Chapter 191 Introducing Ghosts Into The Mirror

Brother Hu was shivering with fright, and spread out on the ground begging for mercy, while Yang Jian played in the live broadcast room.

He doesn’t mind revealing the identity of the Interpol. After all, many people know about this kind of thing. It’s just that ordinary people are kept in the dark. The real rich and powerful people don’t know the Interpol stationed in the city.

“Brother Leg, are you using a drawn gun? Those bullets are very expensive.” Zhang Weidao came over at this time.

Yang Jian said: “I can’t hug each other in public like you, love and kill each other, people who don’t know think it’s a joke, no matter what I say, I’m a person with status, I can’t fight with you like this, it’s embarrassing, And now hundreds of thousands of people are watching in the live broadcast room, pay attention to the impact, if it spreads out, it will be bad.”

“I don’t want to be called a pervert when I walk on the road in the future.”

Zhang Wei said: “What’s wrong with a man’s pervert, don’t mind the eyes of others, you can do it, brother.”

“This is really not good. Brother Hu, you can do it like this. If you feel that you are at a disadvantage, teach him a lesson and let him get out. After that, I have to deal with your problems. Don’t waste too long.” Yang Jian said.

Zhang Wei smiled and let out a wretched laugh: “Don’t worry, I know what to do.”

Then he looked strangely at Brother Hu who was trembling.

One day you fell into my hands. I won’t let you have an unforgettable experience today. I’m sorry for the word Viagra.

“Old Tie, did you enjoy watching today’s live broadcast? Deduct 6 for watching it.” Yang Jian said to the camera at this time.

“666, brother leg also played live broadcast.”

“Oh my God, I called the police just now, and I really confirmed it. The police didn’t go to Brother Leg to trouble the ghost in the mirror and curse the video . Instead, they warned me seriously. Now I believe that Brother Leg is really a criminal police officer.”

“I also called, and Yao Yaoling directly stated that this is the criminal police handling the case.”

“Hurry up and deliver tea to the boss.”

Yang Jiandao: “Old irons, now I’m going to turn off the live broadcast, because the next thing involves some special events, it’s better that you don’t know, Brother Hu, don’t worry, I won’t take revenge for private revenge, and I’ll come back later. Let him go, and in the future, let Brother Hu go out and don’t be so angry, or it will end sooner or later.”

“What Brother Leg has taught us is that Brother Gou’s affairs are left to us, but what are the special events?”

“Don’t do it, brother, continue the live broadcast. You are more exciting than Brother Hu’s live broadcast. I will give you 10,000 yuan as a reward.”

“Really real thighs, please take care of my legs, my daughter.”

Yang Jian ignored the barrage in the live broadcast room, and he planned to close the live broadcast room.

“Wait, brother leg, play with me.” Zhang Wei hurried over and grabbed the phone.

“What do you want to do?”

Zhang Wei picked up the mobile phone and said to the camera: “Old irons, Brother Leg won’t broadcast it to you, I will broadcast it to you, Brother Hu, last time he shot me pooping in the wild, and now he’s in my hands. Don’t think it’s so easy to be in.”

“Brother Tiger came into the mirror and cursed the video , what to watch? This time you don’t want to leave without taking off your pants and pooping in public. I’ll show you what it’s like to watch the live broadcast.”

“No, isn’t it?” Brother Hu was dumbfounded.

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Zhang Weidao: “You like to shoot other people so much, this time my Viagra will also give you a live broadcast.”

“Old irons, there’s nothing wrong, the live broadcast of Brother Tiger’s shit has more than 200,000 followers, and I asked him to pull two pieces.”

Saying that, his phone pointed at Brother Hu’s ass.

“Don’t hurry, all the old irons are in a hurry, and then I will let Brother Leg teach you a lesson.”

Brother Hu wanted to cry but had no tears. He looked pitiful and didn’t know who to ask for help.

“Viagra can really play, but I bet Brother Tiger’s ass doesn’t have Viagra.”

“This tasteful live broadcast room, hot eyes.”

“Can something so vulgar still be broadcast live? Hurry up and close this live broadcast room, but remember to finish it before closing it.”

Yang Jian’s mouth twitched. He didn’t expect Zhang Wei to think of such a way to teach this brother tiger a lesson. It was really scary enough. It was bad luck for him to fall into Zhang Wei’s hands.

But… it seems to be evened out one person at a time.

“Brother Hu, don’t take off your pants. You are also a person with a head and face. How can you succumb to the threat of Viagra.”

“Let him off, let him off.”

Now, the number of people in Brother Hu’s live broadcast room has skyrocketed, and it has suddenly exceeded 100,000 people, and the number is still soaring, from a small anchor to a big anchor.

Toss for a long time.

In the end, Brother Hu still humiliated and left a bunch of things, then lifted his pants and left crying.

How to play without.

It’s amazing to have a gun…

Seeing him fleeing away, Zhang Wei said with a sneer, “If you’re acquainted, I’ll see if you dare to take a picture of me next time.”

“You’re not disgusting either.” Yang Jian said.

“You don’t know that guy. Last time I was in a hurry on the construction site, I found a place where no one was going to go to the toilet, but this kid was filmed from beginning to end, and he was still old. There was nothing wrong with me. I was so angry that I wanted to kill. It’s all there.” Zhang Wei was angry when he mentioned this.

“Dare to come and beat us this time, don’t give him a little color to see that this kid is going to be lawless. Next time it falls to me, let him experience what a supernatural event is.”

Yang Jian said; “Okay, they’ll be fine when they leave. Come upstairs with me, I have a new discovery.”

“What did you find?” Zhang Wei said.

“What happened to the ghost that has been following you.” Yang Jian said: “Now I have a general understanding of where the ghost came from, and the source has been found.”

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“I thought it was a big deal, but it turned out to be a small matter that caused me to not have enough time for the live broadcast. No, I will open a live broadcast room next time.” Zhang Wei’s eyes lit up and he said excitedly.

Yang Jian said: “What do you want to live stream?”

“What do you think of the live broadcast of supernatural events? Scare those guys to death.” Zhang Wei said.

“You’re spreading panic, watch out for a water meter check.”

Zhang Wei said: “It’s okay, don’t you have your legs covered? What are you afraid of, what’s the use of only the two of us being happy in a supernatural event, we have to make everyone happy. We are not spreading panic, but spreading laughter and love. “

You are taking revenge on society. Doing so will scare people to death.

Yang Jian looked at him strangely.

It seems that the matter of Brother Hu has made Zhang Wei discover a new continent.

The mention of live broadcast is more exciting than eating chicken.

“Find a way to solve your problem first, I don’t want a ghost staring at me in a corner when I’m with you all day.” Yang Jian said.

He was certain that the ghost that followed Zhang Wei was in this building.

Just can’t see it without a mirror.

Although he didn’t have a mirror in his hand, there was one in the building.

Ghost Mirror~!

Yang Jian squinted and brought Zhang Wei to the second floor again.

He had guessed before why there was no shadow in the mirror on the second floor.

It’s not that it can’t be photographed, it’s that the shadow has run away.

Now Yang Jian has to try to get the shadow back into the ghost mirror.

“By the way, isn’t that place where you pooped in the wild before?” On the second floor, Yang Jian suddenly pointed to a small hole in the wall.

A building can be seen in the direction of the hole.

“Yes, that’s right, what kind of pervert is so scheming that he is peeping at me from such a distance.” Zhang Wei was shocked and angry, feeling like he was going to the toilet in the wild and being seen by the whole world.

No sense of **.

“That’s right, the mirror was originally placed here. As soon as the door opened, the mirror faced the building in the distance through the hole in the wall, and then reflected light through the glass of the building, shining on Zhang Wei who was going to the toilet. , so the ghost mirror will show his appearance.” Yang Jian’s eyes narrowed.

He was thinking about why.

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Now some scattered clues are connected together, allowing him to figure out the whole story.

But why did the ghost in the ghost mirror leave the mirror?

If the ghost like Zhang Wei left, why didn’t the other ghosts in the ghost mirror leave?

This is another question.

But now this question is not important to Yang Jian.

“Stand in front of this mirror.” Yang Jian said.

“There is still such a room here, there can’t be ghosts.” Zhang Wei’s face changed, and he was very uneasy.

Only waiting on the phone, the surroundings are dark, damp, with a musty smell.

This reminded him of the scene in the seventh high school.

“Of course there are ghosts. What are you doing here without ghosts, just stand in front of this mirror and don’t move.” Yang Jian said.

The old mirror of the Republic of China stood in front of Zhang Wei.

This mirror is so tall that it can reflect a person’s appearance from beginning to end, but it is only enough to reflect a person’s shadow, and there is not enough room for one more person.

The mirror is new and bright.

However, when Zhang Wei stood in front of the mirror, he was the same as before Yang Jian.

There was no sign of Zhang Wei in the mirror.

“What’s going on?” Zhang Wei asked in surprise.

Yang Jian frowned and said, “Wait.”

After a while.

Suddenly, in addition to Zhang Wei in the mirror, a pale arm appeared in a corner of the mirror.

The arm swayed slightly, and the movement was extremely stiff, as if someone was slowly walking in from the direction of the door.

A gloomy aura enveloped the two of them.

no doubt.

The ghost appeared again.

“Brother Leg?” Zhang Wei suddenly opened his eyes wide and looked at the eyes next to him.

“Don’t move, wait for it to come over, it’s not the first time you see it, what are you afraid of.” Yang Jian said solemnly.

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