The Legend Of The Evil God Bingyu Chapter 16 Strikes First To Defeat The Enemy

Although the terrain of Longding belongs to the composite snow mountain glaciers and permafrost, it is currently at the end of the melting period of more than two months a year, and the altitude is relatively low, so the snow on the top of the mountain has melted a lot, and it is surrounded by four snow peaks. It is not tight and does not collect sound easily. In addition, wind and snow dilute the sound, so we gradually found that the sound of shooting on the snowfield is not likely to cause an avalanche. However, if the wind and snow stop and snow falls for two more days, the snow on the snow peaks will reach full capacity again, and it will become very dangerous.

Shirley Yang said that the dense scaly ripples on this crystal in the mountain may be a special sound wave accumulated inside. Once this crystal is broken, it will immediately trigger a large-scale avalanche. In addition, the posture of the white wolf demon slave also explains everything. It falls from the sky with white destructive power. This is also in line with the description of avalanches and ice avalanches in ancient myths and legends.

A few people who have never experienced an avalanche don’t know what it means. When the guide first learned that an avalanche might occur, the muscles on his face tensed up involuntarily. Avalanches are very common in Karamir. Sometimes on a clear day, outside the mountains, you can hear thunder rolling in the sky. That is the sound of avalanches in the mountains. From ancient times to the present, countless humans and animals have been swallowed up by the white wrath of the gods. People living at the foot of the snow-capped mountains are born with a complicated sense of awe for the violence and sacredness of the snow-capped mountains.

I thought of the big avalanche I encountered when I first joined the army. The destructive power like a white roar was still fresh in my memory. Looking at the crystal wolf god on the mountain, I said to myself: "This is just a fucking time." bomb……"

Uncle Ming seemed to want to make a desperate move at this time. He held up a flashlight to shine on the object under the crystal stone, hoping to see what the long-coveted and priceless glacier crystal corpse looked like. The wolf eye's beam hit the crystal. Before Fatty and I could see it clearly, Uncle Ming suddenly shrank his hand in fright. The wolf eye slipped from his hand and was about to hit the thin surface of Crystal Freedom Mountain.

Our hearts dropped following the flashlight, but we were too late to reach out to catch it, and watched helplessly as it fell on the crystal stone. The sound was not loud, but it was enough to create a big hole in the psychological defense. Uncle Ming's legs went weak and he almost collapsed to the ground.

There was silence at the bottom of the tower. There was no sound at all. It seemed that everyone's breath was frozen at this moment. It was not until it was clear that the Crystal Freedom Mountain was not broken that he let out a sigh of relief. I said to everyone: "It doesn't matter. After all, this is a stone, much stronger than we thought."

I picked up the flashlight that fell on the ground and said to Uncle Ming: "Uncle Ming, you are really my uncle. You dropped the flashlight twice today. Can you hold it tighter next time? If your hands and feet don't obey your command, , just don’t do it yourself, let Lao Huang illuminate it for you with a flashlight.”

Uncle Ming explained: "No, no… I am also a person who has been on a boat and seen strong winds and waves, so how can I be so courageous? I just saw that the thing under the crystal is alive and… still moving. ." While talking, he took out the Heavenly Official Bronze Seal and asked me, "How do you use this treasure seal?"

I didn't hear the second half of Uncle Ming's words at all. What was moving? Could it be that the glacier crystal corpse came back to life? After hearing this, we felt more and more unsure, so we had no choice but to bite the bullet and look at the things in Zizai Mountain again. The more we looked, the faster our hearts beat. There were actually living things in there…

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Although Crystal Zizai Mountain has the word "山" in its name, it is actually far less big than a mountain. In the grand scheme of things, it is at most the size of a bathtub. It is oval in shape and has several curved gold bars around it, which are used to lift the mountain. Put it. It is placed horizontally in the pit at the bottom of the tower. The white wolf demon slave, which symbolizes the power of the collapse of the snow peak, is engraved on the front. Looking down from above, it looks like an eyeball embedded in the eye socket.

If you look carefully, there is a lot of mercury-like stuff flowing slowly inside the crystal shell. The shadow of Mercury has clear lines, and it happens to be a woman. In Mercury's human-shaped body, there are some dark red things that glow slightly, which seem to be the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and other internal organs of the human body.

Because it is wrapped in this layer of crystal stone on the outside, we cannot see clearly what the mercury-like flowing human figure really looks like. Maybe it is just an optical effect, or the human figure inside is also a crystal clear liquid crystal. It is probably what Uncle Ming is looking for. That glacier crystal corpse.

As for whether it is a real human corpse, it is still a symbolic artifact like the crystal mountain outside. There is no way to know without opening it and taking a look. The reason why I agreed to enter the Kunlun Mountains with Uncle Ming this time was because I hoped to find a way to use the Muchen Bead to remove the curse from this nine-story demon tower. However, there was no information about this demon tower that I had high hopes for. . Now there was only the corpse of the evil god left to look at. I was already prepared not to give up until the Yellow River reached the Yellow River, so I called on everyone to help me lift Crystal Zizishan out of the pit.

Uncle Ming hopes to transport it out of Karamir and then open it, so that he doesn't have to worry about causing an avalanche and can do whatever he wants.

I said this is definitely not feasible. Although this kind of iceberg crystal stone is much stronger than we thought and will not break so easily, binding the gold rail with a climbing rope and lifting it up layer by layer is equivalent to lifting it on the head. Juggling with a bomb. What's more, not only do you have to move to the snowfield on the top floor, but you also have to cross the Shenluogou Valley in the ice and snow, which is simply harder than climbing to the sky. If you want to take out the glacier crystal corpse, you can only risk it at the bottom of the tower. Although it seems dangerous, it is actually much safer than transporting it out.

After I persuaded Uncle Ming, I saw that it was almost dark, and the wolves would definitely launch a general attack before the snow stopped tonight. They have endured hunger and cold in the snow ditch, and now they have almost reached their limit. Once the demon tower is dug up, the wolves will have no scruples. Moreover, the Crystal Freedom Mountain is a sacred object of the ancestors of the wolves, and they will not tolerate human beings. Alarm it. Tonight, one of the two sides must die completely before it is over.

So everyone returned to the first floor of the nine-story demon tower, added enough fuel to the fire, and asked Uncle Ming and Axiang to stay here. The rest of the people returned to the glacier buried in heavy snow. The two places were very close to each other. No matter what the situation, there is always time to save him. On the first day of the new year, give all the salt to Uncle Ming. If Xue Maitreya comes out, sprinkle the salt on it.

It's already dark outside, and the snow is gradually getting lighter. It looks like it will stop snowing before midnight. Everyone piled up the black wood dug out from the tower as a defensive circle, and each checked their weapons and ammunition.

There was deathly silence in the snowy fields around him. Peter Huang was so anxious waiting that he couldn't help asking the first grade of junior high school: "Are the wolves really coming? Why is there no movement at all?"

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Chuyi nodded to Peter Huang. Chuyi had hated wolves since he was a child. At this time, a fierce battle was imminent, and his eyes were bloodshot due to excitement. In the mountains and snowy fields, Chu Yi's intuition was even sharper than that of a wolf. He raised his wine bag and took a big sip of highland barley wine. Then he pulled out his Tibetan knife, sprayed all the wine in his mouth onto the blade, and said to everyone in a low voice. He said: "Here we come." He raised the shotgun with one hand, and there was a "bang" sound. On the white snow not far away, a red snow mist splashed up, and a giant wolf covered in snow , was hit by a bullet and fell to the ground.

Dozens of vicious wolves jumped out from the snow in all directions almost at the same time, rolling up a large amount of snow mist and rushing toward them. At this moment, our eyes seemed to have an illusion, as if the entire snow slope suddenly shook and boiled.

Although we are small in number and lack the firepower of submachine guns, we do have many first-class shooters, and the number of wolves is limited. Before this, more than 20 wolves have been killed, and now there are only 60 or 70 left. We immediately fired at them. Suddenly, countless bright red blood flowers bloomed on the white snow.

The wolves estimated our firepower very accurately. If they had been ambush too close before, we might have noticed them. If they were too far away, they would not be able to rush forward, so they all ambush within an area of ​​30 to 50 meters. It seems that we are preparing to rush into a close-range melee at the expense of a dozen wolves. At that time, our firearms will not be of much use. But these plans were disrupted by the keenness of the first grade of junior high school.

But the distance between the wolves and us is getting closer and closer. After killing more than 30 giant wolves in the first wave, the five of us ran out of long rifle ammunition, and the second wave of wolves has become like a white whirlwind. Same, rush forward.

The second wave of dozens of hungry wolves rushed in front of them in an instant. Fatty, Shirley Yang, Peter Huang and others, myself and others, had no time to reload their guns and raised their pistols to shoot. Almost with one shot, he shot down the wolves rushing in front of him one by one. The steady sound of shooting made people more courageous and offset the fear in close combat.

On the first day of the junior high school, he stabbed a bad wolf with the fork of the shotgun, then let go of the shotgun and started hacking away with the Tibetan knife. An old wolf was a little slow to dodge, and half of its nose was cut off by the lightning-fast blade. It whined in pain. Chu Yi raised the knife again and chopped off its wolf head.

In less than two minutes since the first shot was fired on the first day of junior high school, a pile of wolf corpses had fallen on the ground, mixed with a few wolves that had not yet completely expired, and they were panting like white steam from time to time.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief, and their tense nerves relaxed. The scene in front of them was very tragic. This time, the wolf of Karamir was basically defeated. However, if Chu Yi had not taken advantage of the enemy, the corpses scattered on the snow might not just be wolf corpses.

However, just when we had just escaped from the tense state of the fierce battle and relaxed a little, a white ghost-like shadow suddenly appeared behind Chu Yi – the Wolf King had already pounced on Chu Yi's shoulders. No one saw clearly where the white-haired wolf king came from. They wanted to shoot, but found that the empty-loaded pistol had not had time to be loaded.

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This white-haired, one-eyed old wolf was really on the verge of becoming a spirit. It seemed as if it was watching all the wolves being shot and killed, and just lay motionless in the snow until it saw an opportunity and took advantage of it. It should also know that once it appears, although it can bite one or two enemies to death, it will never survive. However, it seems to have been summoned by its ancestor Crystal Zizi Mountain, giving up its life, and attacked with all its strength, directly towards the disturbance. Shepherd of its ancestral souls.

The white wolf acted like a ghost, and even the first year of junior high school was not prepared for such a move. He thought that the wolf king had been killed in the melee, and now it was too late to fight back. In the blink of an eye, the white wolf threw Chu Yi down and rolled into the hole on the top of the demon tower.

At the same time, I also put the magazine on the M1911, rushed up and jumped into the demon tower. Fatty and others followed closely behind. When they reached the top floor, Uncle Ming pointed to the floor below and said, "Quick, they rolled down there…"

I was so anxious that my head almost exploded. I chased them down layer by layer, and finally found the bodies of Chu Yi and the Wolf King on the bottom floor. The wolf king bit Chu Yi's neck, and the wolf skinning short knife in Chu Yi's hand was completely inserted into the wolf king's heart. The wolf king's silvery white fur was stained red with blood. He struggled from the top of the demon tower and fell to the bottom. All the blood was gone and he had already lost his breath.

In the first grade of junior high school, he was brave and bold. Although he and I and Fatty didn't get along for a long time, we had a good temper and were very opportunistic. My heart was cut by a knife, and I couldn't help but shed tears. I sat down on the ground slumped, staring at the corpses of Chu Yi and the Wolf King in a daze.

The rest of the people were also very sad. Shirley Yang held my hand and comforted me: "If you want to cry, just cry."

I shook my head. My heart seemed to be bleeding, but the tears couldn't flow out. The pain couldn't be alleviated by crying. I just didn't want to talk to anyone right now.

Uncle Ming also comforted me and said: "The wolf king killed by Brother Chu Yi was the descendant of the White Wolf Demon Slave. His death was of immeasurable merit. A strong man died in front of the battle and deserved his death. Let's pray for him and wish him to become a Buddha soon." . Death is the most important thing, so we should follow their customs and take care of his funeral first."

I nodded to Uncle Ming and asked them to collect Chu Yi's body. It felt like a pot was boiling in my mind now, and I just wanted to be quiet first.

Uncle Ming asked Peter Huang and Fatty to separate the corpses of Chu Yi and Wolf King. They happened to smash the corpses on Crystal Zizai Mountain, and I don't know if they were broken. The fat man wiped away his tears and snot, stopped everyone and said, "Wait a minute, Chu Yi was my brother. He died a heroic death. I have to read two memorial words for him first."

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Uncle Ming and others had no choice but to step aside and let the fat man hold a memorial service for the first grade of junior high school. The fat man sighed and said with choked sobs to Chu Yi's body: "We have spent our fighting life in exchange for the happiness of all mankind. We are willing to spread our blood and tears to the flowers of freedom in the world…"

The fat man chattered a lot, and then the sadness in his heart was slightly relieved, and he asked Peter Huang to come over and help with the burial. As soon as he lifted up the body of the Wolf King, Evil God Legend Bingyu found that the wolf corpse had smashed the Crystal Freedom Mountain. With a slight touch, there was a crash and it broke into several pieces. Everyone took a breath of cold air, raised their hearts and raised their ears to listen to what was going on outside, not daring to take a breath.

After a while, the glacier on the demon tower remained silent. Could it be that Shirley Yang had made a wrong judgment? Crystal Zizai Mountain is not a sound wave that can cause the snow peaks to collapse? Maybe it has been frozen in the glacier for too many years and has malfunctioned? Anyway, let's relax for now.

The crystal revealed a transparent female corpse in the mountain. Silver light flowed under the skin, and the bones and internal organs inside were dark red, like agate. This doesn't look like a real person's corpse, but more like an ingenious work of art. Is this the glacier crystal corpse? It doesn't seem like there's anything remarkable about it.

I didn’t care how Uncle Ming went to see his baby, so I moved the body of the first grade of junior high school to the eighth floor with the fat man. Suddenly I felt exhausted and a little out of breath. Maybe it was because I was too sad and lost my breath, so I stopped to take a rest. .

The fat man said to me: "Commander Hu, can we go to the upper floor to rest? Watching this black-headed and black-faced Arhat makes people's skin crawl all over."

Although my brain is a little hypoxic now, I clearly remember that there are nineteen sitting corpses of the Dharma protectors on this floor. Why did the fat man call them eighteen Arhats? I immediately became alert and counted them one by one. There were really only eighteen bodies, six in a row, divided into three arc-shaped rows. I clearly remembered that there were seven corpses in one row. Was it because I remembered it wrong? One disappeared?

I wanted to go over and see what had changed. At this time, Shirley Yang followed up with Axiang, and Uncle Ming and others also boarded. He and Peter Huang had already tied the glacier crystal corpse with a rope, and taped the wig mound mark to the crystal corpse's forehead, and were about to hang it up with a rope. The pair of crystal balls with a blue and a white cloth and a natural star map were also They were all picked up.

I asked Shirley Yang if there were a total of nineteen corpses on the eighth floor. Shirley Yang nodded: "Yes, there are nineteen corpses in total. What's wrong?"

I was worried that Axiang was scared when she heard it, so she whispered to Shirley Yang: "I don't know when, a body was missing. I'll go over first to see what's going on. You guys hurry up and let's get out of this ghost place as soon as possible."

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I patted the crooked tactical spotlight on my mountaineering helmet, held the black donkey's hoof in one hand, and held up the M1911 in the other, groping forward to examine the tall ancient corpses. I found a big crack in the dark corner of this wooden tower. These ancient corpses are leaning against the wall. Did one of them fall in? Why did you do it at this time? Before getting closer, I heard a movement, as if a big log was moving in the gap.

I went over and looked down. The big crack in the corner of the tower was diagonally downwards, like a bottomless abyss. A rash, fat white man was slowly pushing aside the black wood, as if he wanted to make room for himself. space so that you can climb into the demon tower.

It was Xue Maitreya who ate Han Shuna's body! Seeing that the guy didn't notice me, I quickly shrank back and wanted to ask the fat man for some explosives to throw down to collapse the cave below and push it down.

I was about to call the fat man, but I heard Uncle Ming and Peter Huang yelling at the same time. They had successfully lifted the glacier crystal corpse to the eighth floor, but at this moment, a dense burst of debris suddenly came from below. The cracking sound became loud in a moment. I suddenly realized that, no matter what, the Crystal Freedom Mountain was not the Ice Rain of the Evil God Legend . Instead, the sound waves inside it would not vibrate until the Evil God’s corpse was raised to a specific position. In other words, theoretically, it was not possible at all. No one can take the glacier crystal corpse out.

Bursts of thunderous sounds came from above. Tens of millions of tons of snow on the snow peaks will soon cover the Longding Glacier. In less than half an hour, the cold wave will freeze the snow. Don't even think about leaving when it melts.

Uncle Ming and Peter Huang were so frightened that their faces turned pale. The glacier crystal corpse they were carrying fell to the ground. The rumble of the avalanche was like a galloping horse, shaking the ground. I was worried that Uncle Ming and the others would get into trouble, so I hurriedly shouted to them: "Don't panic, hide in the corners of the tower, it's stronger there…" But at this time, even I couldn't hear my own voice. .

Someone's wolf-eye flashlight fell on the ground, and rolled right next to the head of the weird glacier crystal corpse. The beam shone on the mouth, and the mouth of the crystal female corpse suddenly opened wide…

I couldn't care less about the avalanche above, and subconsciously went to take out the air-pressure watering can in my carrying bag. If there was that kind of ghost insect that can ignite the fire of immeasurable karma, I would spray it with ginger juice a few times.

Sure enough, a small ladybug flew out of the glacier crystal corpse's mouth. I sprayed it twice, but it had no effect at all. At this time, I could see clearly that the Dap that emerged from the mouth of the crystal female corpse was exactly the same shape as the blue bug. It was also transparent all over, but its whole body was silver-white, like a tiny grain of ice. Jing fluttered its wings and hung in the air, paused for a moment, and then flew towards Peter Huang, who was closest to it.

Peter Huang didn't know how powerful he was, so he reached out and tried to slap him to death. I called out to stop him, but my voice was drowned by the avalanche, and it was too late to save him. Peter Huang slapped the ice crystal-like insect to the ground, and his hand was immediately covered with a layer of frost. Peter Huang didn't even have time to make a panicked expression before the shining frost spread all over his body. His frozen body immediately fell to the ground and turned into countless ice dust. A bit of icy cold light flew out from it.

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