Snake Taoist

The shape of this snake is quite strange, its body is only four or five feet long, and its width is about two feet. Then disappeared from the courtyard. The Taoist said that the brother was wrong in chess and underestimated the spirituality of the mother snake king. He hid in the big clock. There was no way for his senior brother to escape inside, and in the end he was still doomed and burned to death. … Continue readingSnake Taoist

Legend Of Wolf Head

Since ancient times, merchants often offer sacrifices to the God of Wealth, but Dongguo Shop in Luanzhou offers a tripod with a wolf’s head. 1. At this moment, the old Taoist waved his hand to get the tripod, and then he took out a wolf-headed tripod and said: “This tripod is made by smelting a hundred taels of gold with the “Business Classic” written by Bai Gui, the founder of merchants. He said: “We are going bankrupt. If we dig up the ancestral graves, I’m afraid we won’t be able to afford this wolf-headed cauldron made of a hundred taels of gold. According to the old Taoist, the Dongguo family enshrined this wolf-headed cauldron on the case next to the Dongguo peddler’s sick bed. But when he saw the wolf head cauldron on the table, he couldn’t help but shiver. Because of this wolf-headed tripod, the Dongguo peddler was brought back to life and escaped the catastrophe. … Continue readingLegend Of Wolf Head