folk Ghost Stories

In the first year of the Republic of China, a miracle doctor came to Wudi. He had become a household name in Wudi in thirty years. He had superb medical skills and could handle all kinds of difficult and complicated diseases. He was known as " Saihua Tuo". In these troubled times, this man is practicing good medicine without any financial reward. For a time, people from all walks of life came to seek medical treatment.

One day, as it was sinking to the west, there was an old road passing Saihua Tuo Medical Center. Just walking back and forth at the entrance of the hall, Saihua Tuo had just sent out the patient he thought was a doctor. He saw that this Taoist had an air of immortality and was not as wretched as a charlatan. Then he came up to talk to him and said, "I wonder what the immortal master is doing at the entrance of my hospital? If you don't mind, please go to the hospital and talk about it." The man nodded and followed Sai Huatuo in. Sai Huatuo took the opportunity to ask questions along the way. The Taoist's training place, the purpose of coming to Wu Di, seeing this man's answers fluently, his eyes bright and restrained, I already believed six or seven points in my heart about the Taoist's identity. Sai Huatuo led the Taoist into the study and said: "Taoist, this is a place for medical treatment, and there are few reception halls. If you don't mind, please stop in my study and have a cup of tea." The Taoist ordered. He nodded and said: "Sir, you're welcome! This time I came to Pindao not to ask for a cup of tea, but to remind you." Sai Huatuo poured two cups of tea, placed them on the table in front of the Taoist and said, "No. Do you know why Chang reminds Xiaosheng?"

"Everything in the world is impermanent, and the way of heaven is ethical. Every bad thing turns into good luck, all because of good thoughts." The Taoist just said these few words and then kept silent. He just continued to drink tea. The two chatted about current affairs. The Taoist saw that it was already evening. , and bid farewell.

Although Sai Huatuo tried his best to persuade him to stay, the Taoist still insisted on going on the road. Unable to resist, Sai Huatuo had to send the Taoist away. Saihua Tuo ate some hurried dinner and began to study medical books in the study. In the dead of night, a knock on the door pulled Sai Huatuo out of the medical books. Sai Huatuo hurriedly went to open the door, thinking that another patient might have an emergency. With a creak, two mahogany doors were opened, and an old woman stood at the door. Seeing the old woman's shabby clothes, Sai Huatuo said: "Mother-in-law, it's cold outside, come inside quickly." The old woman then moved in. In the medical center, although this old lady is not stable, she moves very fast. Saihua Tuo helped the old man to the hospital and said to the old woman: "Mother-in-law, put your hand here. I will feel your pulse." The old woman lowered her head and stretched out her hand. Putting it on the old man's wrist, the hospital room seemed extremely quiet at this time, with only a Western wall clock ticking "tick-tock". After a while, Saihua Tuo asked again: "Mother-in-law, have you lost your appetite recently? Are you suffering from insomnia at night?" The old woman nodded. Seeing this, Saihua Tuo asked again: "It feels like your heart is beating too fast. ?" The old woman nodded again, and Sai Huatuo said: "I see your pulse is a little faster and your body temperature is normal. If you don't mind, please open your mouth and let me see your tongue." The old woman raised her head and smiled at the doctor's office, saying "Sister Fairy" Are you dead? Under the illumination of the desk lamp, the old man's sallow face was covered with wrinkles, and he looked like a hardworking farmer. The circles under his eyes were dim, presumably because he hadn't had a good night's sleep for a long time.

The old woman stuck out her tongue, and Saihua Tuo took out a small piece of wood from a nearby vessel, put it into the old woman's mouth, and carefully looked at the coating on her tongue and the lesions on her gums. But he saw a strange sight. The old woman's tiger teeth seemed to be much longer than those of ordinary people. For a moment, Sai Hua Tuo was just confused. Thinking about his teacher's words, everyone's physique is different, and there is always something a little different from ordinary people. The place. Without thinking any more, he prescribed a few doses of medicine and warned: "Mother-in-law, mix three bowls of water with one bowl of this medicine. Take one cup of medicine every day, morning and evening. If you still have the same problem after five days, come back to my place." "The old woman finally spoke and took out a worn purse from her waist. Sai Huatuo quickly stopped him and said, "Grandma, I see you are also a hard-working farmer. I won't accept the money for the medicine now. Let's wait until you have taken these few medicines!" After hearing this, the old woman hurriedly knelt down and kowtowed, but she was still indifferent. No words are spoken. Sai Huatuo hurriedly helped the old man up and sent her out of the medical hall. The medical hall laughed and asked whether the fairy sister was dead? Then he closed the door and continued to study the medical books.

Five days later, on a rainy night, another knock on the door brought Saihua Tuo out of the medical book. As soon as he opened the door, he saw an old woman who was all wet. This time, the old woman spoke first and said, "Can I come in?" Seeing that the old man was soaked by the rain, Saihua Tuo was afraid that the old man would catch typhoid fever, so he Ask the old man to come in quickly. Saihua Tuo asked the old man to sit in the hospital room for a while, while he went to get a brazier to help the old man withstand the cold.

Saihua Tuo saw that the old man looked familiar and remembered that it was the old woman who came a few nights ago. Then she found a piece of paper from the pile of papers on the side, looked at it and said, "Grandma, after taking those few pills, do you feel better?" The old woman lowered her head and said, "It seems to be better, that's right. I've been hungry." After hearing this, Saihua Tuo said, "Then let me check your pulse again." However, this time, Sai Huatuo was shocked. The old woman's pulse was faster than before, but The pulse is not as strong as a normal person's. Saihua Tuo asked the old man to open his mouth, and a pair of long tiger teeth instantly made Sai Hua Tuo jump. The old man's teeth were longer than a few days ago. But the tongue was bright red, and there were some fleshy thorns growing on the tongue. Saihua Tuo looked at these fleshy thorns and was a little strange. How could such a thing grow on a person's tongue? He couldn't decide for a while, so he had to assume that it was a thorn on the tongue. Some small pustules. At this moment, the old man's stomach was rumbling, and he opened his mouth and a bloody smell slowly spread from his mouth. However, the old man's teeth couldn't help shaking. Sai Huatuo comforted him: "It's okay, it's okay." He continued to turn over the small pieces of wood with one hand and inspected the old man's mouth. Suddenly, the old man's teeth clenched tightly, and small pieces of wood were bitten off. Sai Huatuo was even more shocked, but a streak of blood dripped from the corner of the old man's mouth along with saliva. The old man spit out the wood chips in his mouth and murmured: "I'm hungry, I'm hungry." Upon seeing this, Sai Huatuo picked up the gauze on the side and said: "Mother-in-law, your mouth is bleeding! Wipe it quickly!" The old woman Guduglu swallowed saliva and blood, with a satisfied smile on his face. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and the wrinkles were deeply crowded together, which was extremely scary under the illumination of the desk lamp.

"Sir, I'm hungry. Please leave quickly!" The old woman suddenly showed pain on her face again, and Saihuatuo didn't know what happened for a while. The old woman suddenly showed a weird smile again and said: "Sir, the skin is tender and the meat is delicious, it should be delicious!" Saihuatuo broke into a cold sweat as soon as he said this. He has been studying medicine for many years and has never seen anything like this. Disease, I thought: Could it be that this person got it and went crazy?

The old woman walked towards Sai Huatuo step by step. Sai Huatuo had no choice but to retreat when he saw this. However, he didn't know what kind of illness the old woman in front of him was suffering from. He didn't know what to do for a while, so he could only keep some distance from the old man. "Dang, dang, dang," the Western clock rang, and the old woman rushed towards Sai Huatuo as if she was crazy. Saihua Tuo hurriedly blocked with both hands, but the old man was as strong as an ox and pressed Sai Huatuo against the wall. He gasped and slowly leaned towards Sai Huatuo's neck. Suddenly, the old man wailed and retreated a few steps: "Sir, run away quickly! The further away the better!" After hearing this, Sai Huatuo hurriedly ran to the door and opened the door of the hospital, but the old woman suddenly ran behind him. Come, before Saihua Tuo could go out, he heard footsteps approaching from behind. But the old woman wailed and rushed out of the hospital, thinking about the door. Gradually, the wailing disappeared in the rainy night, and the sound of rain remained as if nothing had happened. Only the messy tables and chairs in Saihuatuo's hospital room proved that everything that happened before was real.

This morning, Saihua Tuo opened his eyes early. Thinking about what he had experienced last night, it really made his back hair tingle. He thought about it and felt that it was so weird. Could it be that he really responded to the Taoist's words? After thinking about it for a moment, Saihua Tuo suddenly felt that the matter was strange, but he knew very little at the moment and didn't know what to do for a while. I had to wash up first, and there were many sick people waiting for treatment during the day.

However, not long after the medical center opened, there were sounds from the alley to the west. It sounded like there were many people bustling about! So Sai Huatuo went to find a neighbor and asked, "Auntie, what's going on in the alley to the west?" The aunt's eyes widened and she said, "Sir, you don't know about the weird things outside in the hospital. Today Uncle Wang, who had bought groceries early, went out to buy groceries. He didn't want to see two police officers on night watch dead in the alley as soon as he opened the door, so he immediately reported it to the gentlemen at the government!" Sai Huatuo asked again: "Then why now? Is it still so noisy?" The aunt hurriedly explained: "Sir, the coroner from the government office is investigating over there right now!" After that, the aunt said goodbye and walked to the west alley in two steps. Sai Huatuo felt that something was fishy, ​​so he followed him to the west alley.

When I first arrived at the West Alley, I saw a huge crowd of people surrounding the alley. They all held their heads high and discussed, "These two police officers died miserably! Their faces were so terrifying!" "Who did this?" You have a poisonous hand!" "You can't go out at night from now on!" Sai Hua Tuo squeezed forward a little. Seeing that it was Sai Hua Tuo, the person in front quickly made room and said, "Mr. Sai Hua Tuo! You are here too!" As soon as these words came out, all the townspeople hurriedly made way for Sai Huatuo, and everyone greeted him with smiles. The police officer in front also smiled when he heard Sai Huatuo's name. A tall police officer hurriedly came over and said, "Sir, are you here to help Mr. Liang do the autopsy?" With that, he took something out of his chest pocket. With a pack of cigarettes, Sai Huatuo waved his hand and said: "Mr. Police Officer, I don't eat cigarettes!" A trace of disappointment flashed across the police officer's face, and he led Sai Huatuo into the alley.

The alley looks simple and simple. There are small second-floor houses on both sides. The ground is paved with bluestone bricks. It is a little winding as you walk up. Two corpses in black police uniforms are right in front of you. One is lying on the bluestone road. A body was leaning against a stone pillar. A man in a white coat was carefully examining the body with his back to the two of them. The tall police officer said loudly: "Mr. Liang, Mr. Sai Huatuo is here to help you!" He had boxy-framed glasses and his slicked-back hair was neatly combed. The man looked about thirty years old. When he saw the visitor, a smile appeared on his face and he said, "Saihua Tuo! Long time no see. How are you doing?"

"Mr. Liang, stay well! Xiaosheng Medical Center is nearby. I heard that a murder occurred and came over to see if I could help." Sai Huatuo smiled cordially and went to shake hands. However, Liang The gentleman’s hands were tightly wrapped in gloves, so he smiled and gave up. "I'm really busy! I'm so talented, but I have something to ask you, sir!" Sai Huatuo asked doubtfully, "Is there someone who asked me about this post-mortem examination?" Mr. Liang laughed, took off the gloves on his hands and put Sai Huatuo's hands on him. He was taken aside and said: "I wonder, sir, do you know anything in the world that can suck people's blood?" Saihua Tuo was stunned, and the image of a pair of fangs flashed in his mind. Saihua Tuo asked again: "Sir, how can I say this? Could it be that there is something abnormal?"

"Exactly! There is only one external injury on these two people's bodies, which is the two pairs of teeth marks on their necks. The middle of the teeth seems to be human teeth, but the two sides have penetrated into their skin and flesh, reaching as deep as their arteries. However, their wounds There are few bloodstains everywhere." Sai Huatuo thought about the weather last night and said, "Could it be washed away by the rain last night?" Mr. Liang shook his head and said, "Sir, look at this." After that, Liang The gentleman led Saihua Tuo to the corpse leaning against the stone pillar and said, "Sir, please see, this corpse fell under the eaves of this house. It must not have received much rain. However, there is still little blood on his wounds." ." Sai Huatuo's heart skipped a beat and hesitantly asked, "Is that what you meant, sir?" The police officer behind him also said, "It's just as you guessed. The two of us also suspect that this matter was not done by ordinary people." Saihua Tuo looked at the corpse in front of him. His face was pale, his skin was shriveled, and his eye sockets were sunken and dim. It was really terrifying.

"Sir, I only know about the popular theory of 'Fan Pai'er' in the West when I read some Western cultural relics. This is really unbelievable now!" Saihua Tuo said what he was thinking. Mr. Liang also nodded and said: "My master said that these ghost stories are not groundless and must have some basis. However, now everyone believes that there are no ghosts in the world. If this case is based on the theory of ghosts, If you tell me the case, the authorities and the people will not be convinced!"

"That's true, but I wonder if there is any way for Xiaosheng to help sir?" Sai Huatuo thought about it for a moment, with a serious expression on his face. Upon seeing this, Mr. Liang said: "I really have something that I would like to ask sir for help. Our office is now under construction and all the equipment is not complete yet. I wonder if I can borrow the Western medical tools in your clinic for us to analyze." Sai Hua Seeing this, Tuo said: "There are indeed some unused medical tools sent by patients in our hospital. If you don't mind, sir, you can use them in our hospital. The Yamen has just been built, so this place must not be as comfortable as our medical hospital." Liang The husband shouted loudly and quickly led a group of police officers to deal with the scene, carrying the two bodies into the hospital.

Everyone came to Saihua Tuo's medical clinic. The interior was simply decorated. When they entered the door, there was the hall. There was only a screen made of wrinkled white cloth. It was like a Western medical clinic. Everyone carried a locally made bamboo stretcher and covered the body with a large piece of white cloth. They entered the main entrance of the medical clinic from the west alley. In order not to hinder Sai Huatuo from treating patients, the police officers A "No Entry" sign was posted on the door of the room where the body was kept.

It was an uneventful day. At nightfall, Mr. Liang was still in the room where the corpses were displayed, carefully examining the corpses. After Sai Huatuo cleaned up the patients, he went to the study to continue studying medical books. Tonight, it was quiet outside. People seemed to be afraid to go out. Even the dogs that usually barked seemed to have rested. As soon as Sai Hua Tuo picked up the medical book, his whole body seemed to dive into it, and it was really difficult to pay attention to anything else.

I don't know how long it took, but there was another knock on the door, which woke Saihua Tuo from his medical book. Sai Huatuo rubbed his eyes and said yes before walking out of the study. Outside the door, a white-haired man in a suit and leather tie said in fluent Chinese: "Sir, can I come in?" Sai Huatuo nodded and said: "Sir, please come in!" The visitor nodded politely and said Stepping in, Sai Huatuo led the man to the doctor's room and asked, "I wonder what's wrong with you, sir?" The man stopped and said, "Sir, did an old woman come here a few days ago?" Sai Huatuo asked. After hearing this, Hua Tuo was stunned and said: "Exactly!" He gradually became more wary of this man, and asked hurriedly: "Sir, how do you know?" The man smiled slightly and said: "Sir, don't be afraid, I He is just an ordinary person with some past memories. I wonder if sir, can you do me a favor?" Saihua Tuo stepped back and asked, "What's the matter?"

"I wonder if you can lend me some blood, sir!" After saying that, he slowly walked towards Sai Huatuo. This Saihua Tuo is not a stupid person. Thinking of the two corpses today, it is estimated that this person is inseparable from this case. Pushing the screen beside him towards the man, he ran towards the end of the corridor. The white-haired man behind him walked slowly and leisurely. Sai Huatuo ran to the morgue room, rushed in and locked the door. However, Mr. Liang inside was startled and asked: "Why are you so panicked?"

Sai Huatuo gasped and said: "The blood-sucking man is chasing me!" Mr. Liang was startled, put down the tools in his hands and said: "Where is the person?" "Right outside the door!" Sai Huatuo hissed at this moment, and the room was quiet. , the footsteps outside the door gradually approached, and Mr. Liang slowly walked to the door, only to hear a gentle knock on the door, and a deep voice from outside the door, "Sir, can I come in?"

Upon hearing this, the two looked at each other, and Mr. Liang asked loudly: "Who are you?"


"You must be the murderer. You want to destroy the body and eliminate the traces, right?" Mr. Liang shouted, took out a revolver from his arms and pointed it at the door.

"Gentlemen, please let me in! Otherwise, the two men behind you may kill you!" As soon as the white-haired man said this, Sai Huatuo and Mr. Liang turned around and saw two corpses crawling on their own. When they got up, Mr. Liang used a knife on them, and pieces of flesh were exposed, but there was no blood. Their eye sockets were sunken, and under the dim light in the room, there was a faint green light, like the eyes of an animal. Although the necks of the two corpses were separated by a large distance, they still roared. The man in white clothes outside the door said: "It seems that he is awake! Sure enough, he is in the right place!"

When Mr. Liang saw this, he fired twice, causing two holes in the chest of the corpse. However, the corpse showed no intention of stopping. Still dragging his arms, he walked forward step by step, opening his mouth and smashing, as if he was seeing delicious food. Seeing that the firearm could not scare away the two monsters, Mr. Liang didn't know what to do for a moment. The two corpses approached step by step. There was another knock on the door behind him, and the man's voice came again: "Gentlemen, open the door and let me go." Go in! Otherwise it will be really dangerous."

The two of them didn't know what to do for a while. There were monsters in front of them, and there must be monsters outside the door behind them, but time waited for no one. The narrow room was already crowded with two hospital beds, and now four people couldn't squeeze out of it. However, when the two corpses walked in front of them, they pushed them aside and walked out slowly. Outside the door, the white-haired man was still standing two feet away from the door, smiling and saying: "Don't worry! I can't enter the room without your permission! Besides, there are people outside the door who don't seem to want to let me succeed." After that, he opened his mouth With a bloody mouth and a squirming throat, the white-haired man led the two corpses and turned a corner and slowly walked out of their sight.

Since then, no one has mentioned the case in Xixiang, but it has become a topic of conversation after dinner.

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