Ghost Pressing Down On One's Body

Ghost pressing down on one's body

Ghosts pressing on the body, also called tiger pressing by rural people, is a "ghost" phenomenon that is difficult to explain from a scientific perspective but is common. Many people have experienced this phenomenon.

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I have had this experience twice, and the one that frightened me the most was the tiger-squeezing phenomenon I experienced in the summer when I was eighteen years old. I was in my senior year of high school at the time. One day, there was a two-day holiday from school. I returned home to help my parents with farm work. In the evening, my mother asked me to go to the watermelon field to look at watermelons. Our watermelon field is next to a temple in the east end of the village. Before leaving, my mother repeatedly told me to sleep with my head facing the temple wall, so that unclean things in the field (i.e., ghosts) will come out. He didn't dare to disturb me because he was afraid of the temple god.

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When I came to the watermelon field, I spread a mat on the open space next to the temple. I didn't take my mother's advice to heart, so I lay down on the mat and slept casually. In the middle of the night, when I was sleeping soundly, I suddenly felt something heavy but transparent weighing me down, making me breathless. I felt like I was awake but not awake, half asleep but not asleep. I tried to move my wife's ghost watermelon , but it couldn't move. I wanted to yell at my wife's ghost watermelon , but I couldn't. After a while, I felt that the mat was being lifted up, and I had to lift myself from the mat. It felt like falling down, and I felt very scared. This phenomenon lasted for about seven or eight minutes. It wasn't until I could move my whole body that I realized that I was so frightened that I was sweating all over my body. I didn't dare to sleep anymore, so I quickly rolled up my mat and ran home.

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After I ran home, my mother saw me looking panicked and sweating, and asked worriedly: "My child, what's wrong with you?"

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I told my mother about the terrible experience I had just experienced when I was sleeping. After listening to it, my mother comforted me and said: "My child, don't be afraid. The situation you encountered is called tiger pressure. This phenomenon is very common. Fortunately, you did not encounter something unexpected." Clean things, don’t sleep on your back when sleeping in the future, sleep on your side, and this phenomenon will not happen again.”

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After hearing my mother's words, I gradually got rid of the shadow of fear.

In fact, tiger pressure is a physiological phenomenon. When people are suddenly awakened while dreaming, part of the nerve centers in the brain have woken up, but the nerve centers that control the muscles have not yet fully woken up, so they will feel uncomfortable or even scared. , but can't move or make a sound. If someone pushes him or wakes him up, the tiger-squeezing phenomenon will disappear immediately. A more effective way is what my mother said: Don’t sleep on your back when sleeping, sleep on your side.

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