Corpse Holding A Hoe

She should be killed_Teacher should be killed_Watch should be killed

Teacher Li, who teaches in a small village, has to climb three mountains and walk on a mountain road of more than ten miles to get home after school every day. More than 20 years have passed, and he has walked that road back and forth eight times. More than a thousand times.

This may be a very ordinary night, but it is darker than usual. What is different from usual is that Teacher Li always feels a little bit uneasy in his heart, as if something is about to happen, but he doesn't Know what it will be. This is a very remote road. Teacher Li has been walking for more than 20 years and has only met three people on the road, two of whom were dead. Because the mountain is too steep, I accidentally rolled down while cutting firewood. It was very tragic when he died. Teacher Li can still not forget the scene at that time. He was lying there, but his head was flattened, and his brains exploded into a large area around him, red and white, and some of them were still left on the side. The branches and leaves of the tree are so bright. There was another one he didn't even see the head of, only a corpse.

It's just that Teacher Li has never been a timid person. Although he had an ominous premonition in his heart, he still decided to move forward. It was so dark that Teacher Li could hardly see the road. Fortunately, he was so familiar with the road that he could almost walk with his eyes closed. He knew where there were pits and trees. Where to go downhill.

It was very quiet, eerily quiet, and the usual noisy insect sounds were gone. Teacher Li walked hurriedly and heard only his own breathing. He felt very strange. He thought maybe he should hear his own footsteps, but no, he only heard his own breathing. The sound was very heavy and urgent, and seemed to have some rhythm. It was like the last sigh of a person before death. Thinking of this, he felt that his whole body seemed to shrink a bit, and he couldn't help but feel shabby. He just hoped to go home as soon as possible, and return to the building on the top of the mountain over there. In the small house, there were his wife, his children, and hundreds of villagers nearby.

Hey, teacher, can I ask for directions? The voice seemed to float out from under the ground, so cold. Teacher Li turned pale and quickly looked back, but there was no one there. When he looked back, there was already a person standing in front of him. He took several steps back and took several breaths of cold air, but he still controlled himself not to scream. Someone stood silently in front of him. He squinted his eyes, but couldn't see clearly. It was too dark to cover the teacher , and he could only see a black shadow. "Excuse me, how to get to Naihe Bridge?" the man asked with a smile. Teacher Li couldn't control himself anymore, shouted and ran back quickly. Because when the man was talking, he heard the sound of running water, which came from the man's mouth and splashed on the ground. Although he couldn't see clearly, he knew it was blood, because only blood had such a fishy smell.

He ran back desperately, and he didn't know how long he ran. Finally he saw a little light in front of him. He knew that it was a lamp. Woodcutter often used this to illuminate the firewood. Seeing the light, he calmed down a lot. When he looked back, the man was no longer there. In the boundless darkness, that little light is Teacher Li's entire hope. There is nothing more inspiring than this little light.

He was getting closer and closer to the light, and finally he was close enough to see the figures clearly. He saw someone digging with a hoe, and another person eating something. He was about to walk over when he suddenly heard the man with the hoe say: Do you want… to eat…?

I'm tired. After saying that, he actually picked off his head and threw it to the ground. The light flashed, and Teacher Li saw another person with a flat head and a face covered with brains. He stuffed mud into his mouth and sucked the brains dripping from his head with his tongue, laughing. He said to Teacher Li, "You… dig it to death, Teacher Gai. Come on, I'll… eat it." You…dig it! I'll eat it, ah…

For the first time in more than 20 years, Teacher Li did not come to class. The villagers searched for Teacher Li's way home and found Teacher Li's body very close to the school. His brains were splattered on the floor and his hands were Still holding a hoe tightly!

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