Chapter 238 Sudden Death

In front of supernatural events, people have hallucinations, or are strangely stuck in a certain place and cannot get out. Such things are actually not uncommon, on the contrary, they are very common.

This is the power of Li Gui gradually affecting the surroundings.

When this force is strong enough, a ghost realm will form.

Just because the ghosts are different, the ghost realms that may be formed are also different. For now, Yang Jian has never encountered two identical ghost realms.

The ghost realm born from his ghost eyes is more likely to cause hallucinations, and can even cause hallucinations for ghosts entering the ghost realm. As for other ghost realms with other characteristics, it is unknown.

"You mean we've fallen into a ghost realm…" Yang Jian glanced at Wang Xiaoming.

Wang Xiaoming said: "It is possible that the entire hospital was affected after this ghost appeared. Even if the ghost realm is not generated, it is still a place similar to the ghost realm. Although I am not sure, you can tentatively think that you have entered this ghost baby." It’s within the ghost realm.”

"Things have become complicated." Zhang Han whispered; "If we encounter the same situation as the Huanggang Village incident, it will be over."

Yang Jian's expression changed.

Regarding the ghost coffin incident in Huanggang Village, although people who entered the village did not fall into the ghost realm, who would have thought that the entire village was transformed by evil ghosts.

"Keep going forward, just pay attention to your surroundings." Wang Xiaoming didn't seem too worried, and he still walked forward calmly.

The hospital, shrouded in black and blue haze, seemed to have grown a lot bigger. It was just a lobby, but it took ten minutes to reach the first corner.

A deep passage with no end in sight.

On both sides of the passage are the hospital's outpatient departments and some wards. The doors of these rooms are closed, and there is a gloomy and ominous atmosphere everywhere.

This is the kind of place no one would walk into if they could help it.

But it's different now. All the ghost masters in Dachang City are here, and they must find a way to deal with this ghost, otherwise no one will be able to leave the city alive.

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"Something's wrong."

Zhao Kaiming held his crutches and said with a gloomy face: "If we have to bravely walk through this passage, something will definitely happen, and even casualties are very likely to occur. If the ghost is really in the hospital, he will definitely appear."

"If you don't take this road, you have to take the elevator. Isn't that more dangerous?" Sun Yi thought for a moment and asked.

"Indeed, taking the elevator in a haunted hospital, if you are really in danger, you will be in trouble. This passage looks a little wrong, but since it is here, the ghost will definitely appear, no matter what we do Be careful, collisions are inevitable. Now we should not avoid the ghost, but find the ghost and solve it."

Yang Jian said calmly. He was pushing a cart behind him. There was a gold box on the cart.

This is a container for evil spirits.

"I'm just giving an opinion." Zhao Kaiming said: "As for how to make a decision, that is Professor Wang's business."

"Don't waste time, keep going forward." Wang Xiaoming walked into this deep passage without any hesitation.

Everyone was silent and just followed up, paying attention to the front, back, left, and right, even with the ghost doctor's descendants in the city still above their heads, and their feet observing.

If a fierce ghost attacks, they will immediately use their own ghost abilities to protect themselves.

Soon, the eight people quickly disappeared into this passage, and their bodies were completely swallowed up by the black and blue haze. After just walking a dozen steps, the hall of the hospital behind them had disappeared . The ghost doctor was still there. The city can no longer be seen, and the door leading to the outside of the hospital is also submerged in the haze.

If you look back now, you will definitely find that the way back has disappeared.

Keep going.

Everyone passed by the closed doors next to them. After taking a quick look, the doors were all hung with signs such as orthopedics, neurology, dermatology, etc. They looked normal and didn't feel strange.

However, in some rooms, strange lights flashed through the cracks under the doors.

It seemed like someone was playing with the switch, turning the lights on, off, on, off, and there was a ticking, ticking sound.

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When passing by this door, everyone was shocked. No one dared to say a word, and no one was willing to open the door out of curiosity to see what was going on inside.

"All the patients are gone." Suddenly, Wang Xiaoming said this on the way.

"Professor Wang, can you not say such scary things at this time?" Sun Yi's face was tense, crying and laughing, which was particularly ugly.

Wang Xiaoming continued: "It has only been half an hour since the incident happened. Even if the ghost really came to the hospital from Seventh Street, it would be impossible to kill all the patients in such a short period of time. If the patient was still alive, he would definitely call for help, but now I haven’t heard a single sound.”

"The hospital's alarm also stopped sounding. It seemed to have been turned off. Patients would definitely not do such a thing. It might have been done by that thing."

"I now have reason to believe that Li Gui has completely taken over this place. Now this is the territory of those things. We have now become intruders. If this is the case, maybe we don't need to look for it. It will soon be there." Come to us.”

Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and looked at Wang Xiaoming.

If all the cries for help stop, then Wang Xiaoming's previous inference is correct. The third stage ghost baby will kill everyone who hears the sound.

But at this time, he was walking and talking at the same time, so he was trying to kill himself. He clearly wanted to attract the ghost through his voice.

Instead of passively searching for the unknown terror, it is better to actively attract the ghost.

Theoretically, with so many ghost masters, there is still a chance of winning.


Suddenly, a ghost controller walking in front spoke in a low voice.


Everyone subconsciously stopped and then looked forward, their faces stern.


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The door to the outpatient clinic with an orthopedic sign on it was completely opened at some point.

The light inside was transmitted and reflected in the dim passage, illuminating the surrounding four or five square meters.

However, just opening the door of a clinic was not enough to make everyone so vigilant. What made everyone feel uneasy was the fact that a tall figure was left in front of the door of the clinic.

There seemed to be something standing at the door waiting for everyone to arrive.

"Who's there?" someone asked in a low voice.

No one in front responded to him, and the figure on the ground remained motionless, like a statue.

"I'm not a patient, nor a survivor in the hospital. What should Professor Wang do…" The man turned around and asked with cold sweat on his forehead.

"You don't need to be so afraid. Keep moving forward. If it's a ghost, find a way to imprison it." Wang Xiaoming said calmly.

It’s so light~!

Many people thought secretly.

When facing ghosts, ghost controllers only have more ability to protect themselves. If it is really hard, ten ghost controllers are not enough to kill one ghost.

And now, the ghost's information and intelligence are not clear at all. If he wants to imprison him, he is afraid that it will take several days of human life.

But complaints are complaints, so I can only bite the bullet and move forward.

We are getting closer and closer to the open clinic door in front.

The shadow remained motionless, without any reaction.

"See, encounter, hear. If the first three stages of ghost babies follow this murderous pattern, then only the third condition should be met now. If there is a ghost in the clinic, we should take action now. We It has heard the voices of these people." Yang Jian frowned, a little solemn and a little confused.

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Sure enough, the real rules still need to be confirmed by personal experiments. No wonder Wang Xiaoming didn't infer the ghost babies in the fourth stage.

Jumping to random conclusions can easily kill someone.


However, when the front ghost controller was less than two meters closer to the door, the door of the orthopedic clinic suddenly closed.

The lights disappeared, the shadows disappeared, and the door closed.

Everything is back to normal.


The ghost controller in front was dumbfounded.

what is this?

Did you run away?

Guiya knows that people like him are not easy to bully, so he is afraid?

"Screw you, what on earth are you trying to scare people with? You have the guts to come out. So many people are still afraid of you, so I will lock you up today."

Feeling that he had been teased, the other ghost master, perhaps out of fear and anger, suddenly stepped forward and kicked the door of the clinic.


The door to the outpatient clinic was kicked open.

It was pitch dark inside, with only a cold wind blowing in the face, carrying a faint corpse smell.

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"Are you crazy? Are you causing trouble at this time? If you don't want to live, we still want to live." Zhang Han said in shock.

Sure enough, Yang Jian really didn't bully me. There must be evil in many people.

There will be such a death-seeking person in a team.

The man sneered and said, "What are you afraid of? We are here to cause trouble. If we don't lure that ghost out, we will be the ones who suffer in the end if it continues to consume us. That ghost can afford to consume those of us who only control one ghost." But I can’t afford it, I don’t want to slowly die from the ghost’s resurrection, so I might as well do something fierce.”

"Uh…" Zhang Han was speechless.

That seems to make sense.

Wang Xiaoming seemed to acquiesce to his seemingly reckless behavior. He said, "What did you see inside?"

"There's nothing. It's pitch black. It doesn't look like a hospital outpatient room, but more like…" But before he finished speaking, a pair of black and blue arms suddenly stretched out from the darkness, directly He grabbed the man's neck.


The man's eyes opened wide, his head instantly tilted to the side, and his neck was directly strangled.

Then the pair of black and blue arms grabbed the man and pulled him directly into the darkness behind him.

"Bang~!" The door closed and everything was silent again.

Everyone was stunned.

Didn't even react.

It only took one second from the accident to the end, and it was too late to even use the power of the ghost.

Even Yang Jian just barely opened his ghost eyes.

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