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During the Chongzhen period of the Ming Dynasty, there was a young man named Xie San in Jingzhou, Hubei. He usually idles around and has nothing to do, and often hangs out with a group of local scoundrels. One day, he was repairing the fence in the vegetable garden behind his house during the day, but it was still not finished after a whole day of repairing. When he was going to sleep at night, he suddenly had a dream. In the dream, he saw a beautiful woman in bright makeup bowing down in front of him and saying, "I have practiced underground for hundreds of years, and it seems that I am about to achieve great success, but tomorrow I will be able to do it." A catastrophe is impossible to escape, only you can save me. There is an ancient mirror on my chest, you must remember not to take it away, just hide me again, I swear that I will be safe in the future I will repay your great kindness." After saying these words, Xie San was startled awake, he looked around and saw nothing unusual, but he still remembered the scene in the dream very clearly.

Early the next morning, he and some servants continued to repair the wall in the vegetable garden. When they dug the wall with a hoe to a depth of more than a foot, they suddenly felt as if they had touched something. They continued to dig deeper and found a mouthful of black paint. coffin. Xie San and his servants were very surprised, so they cleaned up the dust on the coffin lid, and found that the coffin lid was engraved with three rows of characters horizontally and three rows vertically . For a long time. Xie San and his servant opened the coffin curiously, and found that there was a young and beautiful woman lying inside. She was dressed in ancient costumes, her face was serene and lifelike, as if she was asleep, and what was even more strange was that there was a coffin hanging on her chest. Looking at a mirror with a diameter of three inches, the cold light shone like a person's hair.

At this time, Xie San suddenly remembered the dream he had last night, and found that the woman in the coffin was actually the person in the dream. He remembered what the woman said again, and felt a little scared, so he prepared to close the coffin lid and bury the coffin again stand up. At this time, a servant standing beside him suddenly pointed to the mirror and said to him: "This ancient mirror is shining brightly. In my opinion, it must be unusual. It must be a treasure. You can just take it away. She is just a dead body. What is there to worry about?" Xie San couldn't help but feel moved when he heard this, he loved money as much as his life, and when he heard it, he became greedy, and put the woman's words behind him, so he obeyed the servant's words and put The mirror was carefully removed from the woman's body. Unexpectedly, as soon as the mirror was taken off, the woman's body was instantly reduced to ashes. At this time, Xie San felt very scared, so he hurriedly buried the coffin on the spot with several servants.

When he was going to sleep at night, Xie San dreamed that this woman came to him crying and said to him: "I have already formed my body, but you destroyed my way and deeds. This is also a predestined doom. I will hate you. But you should cherish this ancient mirror, so I will bless you in the future." After finishing speaking, the woman disappeared. Xie San was very surprised when he woke up. Since then, he has enshrined the mirror at home like a treasure, and worshiped devoutly every morning and evening.

After a while, this ancient mirror suddenly made some strange sounds from time to time, Xie San felt very strange. One night, he dreamed that this woman said to him again: "Yang Xianggong (Yang Sichang, a Jinshi in Wanli, and the right servant of the Ministry of War in Chongzhen) is currently the governor of Jingzhou, and now he is going around to recruit talents. Opportunity, if you can be called to be his counselor, I will definitely help you get rich." Then in a dream, he taught him many strategies for dealing with major military and political affairs (a bit like Su Qier's dream of learning art in a dream starring Zhou Xingchi) smell), when Xie San woke up, he found that what the woman taught was vivid in his heart, he was secretly happy, so he went to see Yang Xiangguo early in the morning.

Yang Xiangguo heard that someone was called, and hurriedly invited him into the mansion to discuss military affairs with him. Xie San was eloquent, and analyzed the current situation clearly and logically. After hearing this, Yang Xiangguo admired him greatly and thought he was a rare talent, so he took him in as an aide and stayed in the mansion. Every time there is a marching battle , the rebirth mistakenly enters the ghost Xianggong's sedan chair txt , and he is asked to make suggestions and participate in the decision-making, and he is actually invincible. Yang Xiangguo was very happy, so he was going to go to the court to appoint Xie San to an official position. At this moment, the servant who persuaded Xie San to take the mirror offended him because of a small mistake. Xie San was so furious that he couldn't control himself, and immediately beat him with a whip. He missed and was killed. Seeing human life, Xie San was terrified, and he was restless all day long.

At night, he dreamed of a woman who said to him: "Don't be afraid of such small things. You just need to tell Yang Xiangguo that you will take a few days off to go home and rest, and then take the opportunity to wrap the body tightly and pull it out with a car. Keep you safe and sound." Xie San obeyed her words, so he packed the body and pulled it out with a car according to what she said, but when he reached the gate of the barracks, blood was pouring from the car suddenly, and the soldiers guarding the gate were very angry. Shocked, he stopped him immediately, and after checking the car carefully, he found the body, so he quickly reported the matter to Yang Xiangguo.

Xiangguo summoned Xie San to inquire, but Xie San did not dare to hide anything, so he told the truth about the manslaughter of servants. Yang Xiangguo asked him some military and political matters by the way, but he suddenly forgot what the woman taught him, and said that the donkey's head was not right with the horse's mouth, and there was no way to speak. Yang Xiangguo couldn't help being furious, and wanted to take him down and punish him. Xie San was terrified, so he told Yang Xiangguo the origin of the mirror, and said that it was all taught by a woman in a dream. Yang Xiangguo was very surprised when he heard this, and in order to prove whether what Xie San said was true, he immediately sent someone to his house to get the mirror, but before the person who took the mirror reached his mansion, the mirror suddenly made a loud noise and flew into the sky in an instant Turned into a white light and disappeared, and Xie San was also imprisoned because he could not prove what he said, and finally died of illness and fear in the prison.

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