The Origin Of Huxiantang Village

This winter, it snowed heavily in the mountains. A fellow villager who went into the mountains to collect firewood told him about a strange thing he saw at the "Ecstasy Array" after returning to the village. That white fox turned out to be a fox fairy! When he returned to the village, he smashed the hunting rifle, burned the hunting equipment, and built a fox fairy hall on the edge of the village, offering incense day and night. This is the origin of Huxian Tangtun.

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The monster picked up the sieve and ran to the Crescent Sea behind the Crystal Mountain to find water. After walking for a long time, Doudou suddenly remembered that he had left the bag for collecting food at the monster's house in his hurry. The monster took back the tree stick and beat the bag hard, making the cat howl incessantly. The monster swung the tree stick and beat it, and said: "Okay, now you are pretending to meow like a cat!" It wasn't until he opened the pocket that the monster discovered that it was indeed his cat. … Continue readingYour Current Location Is: Haunted House>Folk Ghost Stories>Browse Articles Folk Ghost Stories

Legend Of Wolf Head

Since ancient times, merchants often offer sacrifices to the God of Wealth, but Dongguo Shop in Luanzhou offers a tripod with a wolf’s head. 1. At this moment, the old Taoist waved his hand to get the tripod, and then he took out a wolf-headed tripod and said: “This tripod is made by smelting a hundred taels of gold with the “Business Classic” written by Bai Gui, the founder of merchants. He said: “We are going bankrupt. If we dig up the ancestral graves, I’m afraid we won’t be able to afford this wolf-headed cauldron made of a hundred taels of gold. According to the old Taoist, the Dongguo family enshrined this wolf-headed cauldron on the case next to the Dongguo peddler’s sick bed. But when he saw the wolf head cauldron on the table, he couldn’t help but shiver. Because of this wolf-headed tripod, the Dongguo peddler was brought back to life and escaped the catastrophe. … Continue readingLegend Of Wolf Head