Volume 4: The Bomb Maniac Chapter 18: Moonlight Bomb

The moment the bomb exploded, the four members of the special case team and the bomb disposal expert all thought at the same time: Oops, this life is gone.

There was a flash of fire and thick smoke everywhere. Although the bomb exploded, it was very weak and banged like a big firecracker. Except for the bomb disposal expert's hand being injured, no one was killed. Even so, the four members of the special case team were still startled and broke out in cold sweat. The police outside heard the sound and rushed in. They hurriedly carried the injured and screaming bomb disposal expert onto a stretcher.

A false alarm, confetti flying in the air, filled with the smell of sulfur.

Hualong said: What's going on? What does this mean?

Professor Liang: This should be a warning from the murderer!

Police chief: The student dormitories and laboratories of the ammunition engineering major should be thoroughly inspected.

Bao Zhan: A person who can make bombs will not have such low IQ that we will find the explosives he hides under the bed.

Su Mei: I’m scared to death. What should we do next?

Professor Liang: Picking up trash.

The special case team took action immediately at the explosion site. They wanted to find all the fragments of the bomb, and then piece them together to find clues left by the murderer. If there are no witnesses or surveillance video of an explosion, it will be very difficult to detect it. Since after the explosion, the evidence will be wiped out with the explosion, the rescue measures of the fire brigade and medical staff will also destroy the scene.

After the on-site inspection work was completed, Su Mei used computer animation to restore the entire explosion process. A lecturer in ammunition engineering explained the manufacturing technology of this moonlight bomb in detail. Moonlight bombs must be made at night, and the tools used are very simple. An ordinary thermometer is used as the detonation device. After the bomb is placed, the mercury rises with the temperature of the surrounding environment, and gradually reaches the detonation point after the sun comes out. The murderer did not place many explosives, which was also the reason why the bomb was not very powerful. Professor Liang analyzed that this was done deliberately by the murderer, not to kill people but to frighten the police.

This bomb is a warning. In this way, the murderer tells the special case team that he can kill them and hopes that the police will succeed and retreat.

Su Mei said: The next explosion will probably escalate.

Hualong said: "Obviously, we can fight hard and won't back down. Who calls us a special case team?"

The explosives were placed in a cardboard box, which was a sanitary napkin packaging box. Bao Zhan picked up a fragment of the cardboard box with tweezers, put his nose close to smell it, raised his face, closed his eyes and said: In addition to the smell of gunpowder smoke and sulfur, there is also a fragrance.

Professor Liang said: Xiaobao, it’s not that I don’t trust your nose, but this carton is very important to us. We will do a separation test and smoke reaction test immediately.

Smoke reaction is an identification made by the police regarding explosion or shooting residue during detection.

In the Hong Kong 422 armored truck robbery case, the police used gunpowder smoke reaction to confirm that there was shooting residue on the sleeve of a piece of clothing, thus finding the owner of the clothing and the real culprit of the robbery. In the assassination of President Kennedy, a bullet with the serial number C2788 became a physical evidence. In addition to fingerprints, gunpowder residue was also a key piece of evidence to identify the murderer.

Bao Zhan first sprayed some organic solvents on the filter paper, such as ethanol, acetone, carbon tetrachloride, etc., then covered the filter paper on the cardboard fragments to extract, and then scattered gunpowder particles, metal powder, and combustion products. The rest is With the residue on their hands, as long as the murderer encounters the cardboard box, the police will be able to find clues through scientific and technical means.

Bao Zhan used physical examination, which has the advantage of not destroying physical evidence.

However, Bao Zhan tried atomic absorption spectroscopy and fluorescence analysis one after another, but he could not find any hand residue on the carton fragments, but he was convinced that he smelled the fragrance, which should be left by the murderer.

Bao Zhan used an electron microscope to observe and found no traces of cosmetics. This effect made him disappointed and puzzled as to where the fragrance came from.

In Bao Zhan's last attempt, he used medium molecule activation analysis to finally confirm that the scent came from a perfume.

Su Mei said: Could it be that the person who made and placed the bomb was a woman?

Professor Liang: In short, the person who planted the bomb had perfume on his hand. Regardless of whether he was a man or a woman, when the murderer put down the carton, the perfume on his hand also remained on the carton. In this world, a bombing in the UK killed 19 people , and as long as a crime is committed, it will leave traces. Throughout the world, the position of matter is always changing. There are traces of star explosions hundreds of millions of years ago, not to mention the bomb we have witnessed with our own eyes.

Su Mei said: This carton is a bit abnormal. Who would buy a box of sanitary napkins?

Hualong said: There is also the source of the explosives. These are the focus of our next investigation.

Although there is only such a small amount of evidence, there is a glimmer of light in the case, and everyone vaguely feels that the murderer may be a woman.

Professor Liang arranged the work, and everyone started to move quickly. The person in charge of the police conducted a lot of investigation work, hoping to find witnesses. The police visited the dormitory leaders in each bedroom to investigate who had seen the cardboard box and the person holding the cardboard box on the night of the moonlight bomb incident. Professor Liang specifically asked the police chief to carefully explore the source of the perfume. The campus beauty's bedroom and Lao Goose's bedroom were the key targets of investigation. Perfume was found in both dormitories. The boss of the dormitory was also under the police's suspicion. He left the dormitory on the night of the incident and claimed to the police that he spent the night playing World of Warcraft in an Internet cafe outside the school.

Professor Liang asked Su Mei to verify the words of the dormitory boss, and asked Bao Zhan to analyze and compare the perfume in the two dormitories with the perfume on the bomb carton. It takes time to identify the effect. Under certain conditions, the fragrance of high-end perfumes should last no less than 70 hours, and floral fragrances should last no less than 60 hours. Most of the perfumes used by students are inferior perfumes, which can also last 24 hours. Therefore, leave it to the bag. There is not much time to cut. It won't be long before the clue obtained by the police disappears into thin air.

The investigators who secretly monitored Lao Ge reported that on the night of the explosion, Lao Ge had been sleeping in the dormitory. The next morning, this always lazy and unkempt guy did a lot of things. He shaved his head, got a new hairstyle, and sprayed the boss of the dormitory. perfume, put on new clothes, and took a bath for the first time. Classmates reported that Lao Ge did not have the habit of bathing. Lao Ge’s reason was that he wanted to maintain his original taste and true qualities as a man.

In addition to these details of life, there is something new. The investigator said that Lao Goose bought many candles, dozens of them, and didn’t know what they were used for.

The special case team asked investigators to be more careful and continue monitoring. The candles are likely to be used to make bombs.

At night, these candles come in handy.

Lao Goose used dozens of candles to place a heart pattern under the school belle's dormitory. Many classmates stopped to watch. Many windows in the girls' dormitory were opened, and some curious girls stuck their heads out to watch the excitement. The investigators reported to the special case team, and four people from the special case team arrived immediately. Professor Liang asked Hualong to prepare a net gun. If Lao Goose behaves in an extreme way, he will be arrested immediately.

Lao Goose looked like he was risking his life. He pointed at the four members of the special case team and said: Look, the notes are here, cheering me on.

The classmates who were watching burst into laughter. The four members of the special case team had expressionless faces, waiting to see what Lao Goose would do next.

Old Goose lit the candle with a lighter, and in the night, a heart was burning.

This kind of romantic courtship is not uncommon on campus. In order to express love, college students are very creative.

Lao Goose covered his mouth with his hands and shouted the name of the school beauty. The window of the school beauty's bedroom was never opened. When he got tired of shouting, he squatted on the ground and started shouting "I love you" one after another. When shouting, he had to straighten his body, which looked funny.

Everyone started to boo, and some girls took out their mobile phones to take pictures of Lao Goose.

The old goose shouted at the top of his lungs: I love you.

The school belle was so annoyed that she opened the window and said, "I'm so annoyed."

Old Goose said: Come down, please, look, so many people are waiting for you.

The school belle said: If you have the ability, you can strip naked and run around naked, and I will come down.

The classmates who were watching laughed and started to applaud. Lao Goose stood up suddenly, took off his coat, and threw it to the ground. He gritted his teeth and said: Take it off, run naked, run naked, for love, I will fight.

The applause from all around became more intense, and the students present all encouraged Lao Goose to run naked.

Su Mei said to Hua Long and Bao Zhan, I really miss my college days, so why would no one run naked for me?

Hua Long said: Yes, otherwise you would have married a long time ago.

Bao Zhan said: Old Goose is very courageous. Even if I were killed, I wouldn't be able to do such a thing.

Old Goose took off his clothes one by one, and finally he was left with only a pair of underwear, which was bulging. It seemed that this perverted guy had put on another sanitary napkin today. The weather was very cold, and the old goose was so cold that he folded his arms and stared. He said to himself, "Run, run, it won't be cold anymore after a lap." Old Goose started running naked, and everyone applauded and cheered him. He ran around the campus. When he stopped out of breath, he lost his shoe, and a white thing was thrown out of the shoe.

Old Goose put on his shoes, and a classmate looked down and said with a bad smile, Old Goose, your sanitary napkin fell off.

Hualong said: Damn it, this grandson of Lao Goose actually uses sanitary napkins as insoles.

The old goose opened his mouth and began to shout the name of the school beauty hoarsely: I love you, I ran naked, I am not cold, I am very hot.

Amid the squeals of the girls, the school beauty suddenly appeared. She went downstairs and walked to Lao Goose. Old Goose was so moved that he almost cried. He stretched out his arms, waiting for the school beauty to throw herself into his arms. Romantic scenes from Korean dramas or romance dramas appeared in Lao Goose's mind, with lovers embracing each other and a heart made of candles burning.

The school beauty did not hug Lao Goose. She frowned and smiled and stretched out her hand. Lao Goose was stunned for a moment, and then took the school beauty's hand.

Old Goose said excitedly: I love you, and I will do anything for you. Marry me.

The school belle said with a straight face: How much is love worth?

The old goose said: Priceless.

The school beauty sneered, took out her hand and said: Damn, look at the real world clearly. Without money, it is difficult to move forward. Love in college is just a game and a dream, break up as soon as you graduate, wake up. Instead of laughing on the back of your bike, I'd rather cry on the back of a BMW. When will you be on the Hurun Rich List, will I be able to fall in love with you? I only love rich people. These candles and cheap gadgets just want to impress me. It's ridiculous. You don't even have a diamond ring and you dare to propose to me. You really insult me. When did you put a heart on a BMW?

The school beauty kicked down a few candles and left coldly, leaving Lao Goose staring at her back blankly.

Lao Ge returned to the dormitory and fell asleep with his head covered. The investigator reported that Lao Ge had been depressed and pessimistic for the past few days. It seemed that the words of the school belle had a big impact on him, but the guy quickly cheered up and worked hard to win. scholarship.

He groaned and said to the boss of the dormitory, it's my fault, not the rejection, I don't even have a ring.

The boss of the dormitory said: Brother, you can't afford a diamond ring, so why not buy a bottle of aphrodisiac potion and put it in when you treat her to dinner? You can treat me to spicy fish tonight, and I can invite the school beauty to join us for the banquet.

Old Goose: I can cook spicy fish myself. Let’s cook it in the dormitory. The key to this dish is that the oil needs to be hot.

Dormitory boss: Xiaochang, stir-fry shredded green onions, sliced ​​ginger, and fry some hot sauce.

Lao Goose: When stir-frying, you have to move quickly, swishing, swishing, and lightning fast.

Dormitory boss: How about adding some vinegar? It will taste better.

Old Goose: No, what does it taste like? It doesn’t smell like MSG in the end.

Dormitory Boss: Are you done? I didn't bring any paper.

Old Goose: I didn’t bring any paper to buy cakes, but I have two sanitary napkins here.

The special case team learned that many students are competing for scholarships. The female principal said that scholarships are used to encourage students to develop in an all-round way, create a positive academic atmosphere, and reward and support students with both good character and academic performance. Currently, scholarships for students majoring in Ammunition Engineering and Explosive Technology are being reviewed.

The special case team decided to use the scholarship to offer a disguised reward to fish the murderer out of the water.

The lecturer said: Many students are limited to theory, including me as a lecturer, and lack practice. I think there are many students who can make moonlight bombs or sanitary napkin bombs, but there should be only a few people who can make both kinds of bombs. Using scholarships as bait, students who can make moonlight bombs and sanitary napkin bombs are most likely the murderers.

Hualong: I think the key point in the sanitary napkin case is not the sanitary napkin…

Su Mei: Can you not say it so obscenely? This is an explosion.

Bao Zhan said: The source of explosives is crucial.

The female principal and lecturer told the special case team that there were only a small amount of explosives in the school for scientific research experiments, which were stored in the laboratory on the second underground floor. The special case team took a look at the laboratory. The underground building is a vertical structure, consisting of an approach passage, a main room, an auxiliary room, and an exhaust outlet. Each underground laboratory has two entrances and exits, and the doors open outwards. .

There are two explosion-related laboratories in the school, one is the Explosion Science and Technology Laboratory, and the other is the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Control Laboratory. In addition, there is a Selenium Mountain test area outside the school, where daily explosion-related experiments are done. There are now two light gas cannons, an underwater explosion laboratory and various explosion tests. equipment.

At the case press conference, the special case team analyzed that the murderer should be a student majoring in ammunition engineering and explosive technology. He may have stolen some explosives during experiments, and the bomb may have been made in the laboratory. The murderer had the habit of spraying perfume, and considering the sanitary napkin box, the murderer might be a woman and had access to the laboratory and the dormitory of the deceased's instructor.

Bao Zhan noticed that the female principal also wore perfume. A secret investigation revealed that the female principal and the deceased instructor had conflicts over issues such as school ethics and management standards. The instructor privately said that the principal was suspected of taking bribes, but Bao Zhan did not find anyone who took bribes. evidence.

The female principal is highly respected, honest and selfless, and has a good reputation in the school. She has never been married because she took care of her cousin who suffered from amnesia.

The school has promised students majoring in ammunition engineering and explosive technology that as long as someone can make a sanitary napkin bomb and a moonlight bomb, even if it is limited to feasible theories, the school will award scholarships.

The police will occasionally seduce the murderer during the investigation. For example, in the Kaizhou family massacre, the police offered a reward for his arrest. A whistleblower claimed that the deceased was strangled to death by a wire. Only the police and the murderer knew the details of the crime. Therefore, it is a crime to identify this whistleblower. murderer.

A few days later, the police screened out four suspects based on the theoretical reports submitted by the students: Lao Goose, the school beauty, the dormitory boss, and a disabled girl.

The theoretical reports of these four students are all feasible. According to their professional theories, they can create sanitary napkin bombs and moonlight bombs.

The school belle wrote in the paper that the spontaneous combustion of sanitary napkins is actually very simple. There are many substances that burn when exposed to water, such as potassium, calcium, rubidium, and cesium. Put aluminum iodine powder in the sanitary napkin, and then add a combustion accelerant, and the blood will contain water. When a person has their period, sanitary napkins burn. If it is further upgraded and manufactured, the bomb hidden in the sanitary napkin can be detonated by burning.

The reports of Lao Goose and the boss of the dormitory were identical. The police suspected that they plagiarized each other in order to compete for scholarships. According to the knowledge and theory in their reports, they could have made a moonlight bomb.

The disabled girl's name is Xu Nian. She is the only student who has submitted two bomb-making techniques.

Xu Nian lost both legs in a car accident when he was young and relied on a wheelchair to get around. There are many disabled students in the university, but those in wheelchairs are rare. Many students are familiar with Xu Nian, and everyone's impression of her is that she is simple, flexible, versatile, and good at painting and music.

Xu Nian's dormitory director reported to the police that once, his husband took students from the school painting club to sketch and painted horses on a hillside. That season was the horse's estrus, and a long and erect penis was erect on the horse's crotch. As for the thick things, all the girls who painted crossed the horse's stick and deliberately refused to draw. Only Xu Nian painted the entire horse completely, and the stick was also painted vividly. When the teacher was inspecting her, other students questioned Xu Nian one after another, saying, "You, this little girl, are so pornographic."

The special case team analyzed that Xu Nian was very suspicious!

The female principal denied this view. She told the special case team: If there is anyone in this school who is not suspected of committing a crime, it must be Xu Nian. How could this naive and innocent girl kill someone? Besides, the instructor The place where Xu Nian lives is on the third floor. It is impossible for Xu Nian to go to the instructor's dormitory in a wheelchair, let alone do anything to the sanitary napkins that the instructor puts in the bedside table.

Bao Zhan asked: How did you know that the instructor put sanitary napkins in the bedside table?

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