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Regarding the matter of reincarnation, I would rather believe it exists, and I hope it is true. Maybe it’s because I have better luck in this life. In my husband’s words, although my qualifications are mediocre and my abilities are average, I was reincarnated with a “top-match” protector. Now I am in my thirties and have been living around for a long time, and I have never suffered any serious losses or sins. This has caused me to develop a strong "ego" towards my loved ones, and I am particularly afraid of being separated from them and never seeing them again.

But there is no feast that lasts forever. No matter how dear we are, we will eventually part ways. If there is reincarnation and afterlife, then the end of life is not farewell. I can also look forward to meeting my relatives again in the next life, being affectionate and still a family.

A few days ago, a netizen told me a true story about reincarnation, which doubled my confidence and made me even more convinced that life is a dynamic process of reincarnation, endless and endless.

Cute pictures of kittens and puppies_Cute pictures of puppies and kittens_Cute avatars of kittens and puppies

I have a friend who has dreamed of raising a cute puppy and kitten as a pet since she was a child. She repeatedly asked her mother to ask for it, but was sternly rejected. My friend's mother is a delicate and beautiful woman with a slight mysophobia. She cannot tolerate any furry pets in the house.

When my friend was in her senior year of high school, her third aunt passed away due to illness. My friend's mother is the same age as her third aunt, and they have had the closest relationship since childhood. My third aunt unfortunately suffered from liver cancer in her early 40s. In the later stages, she suffered from multiple bone metastases throughout her body. She was in pain and tortured, and finally passed away in great pain.

My friend's mother couldn't accept the departure of her third aunt at all, and she was in tears all day long, feeling depressed. Three years after the death of my third aunt, my friend, my friend's mother, and my friend's aunt successively dreamed that my third aunt said to them: "Don't be sad for me, I'm back." Such the same dream surprised the three people, and they all felt very Incredible.

Cute avatars of kittens and puppies_Cute pictures of kittens and puppies_Cute pictures of puppies and kittens

Not long after, my friend visited her college classmate’s house, and the classmate’s old cat gave birth to a litter of kittens. My friend's desire for pets was stirred up again. She couldn't put it down holding the kittens, especially a Persian cat with white eyes and blue eyes, which made my friend fall in love with it more and more. Before leaving, my friend took a selfie with her cell phone while holding the little white cat.

When she got home, her friend showed the photo to her mother and planned how to convince her mother to let her take the little white cat back. Unexpectedly, my mother was stunned as soon as she saw the selfie. It took a long time before she said to her: "Hurry up and call your classmates. We want to come back to raise this kitten."

The friend was overjoyed but also deeply confused. She smiled and asked her mother why she had "changed gender" this time. Before my mother could speak, her eyes were filled with tears.

Cute puppies and kittens pictures_Cute pictures of kittens and puppies_Cute avatars of kittens and puppies

"This little white cat is your third aunt. As soon as I saw the look in her eyes, I knew it was unmistakable. Is there a black spot under its right foot?"

After her mother asked, my friend suddenly remembered that this was indeed the case. The kitten had snow-white fur like white satin, except for a black spot as big as the belly of a finger on its right back, which looked particularly eye-catching.

When her mother told her that she dreamed of her third aunt, her third aunt told her not to be sad, I will come back, but sister, please look out for me, don’t recognize me! "My friend's third aunt had a black mole on her right heel when she was alive. It was a unique mark that only my friend's mother knew.

Cute puppies and kittens pictures_Cute pictures of kittens and puppies_Cute avatars of kittens and puppies

What happened after taking the kitten home was even more shocking to my friend. The family named the kitten "Third Aunt". My friend's third aunt loved to be beautiful. The first thing she did every morning was to look in the mirror and do her makeup carefully. This little white cat "Third Aunt" washes her face carefully with her little paws every day when she opens her eyes, and carefully combs her body hair before going out to eat.

My friend's third aunt loved to eat cucumbers, and she would chew one or two cucumbers every day during Wudong Lixia to relieve her boredom. The kitten "Sanyi" is no exception. She will meow endlessly every day unless she is fed some cucumbers. To the amazement of outsiders who don’t know what’s going on, it’s more or less a rare occurrence for a cat to eat cucumbers.

The most amazing thing is that my friend’s third aunt loved to be clean when she was alive, and she was almost obsessive-compulsive about keeping her room tidy. The same goes for the white cat "Third Aunt". As long as things in the house are messy or when it's time to clean, she will bark and pull the person's trousers towards the broom and dustpan. She won't let go until the family has no choice but to clean up, and then she will be honest. calm down.

Cute avatars of kittens and puppies_Cute pictures of kittens and puppies_Cute pictures of puppies and kittens

These things may seem bizarre and completely unbelievable, but they are indeed my friends’ personal experiences. A few years later, my friend's mother passed away due to illness. The "third aunt" who had become an old cat did not eat or drink for several days, curled up in the nest, and even neglected grooming. My friend knew it was sad that he and his mother were separated again in this life. She gently stroked the fur of "Third Aunt" with her hand and said to it: "Third Aunt, don't be sad. Mom will come back, just like you."

As soon as she finished speaking, "Third Aunt" opened her eyes wide, and a string of crystal clear tears fell from her blue cat eyes. "Third Aunt" actually cried!

See~ As long as we have deep karma, blessings and wisdom, the parting in this life is just a brief separation. During the cycle of reincarnation, we will meet again after a long separation, passing through the gap of time and experiencing the change of identity. The moment they met each other and looked at each other, they smiled and said: "Ah, so you are here too…"

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