Chapter 21

Chen Xian had expected that the two would have a showdown one day but she didn't expect it to happen so soon: Brother Wu, have you thought it through?

Wu Gangying said in a deep voice: I understand. Don't you also want to know Xingchen's strength? Take advantage of the fact that his abilities are not fully released. Getting rid of the demon fox is also a great contribution to the human world.

Chen Xian sighed: Why bother? Brother Wu has so many high-sounding reasons. In fact, the only one you are nervous about is Lin Yuanyin, right? You can't stand her change of heart. You can't stand the end of this relationship.

Wu Gangying's body trembled slightly, then he turned back and remained silent.

Chen Xian smiled faintly and said: "Just say it, I won't laugh at you. Because this is the reaction a man should have. This is a man's battle to defend his dignity."

Wu Gangying stamped her feet and walked away, as if she was too embarrassed to say anything to Chen Xian.

Suddenly, a light drizzle began to fall from the sky. The fine rain penetrated into people's collars and skin. It was such a special kind of coolness and quietness in the windless night.

Brother Wu, just do it. I will support you. I also believe that Lin Yuanyin will definitely come back to you. Looking at the back of the lone figure, Chen Xian murmured and unknowingly her collar was wet with tears.

It was not until 8 o'clock in the morning that the two tired people returned to school. Lin Yuanyin stretched and said: I realized yesterday that the handsome Xing's shoulders are really more useful than pillows.

Xingchen glanced at her and said: Do you wish you had more opportunities to go to the funeral home?

Lin Yuanyin stuck out her tongue: I won’t do that, or else no one will die.

Xingchen said: You go back to the dormitory. I haven’t slept the whole night.

Lin Yuanyin smiled and said: "I didn't sleep for nothing. You go and rest while I continue my investigation."

Xingchen stopped and asked: What are you investigating?

Lin Yuanyin said: I remembered that I haven’t seen the scene in the lake yet.

Xingchen said: The cause of Liang Chengyu’s death is already very clear, what other scene do you need to see?

Lin Yuanyin smiled slyly and said: I didn’t say I wanted to watch the scene of the murder?

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Xingchen thought for a moment and said: I understand, you want to see if there are any corpses buried down there, right?

As Lin Yuanyin expected, there was a body missing its head and right leg buried in the lake.

Xingchen pondered and said: We know that the right leg is in that house, and now only the head is left.

Lin Yuanyin said: The hiding place of the head will either be known after something happens or we will be the first to solve the mystery of the copper piece.

Xingchen said: What will happen if you find the head?

Lin Yuanyin asked puzzledly: What do you mean?

Xingchen said: What I mean is, even if we find the other parts of the body, what role will it play in solving the mystery of the ninth classroom?

Lin Yuanyin said slowly: Do you really not know or are you pretending not to know? Most people will have a soul left after death, which is what we usually call the dead spirit . But the dismembered body is different. Because the body parts are scattered in different parts, the soul is also incomplete. Even if you can see it and feel it, it can't speak and has no consciousness. This is why many people who were punished in ancient times asked to keep their bodies intact. Because in this way, they can still go to reincarnation and recognize the way to the underworld.

Xingchen pondered and said: Are you going to call out the girl's soul and ask her? Lin Yuanyin tilted her head and said: Do you have a better way?

Xingchen said: No, if that’s the case we will be in danger.

Lin Yuanyin was stunned and asked: What? Xingchen said: Because the person who buried the body knows the truth about the ninth classroom. The last murderer may be in a state of panic now. If I were him, I would deploy heavy troops to protect the last place where the body parts were buried. So even if we figured out the mystery of the copper piece, I'm afraid we can't get close to that place.

Lin Yuanyin heard another meaning from Xingchen's hesitant voice and shuddered: You mean that person must have been monitoring our actions all along. He took action as soon as we figured out the mystery of the copper piece?

Xingchen said lightly: It may be possible. If it were me, I would do so.

Lin Yuanyin thought to herself: This time I really have to find Wu Gangying no matter what.

Wu Gangying was also desperately looking for Lin Yuanyin and the others. He had searched most of the campus and was about to give up when Chen Xian showed up.

Lin Yuanyin and the others are back.

Wu Gangying jumped up suddenly: Where?

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Chen Xian said: Just entered the school gate.

Wu Gangying simply said "OK" and turned away without saying anything else.

Chen Xian hurriedly chased after him and asked: Brother Wu, what are you doing?

You go back and have a rest first. I want to go to the laboratory to check whether it is a real human head. Xingchen said to Lin Yuanyin.

Lin Yuanyin asked in confusion: Xingchen, you don't seem to have slept much all night. Aren't you sleepy? Are you a human being?

Xingchen said: It’s none of your business.

Lin Yuanyin tilted her head and smiled: "Oh, are you angry? I don't care about you. I'm going to rest." Then she left and walked towards the campus.

In fact, she really wanted to go to the laboratory with Xingchen, but when she thought about the truth of the ninth classroom and the approaching danger, she trembled all over. Wu Gangying had lost contact with her for a long time, and the most important thing at the moment was to find him first.

Watching Xingchen walk away from a distance, Lin Yuanyin turned into a small path and changed direction, heading towards the boys' dormitory. As she was walking, a figure flashed in front of her lightly: Wait!

Lin Yuanyin was shocked: Who is it? She looked closely and it turned out to be Chen Xian.

Lin Yuanyin now hated this guy so much that she looked at her coldly and said: What are you doing here again?

Chen Xian's bell-like laughter echoed in the shady green bushes: It seems that Miss Lin doesn't like to see me.

Lin Yuanyin said disdainfully: Of course, I'm not like some people who like to humiliate themselves.

Chen Xian did not get furious as Lin Yuanyin had imagined. Instead, she looked at her with a slight smile and said: But this time you may have to thank me because my appearance is not necessarily a bad thing.

Lin Yuanyin said in annoyance: What on earth are you going to do? Just say I don't have time to spend time with you here.

Chen Xian smiled and said: No time? Miss Lin, are you going to look for someone?

Lin Yuanyin's heart trembled and she said: You…

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Chen Xian put away her smile and said seriously: I am here to take back my things.

Lin Yuanyin was confused and asked: Your things?

Chen Xian suddenly shouted: The lotus platform and phantom light returned to Emei.

A shiny object flew out of the bag that Lin Yuanyin was carrying and ran towards Chen Xian, then landed steadily in her hand. In just a moment, Lin Yuanyin's face changed drastically: Are you from Emei?

Chen Xian said: Apart from the people of Emei, who else do you think has the ability to recall the lotus platform?

Is Chen Xian from the magic world? Even though Lin Yuanyin reacted quickly, she still hadn't recovered. Chen Xian smiled again and said, "Now you should understand why I know you are here to look for someone, right?"

Wu Gangying? Lin Yuanyin suddenly realized: You and him… Is it because you sent him away that he hasn't been seen for the past few days?

Chen Xian laughed and said: "How can I have this ability? You also know Brother Wu's ability. I don't think I am his opponent."

Hearing Chen Xian calling Wu Gangying "Brother Wu", Lin Yuanyin's heart sank. She took a step forward and stared at Chen Xian with her eyes sparkling, saying, "Tell me! Where is he now?"

Chen Xian's eyes moved: Don't you want to ask what happened between him and me?

Lin Yuanyin knew that Chen Xian wanted to provoke her, but she became calmer: If you want to tell people, you might as well put up a notice at the school gate. If you don't want to tell him where he is, then get out of the way and let me pass.

Chen Xian's eyes flashed coldly: "It's totally fine for you to go over. But I'll tell you in advance that Brother Wu is not in the dormitory at this time. Now I'm the only one who knows where he is. If you really want to see him, I hope you'd better be gentle to me."

Lin Yuanyin sneered and refused to give in: You want me to beg you? Without you, I might not be able to find his undead spirit . Don't think that you can be arrogant in front of me just because you are a disciple of the magic world. Let me tell you! Although I am not from here, I have seen more of the world than you. If you are He Jianfei from Mount Wutai, it will not be too late to use this tone to me again! Get out of my way as soon as possible! As she said this, Lin Yuanyin had already squeezed past.

Lin Yuanyin calculated that Chen Xian dared to suddenly show up and reveal her identity and was so proud that she must have something to tell her to show off, otherwise Chen Xian would be very unhappy. This trick of provoking her really worked. Chen Xian immediately said: Wait! I'm afraid that by the time you find Brother Wu, the situation will be too late to save it.

The stone in Lin Yuanyin's heart was about to rise to her throat, but she did not slow down her pace at all. Instead, she turned back and laughed: I'm alive and well and there is no need to save me.

Chen Xian saw that she was about to miss the good opportunity to make herself happy, so she blurted out: "Do you know why you have been looking for Brother Wu for so long and couldn't find him? It's not that he happened to go out, it's that he doesn't want to see you at all! Lin Yuanyin, you bitch, not only do you have no shame, but you dare to yell here. If I were you, I would find a hole in the ground and crawl into it!"

Lin Yuanyin stopped abruptly: My reason? I'm afraid it's also inseparable from your instigation, right?

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Chen Xian sneered: If you hadn't changed your mind first, could I have convinced him even if I had a eloquent tongue?

Change of heart? Lin Yuanyin suddenly turned around: What did you say? What change of heart? ?

Seeing that she finally turned around, Chen Xian was overjoyed and said reservedly: "Of course I know the whole story. If you are nicer to me and I am in a better mood, I can still tell you."

Lin Yuanyin stared at her blankly for a long while. A big bead of sweat flowed down her ear and cheek to her neck, bringing the only warm current to her cold body. Changing heart… Xingchen… Lin Yuanyin suddenly shouted: Not good! She ran in the direction of the past and knocked Chen Xian to the ground. When Chen Xian got up with mud on her face, Lin Yuanyin had already rushed away like an arrow.

Seeing Lin Yuanyin's figure gradually going away, Xingchen pinched the head in his hand and turned to walk towards the laboratory. Just after he took a step, something seemed to flash behind him. Xingchen turned back and shouted: Who is it? Just after he finished speaking, a slight wind sound came from the right back of his neck. Xingchen stood still with his left foot and turned his right foot lightly. In an instant, he had twisted his body ninety degrees. Almost at the same time as he turned around, Xingchen felt an extremely cold feeling on his neck, which was as fast as a dragon. He lowered his eyes slightly and saw a sword that was shining with light, as thin as an iron blade but as powerful as thunder, pressing against the blood vessels and trachea in his neck. The cold feeling of the sword blade touching the skin came from this. If he used a little more force, the blood would surely surge out.

Good skills! A cheer came from behind. Xingchen tried to keep his neck still and looked behind him. He saw a boy about 1.78 meters tall wearing a sky blue shirt, with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Although his face looked expressionless, his fist tightly gripping the hilt of the sword with bulging veins had already revealed the anger in his heart that was about to flow down like a waterfall and could tear people to pieces in an instant.

Xingchen lowered his eyes and looked at Jian again, then said calmly: Can you tell me who you are first?

Wu Gangying smiled and said: I'm afraid you are not qualified yet.

Xingchen looked at him again and said calmly: Then can you tell me why you put a sword on my neck like this?

Wu Gangying shook his head and said: You are even less qualified to ask this.

Xingchen looked at him again, and the look in his eyes was as if he was looking at a wounded puppy on the ground, which made Wu Gangying feel uncomfortable all over: Since I am not qualified to know who you are and why you do this, then you personally come and attack me, who has no qualifications at all. Don’t you think it’s funny?

Shut up! Wu Gangying's eyes began to flash with a sharp light. He repeatedly provoked Xingchen with words. Seeing that Xingchen was still calm and composed, thinking of Lin Yuanyin's behavior, Wu Gangying, who was always known for his calmness, finally became impatient: "I never believed what others said about you. It seems that you are not a simple character. You are the first one who can remain calm under my sword!"

Xingchen said lightly: I am so happy that you finally have something to praise me.

Unfortunately, when Wu Gangying walked in front of Xingchen, he met Xingchen's eyes, and the anger in his eyes burned at the other party without any concealment: You will disappear here today.

Xingchen raised his eyebrows: You want to kill me?

Wu Gangying laughed: You think I don’t dare?

Xingchen said coldly: It’s not that I don’t dare, but I’m not qualified yet.

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Wu Gangying laughed in anger: Hahaha, you are extraordinary. No wonder my master has always been so afraid of you. Since we will have a decisive battle on Mount Tai sooner or later, it is better to end it here. False reputation is not what I yearn for. I can give it to you. The decisive battle with you today is for the most important thing to me that I cannot lose!

Seeing Xingchen's extraordinary demeanor, Wu Gangying had already determined that he was He Jianfei. Xingchen didn't understand a word and just snorted coldly. Wu Gangying said: Go ahead! With your skills, it shouldn't be difficult to escape from my sword. I won't regret dying in this decisive battle!

A blue light flashed across Xingchen's eyes: What if I want you to be unable to live or die?

Wu Gangying said: That depends on whether you have such ability!

Xingchen said: OK!

Wu Gangying felt a flash of light before his eyes, and the tip of the sword was instantly pinched by Xingchen's two fingers. Wu Gangying was shocked and hurriedly recited a spell with his hands. The sword shone brightly and swayed slightly. When it was about to be pulled out of Xingchen's hand, Xingchen sneered and pulled Wu Gangying with his fingers. He was almost dragged over. In horror, he turned his hand and stabbed Xingchen with his head down. Wu Gangying was quick-witted and quick-handed. Before he could stand still, the sword's tip had already turned. The sword was aimed at Xingchen's throat again. At the critical moment, a clear female voice suddenly came from a distance, calling anxiously: Wu Gangying, stop it!

The two of them were shocked and stopped their actions. Wu Gangying's face was uncertain: Why did she come here? ?

Xingchen sighed softly: This annoying woman…

Lin Yuanyin just caught up with this wonderful scene. Seeing Wu Gangying pointing his sword at Xingchen, Xingchen's life was in danger. Lin Yuanyin was horrified and said, "Wu Gangying, put down your sword! Why are you doing this?"

Wu Gangying gritted his teeth and snorted, but the sword did not move. At this time, Lin Yuanyin did something that neither of them expected. She ran to Xingchen, pushed Xingchen away, stood in front of him, and said to Wu Gangying with her throat facing the sword: If you want to kill him, kill me first.

Wu Gangying's face was ashen. The sword he had held firmly just now was now shaky: You…you actually protected him so much? His heart ached. Unfortunately, everything Chen Xian said had come true.

How could Lin Yuanyin know Wu Gangying's current mood? She just felt that as a highly cultivated Buddhist disciple, he could be so unreasonable that he could not distinguish right from wrong and arbitrarily use magic to oppress others. Although she was furious, seeing his dejected look, she thought for a few rounds and finally couldn't bear to scold him, so she turned to Xingchen and said: Are you okay?

This sentence made Wu Gangying's heart tremble again. In an instant, he was overwhelmed with emotions. His hands were no longer able to hold the heavy sword. He let it fall to the ground and just stared blankly at Lin Yuanyin, whose face had turned to the other side. Xingchen on the other side did not appreciate this sentence that hurt Wu Gangying so much: Do you think he can let me get hurt?

If she had been one step late, she might have died in the underworld. Seeing Xingchen still so arrogant in such a situation, Lin Yuanyin couldn't help but smile: If I had known not to save you, I would have let you go to the underworld and then see what you would say.

Seeing the two of them being so affectionate and treating him as a transparent person, Wu Gangying's originally sad and helpless emotions were immediately filled with anger and jealousy. He raised the sword again, pointed it at Lin Yuanyin, and said angrily: If you dare to protect him again, don't think that I dare not kill you!

Lin Yuanyin suddenly turned around and shouted: Then you try it! Her eyes were wide open, revealing a momentum that made people angry: But first tell me why you want to kill me? The compassionate first disciple of Luojia Mountain, Wu Gang Ying!

Wu Gangying was speechless. He could not produce any definite evidence of killing Xingchen. Lin Yuanyin's aura made him feel a little breathless. He knew that it was an indestructible righteousness. But people in the world cannot help themselves. Lin Yuanyin, Lin Yuanyin, even if I know that everything I do now is wrong, I still have to do it because I can't bear the risk of losing you and can't imagine a world without you. Wu Gangying secretly said to himself in his heart that he must muster up enough courage to face this question that he could not answer at all: I know that what I did is wrong, but I want to say that I must kill him today even if you hate me for the rest of your life.

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