King Dyebu Fulfills His Wish

The cloth dyeing king dyed cloth for a year, and got a lot of money on credit. At the end of the year, the cloth dyeing king rode a donkey around the village to ask for the debt. After a while Lao Wang woke up, but his legs and feet were numb and unable to move. People were very anxious when they saw him like this. A kind old woman said: “The God of the River is very effective. Go to the temple and make a wish!” Falling down, it was the disaster caused by the god of the river. When I rushed here, I listened to the old woman’s words, and asked people to enter the temple of the river, kneeling on the ground and begging: “Please show me the god of the river, so that my illness will be cured as soon as possible, and I will be safe on the way home. I promise There will be a big show, one hundred steamed buns, a new dragon robe, and two sieves of fragrant watches. … Continue readingKing Dyebu Fulfills His Wish