Chapter 260: Anomalies In The Corpse

Guanjiang Community, a high-rise resident.

This is the new home of Wang Bin and Wang Haiyan. Their family of three hugged each other for warmth, comforted each other and gave each other confidence before this despair came.

However at this time.

Sitting on the sofa, the pale Wang Shanshan suddenly closed her eyes and fell to the ground helplessly.

"Daughter, what's wrong with you?" Wang Haiyan was frightened and hurriedly helped Wang Shanshan up from the ground.

But when Wang Shanshan's body was touched, Wang Haiyan was startled.

Her body, which was already lower than normal body temperature, was now so cold that she couldn't feel any warmth at all. She quickly touched her daughter's chest again.


Unable to help but scream, Wang Haiyan suddenly retracted her palm.

My daughter's heart stopped and she was dead.

"Husband, come here quickly, something happened to my daughter…" Wang Haiyan called Wang Bin.

"Don't shout so loud, are you trying to attract that thing?" Wang Bin was so frightened that he ran out of the kitchen and almost covered his wife's mouth.

Although they did not enter the safe house, they also knew how the ghosts outside killed people.

But when Wang Bin understood what just happened, he was dumbfounded.

His daughter died?

"Yang Jian, yes, ask Yang Jian." Wang Bin subconsciously called Yang Jian.

He definitely knew about his daughter's situation.

But when Wang Bin was about to make the call, he was stunned again, because he suddenly remembered what his daughter had said before: If Yang Jian died, he would die too.

Could it be that…Yang Jian is already dead?

Yang Jian is not only dead, but his body is now cold. At this moment, his face is peaceful, his hands and feet are hanging down weakly, the shoes on his feet have fallen off, and the whole person is suspended in the air by an old straw rope. ,like a statue.

The body had remained in this position for a long time.

If nothing else happens, his body will hang here to rot and get maggots, and in the end only a skeleton will be left.

It was about four hours after he hanged himself.

"Tick-tock, tick-tock~!"

The black water droplets like thick ink dripping from his feet began to gradually increase in number, and gradually became more frequent. The camera occasionally captured them, but they only passed by in a flash, and it was not clear what they were?

"Was dripping from his feet just now? Could it be that the internal organs have begun to rot and corpse water has appeared in Chapter 1 of the Dead Girl Humanoid ?"

Wang Xiaoming, who noticed such details, was still confused.

Logically speaking, it would not decay so quickly.

However, Wang Xiaoming then saw something strange happening to Yang Jian's body.

His body is shaking~!

One after another, it slowly began to shake.

As the heavy body swayed, the ceiling above the room also creaked.

If other people saw such a scene, they would probably be scared out of their wits.

The body that had been dead for several hours was actually shaking in the air.

"In this case…could Yang Jian come back to life again? No, no, it's not Yang Jian's body that is moving, it's the rope that is moving." Wang Xiaoming narrowed his eyes and began to realize that Yang Jian Why did you commit suicide in this particular way?

He must have mastered some kind of evil ghost's law and wanted to take advantage of it.

As for what the final result will be, Wang Xiaoming doesn't know.

"Not lost, Yang Jian hasn't lost yet." A glimmer of hope emerged in his heart again.

In the video, Yang Jian's body was hanging in mid-air and swaying slightly. The amplitude was very small at first, but later on, the swaying began to gradually increase.

Moreover, more and more black liquid dripped from Yang Jian's body.

These black liquids dripping on the ground did not turn into a pool of stagnant water, but squirmed on the ground like living creatures, and then gradually spread out from the place where they dropped to the surroundings.

The ground began to be covered in darkness.

"Damn, the phone is almost out of battery." Wang Xiaoming stared at these changes. At this time, he found that the phone's battery was almost exhausted.

He wanted to charge it, but he didn't do it because his cell phone ran out of power, and Yang Jian's cell phone would also shut down because it ran out of power. Once the cell phone there was turned off, the video would be disconnected.

"It can still hold power for about twenty minutes." He made an estimate in his mind.

But this has reached a critical moment, and I don’t know if twenty minutes of power is enough.

In a dark room.

Under the chandelier, Yang Jian's body continued to sway in mid-air, as if there was an invisible wind blowing.

But the doors and windows of the room were closed, so there was no chance of any wind blowing.

At this moment , the extent of Yang Jian's corpse shaking in mid-air seemed to have reached a limit.

During this shaking, the corpse's feet touched the ghost mirror in front of it.

One touch.

The corpse's feet were now attached to the mirror and could not be detached.

Because of the adsorption, the swing stopped.

At this moment, Yang Jian's body was hanging diagonally in the air in a way that went against common sense.

The straw rope around his neck was tight, holding his neck tightly, as if to prevent the corpse from being sucked into the ghost mirror.

At the same time, Yang Jian, who had a peaceful face, suddenly began to tremble, and black liquid was gurgling on his body.

"Is that so?"

Seeing this scene, Wang Xiaoming began to realize something at this moment, and stood up in shock. Everyone else in the safe house looked at him curiously.

Ignoring the looks of others, Wang Xiaoming was extremely horrified at the moment. Although he was not sure, he somewhat understood Yang Jian's true purpose.

If he guessed correctly, Yang Jian wanted to use the characteristics of several ghosts to artificially create a contradiction and conflict, so that ghosts would collide with each other.

"But it's impossible. There is still one condition missing. Even if he could use the perfect method to create a conflict between ghosts and ghosts, he would still die…"

As soon as he said this, Wang Xiaoming paused suddenly, and then looked at Zhang Wei firmly.

What if the dead can be resurrected?

Just at this time.

The ghost rope around the neck of Yang Jian's corpse had begun to be gradually soaked with black liquid and began to be stained with a layer of darkness.

That thing was not actually a liquid, but a part of the ghost, but it was so rich and scary that it looked like ink.


Accompanied by a slight sound.

The ghost rope that hung Yang Jian suddenly lost its power after being covered by the black shadow, and hung directly from the mid-air.

The ghost rope finally retreated after stimulating the ghost shadow to revive.

It cannot suppress the ghost with a body, and it is still in a post-resurrection state.

Not only that, it itself is controlled by a headless ghost.

But Guisheng's mission has been completed.

At the moment when the ghost rope hangs down from the top of the head.

Yang Jian's body suddenly stood up in mid-air, and finally hit the ghost mirror in front of him with a bang.

No, it didn't hit it, but it was sucked by the ghost mirror.

Now is the critical moment to create the logical endless loop between ghost shadows and ghost mirrors.

Let the two ghosts crash together.

Once successful.

Yang Jian will be resurrected from death.

But at this time, the phone's power was exhausted and it automatically shut down.

Wang Xiaoming only saw Yang Jian's body being sucked in front of the mirror and disconnected.

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