Revenge Of The Spiritual Infant

A case of revenge involving a spiritual infant occurred before my two disciples entered the school! They are standing on the edge of life~~~ Is it because the spirit baby can't bear to see their decline and wakes them up, or is it my words that wake them up?

On a leisurely afternoon, I saw that the lamp oil and incense candles dedicated to the Patriarch were running out, so I went to a familiar Buddhist shop in Wan Chai's Gooseneck Market to replenish the needed offerings. It was Master Pan who stopped in the shop. We talked about Taoism. Master Pan is a Tantra practitioner. Although I am a Taoist practitioner, everyone is very easy to talk to. Maybe we are from the same Taoist and Buddhist family!

When everyone talked about the content of exorcism~~~.. Master Pan suddenly remembered something and said that he hoped I could help him. The thing was that his relatives in the same sect seemed to be invaded by spirits from the spiritual world. I heard that they couldn't sleep every night. , I don’t even dare to go back to my house! I have tried many methods, consulted many masters and spent a lot of money, but still can't cure it! They have made things a part of their lives and have reached the point of being completely discouraged by living hard. Brother Yan came here unexpectedly today, so I asked him boldly, hoping to make some meritorious deeds. I wonder if Brother Yan, Taoist Brother, can help them.

When I heard about Master Pan's case, of course I was thinking about such a powerful evil! I have tried both the secret method and Maoshan method, and the master who has dealt with it is also quite famous in the star world. Master Pan’s friend must have a mental problem! After I told Master Pan my thoughts, he was not offended. It turned out that Master Pan also felt the same as me at the time, but he answered me that if a person has mental problems, it is difficult for another friend who went there to do the same. Are they suffering from the same mental illness? They are lovers and not related by blood. Why do they suffer the same persecution when they see the same things?

After Master Pan finished speaking, I thought quietly for a while, but in my heart I hoped to be able to help them, and to see if the powerful evil spirit was so amazing. So I agreed and told Master Pan to give them my contact number. If there is a chance, they will naturally contact me!

That night, they finally called me. They were a man and a woman. Let’s call the man Mr. A here! Let’s call the girl Mr. S! I didn’t say anything on the phone. I just asked them to meet me tomorrow and formally agreed to help them. This was how a thrilling master-disciple relationship began. When I put down the phone, I finally knew that the other party was really serious. It's a trick, because I have noticed that some unruly guests are visiting. The strange thing is that they didn't make any move towards me, they just walked around and visited, and the altar did not respond, so I just took it as nothing. I can't see them, so I don't care about them, but it's so peaceful, like the eve of a storm, I feel really uneasy, but I'll have to wait until I meet Mr. A and Mr. S tomorrow! It’s better to have a good sleep tonight and recharge yourself for tomorrow’s battle!

In the afternoon, Mr. A and Mr. S finally arrived. I invited them to come and sit down. Seeing them, they were even more convinced of my recommendation last night. Their faces were completely dead, their foreheads were blue, and their left and right temples were completely black. Their eyes were dull, their words were weak, and their complexions were pale. Just when I was about to use the twelve palace flying criminals to find out the cause of their affairs after asking them in detail about their fortunes, I suddenly saw the female host. I was accompanied by four children, quite old, and one of them dared to crawl on my arms, hit me on the head, and made trouble in an attempt to influence me from concentrating and help Mr. A and S figure out the cause of the incident. , forcing me to recite the (Golden Light Divine Mantra) in my mind to make those little ghosts stand behind them obediently. At this time, I thought to myself that ordinary ghosts would never be able to easily cross the seal of my door, and the door god guards did not prohibit them from entering. Come on, these brats must have something to do with them! At the same time, they finally calculated the cause of their crimes. Among the twelve palace flying offenders, it was (Dashan) (Five Temples). The explanation was that they encountered evil spirits from mountain gods or evil masters who harmed people, and their lives were in danger! In terms of danger level, it is Class B, which is not light! This is not an ordinary evil spirit! It's an evil spirit~~~he's here to take your life!

After I understood the situation, I began to explain to Mr. A and Mr. S that I wanted to open an altar to perform rituals immediately because I had a problem. I asked them repeatedly if they would voluntarily accept me performing the great evil ritual for them. After hearing what I said, they seemed not to agree. I thought about it and said yes again and again! So I asked them to go back and prepare the necessary items first, such as wormwood, red head rope, Bagua mirror, descendants ruler, rice, duck eggs, worn clothes, etc.~~~~

The most important thing is the hair and fingernails of both parties, because hair is the essence of human blood and nails are the essence of human bones! Because these are all things that must be included in the evil-controlling science. And we made an appointment to come again at noon tomorrow? Finally, I asked Mr. S if you had ever had an abortion! After Mr. S nodded to me in shock and embarrassment, I stopped asking any more questions.

After seeing off the guests, I will immediately prepare the talismans requested for tomorrow for tomorrow's use.

When the time comes, open the altar and consecrate the saint, and ask the gods to recite the mantra and ask the disciples to perform great rituals for the suffering master A and S today. I hope that the ancestor will show his power and support the disciples… without any risk. The walking steps of the Eight Diagrams and the Seven Stars Fighting Steps connect the righteousness of heaven and earth. The golden light appears and immediately puts on the altar talisman. At the same time, I see Mr. A knocking in front of the altar and shaking his head continuously, his eyes turned white, while Mr. S I didn't make much movement, and knelt in front of the altar quietly. Seeing this situation, I naturally focused on Mr. A, and didn't pay special attention to Mr. S. I first cremated the talisman, added water, and asked Mr. A to drink it first, and then gave it to Mr. S. Wait for those spiritual talismans to work on their bodies and drive away the evil spirits in their bodies, then seal their whole bodies to prevent them from being approached by other evil spirits, and then hide their three souls so that the evil spirit cannot harm their souls. God, get through this! At this point, I have done all I can, and whether they can pass depends on their luck.

But this case that I never expected was actually a case within a case, and there was a plan within the case, and it was playing tricks on me. First the evil ghost came, then the spirit infant, and then the mountain evil spirit. The story took a turn of events. Friends who are interested, please pay attention. Episode finale!

Last time~~~When I was doing the great evil-making ceremony for Mr. A and Mr. S, and when I was doing the final blessing and sealing for Mr. A, Mr. S was standing aside and watching what I was doing. At the same time, Just when I thought the ritual was foolproof, I felt that it was a complete failure! Just because the extremely cold breath kept coming to me, it meant that nothing I did was of much help to them. Just when I was looking around, searching for the other person in my heart, I saw the golden statue of the ancestor on the altar. There was a change in the figure. I saw that Grandmaster's left eye seemed to be moving alive, and the eyeball could rotate 360 ​​degrees, and kept looking in the direction of Mr. S. So naturally, I also At the same time, I looked at Mr. S, and I was shocked~~~~~~ Could it be that they were causing trouble? I saw three little ghosts standing in front of Mr. S. One was holding Mr. S's left hand and the other was holding Mr. S's right hand. One of them was still sitting on Mr. S's arms and his hands were still on Mr. S's eyes. Above, take a look at Mr. S. Her face is completely different from what I have seen before. She has almost completely lost her mind and is controlled by those little ghosts (spirit babies). Her eyes are full of anger and hatred for evil. The look in his eyes was like an extremely sharp sword that pierced my heart. At this moment, I finally understood why none of the other masters could cure them before. It turned out that the four ghosts in Mr. S's body were behind the trouble. They have grown up and have thoughts of their own.

The infant spirit is an object (born in the bardo), also known as the Holy Son of Water. It is neither human, nor ghost, nor god, nor demon. It is an object that stays in the yin and yang world. It cannot be officially listed until its yang life has expired. Entering ghosts can reincarnate. Infant spirits have greater resentment than ghosts, and their resentment will increase as they grow. At first, they depend on the food for survival, which is the vitality of their biological mothers. Generally, women spend their entire lives. The mother can only accept three spiritual babies. Once more than one, the woman must be physically weak and mentally confused. This is a sign of her weak soul. The mother's soul is weak, and the baby's soul needs to grow. Relatively much, their parent bodies cannot get enough energy, so they naturally look for targets everywhere, and there is insufficient supply. At this time, they will gradually expand the scope of their travels, and will naturally encounter other mountain gods and evil spirits, and do some terrible things. wait!

Since the infant spirits are in a state of neither yin nor yang, the spells performed by the ordinary mages in the Yang world have no effect on them at all. The magic spells of the mages can deal with the ghosts and spirits, but it is very difficult to deal with the infant spirits, just like mice. The more you help the turtle, the more help you get, which in turn makes them more resentful and has the opposite consequences! Now I am like a mouse trying to pull a tortoise, not knowing how to save them. I just stare blankly at the founder Fa Shan and meditate~~~中~~

At this point, there is no way I can give up! good! Just give it a try! Just when they couldn't avoid it, I formed the Huaguang Jue in my hand and recited the Huaguang Mantra, so as to hit Mr. S unexpectedly, making them avoid him and making Mr. S wake up. At this time, I tried again Reciting the Golden Light Divine Mantra, he solemnly said to Mr. S and Mr. A in front of the altar: "I have done everything I can to protect you for forty-nine days. After that, it depends on your luck. ." After hearing what I said, both of them refused to leave, hoping that I could help them heal their tails again! I said to them again: "If you are really sincere in seeking to survive, there is no way. But what you encountered this time is not the harm of ghosts and evil spirits, but the retribution of karma, which cannot be saved by me and other Dharma masters. The so-called ( The King of Hell wants people to die at the third watch, so what if he is left alive until the fifth watch?) In addition, Mr. S, you have four infant spirits around you. They are extremely resentful and fierce. It seems that they must kill you!" It's best for you! Tell me honestly what things you have done and who you have hurt. If you can't tell me, I really don't know how to help you! "

They said to me very embarrassedly, Mr. A said: "Master Yan, I am actually a member of the underworld, specializing in collecting high profits." Mr. S immediately added: "And we also sell drugs, such as marijuana, ice, etc. ”. I asked again: "Then what's the reason for the four little devils?" Mr. S said: "Three of them belong to others, and the last one belongs to Mr. A."

After they finished their confession, they asked me to help them again, hoping that Master Yan would think of a way! It’s not that there is no Dharma differentiation, it means that you have joined my sect and made a promise to our sect’s ancestors and ancestral masters to do good deeds and establish virtue as your foundation. You will not do harm to others in the future. Once you enter the Taoist sect, your old self will be gone. , the new self was reborn in the Taoist gate, and immediately named the four little devils to let them know that at least you paid attention to them, and also performed a ritual for them so that they could ascend to the spiritual level and transform from infant spirits to spirits. Baby, worship with sincerity. If you don't obey, then there is nothing the gods can do about it. Think about it for yourselves!

Mr. S and Mr. A seemed to have not thought clearly, and immediately knelt in front of the altar. I lit some incense for them and gave it to them, and asked them to start making promises. Change yourself, do good deeds, and do not dare to deceive your teachers and ancestors. If you disobey, you will not die well, and God will not allow it." The promise has been made, you must remember it! See you again in one week! I will help you perform the refuge ceremony at that time. I hope you can practice vegetarianism and purify yourself during these seven days!

In fact, accepting them as disciples is a method of discrimination among undifferentiated Dharmas! Manpower is limited, so why leave their lives to the care of the ancestors, or maybe their lives should not be cut off! We still have a fate with me, I hope they cherish it!

The days are passing by day by day. Look, there are only two days left. It is the grand day of Mr. A and Mr. S’s conversion. I have already arranged all the necessary talismans and other things, so I can wait for that day with peace of mind. .

Just around 4:30am the day before my conversion, while I was dreaming, the phone rang and woke me up from my dream! When listening to the phone, the first sentence I hear is "Help!" help! I really didn't know what was happening at the time! Finally he found out that the call was from Mr. A. He was shocked and said: "Master! Something happened to Mr. S! Help! She is possessed by a ghost! What's the matter? She keeps hurting herself, and… She wants to bite her tongue and kill herself, but now I have to put my fingers in her mouth to prevent her from biting off her tongue!~~~~~~~~~~~"

I said, "Such a big thing! It's still happening while I'm having a good dream! It won't be delayed. No matter what method you use, bring Mr. S to my place as soon as possible!!" At this time, all I can do is Immediately put on Taoist uniforms, offered incense to the saints, lowered the soldiers and horses, and prepared for a fierce battle. In less than half an hour, Mr. A and three friends brought Mr. S with five-flowered flowers. When he came to the door of my house, Mr. S suddenly thought I tried my best to get rid of her, but none of the four members of Mr. A could control her. Seeing this situation, I immediately walked behind Mr. S, used the unique double dragon sword seal of leading ghosts, gently pressed under Mr. S's arms, and recited a spell! Mr. S was led into the house by me like a puppet! When he entered the altar, Mr. S kept barking and looking at me with five fingers and claws, saying: "Hahaha! You can't conquer me~~~~Hahaha!" and kept making weird noises like Like a beast, at this time Mr. S's face was green, his eyes were white, he had a rough male voice, his hair was all raised, and his yin energy was very strong~ It was not just resentment. Only then did I realize that Mr. S was controlling the upper body of her infant spirit! It’s really a big deal this time! This time either she died or I was in more trouble. If I couldn't save her and she wreaked havoc in my house, I would have to call the police for help and send her to the hospital. I wouldn't know how to explain it then! In this situation with no way out, I decided to fight with that kid to see if I was the better or it was the devil. I immediately set a Tiangang seal on the ground, trapping her inside so that she could not move around, and I burned the talisman with the highest power to exorcise evil spirits in my sect and dissolved it in the water. Then I added the charm and gave her a drink, but she resisted and refused to drink. I wanted to bother Mr. A to help me open her mouth and send the talisman water into her mouth one by one. The purpose is to use the power of the talisman to force the little ghost in your body to leave the mother's body, because if I directly use the magic formula to hit Mr. S, I have to hurt his soul first before I can hurt the little ghost. If this happens Come on, not only cannot we be absolutely sure that the kid can be knocked out of the body, but it is also certain that it will seriously harm Mr. S's three souls, and may make Mr. S unconscious by then!

After drinking the talisman water, I waited for the power of the talisman to be generated, hoping to force it to leave, but the hateful thing was that the little devil was able to force my talismans back to the Ghost Infant Temple one by one to watch online . All the auras of the talismans came from Mr. S's mouth. He was forced to come out and vomited out something that looked like blood but was not blood-red. Then he appeared and laughed at me, and said to me with painful and ferocious eyes: "You can't hear my words! Haha!" At this time, I was angry. Very soon, I raised my power to the extreme, my whole body began to heat up, all my pores expanded, I absorbed all the energy on the altar, and then created a spiritual talisman and put all my spiritual energy into the talisman, and cast the Five Thunder God Curse, Send the talisman into Mr. S's body again. At this time, Mr. S stood up and started to fight. His face turned from green to black and then to grayish white. His eyes turned white and turned 360 degrees. Suddenly, the little devil appeared on Mr. S again. This time it didn't say anything more, it just smiled evilly! He looked so proud and arrogant!

At this time, I must control my anger and face this treacherous little ghost with a calm and calm attitude. What is its purpose? Why would it harm its own mother like this? Moreover, Mr. S has already made a promise that he will name them and arrange rituals for their spiritual enshrinement. What is the purpose of this? ~~

At this moment, the little devil inside Mr. S seemed to be having a hard time. The fierce resentment energy before was also much weaker. I believe it was injured by my second spiritual talisman attack before! But if this happens, Mr. S’s soul will not be in trouble either! If I attack for the third time, I believe Mr. S may not wake up again! In the end, I had no choice but to take a dangerous route and use a mantis move to catch up with the cicada or the oriole behind. Te Ranqilai used a sword move to hit the little ghost in Mr. S's body. Because the method was so strange, the little ghost had no way to avoid it. , and its ability has been reduced a lot, so it can be easily knocked out of Mr. S's body. At this time, the oriole immediately killed me. I immediately used the magic fan, one of the eight treasures of the magic altar, and borrowed the method of the ancestor. The little devil returned to its original shape and completely separated from the mother's body. At this time, Mr. S immediately fainted and fell in front of the altar. However, those little devils were nowhere to be found and calmed down suddenly. Then I immediately sealed Mr. S's Protect her body, and give her a talisman of the soul to take. This talisman can help her improve the vitality of her soul, allowing her three souls and seven souls to return to her body. After a while, Mr. S finally woke up slowly. When she got up, she had no idea what had happened, but she had no idea what had just happened. She only remembered that she and her friends went to a disco last night and smoked some marijuana, but she could not remember anything after that. The friend who helped Mr. A bring Mr. S and Mr. A sat aside with blank stares and remained speechless, as if they were not yet finished with the shock!

Now that things have finally come to an end, I said reproachfully to Mr. A and Mr. S, if you really don’t want to cherish your life, forget all your previous promises. There is no need to come to the refuge ceremony tomorrow. I have done my best to tell you about your affairs, I have not taken a penny from you, and I have also helped you find a new path. If you think what I said is a trivial matter, then you should find another expert!

Finally, they finally listened to me, converted to Buddhism, reformed themselves, and established positions to support those little devils. The woman is now a beautician, and the man is a taxi driver. Not long after, Mr. S told me that another night he saw me with his own eyes. I saw three boys and one girl among the children! They also told me that they were moving to a new home, and they also mentioned you, Master! Tell me to thank you!

After this incident, I finally understood that the intentions of those little devils were not evil. In fact, they had good intentions. They took the risk of being broken up and gave up the opportunity to live a good life. They worked together to wake up my mother, but because of S Jun A and Jun were so poisoned that they could never correct themselves. After many times of treatment by other mages, they found the wrong master. Until they met me, they once again tried to persuade each other with death. I hope to use (death) to persuade each other, because this is also This is the last thing the little ghosts can do. If Mr. S doesn't turn around again, he will eventually embark on a road of no return. Not only will it be of no benefit to the little ghosts, but he will also become a ghost by then, homeless, wandering around, and wandering around in the long life. Time is not going to be easy, maybe if you encounter the mountain spirits and monsters and control them, then it will not be a dead end!

The cause of the incident was the filial piety of the little ghosts towards their mothers? Or is it for your own future? Or is it my fate with them? Or do they deserve to die?

Let the readers make a conclusion!

ah! Dear male and female friends who are in love, please help! Be safe! Be happy! I am also more relaxed!

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