"Light Fear Afternoon Tea" Horror And Scary Ghost Stories Full Text

Today I'm going to tell the story of the netizen Ah Hou in the building. One afternoon last week, Ah Hou privately messaged me saying that being bored at home is very boring, and she has been chasing my stories for several days to relieve boredom. Thankfully, Ah Hou was so frightened by the fake ghost stories I concocted that I concocted them into a cold sweat and couldn't care less. Looking at her, she suddenly realized why the house was so quiet today?

Ah Hou called her husband subconsciously, and asked him what he was doing? No one answered for a long time. My husband is a ghost . The originally lazy and comfortable afternoon is eerily quiet at this moment. Ah Hou was very angry in his dantian, and yelled several more times, only to hear her husband answering in the study next door and writing materials. Ah Hou thought that he was concentrating too much on the idea, so he stopped disturbing her husband and continued to read the post.

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After a while, Ah Hou heard the sound of the game video coming from the study next door. She got up and went over to see that her husband was indeed fighting fiercely in the game. Ah Hou was surprised, and asked her husband, did you finish writing so quickly? When her husband heard the words, he also became King Kong, and asked, "What are you writing? Haven't I been playing games in this room?"

Ah Hou suddenly felt chills all over his body, and asked his husband sternly: "Impossible! You lied to me, right? I just called you a few times, and my throat was cracking!" Her husband kept his eyes on the computer screen, extremely impatient Said: "Hey, hey, I'm playing games here, and I'm not watching cat movies. As for cheating you secretly?" Ah Hou thought about it again, it didn't make sense at all! But just now I clearly yelled several times with my neck straight, and I heard my husband's answer clearly.

A Good Husband Is a Masterpiece of My Wife: A Complete Guide to Creating a Career Husband _The ghost behind the husband of the bride with ghost eyes

Then the question arises, who made the sound that Ah Hou heard? Was she in the same dimension as her husband when she shouted loudly? I don't know, I'm terrified when I think about it carefully.

Since I wrote the post, some netizens have privately messaged me saying that I encountered a supernatural experience when reading the post, such as a black screen at one point of comments on a certain level, and inexplicable flashbacks when I watched it, etc. Compared with the strange experience of Ah Hou, the whole It's nothing. Could it be that I have been typing late at night all year round, and I have been psychic in the building with all my sincerity? Thinking of this, a little excitement came out of the panic. Just this feel is so cool!

A Good Husband Is a Masterpiece of My Wife: A Complete Guide to Creating a Career Husband _The ghost behind the husband of the bride with ghost eyes

Ah Hou also shared with me a personal experience of her high school days. In his first year of high school, Ah Hou was very weak for a period of time. He often had colds, fevers and gastroenteritis, and sometimes he would vomit after drinking water. One day she played late with a classmate who lived in the dormitory, so she slept in the classmate's dormitory.

When people change their beds, they are often too excited to sleep, not to mention that Ah Hou just spent the whole afternoon playing wildly with her classmates, and she was tossing and turning in bed while thinking. Suddenly, she caught a glimpse of a strange human face in the half-dark moonlight outside the window! Ah Hou's scalp went numb, and he was instantly overwhelmed with fright. Immediately afterwards, a puff of black smoke drifted into the room along the crack of the simple wooden door of the dormitory, and transformed into a man in a Chinese tunic suit before Ah Hou's eyes.

Horrified, Ah Hou wanted to call the classmates around her, but found that she was paralyzed and could not move or make a sound. She just watched the man in the tunic suit floating around in the dormitory, as if he was looking for something. Ah Hou was quite strange, thinking that apart from a stack of meal tickets and a whole set of "Decisive Battle College Entrance Examination Exercises", there was nothing valuable in the dormitory. It wasn't until the sky became dark and the rooster crowed faintly from the east, that the weird man disappeared, and Ah Hou returned to normal and was able to move.

Early the next morning , my husband was a ghost . Ah Hou, who had not slept all night, had a pair of panda eyes and told his classmates about what happened last night. I haven't met Weird in so long, could it be that the Shushu in the Chinese tunic has a predestined relationship with Ah Hou?

Until now, Ah Hou still doesn't know what the origin of the man in the Chinese tunic suit is. There are only two things that he can be sure of: one is that he was awake the whole time, and he was definitely not dreaming. The second is that the man in the Chinese tunic suit has no malice at all, he is just anxiously looking for something very important.

In this world, who hasn't had a thrilling supernatural experience that sends chills down the spine just thinking about it! I didn’t have one… so the more I wrote, the more envious I became, and my teeth itch. I had to chew on a proverb I heard recently to comfort myself: good things and bad things are better than nothing.

I am very grateful to the lovely Monkey for sharing with me these two supernatural experiences that are both evil and fun, so let’s name them “Afternoon Tea of ​​Light Fear”, and when you read it, you can enjoy it with a glass of low-fat Fu Rui White, comfortable and wonderful. You deserve this feeling!

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