The Moonlight In The Lotus Pond


Chun Xing fell obliquely, seeing the young lady submerged in the pond. The blood dyed a pool of green lotus red, and it glowed a strange purple…

one year later.

will night.

Du Sheng walked into this dilapidated house. On the way to rush for the exam, the money was stolen, and he couldn’t miss the time, so he had to find this kind of place that didn’t use money. This house seems to have been a wealthy family, but it is a pity that it is so dilapidated for some reason. The huge yard is full of weeds, but the lotus pond in the yard is still good, and there are green lotuses in bloom. The owner has disappeared, and only a girl who looks like a maid is guarding the house.

The son will rest here tonight. The woman leading Du Sheng opened a guest room. A strong musty smell came over his nostrils, and he couldn’t help covering his mouth and nose, but the woman didn’t seem to smell anything, turned around and left, bowed her head, leaving Du Sheng with a strange back.

Night comes, full moon.

Under the moonlight, Du Sheng stood by the lotus pond and read silently. The summer breeze is blowing, the lotus pond is sparkling under the moon, and the mood is much clearer because of this.

The son doesn’t go to sleep, why come here? The woman in the house came slowly from the path, dressed in white, still bowing her head and back, she came to Du Sheng in a blink of an eye. I can’t see the face, only the black hair on the top of the head, the coolness, rising from the feet…

Auntie, girl…can you raise your head and speak? Du Sheng took a step back.

Heh… the woman laughed softly. Slowly raise your head——


The next moment, Du Sheng had already fallen into the lotus pond on his back, and a sharp sword hidden in the water pierced out behind him.

The woman’s face was pale, watching the blood gradually dye the water dark, she murmured——


Miss, wait for Chunxing to find the tenth substitute, wait for Chunxing to find the tenth substitute…

What the sorceress said, can’t be wrong…

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