Haunted House

The figure flashed past. Who could be so sneaky? I didn't have time to think too much, so I quietly sneaked to the edge of the door and took a peek. Outside, the moon was as bright as day, and the silver light was shining on the ground. There was a tiptoeing guy walking along the road in the direction of Guge Royal City. He was also carrying a bag. It was none other than Uncle Ming's horse boy, Adong.

I have long seen that Adong is not a good person, with a fat head and pink face, a sinister eyebrow and a ratty eye. When he sneaked back to the Guge ruins in the middle of the night, I knew without asking that he must have been eyeing the silver-eyed Buddha statue.

Adong's boss, Uncle Ming, is a big thief. He doesn't look down on such little things. Uncle Ming probably didn't send him there. During the day there were too many people and it was difficult to take action, so we waited until night to take action. His wishful thinking was good, but nothing in the world is so cheap. Since I bumped into the Sword Demon Lama Buddha , it is your grandson's fault.

Thinking of this, I immediately went back, covered the fat man's mouth, and pushed him to wake up. The fat man was snoring loudly in his sleep, and his mouth and nose were blocked, so he couldn't help but wake up. When I saw the fat man open his eyes, I immediately told him to be silent. gesture.

It took the fat man ten seconds to finally wake up from his sleep state and asked me in a low voice what was going on. I took him quietly out of the house, and while staring at A Dong's trace in front of me, I told the fat man what happened.

The fat man was furious when he heard this: "I don't even have the nerve to take that Buddha statue. This grandson dares to get there first. He lacks social ethics. Commander Hu, what do you think we should do? Should we educate him?" To deal with this grandson, should we abandon his corpse in the wilderness or cut him into pieces and feed him to the vultures?"

I said to the fat man with a bad smile: "We haven't had the chance to play pranks in the past two years. Today is just the day to practice with this stinky thief. Let's scare him first, and then…" I waved my hand downwards. I meant to knock him unconscious and throw him up the mountain, so that the kid could escape in a mess tomorrow. But the fat man thought I meant to kill him, so he reached for his paratrooper knife, but he came out in a hurry, except for I didn't bring anything with me except a flashlight. The fat man said that it didn't matter if he didn't have a knife. I could even sit him to death with my butt, but we had to give him a class in advance. After saying that, he smiled mischievously.

The more I thought about it, the more interesting it became to scare Adong. I couldn't help feeling ecstatic, but I told the fat man to take it easy and let him learn a lesson. It wouldn't be good if he killed someone. You know this and I know it. Never disclose it to others, not even Shirley Yang.

The fat man nodded repeatedly: "Of course I can't tell her, otherwise the American advisory group will say that we are not doing our job properly. But before we go out, we have to make it easier for me."

I said I didn’t have time now and would wait for an opportunity to pee on the road. If I didn’t catch up quickly, the grandson would disappear without a trace.

We got interested and took advantage of the scary big moon in the sky to quietly follow A Dong behind. For fear of being discovered by him, I didn't dare to follow too closely. I followed all the way and arrived at the foot of the hill where the Guge ruins were located.

A Dong's physical strength was not good enough. He had to run back and forth during the day and had to carry an oxygen bottle for Uncle Ming. He was exhausted. He sneaked around at night and kept going all the way. Coupled with the psychological pressure, he was out of breath when he reached the bottom of the mountain, so he I sat down under an earthen wall to rest. Seeing what he meant, I decided to reverse the situation and go straight to the Samsara Temple to steal the silver-eyed Buddha statue.

I thought to myself that my grandson would have to wait until the year of the monkey to recover, so we might as well go around to the front and ambush him, so I made a sign with the fat man and walked around from the side of the ruins to the front of Adong.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

Halfway through the walk, we both regretted it. It turned out that only the main road was easy to walk through the ruins of the royal city, and the rest of the area was extremely dilapidated. Walking among the ruins of the buildings, we almost fell in every step, but we didn't dare to make too much noise. The sound made them walk extremely slowly, but fortunately they finally found a street, and the two of them hurriedly and slowly entered the Dharma Protector Temple.

Before we could enjoy the hot tantric couple's pictures again, we heard footsteps coming from behind. The person's breathing and footsteps were heavy. We heard it was A Dong. I didn't expect him to follow him so quickly. Maybe we were detoured. It took too long to come over.

The fat man and I hurriedly entered the main hall of the Samsara Temple, but there was nothing else in the hall and there was no place to hide. In desperation, we had no choice but to step on the layers of lamps on the red pillars and climb up the pillars.

Except for the collapsed false pillar, the rest of the giant red pillars are still strong, and their height is limited. People like Fatty who are afraid of heights can barely climb up.

As soon as we climbed up the pillar, A Dong walked into the temple. The moonlight, brighter than snow, shone down from several large holes on the roof of the palace. The entire palace was ablaze and could be seen clearly. I made a calming gesture to the fat man, and the two of them suppressed their temper. The Sword Ghost Lama Buddha waited to see what A Dong was doing, and then it would be interesting to scare him when he was about to move the Buddha statue.

It was very quiet in the main hall. I could only hear Adong panting below. His chest was heaving up and down. It looked like he was very tired. He rested for a while, then started to move the stones and opened the broken wall that was originally blocked by us. While working, he also sang to encourage himself.

The fat man and I were holding back our laughter on the pillar, feeling like our stomachs were about to break with laughter. However, judging from A Dong's skills, he was quite flexible and could move the bricks and stones without making a sound. There are no outsiders in this hall, so he shouldn't need to be so careful. He doesn't even dare to make a sound when moving things, unless this is his professional habit. I guess he is a Buddha who demolishes walls. Thieves in Beijing are called "Buddha". It turns out that he is an expert at this, and he never misses the chance. He comes all the way to kill the Buddha just for a silver-eyed Buddha statue.

The broken wall that sealed the secret cave had been hastily covered up by us. It didn’t take much time for Adong to clear the entrance of the cave. At this time, the angle of the moonlight was just right to shine directly in. We didn’t even need to turn on the flashlight. It was even better to see inside than during the day. Be clear.

Adong first kowtowed several times respectfully to the Buddha statue at the entrance of the cave, and muttered words, which were nothing more than the same rhetoric used by thieves. How could a family have an old mother and young children who were single and weak and unable to raise them, and then he had no choice but to do this? Please Buddha, please be compassionate, have good thoughts, and don’t do anything to those who are suffering…

The fat man couldn't bear it anymore, he burst out laughing and quickly covered his mouth with his hand. I cursed in my heart, why can't this fool hold it in for a little longer? Now that he has discovered it, at most we can slap them both in the mouth, what's the point.

The two of us were hiding on the pillar, at the opposite angle to Adong. He couldn't see us from his position, but we could still clearly hear someone suddenly laughing. This ancient city was originally a relic after the residents were massacred. In the middle of the night, under the cold moonlight, a burst of laughter suddenly burst out from the hall of the Samsara Temple. How could A Dong not be afraid? He was so frightened that he almost collapsed to the ground.

I saw that A Dong didn't see through it, and I was secretly glad. The column in my hand contained many wood chips that had exploded due to dryness. I casually picked out a small piece of hard wood chip from the red column and threw it from behind the column to the corner, making a soft sound. Then I held my breath and held it tightly. Sticking to the back of the pillar, not daring to move.

Adong's attention was indeed drawn away from the pillar, but he was really too timid and did not dare to go over to see what the noise was. He just squatted on the spot fearfully and said to himself: "It must be a little kid." Rats, nothing to be afraid of, nothing to be afraid of.”

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

Adong kept nagging and didn't dare to move, so Fatty and I didn't dare to spy on him from behind the pillar. The moon was shining brightly, and if we stuck our heads out from behind the pillar, we would be exposed.

I turned my head and looked at the fat man hanging on the pillar next to me. He was grinning at me under the moonlight. I knew what he meant was that he really couldn't hold back his pee, so he just had to scare A Dong. If he couldn't hold it in any longer, he would have to pee. Not in pants.

I shook my hand at the fat man and asked him to hold on for a few more minutes, but it was really pointless to waste it like this. Suddenly I heard the sound of iron chains rubbing together in the palace, so I had no choice but to risk being discovered and peeked from behind the pillars. At first glance, I felt something was not good.

Adong actually had the courage to move out the silver-eyed Buddha. The Buddha's seat was originally locked with the black iron door at the back. I guess it was impossible for him to lift the Buddha statue out without any big movements – such as using a shovel or a stick. But I didn't expect him to be such a "Buddha". "He is best at twisting and picking door locks. That kind of ancient big lock is probably child's play for him. Without looking at it, he has already removed the chain.

Adong brought the Buddha statue up from the secret cave, but when he heard the sound of the iron chain, it turned out that there was still a very long iron chain connected to the black iron door under the rosette of the Silver-eyed Buddha statue. At this time, Adong was obsessed with money, and suddenly Forgetting to be afraid, he couldn't find the keyhole, so he pulled hard. Unexpectedly, he managed to pull the iron door open without using much strength.

I looked down from behind the pillar. In the moonlight, the black iron door was wide open, but the angle was not good. Although the moonlight was like water, I could only see the iron door. What was inside the door could not be seen at all, and the Ah on the ground was Dong can just see inside the door. I looked at his expression, and it seemed that he was almost frozen due to excessive panic, and he stood there in a daze.

Fatty and I looked at each other, with chills in our hearts. Although Adong was timid, what kind of terrifying thing could scare him so much that he could not move, and even screamed? Not coming out?

At this time, we heard a loud thud, and we hurriedly looked down. It turned out that Adong had fallen to the ground, his eyes were wide open, his body was stiff, and he was scared to death. The clouds in the sky passed by, blocking the moonlight. In this blur of light and darkness, I saw a pale arm stretching out from the black door.

Under the moonlight, you can clearly see the white fur on the arms and the sharp nails shimmering. The arm had just stretched out halfway when it suddenly stopped, its fingers spread out, grabbing the stones on the ground, as if spying on what was going on outside the door.

I thought it was bad, this time I really encountered a zombie, and it was still a bad thing, but I didn't bring anything except a flashlight, but the zombie's fingers seemed to be unable to bend. The lama said that the black iron door under the Samsara Temple represents the hell where the most sinful people are thrown. The things crawling out of it, even if they are not zombies, are not easy to deal with.

I saw that the fat man next to me was also clinging to the pillar, not daring to take a breath, and his head was covered with beads of sweat. I didn’t know at the time that he was holding back his urine, and I thought he was as nervous as A Dong. I gently gestured to the fat man and asked him to put down the mask on his hat, so as not to expose his breath and be detected by the thing in the door.

I also put down the thermal mask of my hiking hat, like a big mask, so that even zombies would not easily spot us. Now wait and see what happens, waiting for the right moment to escape.

At this time, the thin clouds in the sky had passed, and the moonlight was brighter. I saw something crawling out of the door. It looked like a human figure. It was naked and covered with fine white hairs. It was thicker and longer than human hair, but It is not as thick and long as the hair of wild animals. Although the moonlight is bright, the face of the thing cannot be seen clearly.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

I hid on the pillar, suddenly felt shuddering, and started to get a little nervous, but then I discovered that the thing crawling out of the iron door was probably not a zombie. I saw its eyes flickering, as bright as lightning. Although I have never seen a zombie, word of mouth says that the zombie's eyes are just decorations and cannot see anything at all. And the eyes of this thing flash like electricity in the dark… What exactly is it?

I was afraid of being discovered by it, so I didn’t dare to peek any more. I huddled behind the pillar and listened quietly to the movement in the temple. I put my ear against the pillar and only heard the sound of tiny footsteps on the ground. The figure looked like a human, a zombie, and an animal. The guy seemed to be wandering around A Dong's body.

I don’t know what it wants. I just hope that this guy leaves as soon as possible. No matter where he goes, as long as he leaves the ruins of the Samsara Temple, we can get away immediately. At this time, I suddenly heard a strange laughter like an old owl coming from the temple. It was worse than the cry of a night owl. If I hadn't hugged the pillar with my hands, I really wanted to block my ears with my hands to not listen to the sound.

The fat man pointed at his belly behind the pillar where he was hiding, and frowned at me. That meant that the sound was too harsh, and if he continued to scream, he would lose his temper no matter what, and would definitely urinate. .

I quickly waved my hand to the fat man and be sure not to urinate. The smell of human urine is very strong. As soon as we urinate, we will be discovered by the fierce white monster immediately. This strange cry like an old owl was really the same as the legendary sound made by zombies. I didn’t know what the thing was doing. I slowed down my breathing and peeked behind the pillars to look at the hall again.

I saw the white fierce guy looking down at the dead bodies on the ground, holding his hands and laughing wildly, as if he had got some treasure. Then he walked around the hall again, walked under a big hole in the roof, and looked at the moon in the sky. , whimpering again, not knowing whether to cry or laugh.

The fat man and I complained endlessly. We had been hanging on the pillar for at least half an hour. Our hands and feet felt sore and numb. The lamp on the pillar was not very strong, so we did not dare to move easily in case something was stepped on. He will be discovered immediately. How can he deal with Bai Ji with bare hands? But this guy kept lingering in the palace, wondering what it wanted to do.

In this unbearable stalemate, an unexpected incident occurred. I saw a large snow spider with colorful patterns, its silk hanging from the roof slowly falling. The silk was dangling, and it landed just in front of me. The distance was less than half a centimeter, and it almost touched my face. .

Snow spiders are the most poisonous things on the plateau. They are basically white. The one that suddenly appeared in front of me, although it was only the size of a fingertip, had bright red markings on its body. The red and white were clearly distinguishable. It shows that it has lived for at least hundreds of years, and its toxicity can kill a wild yak in an instant.

This snow spider hung on the spider silk and dangled for a few times, then landed on my hat on my forehead without any deviation. At that moment I almost suffocated. I turned my eyes upwards and saw only one leg covered with patterns on the snow spider. It didn't seem to like the woolen hat and climbed down directly between my eyes. Only my eyes and the bridge of my nose were exposed on my head. Seeing that the snow spider was about to crawl onto my face, I had no choice but to find a way to deal with the spider first, but I didn't dare to use my hands to flick it because I didn't have gloves. Poisoned.

At the critical moment, without even caring about whether he would be exposed to Bai Ji, he raised his head and hit the pillar with his forehead. There was a soft "click" sound of the insect shell shattering, and the snow spider had been smashed between the forehead and the pillar. The pressure in the room crushed me, and I immediately tilted my head, throwing aside the spider corpse that had not had time to release the poison.

But the slight noise still caught the attention of the guy in the hall. A pair of eyes with cold light shot towards the red paint pillar where I was hiding, and he walked over step by step.

I cursed in my heart, I got into bad luck again today. I wanted Fatty to be prepared. I attracted its attention, and then caught Fatty by surprise. I picked up a big brick on the ground and hit it, but The fat man behind the other pillar seemed to be dead, and was completely unresponsive at this time.

Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha_Sword Ghost Lama Buddha

I gritted my teeth and kept cursing in my heart. At this time, I had to repeat the same trick I had just used against A Dong. I picked off a piece of the wooden pillar with my hand and bounced it towards A Dong's body, hoping to To draw that thing's attention.

Worried that the sound was not loud enough, I deliberately found a larger piece of wood. This piece of wood hit A Dong right on the face, making a snapping sound in the silent Buddhist hall. The white-haired guy heard the noise and looked back alertly.

At this time, the most unexpected thing happened. A Dong, who was scared to death, suddenly coughed violently and lay on the ground gasping for air. It turned out that he was still alive, but he was too frightened just now, and due to the lack of oxygen on the plateau, he couldn't breathe and fainted.

A Dong didn't stop breathing for long. He just had a breath stuck in his trachea and was still in a coma. The guy who crawled out of the door saw that A Dong was still alive. He became furious and screamed in surprise.

Before I could understand what it wanted to do, the guy had already picked up a stone brick and smashed it on A Dong's head, causing his brains to splatter. He still refused to give up until his entire head was smashed. It's not finished until it's flat.

Then he used his paws to poke A Dong's dead body to confirm that A Dong was completely dead. He turned from anger to joy and laughed strangely. Then he arched his body, hugged the dead body, tore off the smashed head and rolled it away. Clothes, point your mouth at the cavity, and drink blood from the cavity.

I watched behind the pillars and felt numb all over. This scene was really too miserable, especially in the deathly silent ruins of the ancient city, where I could hear the grinding sounds of teeth chewing bones. I have seen cats eating mice after catching them before, and it was exactly the same as what I was seeing.

If God does evil, he will be forgiven; if man does evil, he will not live. This Adong coveted the silver-eyed Buddha statue. If he hadn't done so, he wouldn't have opened the black iron door. Although it was his own fault, it still made people feel that this retribution came too quickly and too tragically.

I suddenly thought of the murals depicting the torture of hell in the passage of the Dharma Protector Temple in front of the Reincarnation Temple. Among them was a painting of a cat-headed beast with a human-like body and a tail that was eating sinners in the black prison. Brutal scenes of corpses. I remember that the lama said at that time that it was the Sin-Eating Balu of the Samsara Sect. Because the Samsara Sect has disappeared from the world, future generations cannot judge whether the Sin-Eating Balu is a fictional hungry ghost in hell or a reality enforced by religious law. Beasts tamed by institutions to punish prisoners.

The murals depicting torture in hell are very similar to what I have seen. It is possible that those who climbed out of this door were the so-called "sin-eating prisoners" of the Samsara Sect. Hiding on the pillars was no solution at all. Our hands and feet were gradually becoming numb, and it would not be long before we could no longer hold on and fall. However, we had no countermeasures at the moment, so we had to wait and see for a moment.

I was about to signal to the fat man to retreat, when the sin-eating Balu, who had his back to us, suddenly turned his head and sniffed his nose wildly, as if he smelled some special and unusual smell, and he suddenly became alert.

I quickly shrank down to hide my presence. The moonlight leaked from the top of the temple and shone obliquely on the fat man. The sweat beads on the fat man’s forehead were much less. He kept blinking at me, as if he meant something. I also blinked at him. I mean to ask him what he meant and what kind of death he was pretending to be just now.

The fat man didn't dare to make a sound, so he made a helpless gesture, shrugged his shoulders, and looked down at the pillar. I followed his gaze and saw a large water stain on the red wooden pillar. I immediately cursed in my heart: "You fucking peed your pants after all."

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