Legend Of Wolf Head

Since ancient times, merchants often offer sacrifices to the God of Wealth, but Dongguo Shop in Luanzhou offers a tripod with a wolf’s head. Wondering why this is? Well, let me tell you slowly.

1. Deding

It is said that the ancestor of the Dongguo business in Luanzhou was a small trader who drove donkeys from village to village and on both sides of the Luan River. One day, a Dongguo peddler bought a donkey carrying chestnuts from the mountains and sold them to Luanzhou. On the way, he met a wounded wolf and asked him for help. The wolf said that it was being chased by a hunter and begged Boss Dongguo to save its life. He hesitated, then took out the abacus from his bag, and counted one by one to one, two to two to four. The wolf was in a hurry, and said: “What time is it? You still care about pulling the abacus. If it is too late, the hunter will come after you.” But he said: “I am a businessman. It’s profitable, so you can’t do business at a loss, right?” He didn’t put away his abacus, unloaded his pack, and dumped the chestnuts on the side of the road until the hunter’s chasing shouts came from behind the mountain, and let the wolf get into his pocket. After that, tie up the bag and put the mouth on the donkey’s back, and continue on the road.

After escaping the interrogation of the hunter who arrived later, the wolf said: “Let me out quickly, I will be suffocated to death.” Unexpectedly, he smiled strangely and said: “Do you think that our Dongguo family was kicked by donkeys since childhood?” A nerd with a brain? To be honest, since I put you in my pocket, I have no intention of letting you out again.”

The wolf panicked in the pocket and asked eagerly, “Then what are you going to do?”

He said in a somewhat smug tone: “Didn’t you see that I did the math of ‘one gets one, two gets four’? I was just calculating which one sold more, a bag of chestnuts or a wolf skin Good deal.”

Hearing what the Dongguo peddler said, the wolf couldn’t help lamenting: “What a profiteer.” Then he let out a desperate howl and died.

A piece of wolf skin is sold for two bags of chestnuts. The Dongguo peddler unexpectedly made a fortune in this business. But since then, every night he could hear the desperate howling of wolves, which made him sleepless all night. After a long time, the Dongguo hawker was described as emaciated and skinny. He invited doctors all over the city of Luanzhou, and took a wagon-load of herbal medicine, but it didn’t work. The Dongguo peddler’s condition became worse and worse day by day, gradually revealing his afterlife. Just when the family members were helpless and almost desperate, an old Taoist came to the door and boasted that he was specialized in treating difficult and miscellaneous diseases, and he could cure all the strange diseases that the doctor’s pharmacy was helpless and incurable. Although the Dongguo family knew that the words of the wandering Taoist priests could not be trusted, they had no choice but to go to the doctor in a hurry, so they invited the Taoist priests into the house.

It is useless to look, smell, ask, or cut when the old way enters the house. Then he asserted that the Dongguo peddler was sick because of sitting on a wolf skin. It is said that when he was looking for skins from wolves, he violated the big taboo of businessmen and lost his nature as a businessman. As a result, evil haunts the upper body, ghosts enter the body, and the mind is confused. In the end, the heart will be overwhelmed by the fire of desire, the energy will be exhausted, and the lamp will dry up.

Hearing this, Dong Guo’s family was disappointed. Said: “Could it be that the Taoist priest can’t cure this disease?”

At this time, the old Taoist waved his hand, and then he took out a wolf-headed tripod and said, “This tripod is made by smelting a hundred taels of gold with the “Business Classic” written by Bai Gui, the founder of merchants. Put it on the desk. Within a hundred days, The sick will heal themselves.”

When Dong Guo’s family heard that the patient was saved, they couldn’t help being overjoyed. But after thinking about it, they all sucked their teeth and felt sad again. Said: “Even if we go bankrupt and dig up our ancestral graves, I’m afraid we can’t afford this wolf-head tripod made of a hundred taels of gold.”

After listening to the old Taoist, he couldn’t help laughing. Said: “Healing the sick and saving the sick is the duty of the old monk. It is based on a predestined word. This tripod does not charge a penny, but there are two words in the wolf’s eye on the tripod, which must be kept in mind by the patient in the future.”

While speaking, the old Taoist got up, took his leave and walked out of the house. After Dong Guo’s family sent them out of the door, the old man disappeared in a blink of an eye. Just when people were puzzled, they heard a voice coming from the air: “Remember, the two words on the tripod must be kept in mind at all times, otherwise, there will be endless troubles.”

According to the old Taoist, the Dongguo family enshrined this wolf-headed cauldron on the case next to the Dongguo peddler’s sick bed.

At this time, the Dongguo peddler on the sickbed was dying. But when he saw the wolf head cauldron on the table, he couldn’t help but shiver. I saw two cold lights in the wolf’s eyes on the tripod, staring straight at him, piercing through his heart. When the cold light receded, two words really appeared in the wolf’s eyes. But at this time, Dongguo Vendor was too weak to move his lips, so he could only recite these two words silently in his heart. At this time, a miracle happened. Every time he recited these two words silently in his heart, he felt that his illness was relieved a little. As the saying goes, sickness comes like a mountain fall, and sickness goes like spinning silk. After repeating these two words silently thousands of times in his heart, the Dongguo peddler really recovered from the dead and stood up from the sick bed.

Because of this wolf-headed tripod, the Dongguo peddler was brought back to life and escaped the catastrophe. As a result, the auspicious star shines brightly, the wealth is prosperous, and it gradually develops. From selling mountain goods with donkeys, to renting shops and opening shops, and then opening shops with shops. Business is getting bigger and bigger.

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