King Dyebu Fulfills His Wish

Once upon a time, a man surnamed Wang in Pingding Prefecture, Shanxi, was engaged in the cloth dyeing business in Zhengdingfu, Hebei.

The cloth dyeing king dyed cloth for a year, and got a lot of money on credit. At the end of the year, the cloth dyeing king rode a donkey around the village to ask for the debt. One day, I came to a village on the bank of the Hutuo River and asked for the last payment. I planned to clean up and go back to my hometown for the New Year. When he passed the Heshen Temple, he suddenly became dizzy, fell off the donkey, and passed out.

When several local villagers saw someone fall off the back of a donkey, they all stepped forward to rescue him. When they came to him, they saw that it was King Dyebu, and everyone hurriedly helped him up. After a while Lao Wang woke up, but his legs and feet were numb and unable to move. People were very anxious when they saw him like this. A kind old woman said: “The God of the River is very effective. Go to the temple and make a wish!” Falling down, it was the disaster caused by the god of the river. It’s the end of the year, the rich are busy with the New Year, the poor are worried about food and clothing, and they don’t have the heart to pray to the gods and worship the Buddha. Seeing King Dianbu passing by, knowing that he was rich, he blew his breath and let him fall down.

The King of Dyebu heard the old woman say to make a wish, and thought to himself: If you are away from home, you can’t do it if you are sick, and you will suffer. The family members are worried that if you die of illness, it will be a trivial matter to be a funeral ghost, and the money you have to pay will be lost. When I rushed here, I listened to the old woman’s words, and asked people to enter the temple of the river, kneeling on the ground and begging: “Please show me the god of the river, so that my illness will be cured as soon as possible, and I will be safe on the way home. I promise One hundred steamed buns, new dragon robes, and two sieves of incense sticks.” Hearing that the wish was not small, the God of the River was delighted, and immediately withdrew his disaster.

The evil energy came out from King Ranbu, and he felt comfortable, like a good person. He went to a restaurant on the street, ordered two steamed buns and a bowl of soup, and drank while thinking about what happened just now. The more he thought about it, the more he felt The wish is too big, and it hurts to spend money. When he picked up the second steamed bun and broke it to eat, he turned his eyes and thought of a way to save money to fulfill his wish, and he became more energetic. After eating and drinking enough, King Dyebu took a steamed bun and went to the grocery store to bury a handful of yellow table paper from Xianghe River. Then he came to the Heshen Temple, knelt down on his knees and kowtowed, and said: “The God of the River has efficaciousness. The vows made will be fulfilled.” After speaking, he stood up and sang a section of Shanxi Bangzi’s “Da Jinzhi”. After singing, he said to the god of the river: “This is a (big) play!” After speaking, he broke the steamed bun and placed it on the altar table and said, “This is the steamed bun (one hundred)!” Then he took out the incense sticks. He burned the yellow table paper in front of the statue, and said: “This is incense, which shows two colors (sieve).”

King Dianbu fulfilled three wishes and expressed three concerns. When it came time to return the “dragon robe for a new one”, he didn’t know what to do. He put his hand into the money bag and felt for the money. Pain, and as soon as he let go, he touched the running book that was about to be completed, and suddenly thought of a good way to repay the last wish. He took out the useless account book, tore it into strips, and pasted it on the God of the River, and then said: “The account book was torn into strips, and it was pasted on the body like a dragon robe. I paid my vow today, and I owe nothing.” After turning around, he left. The God of the River saw such a way of fulfilling the vow, and he was so angry that he said: “It is said that Shanxi Lao Xier gave up his life and never gave up his money. If I can spread disaster, he will arrange it cleverly. I was fooled, I didn’t get any benefits, and I got covered in bills. Sigh…”

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