Yuxiang Shuyuan Online Reading

It's just that the little girl has something to ask for. Can the master write a note for the slave? In his early years, he came from a scholarly family, but his family fell into decline and could not afford to buy books to read. My desire to go to Yitian Pavilion to read books is nothing more than a foolish dream. I often grudge against this and hold grudges in purgation! Zhang Xiang's kindness and love for books, as well as Ping Yuwan's persistence in reading, together form the core of this story. … Continue readingYuxiang Shuyuan Online Reading

What Does It Mean To Dream About A Child? Chapter 688: Awakening

If nothing happens, Yang Jian, who is lying on the ground, will die in this dream soon. As for whether something will happen to him in reality, although it is not certain, no one dares to bet, because this is not an ordinary nightmare. , but a supernatural nightmare. And this nightmare thing is incomprehensible. He doesn't want to be trapped in this dream forever, constantly fighting against the ghosts in the dream.

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Unsafe School Dormitories

Anjie is a junior student at a certain university. Anjie's dormitory was on the third floor, and it should have been pitch black when he looked out. Anjie didn't realize that it was abnormal for a girl to be outside the window, so he naturally reached out and opened the window. Anjie was so absorbed in reading that he didn't even notice that a familiar yet unfamiliar woman had appeared in the room at some point, the girl who appeared in the dream. When he returned to the dormitory, he immediately asked about the girl's story. … Continue readingUnsafe School Dormitories

Short Ghost Story

Teacher Zhang was very sad. The student's father quietly pulled Teacher Zhang aside and told Teacher Zhang in a low voice that in fact, the child's mother died in an accident not long after she was born. However, the child was young at the time and lied to Teacher Zhang. She said that her mother had left home and would not come back until the child grew up. Since she had already deceived her so far, she might as well not expose it to give her child space to miss her. … Continue readingShort Ghost Story

Dreaming About A Little Boy Ghost Chapter 683: My Own Nightmare

That is what I am dreaming about. The top priority now is not to let yourself get into trouble or die in the dream, because according to the nightmare archives, if people die in dreams, people in reality can also die. He was certain that this absurd dreamland must have been affected by the headless ghost. Although real ghosts would not appear here, correspondingly terrifying places would appear. Or a ghost in a dream? I was called into my dream by a ghost. … Continue readingDreaming About A Little Boy Ghost Chapter 683: My Own Nightmare

I Can't Find My Little White Fox

A little white fox actually entered his dream, and he was a little surprised. What surprised him was that the little white fox whined, as if it had something to say. The little white fox said, Mr. En, don’t be afraid, I just want to help you. The strange thing is that whenever there is something he doesn't understand, the little white fox will explain it to him in his dream. He thought this might be the difference after the little white fox was reincarnated, so he didn't care much about it. Could it be that the little white fox is no longer human? … Continue readingI Can't Find My Little White Fox

Pregnant Women Dream Of Being Scared By Dead Snakes

I looked at the pillow in amazement, and felt an ominous feeling in my heart. Since everything in my dreams can come true, wouldn't bad dreams also come true? When I got home from get off work the next day, I saw a man hanging from an old tree as soon as I entered the yard. That man was none other than my mother. I yelled and rushed to the tree. with me. "I dreamed that your mother was hanged to death. My wife touched the pillow and spit out the second half of the sentence," and you were crushed to death. Then, with a sneer, he hugged the pillow and went back to sleep. … Continue readingPregnant Women Dream Of Being Scared By Dead Snakes

Ghost Stories From Liaozhai: Injustice In The Mirror Read Online

When he was going to sleep at night, he suddenly had a dream. In the dream, he saw a beautiful woman in bright makeup bowing down in front of him and saying, "I have practiced underground for hundreds of years, and it seems that I am about to achieve great success, but tomorrow I will be able to do it." It is impossible to escape from a catastrophe, and only you can save me. When he was sleeping at night, Xie San dreamed that this woman came to him crying and said to him: "I have been refined, but you destroyed me. Daoxing, this is also a predestined doom, how can I hate you. … Continue readingGhost Stories From Liaozhai: Injustice In The Mirror Read Online

Family Ghost Stories

The family discussed and discussed, and felt that there was really no other possibility except for illness. There is a saying that the same rice feeds all kinds of people, but those who don’t eat rice are more energetic than those who eat rice. The daughter-in-law seems to be no different from ordinary people except that she doesn’t think about food and drink. It’s still hidden very deeply, why didn’t I hear Shi Shaokong talk about it! After hearing this, the man opened his mouth wide, not knowing how to answer! A few short words raised this mediocre woman to the height of a philosopher. A passage in Qiwulun seems to serve as a footnote to this story: … Continue readingFamily Ghost Stories