Rescued Again In Chapter 12 Of The Finale

I don’t know how I got back to Banay. After we returned to the lake, we were rescued by Jude Kao's team. Several people were rescued separately, and I was put on a respirator.

My fatigue was beyond what my body could handle, and they gave me many injections of sedatives to relax my muscles. My masseter muscles were almost completely numb. Afterwards, I underwent a long period of lung cleansing and treatment to neutralize the alkaline gas. They mixed a gas into the oxygen I breathed. Inhaling the gas was like inhaling vinegar.

I just fell asleep that night, and after sleeping for more than ten hours, I was woken up by the pain of acupuncture and found that Judekao's team was sending us out of the mountain. I immediately remembered what happened to Xiaohua and told them. They promised that they would definitely send someone to look for her.

I have no memory of the distraction therapy that followed. It is undeniable that the joy of escaping from the Zhang family's ancient building diluted the sadness of Pan Zi's death. However, when I recovered, when I thought of Pan Zi, I still felt that it was not true.

Xiaohua was discovered the next day, and their people got in touch with the Xiejia people. Xiaohua was picked up immediately. I didn't see Xiu Xiu, and Mrs. Huo's head was missing. I don’t know the specific situation, but I heard from people that Xiuxiu completely collapsed.

I don't know what the fat man said, but this time it is. So many of us went in. All that came out was a bottle of oil and a human head. Because of this incident, the Huo family and the Hejia family took advantage of the situation and Yu Ziqi died in the end , I think. There will definitely be many people who hate me, but I don’t have any energy to think about it now.

The locals gave us a lot of herbs, and eating them seemed to have some effect.

After about five days, I was able to get out of bed and walk around. When I went out to bask in the sun, I suddenly saw a scene that surprised me. I saw Menyouping fully dressed.

"What does he want to do?" I asked the person next to me.

"He's leaving."

Leaving? Where did he leave to?

I was frightened in my heart and thought that I managed to rescue you with great difficulty. Where are you going? "Help me go there." I said to the people around me. The other party lifted me up, and I came to Menyouping's side and asked him, "What do you want to have?"

Menyouping looked at me. He said calmly: "There is no time, it's the end." "What the hell do you want to do?" I said.

"I want to complete the final steps of something." Menyouping said. "I don't have time." He packed his things and put them in his backpack.

I looked at the people next to me: "You just let him go like this? As a doctor, you can't let your patient leave just like that. Where is your boss? This guy knows a lot of things. Let your boss come over and put him Tie him up and torture him to extract a confession!"

"He's fine. His health is much better than yours." The person next to me said,

"Besides, our boss has already——"

I looked at him.He sighed: "After all, Jing is getting older, and the time will come soon." "Jude Kao has already got what he wants." Menyouping tightened his

Backpack, "He could finally leave in peace."

"What?" I asked.

Menyouping said: "Two rings. Sometimes people don't just pursue immortality, they also pursue death."

I didn't understand, and I didn't want to explain anymore, so I yelled: "Fat man, where did you go? I'm going to run away."

"It's no use. He has already been here once, and the fat man has already compromised." The person next to him said.

"I can only walk the rest of the way alone, and you can no longer walk with me. It's too dangerous, and this matter has nothing to do with you." Menyou Ping picked up his bag and walked outside.

Is this the result?

I was stunned, and an unknown fire broke out. Suddenly all the expectations and worries in my heart disappeared. I turned around and shook my head. My heart says it's a fool's errand, just do whatever you want.

I walked back and happened to see the fat man coming out of the house. He must have heard my scream. Judging from my appearance and the silent guy next to me, he probably knew what was going on. I walked up to him, and he patted me and said: "It's not sweet to be strong, what can we say? We are also considered outsiders. We have no right to force this guy to live according to our ideas." "Why are we considered outsiders? ?" I said, "In this case, we are all considered outsiders. Then who is considered an insider? Do we have to lie down and die inside to be considered an insider?"

"Your game may not be my brother's game." Fatty said.

I looked at the fat man's expression, and it seemed that he didn't feel cold at all, so I asked him: "Did the little brother tell you something?"

The fat man shook his head and said: "If he didn't tell you, why would he tell me? However, we know little brother about whether Yu Ziqi died in the end . There must be sufficient reasons for the decision made by little brother. For this reason, we He is untouchable and there will be no way to stop him.”

I sighed, and the two of us sat in the corridor of the stilted building, watching the bottle of stuffy oil getting closer and closer.

Far. My heart slowly calmed down.

"Will he come back?" I asked.

The fat man said: "When he suddenly disappeared before, did you worry about this?" I shook my head: "At that time, we just found that he was gone, there was no so-called difference. This time, he refused to go with us for the first time. , I think things are a little different." The fat man said: "It's nothing different, just pretend you didn't see him leave." I turned around and asked the fat man: "What are your plans?"

The fat man exclaimed: "I have many plans. Either go back to Beijing and live a peaceful life. I don't know if the Crescent Hotel matter has been settled. If I can't go back, I want to stay here. Look at me My little wife, anyway, the scenery here is good, the air is good, and the girl is pretty. With my little savings, I can be a master here for many years. What about you?"

I remained silent. I don't know, I don't know when, once I stopped searching for the answer to the puzzle, my life had no meaning.

In fact, my life has no meaning at all. I just keep in a daze, thinking about next month's utility bills, and then thinking about the meaning of my life. I smiled bitterly thinking about it, my life has become like this, I really have nothing to say.

"I don't know, I have to think about it." I said to the fat man, "But after all this calms down. I probably know some of the mysteries of all these, and I can speculate a lot. I also speculate. It came out. I feel that this matter will have a result soon. I will wait until things calm down slowly and see what the reef looks like when it finally emerges from the water." I am telling the truth. I do have a hunch that this will happen. This matter is almost finished. The fat man patted me: "Anyway, you'd better change your face back first."

I touched my mask and thought of Pan Zi again, and felt all my worries sinking: "I don't care anymore, this face is still useful in the end."

After chatting with the fat man, I returned to the room. I thought this was the end. The whole process in Zhangjia Ancient Building. I can’t remember it clearly, I just feel like it’s the same as before, it’s reached this point. All should calm down.

But I was wrong. Another thing happened next. Although this incident has nothing to do with the development of the story, I still have to write it down.

On the third day after Menyouping left, the cloud died.

I vaguely heard the commotion outside. When I got up, I heard someone saying that a girl was dead.

I didn't realize it was clouds at all. I already felt that no more people could die. In this case, everything is already so stable. We are all out, but some people will still die.

Yun Cai died and they found her body in the stream. She was shot to death, the bullet passing through her lung. She must not have died immediately at that time, but escaped into the stream and was washed down along the way.

All the villagers thought it was Jude Kao's people who did it, and they had a fierce conflict with Jude Kao's people. I really didn't react. Too much sadness made me just stare at the pale corpse without any expression.

I know who did it. It's the ghost, the man with the slumped shoulders. I suddenly remembered the figure I saw on the second floor of Agui's house before.

That ghost. He has been watching us from the beginning. Who opened the door to the second floor for him?

I can't ask Agui at this time, but I know that in addition to Panma, Guiying and Agui must also be connected. Agui may not know who he is, but he must have some interests with him.

Perhaps, Yuncai was the person sent by Agui to contact this ghost.Yuncai is not really that interested in us. She pretends to be innocent and hangs out with us, maybe just to spy on the ghost.

Now, that ghost has to erase a lot of things. Yun Cai knows too much, so he erases them. I think, I will go to that cave again. It was certainly impossible to see him again.

I feel like nothing has much meaning to me anymore. Why do people continue to kill such lovely lives?

When the fat man pushed away the crowd, I chose to retreat. I didn't have any strength to face the sadness of my companions. I heard a wailing that resounded throughout the valley. It was the fat man's roar: "Who? Who did this!" He was overwhelmed by everything that happened suddenly. I didn't expect that I found an inconspicuous corner and sat down. When I got down, I felt so tired.

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