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Believe it or not, I've experienced this firsthand.

Grandma once said that my horoscope is very strong, that I am a magician, and that I will not see dirty things. I always believe what she said because she knows a lot of things, especially that kind of thing, and she is also a Buddhist. , very pious! People in the village would ask her if they didn't know about that kind of thing. I don't know why she told me this, but I still listened to her. Rural old people tell real ghost stories and believed her… Until that day, I passed by again I went to that place and remembered that incident again…

I was only nine years old at that time, and I was in the second grade of elementary school. Because my parents worked outside for a long time, and I lived in a rural area, my home was far away from school, so I often got up very early. One day, I took a walk on a whim. It is a road that is seldom traveled. That road needs to pass through a big house, and our big house is rarely inhabited. It is used to worship memorial tablets. I was still young and ignorant at that time. It turns out that we all have a custom. , whenever you pass by a big house like that, you have to worship it, just like worshiping Buddha, and then you have to tell it, who are you? where do you live? Whose child is it?

Because no one told me this at that time, when I passed that big house, I just walked by it fearfully, without doing anything or saying anything. Because at that time, I only knew that it was used to house the dead. , so he ran very fast!

"Rural old people tell real ghost stories"_Rural old people tell real ghost stories_Rural old people tell real ghost stories

Later, when I got to school, I started to feel dizzy, very dizzy, and kept vomiting. The teacher called my aunt over. They didn’t know what was going on, but they just thought I was sick, so they took me to see her. The doctor, and the doctor didn’t know why, he just gave me some cold medicine, but after I took the medicine, I kept vomiting. Finally, my grandma came. She also felt very strange and asked me where I was going from at noon. School, I told her.

Grandma said to my aunt: "Go and see if there are big houses on that road? Are there any people who have just died?" My aunt left knowingly.

After a while, my aunt came back. She told grandma: "There is a big house over there, and the person who died not long ago is the fool!"

A fool is a person. He is actually my cousin, but he is very distant. I have never met him. He had just died at that time. I heard that he was hit by a train!

Rural old people tell real ghost stories_Rural old people tell real ghost stories_"Rural old people tell real ghost stories"

Grandma said: "Oh, that's it. You go get some incense, go to the big house and say goodbye, and then tell him that he is one of us, and he is still a child who is not sensible, so don't be offended by him! And you have to thank him. Greetings to the girl!”

We call that kind of thing "asking". The adults said it was a real ghost story told by an enthusiastic rural old man. I want to know whose child this is? Because people there attach great importance to clan relationships, so we all have to understand who belongs to whom!

Then my aunt did what grandma said, and my illness was cured immediately!

Later I heard that "asking" is a very common thing here. If you ask how you died during your lifetime, the person you ask will have his symptoms! But if you tell that person, something he wants to know will be fine. As for what he wants to know, it depends on whether you can guess it, but generally speaking, those spirits will not hurt people!

Rural old people tell real ghost stories Ghost stories_Rural old people tell real ghost stories_"Rural old people tell real ghost stories"

And since that incident, whenever I pass by the big house, I will worship him devoutly and tell him, who am I? Whose child is it? So, I was never “asked” again!

I also heard about a very special thing. It happened to the mother of one of my classmates, and I only found out about it not long ago, because where we live, such things are not allowed to be talked about. I am also my aunt. Tell me when you ask me to pay attention to something in the future!

My aunt said that my classmate’s mother was very beautiful, especially when she was young. She looked like a flower. It was said that when she went home one night, she saw someone in a very dark place. She was praying for something, but she didn't pay attention at the time, so she just walked past the man without doing anything. Then she started going crazy when she got home. A big girl went to feed pigs naked, and… Singing as if no one else was around…

And from then on, it was good and bad. When she was sober, she didn't know what she had done. Later, because of her illness, no one dared to marry her, so she had to marry the father of my classmate. The father of that classmate was so ugly that no girl at that time would marry him! But since getting married, my classmate’s mother has never been “sick” again!

"Rural old people tell real ghost stories"_Rural old people tell real ghost stories_Rural old people tell real ghost stories

My aunt told me: "In the future, if you see people worshiping in the dark at dusk, don't walk past there. If you must walk past, tear off the buttons or pull out the hair and throw it away! "

I asked why, and my aunt said angrily: "Just do it as you are told. Why are you asking so many questions?" My aunt has never been angry with me, except that time!

I don’t know why, but I still believe in my aunt’s words and follow them all the time…

I don't know why? But they have always believed in the existence of those things, and have always treated these things religiously…

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