. He scolded me: "If you hadn't told me earlier, I would have been scared to death by you!"

"You and I are different. You only care about life and death, but I care about how many people can be saved." Fatty said, "My brother's pulse is still stable. I just felt it, and there are a few here who are definitely not alive. You Hurry up and get hospice to save the day.”

I glanced at the little brother. His face was very pale, and he looked no different from the corpses around him. I went up and touched his neck, and there was indeed a pulse:

but. His pulse was not beating strongly, and it was obvious that his physical condition was very bad. In an instant, all my emotions receded like an ebbing tide, and my whole body softened. I almost fainted when my vision went dark. I'm so stupid, it scares my little heart to death. The fat man clapped his hand again, attracting my attention: "Hurry and save people, I'm fine, don't patronize me, these people are raised by my parents."

The fat man is right. In this case, if I don't save other people but only save the little brother, it also violates my own principles as a human being.

I took a deep breath. Let the fatigue caused by the drastic changes in emotions in your heart dissipate and calm down.

I walked up to those people. A kettle was found from them – the water in it had gone stale after being left there for too long. We put disinfectant inside and then looked for those who still had a pulse and body temperature one by one. Feed them water sip by sip. Those people were almost unconscious and their bodies were weakened to the limit. Some looked exactly like corpses.

"What is the reason? Is it poisoning?" I asked the fat man.

The fat man pulled apart these people's hair and collars. I saw the ulcerated skin on their bodies.

"You see, many of the gaps here are filled with cloth strips and oil wax. This place is basically sealed. Although the content of mist here is very small, the mist is still highly toxic. After staying here for a long time, He will also suck slowly. "Look, many of the gaps here are filled with strips of cloth and wax, basically sealing this place. Although the content of fog here is very small, the fog is still highly toxic. If you stay here for a long time, you will slowly inhale a lot, and you will still be poisoned. "The fat man said, "If you fall into potassium cyanide, you will die in one second. If you take a breath of potassium cyanide, you will die in one second. This is the same truth. "

A lot of it will still cause poisoning. "The fat man said, "If you fall into potassium cyanide, you will die in one second. If you take a breath of potassium cyanide, you will die in one second. This is the same truth. "

"You uneducated guy actually knows about potassium cyanide," I said.

"Of course, anyone who has read detective novels knows that." Fatty said, "Potassium cyanide and Fearless are both my idols,"

I said, "What should we do with these people? Do you think there is anything usable in the medicines they bring?"

"If there was something available, they would have used it. But you noticed that none of them were wearing gas masks. It seems that gas masks are of little use against this kind of poisonous gas."

I felt strange in my heart – usually in this situation, people who can wear a gas mask will definitely wear it, even if it is useless, it is good to seek psychological comfort. I saw several gas masks scattered around, and I didn't know what was going on.

"Is this what you were like when you came up?" I asked. The fat man nodded.

I thought something was wrong and said, "You are wrong. They must have been wearing gas masks before. But obviously someone had discovered this place and checked their faces to see who was dead, so they put on the gas masks." The mask is off."

The fat man nodded after hearing this: "That makes sense, who is it?"

I thought about it and felt that the most likely thing was that they had differences of opinion and the team was divided into two parts–one part may be led by Menyouping, and the other part may be led by Old Madam Huo. Then Old Madam Huo encountered some danger, and Menyou Ping came to save them. After arriving, I found that Old Madam Huo was dead, and the oil bottle was also trapped.

Therefore, the people here have two different states, one is dead, and the other is still breathing its last breath. Menyoubo must have been poisoned after he came in. But the poisonous fog should have dissipated, so he took off the gas masks of these people to see who these people were.

I think judging from the current situation, this is the most likely thing to happen. However, as I thought about it, I realized that it was possible that Jude was taking the exam, and I discovered this place after coming in.

I remembered that the brother's knife was in Jude Kao's hand, and he said it was brought out by one of the guys. It seemed that the guy should have been here. Even if he hadn't been there, someone must have taken the knife out from here and given it to him.

I thought of the scary look on that guy's face and the way he looked at me, and I still felt strange in my heart. No one knew what that look meant, and I couldn't verify it now.

We searched around the secret room and found a secret door that allowed us to exit. This should be a compartment where some formal burial objects are stacked. After I opened the door, I found that the door was full of things-all kinds of strange blue and white porcelain vases. However, the most valuable thing is not the porcelain vase itself, but the calligraphy and paintings rolled inside the porcelain vase. All these things were piled haphazardly outside the secret room.

I could understand at a glance why there was such a secret room and why Old Mrs. Huo entered this place. Because this is a calligraphy and painting studio, it may be filled with all kinds of valuable calligraphy and paintings. If these calligraphy and paintings are soaked in strong alkali mist, they will never be preserved. Lei, who designed the ancient building of the Zhang family at that time, must have specially designed this small, sealed room to protect these calligraphy and paintings.

Old Madam Huo must have discovered this room after looking at Xiang Lei's design drawings.

He is indeed a master. If it hadn't been for this move, they would probably have completely melted by now, and all I could see was a lot of skeletons filled with dried flesh. At that time, I could only judge which one was the stuffy oil bottle based on the length of the skeleton’s fingers.

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