Who Is The Murderer Author: Chen Mingqiang


In the sixth year of Xianfeng, Chen Bingda, who had just been appointed as the magistrate of Bozhou, encountered a strange thing.

One day, in Gaoqiao outside Bozhou City, a seventeen or eighteen-year-old woman named Luo Yuzhu lived alone. This woman came to the Yamen twice within three days, each time saying that a masked man was going to assassinate her in the middle of the night.

Chen Bingda looked at the woman in front of him, her pink face was full of spring, and her clothes were neat. She didn’t look like she was assassinated or frightened.

Immediately, Chen Bingda felt that something was wrong, so he took Fang Jun, the head catcher, to Luo Yuzhu’s residence to check carefully. Nothing was found in Luo Yuzhu’s house. Chen Bingda really wanted to ask why Luo Yuzhu lived alone and who her family was. But Chen Bingda swallowed the words again, he felt that there was a story in it. He wants to see what strange things will happen to this strange woman.

That night, Chen Bingda ordered Fang Butou to stay outside her house to see if he could find anything.

Fang Tutou stayed here for several days, during which everything was peaceful, Luo Yuzhu went to bed early and woke up late, and she didn’t see anyone visiting her house. After Chen Bingda understood the situation, he asked Fang Butou to go back to the Yamen.

Three days passed like this.

Early this morning, Chen Bingda was looking through the previous case files. At this time, someone reported that Luo Yuzhu had come to report the case again. Chen Bingda showed a smile on his face, and immediately summoned Luo Yuzhu.

When Luo Yuzhu saw Chen Bingda, she burst into tears: “My lord, my brother was killed!”

Hey! what’s up? Chen Bingda originally thought that Luo Yuzhu came to report that someone was going to assassinate her again, so how did it turn out that her brother was killed? Fang Butou has been squatting at her house and didn’t find a brother coming in and out of her house? If you don’t keep your guard, there will be a murder! Which song is this sung? A series of questions swirled in Chen Bingda’s mind.

Immediately, Chen Bingda asked Luo Yuzhu: “I didn’t see your brother coming in and out a few days ago, why did he die in your house now?”

Although Luo Yuzhu was panicking, she still said very clearly: “My lord, my brother has been living in the city. I went to my fiancé’s house yesterday, but he came to my house last night and suffered such a murderous hand.”

“What’s your brother’s name? What does he do?” Chen Bingda asked.

“My brother’s name is Luo Pin, and ‘Shande Tea House’ is run by my brother.”

Since someone was killed, Chen Bingda didn’t dare to neglect, he immediately led people to Luo Yuzhu’s house quickly.

At the scene, I saw a burly man lying in the house. He was dressed in ordinary clothes, with wide eyebrows and big ears, with a surprised expression, and a dagger stuck in his chest.

Performing an autopsy, Chen Bingda looked around the house. Everything in the house was intact and there was no sign of a fight. It seemed that he was killed with a knife.

Chen Bingda had a lot of doubts in his heart, why did this gangster commit three murders here? Did they all come for Luo Yuzhu three times? Luo Pin was just killed by mistake?

At this time Chuzuo finished the body examination and reported to Chen Bingda that the deceased was stabbed yesterday evening and there was no trace of a struggle. It can be analyzed that the deceased was killed without knowing it.

Chen Bingda leaned over to look at the corpse on the ground, and suddenly he found that the index finger of the deceased’s right hand was stretched straight out, with the fingertips pointing up, and the eyes of the deceased were still open, and the eyes were also looking in the direction of the finger. Chen Bingda was very surprised by this action. He looked up along the fingertips of the deceased, and there was a bamboo vessel hanging on the long ridge of the roof. Looking at this bamboo vessel, Chen Bingda had a flash of inspiration, as if he understood something. After a while, Chen Bingda asked Kusaku to come to see and make inspection records. Then, carry the body back to the Yamen and put it away carefully.

At this time, Chen Bingda hurried to find someone to call Luo Yuzhu, and asked, “Who is in your brother’s family? Do you know that your brother was killed?”

Luo Yuzhu just remembered that her brother was murdered, and she was only thinking of reporting to the police, but she hadn’t had time to tell her sister-in-law.

Chen Bingda glanced at Luo Yuzhu, but didn’t say anything to her. He then asked people to prepare the horses and asked Luo Yuzhu to lead the way to Luo Pin’s house.

A group of people hurried to Luo’s house, and Chen Bingda came straight to the mansion. The maids of Luo’s mansion, large and small, were a little panicked when they saw the new county magistrate suddenly arrive. At this time Luo Yuzhu came forward and called Luo Pin’s wife to explain the reason, and the woman burst into tears.

Seeing this, Chen Bingda couldn’t ask any further questions. At this moment, Zhang Luoguo, the housekeeper of the Luo Mansion, stepped forward and said to Chen Bingda: “My lord, yesterday afternoon, my master said that he was going to the countryside to see how the young lady and the tea farmers are doing. Killed. My lord, you have to decide for us! This tea house as big as the Luo family is gone, what will we do in the future?”

The butler’s words made Chen Bingda understand three reasons. Chen Bingda asked the housekeeper to take him to Luo Pin’s room. When he came to the room, he saw a few landscape paintings on the wall. Chen Bingda asked the housekeeper, Luo Pin likes painting? The housekeeper quickly said, my master doesn’t know how to paint, he likes to appreciate it, and these few paintings were just invited to come to the house to paint. Chen Bingda wanted to ask something else. At this time, Catcher Fang came rushing in from nowhere, and said to Chen Bingda in a panic, “It’s not good, my lord, the home of Liu Tianhe, the owner of ‘Shunde Tea House’, was caught in a fire!”

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