The Mystery Of The Fire Unicorn

In 1945, 18-year-old Cui Liqiu was a soldier in the fifth company of a regiment of the Eighth Route Army. On one occasion, the Fifth Company received the order and the entire company detoured to a mountain valley a hundred kilometers away to cooperate with the local guerrillas in fighting the Japanese ambush.

After the fifth company hurriedly arrived at the ambush site, two local guerrillas led them to hide in a mountain valley.

Cui Liqiu only knew that this place was called Longgu Mountain, but he knew nothing else about it and it was very unfamiliar.

The battle started at two o'clock in the afternoon. After a squadron of Japanese troops entered the ambush circle, they were quickly beaten hard by the Eighth Route Army. The Japanese army was beaten until they were howling like ghosts and wolves, and many of them were killed and wounded before they had time to fight back.

After the battle, while cleaning the battlefield, Cui Liqiu unexpectedly discovered a Japanese soldier running lifelessly into a forest. He quickly chased in with a rifle.

The Japanese troops were scurrying in front of them in a panic. Cui Liqiu chased him with a rifle and shouted: "Stop , the ghost warrior, the blade of the unknown warrior . If you don't stop, I will shoot -"

A month ago, the regimental culture instructor had given lessons to the Fifth Company and taught them a few simple Japanese words, but at this time Cui Liqiu completely forgot about going to Java.

The Japanese army discovered Cui Liqiu, who was pursuing them, and ran faster.

Cui Liqiu picked up his rifle and fired several shots, but he did not hit the Japanese troops who were flickering in front of him. In this way, the two of them ran and ran in the forest and climbed several mountains. Suddenly, a sinkhole appeared in front of them. Under the sinkhole were dense towering trees. The Japanese army hesitated for a moment at the sinkhole. Seeing Cui Liqiu running closer and closer, they gritted their teeth, yelled "Wow" and slipped down a path beside the sinkhole.

By the time Cui Liqiu ran to the edge of the sinkhole panting, the Japanese troops were almost at the bottom. He put the rifle on his shoulder and slipped down the path beside the sinkhole.

Not long after, Cui Liqiu arrived at the sinkhole and looked up. Japanese troops were scurrying in front. He quickly picked up his rifle and shouted: "Stop, surrender, don't kill -" while shouting, he chased after him.

Just as they were about to catch up with the Japanese army, a cave appeared in front of them, and the Japanese army got into it without thinking.

Cui Liqiu ran to the entrance of the cave, not daring to go in rashly, and approached cautiously with a gun.

Suddenly, a scream came from the cave. Before Cui Liqiu could understand what was going on, he saw the Japanese soldiers who had just ran in staggering out of the cave, covered in fire. The Japanese soldiers rolled on the ground like fireballs, screaming, and were instantly burned to charcoal.

Cui Liqiu was stunned by the scene in front of him. He knew there was something strange in the cave, so he quickly took a dozen steps back with his gun in hand.

Sure enough, with a beast -like roar, a monster with its body burning with blazing fire appeared at the entrance of the cave. The monster was huge, and the fire on its body was dazzling, as if it was going to burn everything here. From a distance, it looks like a rolling fireball.

When Cui Liqiu saw it, he opened his mouth and was stunned for a moment. This is the first time in his life that he has seen such a fire-breathing monster. The Japanese soldiers who were burned in the cave just now must have hit it and were burned to coke. What could this be?

The monster saw Cui Liqiu not far away, roared and took a step forward. When Cui Liqiu saw it, he quickly raised his rifle and shot it, but the bullet melted as soon as it got close to the monster. Fired again, still the same.

The monster took another step forward. Seeing this, Cui Liqiu turned around and ran away desperately. The strange thing is that the monster just stood at the entrance of the cave and roared from a distance and did not come to chase him.

Cui Liqiu found a path under the sinkhole and climbed up with all his strength. Climbing up was much more troublesome than sliding down. After a lot of effort, Cui Liqiu climbed up the tiankeng, sweating profusely, and then sat down on the ground, feeling as if he was about to collapse.

After resting for a while, Cui Liqiu looked at the bottom of the sinkhole again, but the monster did not catch up. He breathed a sigh of relief and stood up to look for the troops. Soon, he found himself lost in the woods.

After walking in the forest for a while, it got dark, so dark that I couldn't see my fingers. It was very dangerous to walk like this. Not only was there the possibility of encountering jackals, tigers and leopards, but there was also the possibility of falling off the cliff. As a last resort, Cui Liqiu climbed up a big tree and barely stayed in the tree for a night.

At dawn the next day, Cui Liqiu slipped down from the tree and started walking in the forest again. After walking for a whole day, I didn't encounter a single house, nor did I find a way out of the mountain. Fortunately, it is autumn and there are abundant wild fruits in the woods, which can quench both thirst and hunger.

After wandering in the forest for two days, Cui Liqiu heard a dog barking in the distance on the third day. Following the barking, he discovered a small village with three or four households.

The male owner of a family at the head of the village was a strong hunter. The exhausted Cui Liqiu rested for a long time at his house. He asked Orion what the fire-breathing monster was? Orion looked confused and said that he had never seen a fire-breathing monster in this mountain. He didn't even know where the sinkhole was. He had never been there.

This made Cui Liqiu extremely shocked. Could it be that he was blinded?

That day, Orion led Cui Liqiu out of the mountain. Soon, he found his troops.

This story was told to me by Cui Liqiu, a retired veteran cadre. At that time, the organization arranged for me to help him organize his memoirs. He mentioned this matter and asked me to write it down.

Mr. Cui said that no one believed this incident that happened to him when he was 18 years old. After liberation, he went to Longgu Mountain again, but strangely, he could not find the sinkhole. If you can't find the sinkhole, you can't find the cave; if you can't find the cave, you can't find the fire-breathing monster. He asked many locals, but they said they never knew there were any sinkholes in the mountains, let alone fire-breathing monsters.

I asked in confusion: "Then what is going on?"

Cui Lao said: "I don't know either. However, it is recorded in the local county annals that the Fifth Company of a certain regiment of the Eighth Route Army to which I belonged once fought an ambush by the Japanese army in Longgu Mountain. How many Japanese soldiers were killed, how many were injured, etc." However, the county records did not mention that there was a sinkhole here, let alone a fire-breathing monster.”

After a pause, Mr. Cui continued: "But I believe that what I saw is true. The sinkhole does exist, but it is not known to everyone. No one else has discovered it except me. That time I Being able to discover the sinkhole and walk down it was completely accidental, just a coincidence!”

"What is that monster?" I asked.

Cui Lao said word by word: "Fire – Qi – Lin."

"Fire Qilin?" I asked in surprise, "Isn't that a legendary beast?"

"Yes, it is the mythical beast Fire Qilin." Mr. Cui said, "I once saw a record of the Fire Qilin in a shabby ancient book in the library. The book said that the Fire Qilin came from the Flame Mountain in Turpan in the Western Regions. Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty During its heyday, a certain country in the Western Regions paid tribute to Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty with a fire unicorn. Later, the whereabouts of the fire unicorn were unknown. Based on this, I inferred that the monster I saw at that time was a fire unicorn with a head like a dragon. It has two high-flying antlers, is as big as a black bear, and is covered in thick scales. The fire jumps and burns on it, but it can't hurt itself. It's amazing!"

I was a little stunned when I heard this. I didn't expect that the monster Mr. Cui saw, no, that mythical beast would be the legendary fire unicorn.

After thinking about it, I said carefully: "Mr. Cui, the sinkholes and mythical beasts you mentioned are a bit too outrageous. There are no witnesses, it cannot be verified, and it cannot be explained scientifically…"

Mr. Cui glanced at me and said something very philosophical: "Just because something cannot be explained scientifically does not mean it does not exist! What do you think?"

When I thought about it, this was right, so I wrote this strange incident in Cui Lao's memoirs.

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