Kill Silently


Early the next morning, Guan Laosi went up to Nanshan with two pieces of old clothes.

He came to the back of the ruined temple and found that the hole had been filled. He dug the hole again, and sure enough the body was still inside. There was also a note on the body with a line of words on it. Although Guan Laosi could not read, he found that the handwriting on the note was very similar to the handwriting of the two letters he received. It must be from the same person. hand.

He put the note into his pocket, filled it with soil again, and put the old clothes on the soil.

When he got home, he called his son over and asked him to read the words on the note.

The son read: "Brother, you have some conscience and came to see me."

Guan Laosi didn't sleep well all night again.

Early the next morning, when he was setting up the meat stall, he saw the man appearing in the distance again. He still stood there motionless with his head lowered, but his clothes were changed into the old clothes he put on the mountain yesterday.

Guan Laosi put down his work and ran towards Nanshan like the wind. When he ran to the back of the ruined temple, he found that the pit had been disturbed, but it was not dug, but a large piece collapsed. It was obvious that it was not dug by others, but something crawled out from inside.

He opened the pit again and found that there was no body inside, only a pair of old clothes, which belonged to Zhao Dagui's Nike.

In the evening, his son got him a third letter from school.

The son read: "Fourth, the clothes you gave me are too big, can you change them for me? Zhao Dagui."

If it were your mother's legs, Guan Laosi would be furious. He gnawed two pig's trotters, drank a bottle of Erguotou, ate a dozen small chili peppers, and broke into a hot sweat. He took an ax and went up Nanshan while he was drunk.

At night, the wind picked up on Nanshan Mountain and the trees and weeds rustled. Guan Laosi hid in the ruined temple, staring at the place where Zhao Dagui was buried.

Suddenly a figure appeared from the weeds. The figure was sneaky, carrying a hoe and starting to dig under a poplar tree a few meters away.

Guan Laosi jumped out of the temple and ran straight towards the figure. Before the figure could react, Guan Laosi grabbed the figure's neck.

The man screamed: "Help." Guan Laosi covered his mouth with his hand. But he thought the cry was very familiar, and when he looked carefully, he found it was Lao Zhou from next door.

"Lao Zhou, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

"No, no, it's okay."

Guan Laosi pinched Lao Zhou's neck hard and said, "Say, if you don't tell me, I will strangle you to death."

Lao Zhou struggled to take out a note from his pocket and said, "I picked this up at your door today."

Guan Laosi looked at the note, and he was still the same as himself in those letters. He asked Lao Zhou: "What is written on it?"

Old Zhou thought: "Brother, you killed me for money. The RMB cannot be used in the underworld, so I buried the money under the poplar tree next to it."

Guan Laosi glanced at Lao Zhou and said to him: "dig it. Dig it out and share it with you. Don't tell others what happened tonight."

Lao Zhou nodded and said, "Yes, yes, yes."

Lao Zhou started digging, while Guan Laosi was smoking and watching.

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After a while, he dug out a travel bag. It was Zhao Dagui's travel bag. After the two opened the bag, they found that there were no RMB in it, but all the coins.

Guan Laosi was not surprised by this result, but Lao Zhou was so frightened that his face turned pale.

Guan Laosi suddenly became wise and suddenly laughed, patted Lao Zhou on the shoulder and said: "Brother, I was just joking with you. Look at you, you are scared. I deliberately put the note at the door of my house for you to pick up today. These are I buried the fake money here too. It turns out you are also a greedy guy."

Lao Zhou's expression was very surprised, but he still responded with a smile.

Guan Laosi patted Lao Zhou on the shoulder and said, "Just kidding, come down the mountain and come to my house for a drink."

The two of them walked halfway up the mountain. Lao Zhou suddenly started running, shouting for help while running.

It's not that easy to run away. Guan Laosi and the others rushed forward and pushed Lao Zhou to the ground. Their two big hands pinched Lao Zhou's neck like pliers. After a while, Lao Zhou died.

Guan Laosi wanted to bury Lao Zhou's body and Zhao Dagui's body together.

When he dug the hole where Zhao Dagui was buried, he found that Zhao Dagui's body was still there, but his head was not. He dragged the headless body up and threw Lao Zhou's body down.

Guan Laosi faced the headless corpse and couldn't figure out where the corpse's head was.

He is illiterate and is illiterate by all means. He didn't know what sleepwalking was, nor did he know that he would do some horrific things during sleepwalking, such as cutting off the heads of corpses, but he didn't know it after he woke up.

Guan Laosi doesn't have a smart brain, he only has brute strength and an axe. So he used his only resources to end everything.

He dismembered Zhao Dagui's body. One piece in the east and one in the west were buried in the mountain.

After it was over, Guan Laosi felt much more relaxed. He thought that Zhao Dagui would not disturb his life from now on. Although his head is missing now, even if his head is staring at him secretly, what can he do to him?

His mind is that simple.

In my opinion, this matter is far from over. Because I have a smarter mind than Guan Laosi, I understand the law of conservation of energy: energy will not be created out of thin air, nor will it disappear out of thin air. Energy will be transferred from one object to another, and the total amount of energy remains unchanged.

Everything in the world is like this. The same is true for Zhao Dagui's energy. Where will his energy be transferred?


Guan Laosi whistled leisurely and went down the mountain.

When he walked to the door of his house, it was already two o'clock in the night. He found that the lights in his house were still on and the door was wide open. He had an ominous premonition.

After entering the house, he saw a few drops of blood on the ground and there was no one in the house. He called out the names of his wife and son several times, but no one answered. He heard someone crying in the bedroom.

He came to the bedroom and saw his wife and child huddled in a corner, trembling and pale. He asked his wife: "What's wrong? What's wrong with you?"

The wife's eyes were a little dull and she stammered: "Zhao, Zhao, Zhao Dagui, he came to our house just now. He, he, he, he was wearing your clothes, his face was bloody."

Now that it has happened, Guan Laosi has told his wife everything.

After hearing this, my wife cried and shouted: "You have done evil, you have done evil."

Guan Laosi immediately blocked his wife's mouth and said: "Keep your voice down, don't let others hear. I'm going to risk my life."

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Then he drew a very long knife from the warehouse and stuck it in his waist. He drove his wife and children overnight to his parents' home twenty miles away in a tricycle that usually delivers pork.

Although Guan Laosi is simple-minded, he knows a man's responsibility and understands that the evil he does must not harm his wife and children.

After sending his wife and children to his parents' home, he drove a tricycle back to Changshou Town alone.

At this time, there were dark clouds in the sky, lightning and thunder, and the entire Changshou Town was dark. From the moment he entered Changshou Town, a pair of eyes had been staring at him. He noticed it, but he couldn't see the eyes.

It was pouring rain in the sky, and the tricycle was stuck in the mud. He threw the tricycle on the road, cut a branch on the roadside, tore his clothes into strips of cloth and wrapped them around the branch, and dipped them in the tricycle's fuel tank. Get diesel and light the torch with a lighter.

Holding a machete in his right hand and a torch in his left hand, he strode towards home.

He looked very fierce, with an air of fearlessness.

Those eyes saw all this, and there was a sneer at the corner of the mouth under the eyes. It was mocking, mocking him for having no brains, mocking him for having no brute strength, mocking him for not knowing that he was about to die.

He came to the door of his house and kicked the door open. After turning on the light, he saw that the living room was filled with debris and corpse fragments. Hands, feet, legs, arms, heart, intestines…. That was Zhao Dagui's body that he dismembered with his own hands. He frantically hacked around the house with a machete, chopping all the body parts hanging in the house on the ground.

He took off his shirt and ran to the street, crying hysterically in the rain.

At this time, those eyes were not far from him.

A bolt of lightning flashed across the night sky, and blue lightning lit up the entire town. Suddenly he saw a person standing in the distance. He rushed over like crazy. Several more bolts of lightning flashed across the night sky, but the man remained motionless.

Getting closer, he saw that the man was wearing Zhao Dagui's clothes and Nike.

He couldn't help but rush to the man and chop him wildly. Until the man falls.

Taking advantage of the lightning, he pushed aside the man's clothes and discovered that it was not a person at all, but a pile of straw.

He threw the knife to the ground and lay in the rain, completely broken. A tall, round man covered his face and cried like a child. He used up his last bit of courage to face death and fight to the death.

The rain was getting heavier and he dragged his exhausted body towards his home, intending to take a nap. He hoped it was a dream.

This is not a dream after all. If a person sees horrible things in a dream, he will be frightened and wake up. At worst, he will break out in a cold sweat. But after Guan Laosi returned home and saw the terrifying scene, he did not wake up, which proved that what he experienced was not a dream.

What did he see when he returned home?

Readers, you may not believe what he saw.

He saw the old Zhou who he had strangled to death sitting upright on the sofa, with two paper figures on the left and right, one male and one female.

Guan Laosi rolled and crawled into the rain again. This time he ran away in embarrassment. He can't escape, don't forget he has a pair of eyes.

Taking advantage of the light of lightning, he saw another person appearing in the distance, holding an umbrella. His soul has dispersed, and he no longer has the courage to rush forward and fight to the death.

The people under the umbrella are getting closer and closer. Guan Laosi could no longer stand and could only lie in the muddy rain while retreating and letting out a low and shrill cry.

The person under the umbrella came to Guan Laosi. Guan Laosi's eyes became wider and wider, and his breathing became more and more rapid. The man under the umbrella leaned down and put his face in front of Guan Laosi.

A bolt of lightning flashed across, and Guan Laosi's last expression was frozen at this moment.

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We all heard a story when we were children: Once upon a time, there was a mountain, and there was a temple on the mountain. In the temple, there was an old monk telling stories to the young monk. What story is it telling? Once upon a time there was a mountain, and there was a temple on the mountain. In the temple, there was an old monk telling stories to the young monk. What story is it telling? Once upon a time there was a mountain…

I think this is a very scary story. In a ruined temple deep in the mountains and old forests, a wrinkled old monk faced a skinny little monk and repeated an endless story until the day he died. Finish the story. For people, not seeing the end is a kind of despair.

I am a timid person, and such a simple story scared me for years. In fact, there is another reason. There is a hill to the south of Changshou Town, and there is a ruined temple on the top of the hill. When I was a child, I always felt that the old monk and the young monk lived there.

Many children like to play in that ruined temple, but adults always prohibit it, saying there are monsters there. In fact, it was because the ruined temple was old and in danger of collapse at any time, so monsters were used to scare children.

Twenty years later, when I was twenty-seven, the ruined temple still stood on the top of the mountain.

At twenty-seven, I still fear it.

It's really unfair to God, for letting me, a timid person like me, encounter a particularly terrifying thing.

That night, a few friends and I were drinking in a restaurant, and it was already one o'clock in the middle of the night when we ended. I walked home alone, and there was no one on the street.

I walked to the center of the town, where there was a meat shop called "Guan Laosi Pork Shop". The shop owner's surname is Guan, and he is the fourth eldest child in his family. Guan Laosi is a big-shouldered butcher, about 1.8 meters tall, with a lot of fat on his body and a pimpled face. He is the person who scares me the most in Changshou Town, because I often see him standing on the roadside chopping meat with a sharp knife. The meat stars are flying everywhere, and even the meat buyers are hiding a few meters away. Guan Laosi is still a hot-tempered person. He often fights with others and beats them to pieces. So I swear that I will not offend Guan Laosi if I offend anyone in Changshou Town.

When I passed by "Guan Laosi Pork Shop", Guan Laosi and another man came out of the shop, walking around and looking like they were drunk. I immediately hid in a corner. I was afraid that if he came over and beat me while I was still drunk, I would be beaten until my teeth were all over the floor.

The man with Guan Laosi was carrying a travel bag. As they walked forward, they called each other brothers and talked over drinks. I followed furtively, not letting my footsteps make any sound, and my palms were all hot and sweaty because I was afraid.

After walking about two hundred meters, a white light suddenly shone. I saw Guan Laosi pull out a bright boning knife from behind, push the man to the ground, block the man's mouth with one hand, and stab the man in the chest with the boning knife in the other. A few knives. The man was killed by Guan Laosi like a pig.

I collapsed on the ground, my legs weak.

After Guan Laosi killed the man, he looked left and right and found that there was no one around, so he carried the body and the man's travel bag and walked towards the hill south of Changshou Town.

Seeing this scene, in addition to fear, I was also happy. This hateful Guan Laosi, he is in my hands. I will go to the Public Security Bureau to report the case tomorrow, and then sentence you to death so that you can never scare me again.

Thinking of this, I followed Guan Laosi to the hill to the south because I wanted to collect evidence.

Guan Laosi carried the body to the back of the ruined temple. I hid in the grass like a jackal.

Guan Laosi put down the body and the travel bag, and then used his huge hands to dig the hole. His physical strength was really impressive, and he dug a big hole in a short time.

I was dumbfounded as I watched in the grass. I also broke into a cold sweat for myself, held my breath and remained motionless. If Guan Laosi finds out at this time, he can crush me to death with one hand.

Guan Laosi pushed the body and the travel bag into the pit, buried it with soil, looked left and right, found no one, and went down the mountain.


The man killed by Guan Laosi was named Zhao Dagui. He and Guan Laosi used to sell pork, but later they went to work in the city and made a little fortune, earning 200,000 yuan. He put the money in his travel bag and came to Guan Laosi with the money, intending to show off his wealth in front of him. Because before Zhao Dagui went out to work, Guan Laosi had ridiculed him, saying that when he arrived in the city, he couldn't even tell the difference between east, west and north, let alone make money, so he should just sell pork honestly.

After Zhao Dagui saw Guan Laosi, he proudly opened his travel bag, which contained wads of banknotes. He also took out a wad, turned it over in front of his eyes, and said angrily: "One wad is ten thousand, a total of twenty wads, alas! In fact, there is no point in having too much money."

After Zhao Dagui showed off his wealth, he planned to leave. Guan Laosi tried his best to persuade him to stay, saying that the two brothers hadn't seen each other for a long time and wanted to have two drinks in the evening. In fact, Guan Laosi had already made murderous intentions at this time.

After killing Zhao Dagui and burying the body and money in the ruined temple on the mountain, Guan Laosi couldn't sleep when he returned home at night. Although he was a big man and had killed countless pigs, cattle and sheep in his hands, he was killing a human being after all, so it was inevitable that he would feel a little flustered. He planned to wait for some time before getting the money back.

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Guan Laosi had a strange dream at night. He dreamed that Zhao Dagui crawled out of the soil, his features were covered with mud, and left the place where he was buried with his travel bag.

Early the next morning, while his wife and children were still asleep, Guan Laosi got up and went up the mountain to the back of the ruined temple. As a result, my scalp was numb. The pit had been dug, and the body and travel bag were gone. Guan Laosi slumped on the ground. Could it be that Zhao Dagui really crawled out of the pit and left with his travel bag just like he dreamed?

I was also on the hill at that time, and I was still hiding in the grass like a jackal. During this time, I had to follow him and observe his every move. When I saw this scene, I shuddered and thought, this is over, the evidence is gone, there is no way to report the case to the public security bureau, and if I can't sue Guan Laosi, I will be retaliated by him.

He returned to town feeling extremely depressed. He took all his anger out on a sheep.

Every time Guan Laosi slaughters livestock, he is always on the street, attracting many people to watch. People like to see everything about death, such as funerals, executions, car accidents, etc. They are very curious about death, but no one dares to experience death in person. Therefore, the process of each massacre by Guan Laosi seems to be a wonderful performance that the people of Changshou Town never tire of watching.

Guan Laosi tied the four hooves of a sheep to a wooden frame. A sharp knife was inserted into the sheep's throat, and blood came out like spring water. But the sheep will not die immediately, but keeps struggling. The onlookers enjoy this scene with relish.

After the sheep died completely, Guan Laosi took a deboning knife to disembowel the sheep. But it was obvious that Guan Laosi was very impatient today. His eyes were red and he concentrated all his strength on his hands, but the knife couldn't hit the right spot at all.

At that time, I was the only one who noticed something strange about Guan Laosi.

Yes, he was upset about last night's events.


Half a month later, at night, Guan Laosi's son came back from school, holding it in his hand. He said: "Dad, here is yours." This was really big news, because Guan Laosi was illiterate and no one had ever written to him.

Guan Laosi also felt strange. He opened the envelope and found two lines of words written inside. He asked his son to read it to him.

His son read: "Fourth brother, you are so mean. After so many years of relationship, you have harmed me and buried me in the soil. Zhao Dagui."

Guan Laosi broke into a cold sweat. He quickly took the letter away from his son and tore it into pieces. Then throw the pieces into the stove.

He sat on the sofa with his eyes wide open, trying to remember everything that happened last night. He did stab Zhao Dagui several times in the chest, and the person who was stabbed was indeed Zhao Dagui. He carried Zhao Dagui's body up the mountain, dug a deep pit, and buried him.

Guan Laosi concluded that Zhao Dagui must have turned into a ghost and came back to seek revenge on him. This was the only possibility.

He is a simple-minded person with well-developed limbs, and he will not think of the second possibility. It's also possible that he didn't kill Zhao Dagui that night. After Zhao Dagui struggled to get out of the soil, he was admitted to the hospital. Half a month later, I wrote him this letter.

Later, he discovered that Zhao Dagui had been lurking around him.

It was one morning, the sky was not bright yet, and there were only a few people on the street. When he was setting up the meat stall, he saw a person in the distance, his head lowered and motionless. Although he couldn't see the man's face clearly, he felt that the man looked familiar. He was wearing a black top, a pair of blue jeans, and a pair of white sneakers.

God! This is the clothes Zhao Dagui was wearing when he died. At that time, Zhao Dagui was still showing off in front of him, saying that these were brand-name clothes bought in the city, Nike.

The man kept his head lowered and his arms drooped. The man slowly raised an arm and stretched out a finger. There was no one between Guan Laosi and the man, and there was no one behind Guan Laosi. That person was obviously pointing at Guan Laosi.

Guan Laosi's hair stood up and he stood there motionless. He wanted to see the man's face clearly, but the man kept his head lowered.

The man slowly turned around and began to move towards the south. There seemed to be no joints in the whole body. One step, two steps, three steps, he walked very slowly, and from time to time he slowly shook his head that was always lowered.

Around a corner, the man disappeared.

Only then did Guan Laosi react. He picked up a knife and walked in the direction where the man disappeared. But when he came to the corner, the man had disappeared without a trace.

Judging from the speed at which the man was walking just now, he would definitely not disappear so quickly.


Guan Laosi has a simple mind and well-developed limbs, but he doesn't really believe in ghosts in the world. He didn't know that there was a medical term for "suspended death", and he didn't know that in a developed country like the United States, one-third of its citizens believed in the existence of ghosts. So he naively thought that someone must be causing trouble. But no one else showed up that night except him and me. He was the perpetrator, and I was a coward.

He targeted Lao Zhou next door. Lao Zhou is a tailor, now forty years old.

On the day when Guan Laosi and Zhao Dagui were drinking, Lao Zhou came to visit Guan Laosi's house. At that time, Guan Laosi also introduced: "This is my brother Dagui, who made a fortune outside, and is now Mr. Zhao." Lao Zhou also had a few drinks with Zhao Dagui.

Recently, Guan Laosi always felt that something was wrong with Lao Zhou, and he always acted sneakily after seeing him. He always looks at him strangely in the dark. When he looks at Lao Zhou, Lao Zhou always panics.

There is only a wall between the Guan and Zhou families. Any movement in either house can be heard by the neighbor. Could it be that Lao Zhou discovered what happened that night?

One day at noon, Guan Laosi met Lao Zhou in an alley. Lao Zhou turned around and left after seeing him. Guan Laosi chased after him and grabbed Lao Zhou by the neck. Lao Zhou was so thin that he was caught by Guan Laosi like a little chicken.

Guan Laosi said: "Speaking of Lao Zhou, what are you hiding from me in the past few days?"

Lao Zhou said: "No, no, it's nothing."

"Nothing. Why are you running?"

"Aren't you afraid of you?"

"You didn't offend me, what are you afraid of?"

"Two months ago, I lent you two thousand yuan. I should have paid it back last week, but money is really tight now. I hope my brother can give me a few days' grace."

Guan Laosi then remembered that Lao Zhou had received two thousand yuan from him and had never paid it back.

Guan Laosi said: "Pay me back the money this month, or I…" He made a gesture as if he wanted to hit Lao Zhou.

Lao Zhou said: "It must be an audio novel about ghosts screaming and catching ghosts , that's for sure."

In the evening, when his son came back from school, he shouted when he entered the door: "Dad, Dad, you are here again." Guan Laosi felt nervous and said, "Who gave you the letter?"

"The teacher gave it to me. She asked me to give it to you."

"Open Nian Nian."

The son opened the letter and read: "Fourth, I see you every morning. Yesterday you were wearing a yellow vest, the day before yesterday you were wearing a green sweater, and today you are wearing a black jacket. My Nike clothes are all covered by yours." The knife pierced me, can you give me two clothes? It's so cold underground. Just put them where you buried me. Zhao Dagui."

Guan Laosi is about to collapse!

Zhao Dagui actually knew what color clothes he wore every morning, which proved that he was lurking around him. And he couldn't see Zhao Dagui, but Zhao Dagui could see him.

Guan Laosi's wife came out of the kitchen and saw Guan Laosi lying on the sofa with a pale face. She asked, "What's wrong with you? Who wrote the letter?"

"Nothing. It's a letter from Zhao Dagui."

"Zhao Dagui? Is he your brother who got rich?"


"I saw him the morning before yesterday. He was too far away and I didn't say hello to him, but I saw that his clothes were torn and dirty, as if he had just crawled out of the soil."

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