Chapter 46: Pangu Divine Veins

Feng Shigu found an ancient Fengshui map engraved on the golden head of Wuyang King. In addition, the tortoise shells, jade, bronzes and other objects stolen from the coffin also contained many incomprehensible mysteries. inscription. These artifacts hide the unknown secrets in the coffin gorge.

It turns out that at the bottom of Coffin Gorge in Wushan, there have been two geomantic caves with mountains in them since ancient times. One is resembling a head, and the other is in the shape of a sarcophagus without a lid. Inside the coffin is a hill shaped like a headless corpse. There is a black spring in the mountain, which is pitch black and rotten, similar to corpse blood, and no one dares to approach it.

The feng shui situation on the surface of Coffin Gorge can be summed up as "the mountains are high and the water is narrow, and the dragons have no leader". The caves in the mountains are intertwined, making the dragon veins chaotic and ethereal. Therefore, there are many ancient sites with a strange pattern of guarding the wind and water. The core of each dragon vein is the two caves of the corpse head and the corpse coffin. Ancient witchcraft was prevalent. At first, the Zombie Mountain was the Pangu Valley, which was a forbidden place to sacrifice to the necromantic witch gods. Hanging coffins were hidden in the crevices of the surrounding cliffs, and various bronze and jade ancient relics were buried in the ground, as well as countless small corpse vessels. sarcophagus.

Those small stone coffins are all filled with the organs of the martyrs, mostly obtained from slaves, captives and other people with low social status, and they are buried underground to absorb the extremely yin energy of the mountains and rivers. Once hidden for a long time, those organs such as the heart, liver, spleen, and kidney will gradually shrink and petrify. Among them, those who have borrowed yin energy will emerge with human faces and five sense organs, and even have complete body and limbs, which can become living pills. The probability is very small, one in a million. And because the buried corpses in the mountain are incalculable, it is also called Coffin Mountain in later generations.

This mysterious custom is mainly influenced by Wu Chu civilization and ancient Shu culture. When nobles are buried, they will dig out the shaped corpses that have been hidden for thousands of years from the coffin mountain, and put them into the mouth of the deceased as pills, which can keep the body alive. The heroic posture of the corpse persists.

Since King Wuyang was buried with a body but no head, the corpse was buried in his belly. When Guanshan Taibao robbed the tomb and opened the coffin, the living pill had become one with the zombie. Feng Shigu read all the ancient books and knew that there is a saying about corpse immortals in the world. He believed that the black sheep king in the stone coffin was neither a living person nor a dead person, but a real immortal who had transformed into an immortal from his corpse and ate a bite of his flesh , enough to be better than taking several Wannian Polygonum multiflorum, so I had an unreasonable idea.

Feng Shigu burned the body of Wuyang King in a copper kettle to refine the alchemy, but it didn't seem to work. He was also obsessed with ghosts, and he would never let it go. He expected that in the other small coffins hidden in the mountain, there would be corpses transformed from corpses into immortals, so he took people to find the coffin mountain again, and repeatedly fought for the situation. Knowing that the Pangu Meridian existed at the beginning of the chaos, in Fengshui, it is actually a corpse vein surrounded by dragons.

But thousands of years ago, in order to obtain living pills, the ancient shamans dug and buried in the mountains, and they dug up the veins long ago. , and when Guanshan Taibao robbed the tomb, the dragon's aura was dug out, and the two geomantic veins in the front and the back were abolished at this time.

Feng Shigu, relying on his unfathomable skills of ghosts and gods, planned to turn the Coffin Mountain into a yin house for him to become a fairy, so he resorted to tricks to confuse the public, claiming to be the Patriarch of the Earth Immortal, threatening to see the secrets in the ancient tomb, and telling everyone There is about to be a catastrophe in the world, and there is a fairy cave in the mountains that is like a paradise, where you can avoid disasters. Anyone who doesn’t believe in it will still have bad karma on his body, and he will continue to stay in the world to suffer repayment.

The prestige of Guanshan Fengjia is very high, and the signs of the decline of the world are obvious to all, so many people believe in him, and the whole family followed the Dixian into the mountain, mobilizing teachers and mobilizing people to build a Dixian Village with two layers of yin and yang. This pattern is taken from the ancient method of Fengshui, which means Yin and Yang mixed, and it is specially used to restore the dragon energy of the earth veins.

At the same time, Feng Shigu also took his cronies to secretly excavate the corpses in the mountains, and almost searched all the small coffins in the ground. After many years, he finally dug out a lifelike corpse fairy, and made the dug ravine into a yin house for It is the place where the truth can be hidden after being refined into a fairy. In order to keep the secret of the corpse fairy, a nine-death horror mausoleum was buried outside the coffin mountain, so that no one who accompanied him into the earth fairy village would want to go out.

The immortal method passed down in ancient times cannot be selfish. When the earth immortal enters the coffin, all the people must carry candles and lanterns, and then go down to the tomb to accompany the burial. There is a blood grave in the mansion of the Feng family in Dixian Village. When the corpse blood oozes from the mound, it is a sign of the revival of the dragon energy in the coffin mountain. Those who are destined to come here in later generations can go to the tomb of the earth immortal to worship the real immortal after entering the mountain with "Fu of Guanshan Zhimi".

"Guanshan Zhimi Fu" was left by Feng Shigu during his lifetime. According to the last record in the book, he was buried alive by his disciples nailing him into a stone coffin with a living pill in his mouth. What happened after that cannot be learned from the book up.

Sun Jiuye was filled with resentment when he saw it: "Unexpectedly, Feng Shigu came out of my Guanshan Feng family. He is simply a devil. If so many people are buried for him, how can he comfort thousands of people if he is not turned into ashes?" The innocent soul who has been tortured to death."

I don't understand the feelings of Sun Jiuye, who comes from a feudal family and regards his ancestors as big as the sky. I think he is a remnant of the landlord class, and he may not have had a full meal since liberation. Never forget. But what I am even more puzzled about is the "Ode to the Misunderstanding of Viewing Mountains" and those pictures. Isn't that the Dan Ding we're looking for? What happened to the Earth Immortal Feng Shigu who was nailed into the coffin alive? Did all those who were buried die in the tomb?

Shirley Yang asked puzzledly: "Thousands of people entered with Feng Shigu, and so many people entered the tomb to die. Didn't anyone doubt the Earth Immortal's actions during the period?"

Sun Jiuye said: "In the long run, the eyes of the people are discerning. But in troubled times, people's hearts are often ignorant for a long time. As long as the true fate and the way of heaven are involved in any activities of gathering people, they can often be responded to There are too many such precedents…" He paused, and then said, "It's not that there are people who have doubts in their hearts, but the number of people is too small, and what they said was not true at the time. It doesn't matter. My ancestor Feng Shiqi knew that the Earth Immortal was a demon to confuse the public, so he escaped from the disaster and left a bloodline for the Guanshan Feng family, which is now passed down to my generation. Finally, I have the opportunity to enter this coffin mountain. It should be the retribution of Feng Shigu. The most hateful person in the world, apart from the ungrateful, is this generation who bullied teachers and destroyed ancestors."

I said to Sun Jiuye and Shirley Yang: "Feng Shigu's "Guanshan Excavation Record" does not clearly say what is going on with the corpse fairy. It may be a secret, and only he knows it well. If we want to enter the Tomb of the Earth Immortal, we must be mentally prepared in advance, maybe the situation depicted in "Viewing Mountains and Encountering Immortals" will happen."

The situation in the tomb of the Earth Immortal is unpredictable. What I mean by this is that I hope that Professor Sun, Fatty and I will enter the tomb and open the coffin together. This Feng family mansion seems to be safe, it is better to let Shirley Yang and Yaomeier stay here and wait, but just halfway through the conversation, there was a sound of footsteps on the stairs, Fatty and Yaomeier Everyone ran up.

As the saying goes, don't ask about Kurong when you meet, you can tell by looking at the face. When I saw that the faces of the two people were not good, I knew that something must have happened outside the building. Sure enough, the fat man opened his mouth and said, "Old Hu, why do I feel that something big is going to happen in this place? Quickly see what's going on outside?"

When I heard the words, I hurriedly opened the window pavilion, and everyone gathered around the window to look out, their hearts were filled with astonishment. It turned out that the mountain of coffins was pressed at the bottom of a thousand-meter-high mountain. The mountain above was like a mound of earth for a cemetery. Looking up from Dixian Village, you can't see the sky, only rock formations and rocks everywhere. At this moment, the blood light sometimes appears and disappears in the rock formation above the head, and a lot of dark red thick fog seeps out from the cracks in the rock, and a cold and foul smell can be smelled surging in the air, but the surroundings are still dark and silent .

The fat man said: "See, it means that the mountains are no longer the sky of the liberated areas, and the bloody and bloody storm is coming. If you want to search for gold and find weapons, you have to do it quickly, and we won't be able to evacuate if it's too late. "

I also knew that something might be wrong, but in order to stabilize the morale of the army, I had no choice but to say: "Commander Wang, don't be alarmist. There are soldiers, Laojiu, and Yaomeier in the mountain in our gold-hunting team. It is a typical three-in-one team. It’s easy to put anywhere, what situation can’t you handle?”

While speaking, I heard the muffled thunder in the air, and the dirty blood fell like raindrops. I was quite surprised: "It's raining blood from the ground?" Sun Laojiu hurriedly closed the window and said, "This is the blood from the corpses on the armor of the Jingling Mausoleum of Nine Deaths. Don't get it on those of you who are injured. Feng Shigu's book records the matter of Coffin Mountain in detail, let me see if there are any other students." Then he continued to flip through the book in the corner, concentrating and stopped talking.

It is said that the Nine Deaths Shocking Mausoleum is a kind of copper erosion produced by the blood of corpses. It is shaped like coral thorns and plant roots. It will grow more and more when buried in the soil. The liquid secreted by this plant is close to corpse blood, which is extremely poisonous. Incomparable.

This blood rain came and went quickly, and it stopped after a while, only the blood mist still condensed in the rock formation. Shirley Yang heard the sound weakening, looked out the window, and said to me: "It seems that Jingling Jia has already penetrated the rock formation and is gradually growing into the coffin mountain. It may not be many years before the entire Dixian Village will be destroyed." Bronze gore engulfed."

I said that this ancient technique of protecting the tomb against theft is an uncontrollable curse. Feng Shigu thought he had a magic trick, but he was trapped in a cocoon. Even if we didn't come to fight against each other, the ancient tomb of Dixian Village would be destroyed by the shocking mausoleum sooner or later. .

The fat man said: "Then the artifacts in this tomb will be ruined? I can tell you in advance, Fatty, I must not be indifferent to this matter. It is not our style to stand by and watch. I have to move them all." Go back and support our great cause, and try to piss Antonioni off as soon as possible!" After finishing speaking, he let go of his hands and feet, and began to swipe those porcelain medicine jars into the carrying bag.

I have looked through those porcelain bottles just now, and there is no corpse pill we are looking for in it. I was about to tell Fatty not to pick up these irrelevant things, but I saw Sun Jiuye sitting on the ground slumped, staring straight at him. He was motionless, and his face was uglier than that of a dead man.

I was about to ask a question, when I saw Sun Jiuye closed the "Guanshan Excavation Record", with a very sad expression on his face, he sighed and said: "God, we must have no choice but to be a teacher. "I asked him what he meant by this, and Sun Jiuye said: "The Guanshan Taibao is good at observing astrology. But you can see that in Feng Shigu's "Guanshan Excavation Record", there is the last paragraph "Blood mist enters the ground, and the immortals come out of the mountain". Didn't he just respond to this omen? It seems that he was not inaccurate in calculating the ancient technique of sealing ghosts in the novel of You Huo in the Imperial City , but that he predicted things like a god, and his calculations were too accurate. I am afraid that the corpse fairy will break out of the coffin and enter the world at any time. This is destined Things, we came at the wrong time, no one can stop us…"

As the last descendant of the Guanshan Feng family, Sun Jiuye has been reluctant to publish the full text of "Guanshan Zhimi Fu" because he used Captain Mojin to search for ancient tombs and was worried about being thrown off on the road. Tell everyone, now that we have all entered the coffin mountain, we don't take this set of obscure hint riddles to heart, but who knows that such a sentence popped up in the end, what is "the blood mist enters the ground, and the immortals come out of the mountain"? Could it be that Feng Shigu, the head of the landlord, still wants to use his dead body to come out of the mountain and seize power? I really can't understand what's going on in Sun Jiuye's head. Even I don't believe it. He is also an old Yuanliang who has dealt with ancient objects all the year round. Why is he so believe in evil?

Shirley Yang pulled me aside and said: "Professor Sun has been under tremendous mental pressure all year round. Although he is not crazy, he often has some neurotic reactions. Don't provoke him anymore." Are you capable of provoking him? He is provoking me. Do you think the fuse in his brain is blown? Just talking nonsense, we have all seen the situation of the mountains and mountains around Coffin Gorge, even if the sky falls and the earth falls , the ancient tomb of Dixian Village will never see the light of day again, the gravel fell and buried it, how could the ancient corpse in the tomb climb out of the mountain by itself?"

Shirley Yang said: "If it is said that the Earth Immortal really has a way of predicting, I also refuse to believe it. But I think Feng Shigu is really good at calculation. He knows the topography of the Coffin Mountain very well. Maybe there will be some unexpected things in this mountain. occur."

I understood Shirley Yang's implication. There must be certain objective laws in the development and changes of things. Thousands count, God only counts one.” And the so-called fairy calculations of Dixian Fengshigu should be between heaven and man. To what extent he can calculate, we have no way of judging right now. As he expected, it is hard to say whether Feng Shigu's body will leave the tomb and leave the mountain in the end.

I said to Shirley Yang: "This mountain of coffins is a sinister spot for corpses. Presumably the corpses in the tomb of the earth fairy have corpse poison. If it can really come out of the mountain, it must be a big disaster. We have to act first, whether we can or not." If you find the Ancient Corpse True Pill, you have to find a way to open its coffin and destroy its corpse, so as to avoid future troubles."

At this time, the batteries of the spotlights on our bodies were about to run out, and the lights gradually dimmed. Although we still had some spare batteries, we didn’t know how long we would stay in the underground tomb, so we had to save as much as possible. Sun Jiuye said: "Light the candles, flashlights and spotlights are best reserved for when necessary."

Guanshan Taibao is good at the magic of smoke and atomization, which is mostly a sorcery spread in the Tang and Five Dynasties. It can create illusions by burning the corpses of snakes, ferrets, cats, and foxes. I saw that there were no corpse candles in the vicinity, so I asked the fat man to take out half of the candle ends, which I bought in Yaomeier's grocery store before entering the mountain, and lit a lamp on the table.

By candlelight, I carefully read the records about Dixian Village and Coffin Mountain in "Guanshan Excavation Records", thinking about finding a shortcut to enter the tomb where Dixian hid his corpse, and the rest of the people also rummaged through the various buildings in the building. general things. Just as I was fascinated, Sun Jiuye suddenly yelled badly, and blew out the candle in one gulp, and the bone building was plunged into darkness.

The ancient tomb is a place of darkness, and the candle is a symbol of life. As the saying goes, it is not the ghosts that do not blow out the lamp. Touching the gold captain is the most taboo thing to do. Once the candle is extinguished, the room immediately becomes invisible. The fat man was furious, and when he slapped his mountaineering helmet, his turned off tactical light suddenly lit up, and then he raised his hand and grabbed Sun Jiuye and shouted: "Sun Laojiu, you are tired of life, dare to blow on the fat man's lamp? Go out I don't even ask, what happened to the rice dumpling that blew out Fatty's candle last time!"

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