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In our hometown, there is a "god" in the village who specializes in dealing with ghosts and ghosts.

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Once when I was returning to my hometown, I passed by a river and it was crowded with people. Out of curiosity, I went up to take a look. It turned out that two children had fallen into the river. There were many strange things happening in that river, so no one dared When we went down, the adults were just watching on the shore. At this moment, the college student brother next door volunteered to go down. That brother really did not disappoint us. He quickly rescued a child. When he rescued the second child , a strange thing happened, a small whirlpool appeared around the brother, and the distance was less than fifteen meters even though he went back and forth twice, but the brother said: "I can't do it anymore, I can't do it anymore, pick him up quickly." Here she comes." After saying that, he sank. It sank straight down, as if someone was dragging him below. Reporters from the county also went to the incident later, but the brother's body was never recovered. .

Then the god from the village came. He performed a ritual ceremony to the river, then burned a talisman and threw it down. A strange thing happened. The brother's body actually floated up on its own. The moment he saw the body We were all shocked. The corpse of the brother was kneeling, with his hands behind his back and his head lowered, looking repentant. The old "god" sighed and said, "He is paying off the debt with his life." He saved two children. The "people" in the river were angry, so they dragged him down. "After that, he shook his head and stood aside smoking, looking at the river in a daze.

ghost mom english_ghost mom english version_ghost mom english translation

When the second grandma died, I accompanied my mother to the second grandpa’s house to “play”. I was still young at that time, and “playing” was just my unilateral belief that the ghost mother was in English . For those adults, this was not the case. The second grandpa Since this year's crops were not good and the harvest was not very promising, and the Second Grandma was a mean and stubborn person during her lifetime, her reputation in our village was not good, so we did not hold any funeral arrangements for the Second Grandma. When I went to my second grandpa's house, his house had a gloomy atmosphere, and it was dark inside. When I walked in, I might get goosebumps all over my body unconsciously.

Since the mistress was hastily buried, one after another strange things began to happen in the village. The livestock in the village always disappeared inexplicably. What was even stranger was that one hundred days after the death of the second mistress, the grandmother went to the village as usual after lunch. After taking a nap, before going to bed, my grandmother was uncharacteristically like she had expected something. She held my hand reluctantly and then said a lot of strange things to my mother. At that time, I disdained my grandmother’s mother-in-law and threw her away. I went to my aunt’s house to play with my little cousin. When I came back the next afternoon, I saw my mother’s eyes were red and her face was tired and sad. I also saw my grandmother sleeping peacefully in the coffin. My mother said that shortly after my grandmother left, she felt flustered and hurriedly went in to see her, only to find that she was dead.

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On the night when my grandmother died, in the middle of the night, the second grandfather called all his relatives together in a panic. His face was pale and he looked panicked after escaping. He said that he got up in the middle of the night and went to the hut and saw a white shadow. Floating past, he burst into laughter. He also said that at that time, the second mistress…

Ever since that night, strange things always happened at Grandpa Er's house. Grandma Er would "come back" every night, and the laughter in her mouth became shriller day by day. When the food was being cooked in the pot, when the lid was opened, it would Will turn into a living toad, or a snake…

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At that time, there was always this unspeakable fear hanging over the family, and soon this unspeakable fear spread to the whole village – the "scope of activities" of the second grandma was not just the second grandpa's house. No one dared to go out during the New Year and the holidays. All the people were temporarily staying in the neighboring village, which became even more desolate and gloomy. Fortunately, a few days later, the god in our village came back. He went to the second grandpa’s house to visit for a while and said, “dig up Fang Xiujuan’s (my second grandma’s name) grave and let me have a look.” After opening it, the onlookers were stunned – the second grandmother had been dead for more than a hundred days, but the body was still the same as when it was buried, without decay. He asked someone to re-weave a coffin out of bamboo and held a funeral that was considered grand at the time, but strange things continued to happen and became more and more intense.

So the villagers invited the "immortal" again, and the old "immortal" came to the place where the second grandmother was buried. Asking several young people in the village to dig out the bamboo coffin, a shocking scene happened again – the bamboo coffin was half-open. The body of the second mistress lay inside, with the same color and luster, even more rounded than before. The old "god" said: "I thought you were pitiful at first, and I let you live with the intention of not killing. I didn't expect that you didn't repent, but you became a spirit and got worse. In this case, don't blame me." The old "god" said , he wants to "accept" the second grandma.

ghost mom english version_ghost mom english Translation_Ghost Mama English

On the same day, the old "god" performed a ritual ceremony at the second grandfather's house. At night, he let the second grandpa and his family sleep in the house. Three small purple-red incense sticks were burning at the threshold, and a pile of yellow paper with strange patterns was burned. The ground was covered with incense ash, and the second grandma would "come" again. The old "immortal" muttered something in his mouth, swiped the butcher's knife in the water where the talisman was soaked, and then flew the knife towards the room where the second grandfather was. After a shrill cry, the white shadow disappeared, and the butcher's knife stabbed the person. A pool of blood was left in the place…

Since then, the second mistress has not appeared again, and the village has returned to peace. My mother told me that the old "god" said that my grandmother's death was caused by the "Hundred Days Evil"…

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