The Legend Of Montenegro

I’m a wild ghost who’s been wandering the Black Mountains for ten years.

Before my death, I was a businessman. Because my ancestors had a good foundation and my generation managed it well, the business grew bigger and bigger, and I became well-known in the local area.

One day ten years ago, I led a caravan through a small town at the foot of Montenegro. It was the cold winter season, and it was snowing heavily, so I couldn’t return to my hometown in time, so I had to stay at the inn in the town. Although the town is not big, the inn is very spacious, but I feel extremely depressed. I really hope that the goddamn wind and snow will stop sooner, it will be bad if it delays the trip.

In the evening, I opened the window of the room. Due to the wind and snow, the streets in the town were already deserted, making them extremely deserted. The barren hills in the distance are already covered with snow, quiet and eerie. For a while, I had an urge to get close to it.

“Anyway, I have nothing to do, so I might as well go out for a walk.” Thinking to myself, I walked out of the inn with a lantern in my hand, thinking about moving to the barren hills in the distance step by step. This is the stupidest decision of my life and the last time…

Until the next morning, I still hadn’t seen my return, so the entourage became anxious and looked for my whereabouts everywhere. Finally, they found my mutilated body on the mountainside of Montenegro. It turned out that last night, I met a pack of wolves! The entourage was terrified by this horrible scene, they had no time to care about my dead body, and they scattered yelling.

Because of my death in a foreign land and exposure of my corpse to the wilderness, I became a lonely wild ghost who could never be reincarnated, a wandering, lonely wild ghost. And the Montenegro that tempted me to be devoured by wolves naturally became the only home I could live in.

Ten years have passed. For a full ten years, I was lonely and helpless, and I no longer enjoyed the power and wealth I had during my lifetime. During the day, Montenegro is inaccessible, and occasionally there are travelers on the road, but they just pass by in a hurry. I have no way to show up in the daytime, because the scorching sun will shine my soul out of my wits. However, whenever I hear someone’s footsteps underground, I will be very excited, and I will recall the happiness and joy of my life. At night, when I got out of the ground, I never saw a single person again. Because there are often wolves on the Black Mountain, no one dares to cross the mountain at night, of course, except me, a fool who is not afraid of death. I really want to see people again, after all, I haven’t seen people in ten years.

I don’t know whether it is God pitying me or wanting to punish me, but one day ten years later, I met her. That day, when the sun was setting, I came to the ground as usual. What surprised me was that someone built a simple thatched house on the mountain! “Could it be a fool who dares to move to the mountains and die?” I thought so, but I was still very happy, after all, I had neighbors, and I was no longer lonely.

I quietly approached this hut, and found that the new neighbors were father and daughter. The father was a hunchback, and he looked like a martial artist, but from his eyes, I saw depression and sadness. And that little girl looked only five or six years old, and her round red face looked very innocent and cute.

From that day on, I quietly guarded this thatched hut, preventing the wolves on the mountain from approaching—wolves are also afraid of ghosts.

One evening, seeing the little girl playing alone in the yard, I cautiously approached her. To be honest, I was a little nervous at the time, not because I hadn’t talked to anyone for ten years, but because I was afraid of scaring her. I lowered my head very low, for fear that she would see my pale, non-human face.

“Are you a ghost?” The little girl looked up at me and smiled.

“Huh?” Her straight-to-the-point question immediately confused me. “Aren’t you afraid of me?” Seeing that she wasn’t afraid, I didn’t deny it.

“Not afraid!” She replied simply.

“Why?” I couldn’t help but feel curious. Is she a fool? Or their father and daughter are legendary wizards who specialize in exorcising ghosts.

“Because my mother is also a ghost. She fell ill and died two days ago. My father said that people will become ghosts when they die. Mother has already become a ghost. In the future, my father and I will also become ghosts. At that time, everyone will become a ghost.” It’s a ghost, what’s so scary?” Although her explanation was childish, it was not unreasonable.

“Oh, that’s right…then, what’s your name?” Knowing that their father and daughter are not wizards, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Yue’er. What about you?”

“Call me Xiao Hei.” I made up a name casually. After all, people are dead, and everything in life should be let go, including the name.

“The puppy my family used to raise was also called Xiao Hei, haha!”


From then on, I went to the yard to talk to Yue’er every day. She told me that there were wars everywhere outside, and the common people fled to death. Yue’er’s mother fell ill and died while fleeing. Later, Father Yue’er had no choice but to take Yue’er to the mountain for refuge. They knew that there were wolves on the mountain, but Father Yue’er was able to deal with three or five wolves with his strength. Whenever her father is mentioned, Yue’er will unconsciously have a proud smile on her face, but when it comes to her mother, she always lowers her head and her voice becomes very small.

Having lived in Montenegro for ten years, I know very well that the number of wolves on Montenegro is only a fraction. But when I told her this, I just promised her that I would guard this hut together with his father, guarding Yue’er. Yue’er seems to be very happy, every time she sees me, she always has something to say. Until one day, Yue’er’s father heard my conversation with Yue’er, and he didn’t know my existence. To my surprise, this middle-aged man was not as afraid of me as I expected, but threatened me viciously: If he dared to hurt Yue’er, he would break my legs. I can only smile wryly, I’m already a ghost, I don’t even have legs…

In the blink of an eye, ten years have passed. Yue’er has grown from a little girl to a big girl, not to mention how handsome she is, she is simply stunning—at least I think so. In these ten years, at first I just regarded Yueer as my junior; later, when she grew up, I regarded her as my younger sister; now, I seem to have developed a special feeling for her , and it is so hard to leave. I was terrified, unable to admit it or deny it. Maybe, I have fallen in love with her. However, from her eyes, all I saw was respect and gratitude. How many times, I want to express this emotion to her, but every time I hold the words in my heart and can’t say it. Because, people and ghosts go their own way. Sometimes, I would say to myself, as long as we are happy together, being able to accompany her through this life is my greatest happiness.

Finally one day, I learned the news that Yue’er and his daughter were going to leave. It was Yue’er who told me. The war outside subsided, and their father and daughter were going to seek refuge with distant relatives. I knew this day would come sooner or later, Yue’er is human after all, it is impossible to live an isolated life like me, but this day seems to come too early, I was at a loss for a while. Fortunately, Yue’er told me that she would come back to see me often, which gave me some comfort and a glimmer of hope in my despair. I will wait for her, even if it is a hundred years, I will wait.

Moon is gone.

And I can only choose to wait, silently, just for the promise she made when she was parting. Three years have passed, and during these three years, I finally understand how painful and difficult it is to love someone. Every moment, her voice and smile appeared in my mind, and I felt like I was about to collapse. In the past three years, my morality has improved a little, and Montenegro, the place where my bones are buried, can no longer restrict my freedom, and I can choose to leave at any time. But what if I leave Yue’er and come back and can’t find me? I want to take the initiative to find her, but where can I find her due to the vastness of the world? In desperation, I had no choice but to wait.

Maybe it was my infatuation that moved the heavens. On this day, Yue’er came back in a hurry.

We talked all night that day. It turned out that their father and daughter had settled down in a town hundreds of miles away, and with relatives taking care of them, their lives were pretty good. Yue’er also told me that she and a young man surnamed Shen in the town were in love, and they were engaged, and they were going to get married in ten days. Although I am not human, she has always regarded me as an elder brother for the past ten years. She came this time to tell me the good news, hoping to get the blessing of me as an elder brother.

Her words struck me like a thunderbolt. I was so heartbroken that after three years of waiting, what I was waiting for was this news! I was very angry, it turned out that in her heart, there was no place for me at all, Yue’er, Yue’er, could it be that Xiao Hei who has been with you for ten years is not as good as Shen Lang who has not known you for three years? I thought about it, but I didn’t say it out, I just pretended to be very happy and kept blessing her.

The next day, before the sun rose, Yue’er said goodbye to me reluctantly. Looking at her going back, I was silent for a long time, a tear ran down my cheek. Do ghosts cry too? Do not! Ghosts have no tears! I suddenly roared. In an instant, a thought came to me: No way! I am not willing to lose her like this, and I am not willing to let her become someone else’s wife. I hate, I hate myself for falling in love with someone who doesn’t love me at all, I hate that man surnamed Shen! I want to prevent them from getting married…

So, I quietly followed behind Yue’er. During the day, although I can’t show my face, I can hide underground. I am very familiar with the sound of Yue’er’s footsteps. Even in a busy city with people coming and going, I am confident that I will not lose my goal. That’s how I found Yue’er’s fiancé, the man she called Shen Lang’s home.

In revenge, I completely lost my mind. The night before Yue’er married Shen Lang, when Shen Lang was alone in the room, I appeared in front of him.

“Ah!—ghost!” he yelled, almost falling to the ground.

“Finally let me find you, hehehe…” I tried my best to look scary, so that he would be more afraid of me.

“Who are you? What do you want to do!” He really looked terrified.

“Listen, humble human, if you want to survive, stay away from Yue’er and give up this marriage!”

“Why?” When I mentioned Yue’er, he actually calmed down. “That’s impossible! I won’t be separated from her even if I die. Because, I love her!” His tone was so firm, which was beyond my expectation.

“Since this is the case… Hahahahaha… you must die!” I had completely lost my mind from embarrassment, and if I wanted to take back Yue’er, the man in front of me had to die!

I roared and rushed over, twisting Shen Lang’s neck with my own hands. His body fell down slowly, his wide-open eyes showed sadness and unyielding. Until his death, he never gave up on Yue’er; until his death, he never surrendered to me…

“Ah!” Yue’er appeared at the door at some point. She stared at me with wide eyes, as if she couldn’t believe what was happening before her eyes. “Why? Why are you doing this!” She became hysterical.

“For you.” I dare not look her in the eyes. “Come back with me. Your Shen Lang is dead, and you have nothing to worry about here. Let’s go back to Montenegro together and be a pair of human and ghost couples, okay?”

“Hehehe…hehe…” Yue’er suddenly laughed, with such despair. “Do you think this is possible? You are no longer the Blackie I know, you are a vicious devil! You have ruined my life, and now, I only hate you!” After finishing speaking, Yue’er slammed her head into the corner Go, I want to stop, but it’s too late. In the pool of blood, her eyes were wide open, filled with hatred and despair…

Seeing the person I love killed by myself broke my heart all of a sudden. I will never forgive myself for what I did. From then on, I hid in Montenegro, devoted myself to cultivation, and used this to forget everything that happened in the past.

Five hundred years have passed, and I have cultivated from a ghost to become a spirit; another five hundred years have passed, and I have cultivated from a spirit to a demon. From then on, I called myself Old Demon of Montenegro.

During this time, I would come to sit under an old pear tree on the top of the mountain every day. Because, this pear tree was planted by Yue’er herself when she was a child. I once promised her that when the tree grows and bears fruit, I will pick pears for her every day. Thinking of her yearning eyes at that time, a satisfied smile will float on the corner of my mouth.

I often talk to the old tree and caress its bark. And it, from time to time, will shake the leaves on the branches and make a rustling sound-it has become spiritual over time. Until one day, the old tree spoke, and it told me that it had been practicing for a long time, and it would become a spirit in ten days. I was very happy, and promised it to protect the Dharma for it during the ten days. In the next few days, the branches of the old tree shone brightly, day and night, illuminating the entire Montenegro. This may be a unique symptom of trees before they become mature. The people living at the foot of the mountain saw all this, and they were all amazed and inexplicable.

“The old tree on the Black Mountain is about to become a spirit!” The news spread quickly. Except that no one dared to stay on the mountain at night, many people would gather around the tree to point fingers and talk about it during the day. On the ninth day, something unexpected happened. On this day, the light emitted by the old tree was unprecedentedly bright, so there were also an unusually large number of onlookers gathered under the tree. I have thousands of years of Taoism, and I can show my face during the day. So, I turned into a crow and squatted on a branch, looking down at everything.

Suddenly, an old man stepped out of the crowd. This person has phoenix eyes and white face, wears a dragon robe, and his demeanor and deeds reveal the arrogance of a king. “I don’t believe it, what kind of monsters are there in this world, wait for me to cut them down!” The man’s tone was very arrogant.

“No, Your Majesty! This thing is about to become fine, if it is cut down, it may be bad luck.” The counselor behind him hurriedly stepped forward to dissuade it.

“Get out of the way! I’m determined! Even if there are spirits, I, Cao Mengde, can’t be dealt with!” After saying that, he raised his sword and slashed.

With a “click” sword, a large piece of the bark was cut off, and immediately after, a bright red liquid sprayed out from the cut of the bark. All the people present were stunned, they couldn’t believe the facts before them. The old tree groaned in pain, of course, only I could hear this weak voice.

“Are human beings really so cruel? Don’t they even want to let go of an old tree that is about to become a spirit?” I was angry. In order to take revenge on this cruel king, I cast a spell and cast a vicious curse on him. . I want to make him suffer from a sudden illness and die of unbearable headaches!

Sure enough, the old man fell to the ground in an instant with his head in his arms. Seeing that something was wrong, his subordinates had to carry him down the mountain. Along the way, they could hear the heart-piercing screams of the unbearable headache. Seeing this, everyone fled down the mountain without exception. Since then, fewer people have set foot in Montenegro. And under my protection, the old tree was also able to become a spirit and transformed into a human form.

“You’re already a Dryad, you should make a name for yourself,” I told it.

“That’s it, then, I, I’ll call you grandma.” Its voice was ambiguous, sometimes male and sometimes female. Trees are genderless, and so is becoming a spirit. “Thank you for your rescue this time. If you hadn’t rescued me from that old guy’s sword, I wouldn’t be where I am today.” After saying that, he knelt down in front of me.

I quickly lifted it up, smiled slightly, and said, “You and I are both monsters, so we should help each other, and we can’t say thank you for the effort.”

After that, I entered the underworld to continue my practice, so as to forget the pain of a thousand years ago. I also gave Montenegro to my grandma and allowed it to dominate. Because of being hurt by humans before, grandma has an extremely weird personality. It also adopted a group of lonely ghosts and enslaved them to harm people. In this regard, I have no objection, after all, I don’t have a good impression of human beings.

My grandma knows how to repay her kindness. In order to repay the kindness of saving my life, she would visit me in the underworld every ten years and offer one of her female ghosts to be my concubine. It knows that I still can’t forget Yue’er, so, out of good intentions, it hopes that I can pin my former feelings on them. It often persuaded me: “Where is there no grass in the end of the world? Your current practice has already disregarded even the gods, and you can definitely find a better woman than Yue’er.” But I just shook my head: ” You won’t understand, although there are many fragrant grasses, Yue’er is unique.”

A hundred years have passed, and my grandma has presented ten female ghosts to me as concubines. Although they all look like gods, I don’t pay attention to them at all. Because, I am an old demon from Montenegro, and I only have Yue’er in my heart.

On this day, grandma came again. This is the eleventh time, and to be honest, I’m getting a little bored. I wanted to send it back, but this time my grandma seemed very confident, and promised that if I was not satisfied this time, it would abolish its own morality. I’m curious, could it be that this old dryad captured the fairy from the sky this time?

“Xiaoqian, come and meet the old demon of Montenegro!” Grandma clapped her hands, looked at me and smiled.

Immediately afterwards, a woman in a white skirt came out from behind her grandma. Her face was pale and depressed, but it didn’t affect her beauty at all. She lowered her head and stood there dumbfounded, without saying a word.

In an instant, I felt as if I was struck by a sky thunder, and I couldn’t help shouting: “Yue’er!” I understood why grandma was so confident this time. Although Yue’er had been reincarnated countless times, her soul It won’t change. Thousands of years ago, grandma was planted by Yue’er herself, so she naturally recognized Yue’er.

I really didn’t expect that after more than a thousand years, I would meet her again. Moreover, this time she also became a lonely ghost, it was really destined by fate!

“Yue’er, do you still remember me? I’m Xiao Hei!” My body trembled unconsciously.

“Master Heishan old demon, I, my name is Xiaoqian.” Her body was also trembling uncontrollably, trembling because of fear.

“Don’t you really not know me? Have these dozens of reincarnations really made you forget everything? That’s good, at least you won’t hate me anymore.” I felt an indescribable feeling in my heart. Xiaoqian looked at me blankly, obviously she didn’t know what I was talking about.

“Grandma, thank you this time, Yue’er, no, it’s Xiaoqian, I stayed. We will get married tomorrow!” I thanked grandma excitedly.

“It’s nothing, maybe this is the cause and effect you often tell me. You saved my life, and I fulfilled your wish.” After finishing speaking, he was about to leave. I wanted to keep it for the wedding, but it insisted on going back to Montenegro, and said that someone came to make trouble on the mountain just after I got the news. I see that I can’t keep it, so I don’t say more.

underworld. at the wedding.

“Old Black Mountain Demon, let Xiaoqian go, or I won’t be polite to you!” A young man with the appearance of a scholar appeared in the wedding hall.

“Shen Lang? Why are you again? Why do you always fight against me and destroy the good things between me and Yue’er!” I was shocked, why did he appear at this time?

“I’m only here to take Xiaoqian back, even if I risk my life! I’m not Shen Lang, my name is Ning Caichen!” He said resolutely, his stubborn eyes and a thousand words Shen Lang was exactly the same many years ago.

“Only by you? Idiots are dreaming! Hahahaha… a joke, what a joke! Even if Da Luo Jinxian comes today, I still want him to come and go!”

“Only by this…” He said, untiing a treasured sword from his back. “This is given to me by Taoist Yan. It can slay demons and eliminate demons!” He was very confident.

“Hahahaha… The Tao is one foot tall, and the devil is one foot tall! How dare you threaten me with a broken sword? I’m afraid you are too overwhelmed!”

“Stop talking nonsense!” After saying that, he raised his sword to strike at me. I just waved my hand lightly, and he was thrown out together with the sword and fell heavily on the ground, a stream of blood gushing out from his mouth.

“You’d better give up, today is my day of great joy, I don’t want to kill.” I said coldly.

“No, never! I will never leave unless I get her out!”

“Why?” For a moment, I seemed to return to that sad night more than a thousand years ago.

“Because, I love her. In order to save her, I will do whatever it takes. I will take her ashes elsewhere so that she can be reborn as a human. I will wait for her to grow up, and then we will form a happy family There are husbands, wives, and a group of lively and lovely children, living an ordinary life of men farming and women weaving, and will not be disturbed by others. We will gradually grow old until we die. In the next life, we will continue our relationship…” Ning Caichen burst into tears, his eyes full of yearning for the future.

I feel very helpless, why is this person so stubborn? Can’t a thousand years of reincarnation change a person? I reached out and grabbed his neck, and he seemed to know that death was coming, so he closed his eyes and stopped talking.

“Don’t, don’t kill him. Lord Montenegro, I beg you.” Xiaoqian appeared in front of me at some point. “As long as you let him go, I’ll promise you anything!” With tears in her eyes, she begged bitterly.

“Would you hate me if I killed him now?” I couldn’t help asking.

“Yes!” After a long time, she seemed to have made up her mind and said the word. Although it was barely audible, she was very determined.

“Hahahaha… I knew it would be like this. Now, take your sword, we will fight to the death, and the winner will get Xiaoqian!” I let go of Ning Caichen’s neck, and said with a blank expression Said to him.

Ning Caichen looked at me in disbelief, and then he picked up the sword on the ground. “For her, I will never give up!” He stumbled and rushed towards me, the sword in his hand flashing coldly.

Xiaoqian closed her eyes, unable to bear to watch the scene where her sweetheart was about to die tragically. Two lines of clear tears flowed down the cheeks.

“Zi la——” I didn’t dodge, but let the sword pass through my chest, and at the same time pierced my soul.

“You, why don’t you hide?” Ning Caichen couldn’t believe the facts before him.

“Hehe, is there still a need to hide? I owe you this sword. Don’t tell grandma that you killed me. She has always admired me. If she knew that I was killed by a mortal, she would definitely look down on me.” Yes.” The reason why I said this was because I was afraid that my grandma would seek revenge on him in the future.

“Yue’er… I hope you will forgive me for the mistakes I made a thousand years ago.” Looking at Xiaoqian, I said foolishly.

“I forgive you, Yue’er forgives you…” Her eyes were moist again.

“It’s nice to see you for the last time before I die…” After that, I felt my soul dissipate little by little, and finally, completely disappeared in the boundless darkness of the underworld…

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