"Together" Sisters Ghost Story Online Reading

Sonny was restless. She called Ling Han's number over and over again, but no one answered.

She touched her belly that had not yet swelled, and Ling Han's solemn promise lingered in her ears. He said that he would marry her and give his child a complete home.

She wanted to find out from him.

Sonny bought his sister Xiaosi's favorite dishes and knocked on the familiar yet unfamiliar door.

How long has it been since you last seen Xiao Si? Sonny couldn't remember clearly, and he vaguely felt that the person in front of him was very strange and unfamiliar. His pale face and numb eyes looked like a zombie.

Sonny could even feel the cold air emanating from Xiao Si's body, and there was a vague rotten smell coming from his nose, like the smell of a rotting corpse infested with maggots.

Sonny sat stiffly on the sofa, and the cold touch made her shiver.

A piece of news is being played silently on the TV. A man has been sleeping with his wife’s body for a year…

A hand as cold as ice slammed into Son's shoulder, and Son'er almost screamed. When she looked back, Xiao Si was staring at her with his big, empty eyes.

Xiao Si placed a bowl of vegetables in front of Sonny and said mechanically: "Sister, let's eat together!"

Sonny picked up the chopsticks tremblingly, but it tasted like chewing wax.

Xiaosi picked up the vegetables and chewed them like a machine. She kept staring at Sonny, which made Sonny feel scared.

Xiao Si was so weird that Sonny wanted to run away, but couldn't help but asked, "Xiao Si, why didn't you see Ling Han?"

Hearing Ling Han's name, Xiao Si stopped his chopsticks, lowered his head and smiled shyly: "Ling Han is sleeping in the room!"

An inexplicable anger arose in Son'er's heart. Fortunately, she was still worried about whether he had an accident. Unexpectedly, Sister Gui , he was sleeping at home. Could it be that everything he said before was lying to her? He never thought about divorcing Xiao Si?

Sonny ate the food angrily. She wanted to ask Ling Han for clarification, but she didn't dare to speak.

Xiao Si chuckled: "Sister, do you want to see Ling Han?"

Sonny, who was furious, didn't see the strange look in Xiao Si's eyes. She stood up and followed Xiao Si.

Only then did Sonny notice that Xiao Si's steps were very light, so light that he could hardly hear his voice. Just when he was wondering, Xiao Si slowly opened the door, and the scene in front of him made Sonny slumped to the ground.

The curtains were not opened and the room was dark. Sonny was lying on the bed, watching helplessly as Xiao Si took a hammer and broke all the bones in her body again and again.

Beside him, Ling Han was curled up into a ball, his eyelids had been cut off, and his head was facing Sonner.

Xiao Si wants him to see Sonny become like him with his own eyes.

Sonny shed tears and said with difficulty: "Xiao Si, don't…"

Xiao Si approached Sonner, her tone was cold, almost freezing Sonner, "Sister, the three of us will always be together, okay?"

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