Folk Rumors

In fact, the custom of marrying is quite strong in Tangzhou city. Bai Qingsheng and Hao Shishi talked about their ages. Hao Shishi was one year older and became the eldest brother. Bai Qingsheng, a city man, had to condescend to be the younger brother. Hao Zhi lived up to his name. He was overjoyed when he won the chess game and talked about concessions and concessions. Since Bai Qingsheng "lost" to Hao Shishi, it was even more necessary to come "for advice" every day. Bai Qingsheng couldn't believe his eyes, but there was no doubt about the black words on the red paper.

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Ghosts On The Trading Floor: Yu Jing’s Unfulfilled Wish Read Online

"I have a total of three chess friends. Last year, the stock market exploded. One of my chess friends jumped so beautifully that he died of a cerebral hemorrhage. The third chess friend was named Wu Laoliu. He was a good person, both in terms of body and heart, and his ability to withstand a beating. Even though the stock market was ups and downs and everything was going on, Wu Laoliu was fine. When I went to the hospital to find out, the girl’s name was Yu Jing, and she died last week. “Oh, it turns out that this girl Yu Jing was Already a ghost, no wonder she loves eating blood tofu so much.

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folk Ghost Stories

There was only one bearded man who seemed to be alright. He did not hide when the Jin soldiers came, nor did he come forward to argue. Even when Jin Bing came, you didn’t stand up for our village! Zhao Wuyan didn't believe it. This fat tofu regarded tofu as his life. He ate it every day, every meal. How could he not eat it? Fat Doufu said: "You hide your daughter, Jin Bing may come to the village to look for her. People didn't understand why Old Man Chen's sword skills were so exquisite. When they asked, they found out that Fat Tofu learned his sword skills from him. .

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Ghosts Selling Tofu

So every day before dawn, the woman makes tofu at home, and the man picks it to sell in the market. So the tofu seller thought, this early in the morning, feelings are also going to the market, so why not go together. As soon as the tofu touched the ghost’s mouth, the ghost was locked there. This tofu is made of soybeans. If it is a ghost, no ghost can bear it. The hell was fixed there, the tofu seller dared to run to the market. At noon, when he came back after selling the tofu, he passed by the place where the ghost had been fixed before, and there was still the shadow of the ghost there. From then on, tofu sellers never dared to walk at night again. … Continue readingGhosts Selling Tofu