You Have To Work Hard To Become A Ghost!

Hao Weiliang brushed it away and cursed secretly, he actually slept in the cemetery! “What do you think, elder sister? Seeing that he didn’t refuse, the woman stood up happily, “Although I am a ghost, I have always been diligent and willing, and I have never neglected female workers. Since I became a ghost, I have worked as a servant in Hu’s family. They have been making raincoats for many years, and now I have saved 130,000 yuan, which is more than enough for funeral expenses. … Continue readingYou Have To Work Hard To Become A Ghost!

Chapter 55 Monsters

The male corpse hidden in the skin and flesh coffin of the Wuyang King, although it has been dead for hundreds of years, but the man is as alive, the heroic spirit in the face is condensed but not scattered, with a jade crown on his head, wearing a black robe, and holding a whisk in his hand. There is a vaguely immortal posture, but a gloomy and abnormal corpse aura is shrouded on the corpse’s face, indicating that it is definitely not a fairy, but a dead zombie. They should be monsters that have grown into spirits over time, but Huangpizi is different from common sense. It’s just that they can understand people’s hearts after they have lived for more years. , In the end, it was not lost by me and the fat man. … Continue readingChapter 55 Monsters