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Haunted house January 21, 2022 [Hospital Ghost Stories] People have been watching [Typeface:]

Guide 1. The hazy raindrops are like wild ghosts in a hurry to reincarnate, hitting the window glass one after another without any intention of stopping. The weather was unsettling and seemed to indicate that something was or was about to happen. Turning on the TV, a piece of unfortunate news popped up. Last night, there was an accident at the subway station in this city. A girl was accidentally squeezed off the platform while waiting for the train and died on the rails. In the picture, the girl died at the scene like a torn rag doll, which was horrible. I sighed.I don't know why, but rainy days are always prone to similar tragedies, as if


The hazy raindrops were like wild ghosts in a hurry to reincarnate, hitting the window glass one after another without any intention of stopping. The weather was unsettling and seemed to indicate that something was or was about to happen.

Turning on the TV, a piece of unfortunate news popped up. Last night, there was an accident at the subway station in this city. A girl was accidentally squeezed off the platform while waiting for the train and died on the rails. In the picture, the girl died at the scene like a torn rag doll, which was horrible.

I sighed. I don't know why, but rainy days are always prone to similar tragedies, as if death is out of order. And as a rule of thumb, I'm busy again—as a posthumous make-up artist, my work is always followed by death, hated but irresistible.

Sure enough, the business came, and it was a call from a man. He said to me in a hoarse voice, is it Miss Dong Ci? I want to ask you to come, my fiancée just passed away…

In the morgue at the hospital, I met him. He squatted on the ground like an eggplant beaten by frost. Hearing my footsteps, he raised his head. It was a rather attractive face, even though it was full of haggardness and exhaustion, it was still flawless. I couldn't help exclaiming, Mr. Park, it's you! ?

He showed a wry smile, it's me, I'm going to trouble you again.

A year ago, it was also on such a cloudy rainy night, and also in this spooky room, that I got to know him. His name is Pu Shu, and his fiancée You Lan accidentally fell into the elevator shaft and died a few days before the wedding, her face was ruined. In order to make the deceased die beautifully, Pu Shu found me and asked me to restore her appearance. I am the only woman in this city who works as a body make-up artist. The woman's care and superb skills have made me a little famous in the industry. Many family members of the deceased come here especially for the name, and Pu Shu is no exception. That time, I successfully fulfilled his wish, and at the same time received a rich red envelope.

A handsome and generous man will always have a place in your memory. So when I saw him again, I recognized him immediately.

I didn't expect that we would meet again under such circumstances. Although I have served many unfortunate families, this is the only case where I lost two fiancées within two years. He is really unlucky!


The girl in the photo has bright eyes and bright teeth, and Pu Shu is a very suitable couple. I sighed regretfully, and said to Pu Shu, don't worry, I will definitely make your fiancée as beautiful as before.

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I believe in your skills, the muscles on Pu Shu's face twitched violently, Miss Dong, can you start working after I go out? I nod. After Pu Shu left, only me and the motionless corpse remained in the empty room. There are no windows, no wind, but there seems to be an unidentified air current stirring in the air. Is that the dance of souls who do not want to leave? I have no idea. But I am not afraid of them. For a dead body make-up artist, it is almost impossible to make friends in the real world. Only those cold corpses will quietly accept my touch and listen to my heartbeat.

I changed into clean work clothes, washed my hands carefully, then put on a mask and gloves, walked over, and gently lifted off the white cloth covering the corpse… Although I had enough mental preparation, I was still frightened by the scene in front of me one jump.

what do i see A rag doll falling apart! It was the girl who died on the railway tracks in the TV news! She was piled in pieces on the bed, with a grim expression, completely different from the beautiful girl in the photo.

I understood why Pu Shu's reaction was so violent. That's horrible! No one can face it, not to mention that he has suffered such blows again and again, and he is strong enough without mental breakdown.

Take a deep breath to calm yourself, then put your hand on the girl's forehead, and said softly, Xiao Qing, don't be sad, I will help you to become the most beautiful bride in the world.

I believe she can hear it. Because when my hand moved away, her angry eyes were closed.

Pu Shu told me her name. Because I need to communicate. Any job requires communication, and cadavers are no exception. They also have their own ideas, such as what eyebrow shape and what color lipstick they like. Without their approval, no matter how beautiful the makeup is, it is just a failed work.

When it was almost dawn, I opened the door and returned a lifelike fiancee to Pu Shu.

With picturesque eyebrows and serene demeanor, she is like a princess in a fairy tale, sleeping peacefully in a sea of ​​holy and romantic roses.


When I saw Pu Shu again, it was another year later. It was at the class reunion. Yanli surrounded him, showing off to me like a treasure, Dong Ci, I'm getting married!

When we looked at each other, both he and I were stunned. Fortunately, we were alert enough not to make Yan Li suspicious. ——My career that is not close to others, his unbearable love, maybe it is because we all have secrets that we do not want to be known, so we chose to remain silent.

When Yanli went to the bathroom, we said thank you at the same time. Afterwards, I sincerely said to him, Yanli is a good girl, I hope you can be happy. He was silent for a while, smiled wryly, I thought, I won't always be so unlucky.

When I left, I saw Yanli snuggling into his arms and smiling sweetly, and I felt a little uneasy. I don't know if it was right for me to hide those terrible pasts. I don't even know if doing so will make me an accomplice in another tragic event. I would rather believe what Pu Shu said, he won't always be so unlucky.

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I hope so.

However, on a rainy night half a month later, I received another call from Pu Shu. He sobbed and said to me, Dong Ci, Yanli is dead!

In that spooky room, I saw Yanli, who was beyond recognition. Lying on the corpse bed, her body was covered with glistening scales, like a fish nailed to a chopping board. She was killed by a glass chandelier that fell suddenly while watching TV. I took a breath, and couldn't believe that this was the Yanli who showed me happiness with a sweet smile not long ago. Pu Shu was paralyzed on the ground reeking of alcohol, only smirking like crazy, I was the one who killed her, I was a devil… He finally broke down.

I went to grab the wine bottle in his hand, but he bounced it away screaming, curled up in the corner and yelled, don't touch me, every woman who touches me will die! You Lan, Xiao Qing, Yan Li, they were all taken away by her, Dong Ci, you'd better stay away from me!

Who is she? I asked curiously. Pu Shu didn't answer because he had passed out from exhaustion.


I flipped the ID card from Hackberry, and asked someone to help me throw him into a taxi.

The address on the ID card was in the suburbs, and it was a chic independent building. Turn on the light to prove that someone is in the house. I rang the doorbell, and the door opened after a while, and a handsome girl in a wheelchair appeared in front of me. She has a face very similar to Pu Shu's, so she should be his sister. Together we dragged the drunk Hackberry to the sofa in the living room. When I cleaned up the garbage on Pu Shu's face, the girl suddenly said to me quietly, isn't my brother handsome? Every woman liked him, but they all died without exception! Do you know why?

When I turned around, the girl named Pu Xue’s eyes were pitch-black, filled with tiny fright. She looked around, as if to make sure that no one was eavesdropping, and then lowered her voice and said to me, because of Ziling! Zi Ling will not let other women snatch her brother away!

Who is Ziling?

Zi Ling was my brother's first girlfriend, who died a few years ago!

Her look and tone scares me! I have to admit that after experiencing a series of strange things, the confidence given to me by my profession has begun to thin out—the three girls who died the same on the eve of the wedding, died in the same accident, and died in the same horrible manner. If it wasn't for ghosts, how could there be so many coincidences?

I, who was never afraid of putting on makeup on the corpse alone in the mortuary, couldn't help the hairs at this moment, and the towel in my hand fell to the ground unknowingly.

I left that chic little building in a daze. After walking a long distance, I still feel that a pair of eyes of unknown origin are peeping at me coldly from a certain window behind me! When I got home, I took a bath vigorously, trying to wash off the smell of hackberry on my body. Pu Shu is right, he is a devil. I have to stay away from him, I don't want to be the heroine of the next tragedy.

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But Pu Shu came to me lingeringly. One night not long after, I received another call from him. He was crying like a child, Dong Ci, do you believe in ghosts?


I was about to hang up, but curiosity overcame fear.

I asked him to meet in a crowded jazz bar. In the noisy music and the hustle and bustle of voices, I heard such a story.

Pu Shu and Zi Ling are a pair of like-minded lovers. After several years of long-distance romantic love, marriage is finally on the agenda. However, on the eve of the wedding, Ziling suddenly became worried about gains and losses, and had doubts about Pu Shu's feelings. She rejected every woman who talked to Pu Shu, and even followed him secretly. That day she dug out a pair of women's underwear from nowhere and asked Pu Shu to settle the score. Pu Shu couldn't bear it and slapped her. She left home crying, and when she was found the next day, she had turned into a cold corpse by the river. She died, maybe it was suicide, maybe it was a mistake, Pu Shu was sad for a long time. It wasn't until he met Youlan two years later that he began to have the courage to start a new life.

But strange things followed one after another. Also on the eve of the wedding, Youlan suddenly had an accident and fell into the elevator shaft and died, followed by Xiaoqing and Yanli. Before every catastrophe, the mirror in Pu Shu's room would shatter for no reason, as if it was an ominous omen.

Since you know this is a bad omen, why are you still with them? I interrupted him angrily.

Pu Shu murmured, I didn't believe it at first, years of education told me that it is impossible for ghosts to exist in the world. Maybe it was just a coincidence that the mirror was broken, but again and again strange things shattered my faith! Dong Ci, I have to believe now that a person will become a ghost after death…Maybe Zi Ling never left me, she just changed another way to live with me, eat and live with me , same in and out, but I can't see it! And those broken mirrors are her way of expressing her anger! Listening to his unbelievable narration, I couldn’t help but see such a terrifying scene in front of my eyes: the girl named Ziling is sitting next to Pu Shu at this moment, drinking the beer in his glass, listening to our conversation, talking to me from time to time. , there was still a hint of sneer at the corner of her mouth, or she didn't do anything now, just put her hands on the table and stared at me sullenly…

I suddenly felt cold all over, as if I had just been fished out of the glacier!

Dong Ci, I have already decided, from now on alone… No, with Zi Ling, and Pu Xue, let's live like this. I don't want to make Ziling sad anymore, and I don't want to kill other girls.

Pu Shu drank the wine in his glass and staggered away. His once straight back was in a state of embarrassment at the moment, like a tree that was blown to one side by the wind.


After that I gave myself a long vacation. Because I lacked the courage to walk into that cold room, and I lacked the courage to face corpses with ulterior motives. Until one day, when I was lying at home flipping through a magazine, a story enlightened me.

I got up from the sofa and excitedly called Pu Shu, but unexpectedly his cell phone was turned off.

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I had to meet him and show him this story. ——Maybe this is the crux of everything, it can save his life, and it can also rebuild my faith. In front of that chic little building, I saw him, he was pushing Pu Xue to walk on the lawn in a trance. He looked thinner and more haggard, with pale skin and sunken eye sockets, against the vibrant Pu Xue, he looked like a walking dead puppet.

Seeing me, his expression suddenly became terrified, as if he had seen a ghost in broad daylight.

You go away, Ziling will be unhappy. He yelled at me from a distance, and then pushed Pu Xue to flee in a hurry.

I quickly catch up, Pu Shu, give me five minutes.Uncle Ghost Ghost Stories

Pu Shu hesitated for a moment, then stopped. I handed him the magazine. The story was called "The Mermaid in the Bathtub Will Not Be Lonely". In the rainy day, he frantically killed people for revenge, but he didn't realize it afterwards.

You see, one thing you have in common with him is that you have a strong sense of guilt over the death of your lover. I said to Pu Shu, perhaps what you should do most now is to see a psychiatrist.

Are you saying that the deaths of those girls were not accidents, but that I caused them? Pu Shu was stunned.

It is very possible that many accidents can actually be man-made. For example, if you want a person to fall down the elevator shaft or platform, you only need to push it lightly, and if you want to turn a solid chandelier into a murder tool, you only need to remove a few wires. And those broken mirrors may have been smashed by yourself. Pu Shu, maybe you haven't been able to let go of Ziling's death all these years, so subconsciously you can't accept another woman to take her place. So on the eve of the wedding, you unknowingly become a "Zi Ling", inflicting terrible punishment on those girls and yourself! I go on and on, and at first I too was intimidated by your experience, and it was this story that reminded me. ——If there were ghosts in the world, wouldn’t I, as a body make-up artist, have been frightened to death long ago?


Pu Shu accepted my suggestion and agreed to see a psychiatrist.

That was the second time I walked into his home. The room is decorated very warmly, which should be the credit of Pu Xue, because the layout of the whole house is closely related to her clothing style, all of which are pink and cute princess looks.

Sister, let's have a cup of coffee, brother will come down after changing clothes. Park Xue came out of the kitchen in a wheelchair and brought me a cup of fragrant coffee.

I sat on the sofa and sipped the sweet coffee while waiting for Hackberry. But why am I suddenly so sleepy and my eyelids so heavy? …

When I opened my eyes again, I saw myself lying in the cold bathtub, tied up like a rice dumpling. Overhead, a strong jet of water is pouring down from the faucet. I struggled to get up and saw a pair of dark, beautiful big eyes. It was Pu Xue, she was leaning over and staring at me, smiling like a flower.

We Married Oni Ze Couple_Ghost Marriage News_Xiangxi Ghost Marriage Event

Pu Xue, what are you doing?

I want you to die! Pu Xue's expression gradually became ferocious, you are so hateful! Why do you have to separate me and my brother? I don't, I just want to help your brother heal!

My brother is not sick at all! I killed those nasty women! Since I was a child, my elder brother and I have been dependent on each other, especially after a car accident ten years ago made me lose the ability to walk, he loves me even more, and treats me as the supreme princess, but since they appeared, my brother's heart has been broken. It's not mine anymore! So I looked for opportunities to eliminate them one by one, including Ziling of course! I first used props such as women's underwear to drive a wedge between her and my brother, then pushed her into the river and drowned her, and then used her death to make my brother suspicious and afraid to accept other women. But you, a bad woman, almost shattered my plan, so you must die too!

Park Xue talked about the ghost marriage news , and slowly, slowly stood up from the wheelchair. Her legs… her legs were as slender and powerful as a normal person. She took a step forward and stretched out her hand to hold my head. Desperately pressed into the water…

Hehe, you must have thought that my leg was destroyed in the car accident ten years ago. In fact, I have recovered a long time ago. I just kept pretending, because only in this way, my brother will always love me and love me forever. stay by my side…


When I opened my eyes again, I saw Hackberry. It was he who saved me. It turned out that Park Xue also brought him a cup of coffee that was also mixed with sleeping pills. Fortunately, he had suffered from insomnia for a long time, and the sleeping pills had failed in his body, so he just woke up after taking a nap. When he came downstairs, he saw that incredible scene.

A few days later, late at night, I received another call from Pu Shu, who said, Dong Ci, Pu Xue is dead.

After the truth was discovered, Pu Xue never dared to face the reality, so she climbed up to the tallest building in the city wearing her wedding dress and jumped off.

It was still such a gloomy rainy night, and I was still in that spooky room. I took off the pale shroud, put my hand on the girl's cold forehead, and said softly, Park Xue, don't be sad, I will help You, become the most beautiful bride in this world.

I believe she can hear it. Because when my hand moved away, her angry eyes were closed.

As peaceful as it was at first.

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