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Parents to enrich people. In the early days, marriages were arranged by parents, and children had almost no choice. They often didn’t know what their partner looked like until they entered the bridal chamber, let alone the freedom of marriage.

The story takes place before liberation. At that time, the Liu family of Xiaoliba Village was relatively wealthy and had dozens of acres of land. Although they cannot be compared with the big landowners, they can still be regarded as the upper class families in the village.

The elder Liu has two sons. The eldest son got married and had a child three years ago. The second son Shuan Zhu is not very smart and is only seven years old at most. When Shuan Zhu was seventeen years old, the elder Liu married him a daughter-in-law, a fourteen-year-old girl from the next village named Axiang.

Axiang's father died early, and her mother took the three sisters to a meal before marrying the fourteen-year-old Axiang to the silly Shuan Zhu in order for her daughter to have a living at the elder Liu's house. Eat without starving to death. From then on, Axiang got up early every day at a young age to cook and wash clothes. The dirty work was all hers.

Axiang didn't complain, because that was the case in every household at that time. The more girls married into wealthy families, the more rules they had. Women would adapt to what they could adapt to, and endure what they couldn't. Once they passed the door, they would become members of that family, and they would be beaten. Punishment also depends on other people's rules. Women at that time couldn't express themselves in just one word. They suffered, were burdened, and suffered.

The ultimate ghost warrior_How to stack the ghost warrior in dnf_The blade of the ghost warrior in the unknown warrior

One day, her mother-in-law suddenly summoned Axiang and her sisters- in-law and asked them to kneel down together, and kept scolding them as greedy losers. The mother-in-law scolded her for a long time, and finally Ah Xiang understood that her mother-in-law had collected three fewer eggs from the chicken coop today, and came to ask who had stolen them.

You may be wondering, three eggs wouldn’t be like this! well! If you don’t believe it, you can ask the elders, and they will definitely tell you that at that time, mothers-in-law would put on airs in front of their daughters-in-law. Isn’t there a saying: A daughter-in-law who has been married for many years can become a mother-in-law! do you understand? If you don’t understand, just slowly sip the aftertaste!

The mother-in-law scolded her for a long time, but to no avail. The two daughters-in-law shook their heads and said they didn't steal the food. She continued to scold her until midnight. Finally, the mother-in-law got sleepy and asked the eldest daughter-in-law to get up and go back to the house to sleep. However, she pointed at Axiang and told her to kneel until dawn. . Why let the eldest daughter-in-law go to bed and punish Axiang alone? Because the eldest daughter-in-law’s natal family is richer than Axiang’s natal family, do you understand?

It is the most frustrating thing to be wronged for no reason and have no way to express my grievances. My natal family is poor, but although my mother-in-law is not obedient to me, she still loves me very much. Besides, her husband is a little bit careless, which means that she has no one to rely on in her husband's family, so she will be wronged.

The more As Xiang thought about it, the sadder she became. She cried, thought about it, and cried again, and it was really hard for the heavens and the earth to respond. Finally, she got up from the ground, found a rope, and hung herself from the beam…

The blade of the unknown warrior in the ghost warrior_How to stack the ghost warrior in dnf_The ultimate ghost warrior in dnf

People's souls never leave after death, let alone those who died unjustly. After A Xiang hanged himself, there was a ghost in Liu's house! Although they also invited goddesses and divine men to cast spells to catch the demon, they all came back in vain. They said: This female ghost is very resentful and there is nothing they can do. There was no choice but to move out of the house, and no one dared to come here again.

Ten years passed in the blink of an eye, and by this time the whole country had been liberated. Later, when the landowners' property was divided, no one wanted this house.

One day, a People's Liberation Army soldier who went home to visit relatives returned to the village. After hearing about this, he took the initiative to apply to the village, and his family was willing to be allocated this house.

The old village chief said: "Oh! Young man! This house is not clean! I'm afraid of you…I'm afraid that you will be harmed by resentful ghosts!"

The People's Liberation Army soldier said: "Let me tell you, I have crawled among the dead countless times on the battlefield, and I have never been afraid of the hail of bullets, let alone…"

How to stack the ghost warrior in dnf_The ultimate ghost warrior Warrior_The Blade of the Nameless Warrior of the Ghost Warrior

"Okay, okay, okay! I know you are brave. From now on, this house will be yours. If anything happens, don't come to me to scold me!" After the old village chief said, he put his hand in his hand. handed him the keys, turned around, shook his head and walked away.

After completing the formalities with the cadres, the People's Liberation Army soldiers moved in that night. Not to mention that other people's houses were divided into several houses, or a dozen houses were divided into one house. The People's Liberation Army was happy just thinking about five big houses, and no one in the village was trying to rob him.

It was late at night, and the People's Liberation Army soldier was drowsily asleep when he felt someone pushed him. When he opened his eyes, he found a person standing in front of his bed. It turned out to be a young and beautiful girl, wearing very simple clothes and a red gauze scarf around her neck.

When the girl saw that the People's Liberation Army soldiers had woken up, she bowed down and said expressionlessly: "Thank you for your hard work, Master. I saw that the Master was staying here, so I came here to pay a visit."

When the People's Liberation Army soldiers saw it, they saw that this was the female ghost in the villagers' legend! Judging from the gauze scarf around her neck, she must be trying to hide the traces of the rope on her neck.

The Blade of the Nameless Warrior of the Ghost Warrior_The Ultimate Ghost Warrior_How to stack the Ghost Warrior in dnf

The People's Liberation Army soldier said to the female ghost: "Girl! I don't care what your connection is with this house, and I don't want to ask you too much about your past, but starting from today! I am the owner of this house, and I also ask you not to Disturb my rest!"

The girl looked sad and said leisurely: "Master, please do a simple action. If you can do it, I will never bother you again."

As the girl spoke, she took out a rope from her arms, skillfully rolled it into a loop, then threw it on the beam, stretched her neck in, and hung it there. After coming over for a while, the girl got out of the noose again, pointed to the noose on the beam and asked, "Can the young master do it?"

The People's Liberation Army soldier looked at the rope on the beam, walked to the rope noose with a smile on his face and said, "What's so difficult about this!" Then he saw the People's Liberation Army soldier raised his leg and put one foot into the rope noose.

"Wrong, the young master did something wrong!" The girl shouted from the side.

The Blade of the Nameless Warrior of the Ghost Warrior_The Ultimate Ghost Warrior_How to stack the Ghost Warrior in dnf

The People's Liberation Army soldier took his feet out of the noose and said to the girl: "Girl! I didn't do anything wrong. It was you who did something wrong! In this world, since there are seven emotions and six desires, there will inevitably be bumps in the world. No matter how hard your neck and feet are, Whoever sticks into this noose is your own choice. When you have no way out, if you think in another direction, you will be able to make a difference!"

"You…" Although the girl opened her mouth to speak, she was still thinking!

The People's Liberation Army soldier continued: "Girl! Whether it's a trap in this world or a trap on the beam, in fact, weren't you the one who made it yourself? If you chose to put your foot into the trap, you would be another one. In the end, who of us is wrong?"

"Alas! You are not wrong, and I am not wrong either. Maybe fate has arranged it wrong. This…maybe is my fate." After the girl finished speaking, tears flowed down, and she said a long blessing to the PLA soldiers, "Thank you very much. Young master, please wake up and take your leave!" After the girl finished speaking, she disappeared into a wisp of smoke.

Since then, the house has never been haunted again!

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