Immortal Legend

The place where the thing fell was about 20 meters away. Due to the distance, the reflection of the water surface and the suddenness of the incident, no one could see clearly what fell. They only felt that there was a lot of movement. Zhang Guozhong even started to dive his head into the water. I looked down, afraid that something might dive over. At this moment, an unexpected scene happened again. There was a crash, and the fallen object seemed to jump out of the water again. It was as fast as a dolphin jumping out of the water, but it didn't fall again.

"Damn… what kind of habit is this?" Old Liu rubbed his eyes with his arm and carefully took a photo with his flashlight. He saw the white flashlight flashing back and forth on the uneven water, and the entire passage was The deathly silence was restored, "Except for the sound of the water falling down just now, there was no other sound from the beginning to the end…" Old Liu Tou tilted his eyes at Qin Ge, "Master Qin, after going up this passage How much do you know about the terrain?”

"What about the fifty-meter passage?" Old Liu Tou had no intention of continuing to move forward.

"It should be a hall…" Qin Ge tried his best to recall, "but there are some thin stripes on the picture, I don't know what they are…" At this moment, Qin Ge also regretted a little, if he had known that this time he would go down to the underground palace in the picture. , so I took a copy of the ancient picture with me.

"There's nothing down there!" At this moment, Zhang Guozhong popped his head out of the water, "There's something wrong with the water!"

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"Nonsense, they left long ago!" Old Liu Tou said, "What's wrong with the water?"

"Leaving?" Zhang Guozhong was stunned, wiped his face, and listened for a long time, but there was no movement. "So you're not here for us?"

"Maybe… it fell accidentally?" Al Xun said. "Back then, on the Laoshan front line, Vietnamese devils loved digging traps."

"It's impossible…" After hearing what Alxun said, Zhang Guozhong shook his belly bag like a rattle. It was understandable that such a thing would happen to a human being if he lost his footing and fell down the stairs. Resentment's reflexes were stronger than those of insects. It is impossible to fall, and at this moment, except for the four people present, how could there be anyone else? "Brother, should we go back or continue forward?"

"Destined to live or die…!" Lao Liu was heartbroken and raised his gun again, "By the way, what's wrong with this water?"

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"The color is not quite right!" Zhang Guozhong said, "I can't say for sure. The water here is much clearer than outside, but there seems to be something sparse under the water, with a little red head. It has been muddied by us, but I am sure. It’s definitely not soil!”

"What could that be?" Old Liu dived into the water with a splash. Under the light of a flashlight, Old Liu Tou discovered that the water in this channel was indeed very clear. There does seem to be a layer of something under the water, and the color looks a bit like red saltpeter.

"Damn…it's not a good time to stay here for a long time, everyone, let's go!" Old Liu Tou stood up, feeling an ominous premonition for no reason, raised his gun and walked forward with a bang. "What's wrong?" Although Zhang Guozhong didn't understand what was going on, he still raised his sword and followed him.

Just when a few people were about ten meters away from where "that thing" fell into the water, they heard a splash behind them, followed by the sound of iron chains, which made all the hair on Old Liu's head stand up. "Hurry up." …Run…!" As soon as Old Liu Tou said these words, there was another splash behind him, and the sound of the water became louder.

"Damn… two…" Old Liu turned around and pressed his body against the wall of the passage. When he shined a flashlight, he saw two black iron tower-like shadows behind him moving forward quickly, with the sound of clattering iron chains and The sound of water mixed together, just listening to it is enough for a person to drink a pot.

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"Take a shot from me…!" Old Liu Tou raised his gun and aimed two shots at Grandpa Hei's "Shangli point". At this moment, Alxun, the last man in the team, also pulled out his gun and ran behind him. It would be better to shoot or not to shoot. This time, Lao Liutou was a little desperate. Originally, he was still lucky with the "Red Salt Sandwich Bullet", but he didn't expect that whether it was the 10 mm caliber gun in his hand, The "mortar" is the 7.65mm "Browning 140" pistol in Alxon's hand. When it hits the "Black Grandpa", sparks will fly out, as if it can't penetrate at all, and these two After the black grandfather took a few shots, his forward speed not only did not slow down , but also accelerated. "Guozhong! The gun can't hit you! Shoot the guy!" In desperation, Old Liu threw the pistol into the water, pulled out the Seven-Star Sword and laid it sideways on the water.

While Old Liu Tou was shooting, Zhang Guozhong was the first to come to the place where the "thing" had just been dropped, and found that this was not the end of the passage. Looking forward, the dark passage still had no end in sight, and looking up, there was no end in sight. There is a dark square "patio" that is similar in size to the "Tianmen" we came down from. It is not known where it leads. Although there is no staircase, there is a rope as thick as a little finger hanging from it. The material looks like the one used by Qin Ge. The nylon climbing rope is almost the same. It seems that the people who came here before should have gone up from here. "Mr. Qin! You go up from here first!" After hearing Old Liu Tou shout, Zhang Guozhong dodged and came behind Al Xun. He saw two black shadows only ten meters away from Old Liu Tou at most.

"Here!?" Qin Ge stared at the endless passage ahead, then looked up at the dark hole above, and panicked for a moment, "But there is a passage ahead!" In fact, he saw the hole hanging over the entrance. From the rope that came down, Qin Ge could also guess that the last group of people went up from here. Based on the analysis of the "poetry" on the outer wall of the "Tianmen", it is very likely that the group of people "ascended" to heaven after going up from here. Could it be that Are you going to knowingly follow in the footsteps of that "poet" and "ascend to heaven" this time?

"Hurry!!" Zhang Guozhong pulled out his giant sword and stood in a row with Old Liu Tou. At this time, Grandpa Hei had already rushed forward, "Mr. Qin, come up quickly!" Zhang Guozhong didn't have time to explain to Qin Ge, and waved loudly. The sword struck the black grandfather. He didn't know how thick the chain armor on this thing was. He just heard a clang and almost cracked Zhang Guozhong's jaw. Even though the giant sword was a treasure, it faced the thing. The iron chain armor all over his body seemed to have little effect.

"Don't chop! Prick!" Compared to Zhang Guozhong, Lao Liutou seemed to be more thoughtful. The stress point when cutting horizontally is too great, and even the sharpest blade will have difficulty in being effective, but it is different to pierce it with the tip of the sword. I saw Old Liu Tou holding the hilt of the sword tightly with both hands, stabbing at the chest of the chain-mail corpse while distracted. The Seven-Star Sword was a seven-star series after all. With a clang sound, more than half of the sword blade pierced the chain-mail corpse at once. On the chest, this move really worked. The pierced chain-mail corpse immediately stood still.

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Holding the hilt of the sword with both hands, Old Liu was also stunned. He thought to himself: This thing looks menacing. Why is it so capable? Just when Old Liu Tou was stunned, the stabbed chain-mail corpse suddenly raised a "hand" and pulled it sideways, and a big iron arm went straight to Old Liu Tou's head. If it hit him this time, I'm afraid his head would not fly away. He also had to suffer from a cervical vertebra fracture and high paraplegia.

"My mother…" Faced with this sudden attack, Lao Liu's tongue and heels were cold. He didn't even bother to draw back his sword and squatted down as hard as he could. Feeling a strong wind blowing past his scalp, "The sword is broken…" Old Liu Tou thought to himself that he was unlucky. He kicked off the ground with his feet and pushed his body back more than two meters with a splash.

Seeing this scene, Qin Ge didn't care whether he ascended to heaven or not. He stood on Alxun's shoulders and grabbed the rope and climbed up the patio. It was not known which Madhaha put down the rope in the first place. The length will actually be the same as the top of the tunnel. If a normal person stands in the tunnel, he will not be able to reach the rope at all. "Mr. Qin! Hurry! Put down that rope a little more!" Alxun was also a little panicked. Seeing Zhang Guozhong and Lao Liutou fighting on the front line, he was dangling his gun and didn't dare to fight. I jumped twice trying to reach the rope, but my hands were too wet and even if I could manage to catch it a little, it would slip off.

Qin Ge, who was above, was also confused and looked around with his flashlight. It turned out that he was in a hall, and the other end of the rope continued into the darkness. He didn't know where it was fixed. "Wait a minute! I 'll put the rope!" Qin Ge pulled out his dagger and hurriedly tried to cut the rope. But without this kind of professional climbing rope, how could his dagger be able to cut it? (Back in Bashan, Zhang Guozhong did not cut Qin Ge’s climbing rope with dragon scales, but finally broke it with a pistol)

"Why don't you go up!?" Zhang Guozhong put his sword on the chest of the iron-locked corpse. His body was pressed against the wall and there was no way to retreat. At this moment, a scene that made Zhang Guozhong wet his pants happened. From this thing From the gaps in the iron chain, a trace of tentacles stretched out, and the tentacles stretched like snakes. With the light of Alson's flashlight, there were more than a dozen of them, "What the hell is this?" Thing!?" Although the sword in Zhang Guozhong's hand was supporting the body of the iron-locked corpse, the blade on the other side was also facing his neck. If he moved even slightly, his head might move, and he could only watch helplessly. The iron-locked corpse was getting closer to him.

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At this moment, the situation on Old Liu Tou's side was not much better. Relying on his small body and quick wit, Old Liu Tou kept trying to pull back the seven-star sword inserted into the iron-locked corpse, but the iron-locked corpse was struck by the seven-star sword. He seemed to feel a little uncomfortable after being stabbed by the sword. He kept scratching his chest with both hands. Lao Liu circled his head for several rounds without a chance to make a move. Seeing that Zhang Guozhong was forced into a corner by this thing, he wanted to go up and help, but As soon as I stepped forward, I suddenly felt that my legs were tightly wrapped with iron chains.

Before he could react, he was pulled down into the water with a splash, "Damn it…" Old Liu Tou struggled to stand up, and suddenly felt a black iron tower in front of him, and he was locked away from the iron tower. Not even a foot. "Give me the sword!" Seeing an opportunity, Old Liu Tou quickly reached out to pull out the giant sword stuck in his chest. However, as soon as he held the sword's tip with his hand, he saw Iron Lock Corpse suddenly raise his two "hands" "With a bang, he hugged Old Liu Tou, and with a thud, the Seven-Star Sword inserted in the chest of the Iron Lock Corpse was sent completely into the Iron Lock Corpse's body under the action of Old Liu Tou's body, "Ah…" Lu The hilt of the sword outside the Iron Lock Corpse almost hit Old Liu's head to death, "Ai… Brother Ai… just stand and wait for death… come… come and help…" With a plop, Old Liu's head was held by the Iron Lock Corpse and pressed against it. On the wall, just like Zhang Guozhong, he watched helplessly as a bunch of small tentacles slowly approached him. "What the hell is this…?" During the struggle, Lao Liutou suddenly remembered that he was in Egypt

And the scene of being hugged by someone…

At the same time, above the patio.

While cutting the rope with a dagger, Qin Ge suddenly heard Old Liu Tou's cry. He looked at the climbing rope in his hand and cut less than half of it, "Gun…my gun…" In desperation, Tago He started to touch the gun hurriedly, and only then did he remember that his gun had always been in Old Liu Tou's hand…

"Axun! Throw the gun to me!!" Qin Ge returned to the edge of the patio, but at this moment Aerxun was not under the patio. There was only the sound of clattering iron chains and the flashing flashlights in the cave. …"Headmaster Zhang! Mr. Liu! Axun!!" Because the patio was relatively "thick", Qin Ge couldn't see what was going on inside the cave…

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