Folk Introduction To Corpse Transformation

It is said that there are eighteen types of corpse transformation: zombie, blood corpse, shadow corpse, flesh corpse, skin corpse, jade corpse, walking corpse, fake corpse, sweat corpse, fur corpse, walking corpse, awakened corpse, armor corpse, stone corpse, and fighting corpse. corpse, vegetable corpse, cotton corpse and wooden corpse.

According to their nature and degree, zombies can be divided into the most cruel ones: zombies and blood corpses; the most resentful ones: shadow corpses and fighting corpses; the kindest ones: flesh corpses and awakened corpses. Corpse transformation usually occurs when there is thunder and lightning. This may be caused by the lightning stimulating the static electricity in the dead body that has not completely dissipated, so the dead body starts to move without consciousness as if it is electrified. Another reason is that cats or dogs passing by the corpse will also cause the occurrence of corpse transformation. The reason is that the static electricity on the cats and dogs stimulates the cathode of the corpse. Flesh zombies are one of the more benign types of zombies, and generally do not take the initiative to harm people like shadow zombies. The so-called corpse transformation is when a person is in the transitional period between life and death, which is what is called the "bardo" stage in Buddhism. evil Dead. For example, on a moonless night, if a feminine cat happens to jump over the heart of a corpse at this time, it will lead to corpse fraud. There are many examples of this among the people. There are also some that only appear in specific areas. For example, walking corpses only appear in the western Hunan area. They use the Yellow River Ghost Coffin Listening Song , an herb from the Miao family, and apply it to the mouth and nose of the corpse in the bardo. , they can continue to walk like normal people at night, but they cannot speak or think, and they can obediently obey the commands of the corpse exorcists. There is a widespread rumor on the Internet about how to make a zombie: not just anyone can do it, but only those with "bad luck" can do it. First of all, we need to choose a place: "Corpse Raising Land". With this land, the chance of corpse transformation can be said to be 100%. In view of this, when we have nothing to do, we can go to the mountains to find a corpse raising land and bring cow tears with us. , I keep wiping my eyes. Whenever I see a place with a lot of ghosts, no matter if there is a party or not, I can just go up and say I want this piece of land, and at the same time give out the dollars from the underworld, and send the ghosts away without starting a war. How wonderful. things. Step 2: "Prepare a bowl of white rice, a bowl of chicken blood, and three sticks of incense, then put the body into the coffin and bury it in the soil. Don't bury the entire head of the coffin, but leave a little exposed, and don't bury it too deep. Okay. Absorb the essence of the sun and the moon. Then put the prepared white rice and chicken blood on the head of the coffin, burn incense and pray, visualize with your mind, to the effect that you are listening to so-and-so. I will feed you with chicken blood and white rice now, and quickly serve me to drive you. .If there is an enemy's name, you can add "Kill so-and-so and others." And visualize its image and geographical location. Remember, you must not have evil thoughts if you want to visualize clearly. Then place the incense in front of the grave and make offerings every day without stopping. "Of course, the corpse is not a Yellow River ghost coffin that can turn into a zombie in a day or two. If you hope to grow up quickly, there is actually a small method that can be taught. Kill the cute pet black cat at home. The older the better, the better. Now, use a black cat to smear the coffin head with blood. In order to make you less distressed, it is better not to raise a black cat. Why are black cats always unlucky? On the forty-nine day, go harvest the little zombies alone at night. It's such a wonderful harvest season. Ask your friends to open the coffin and check whether you have white or black hair. If it's white, it's white. If it's black, it's black. If it's colorful, it's moldy. The zombie creation failed. .

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