A Long Ghost Story About The Qujing Murder Case That Left 19 Dead

1. Strange things happen one after another

Wu Qiujiang is an ordinary employee of Jiangbei Company. In Jiangcheng, Jiangbei is considered a medium-sized company. The factory director Chen Jingui and his wife Shen Lan are also widely praised locally for their willingness to support students in impoverished mountainous areas.

Wu Qiujiang has been in the factory for more than a year. He is honest, hard-working and bold in innovation. He is very popular among the company leaders. It is foreseeable that his future will be bright. Just when Wu Qiujiang was about to be promoted step by step, something happened in the factory. Late at night on the 12th, cold rain fell heavily in Jiangcheng. During his patrol, duty officer Li Fu discovered a headless corpse under a willow tree in the center of the factory area.

The appearance of headless corpses caused panic in the factory, and some superstitious people even believed that there was a ghost at play in the factory. Someone soon determined the identity of the deceased based on a burn on the body's hand. The deceased's name was Zhao An, who was an old employee of Jiangbei Company. What's even more unexpected is that Zhao An was diagnosed with cancer four months ago and left the factory. Who would feel pain for such a person who was on the verge of death? What does it mean when a murderer is killed and the body appears in the factory?

The police investigation was quickly concluded. Zhao An, who was undergoing chemotherapy in the hospital three days ago, suddenly disappeared. There was no reliable evidence at the crime scene, so the case of the headless body remained unsolved. Zhao An had always taken good care of Wu Qiujiang when he was at the factory, so Wu Qiujiang decided to secretly find the murderer.

That day, deputy director Shen Xinmin walked into the factory. Shen Xinmin was Shen Lan's younger brother. He had a fat head and big ears, and looked like a big boss. Shen Xinmin brought good news. Because of the good performance of the factory, the factory decided to increase wages for employees. This news undoubtedly made the employees who were still in the shadow of the headless corpse case happy.

Just when everyone was very happy about the salary increase that night, something strange happened in the middle of the night. The machines in the two workshops of the factory suddenly started running, and the rumbling sound woke everyone up. Everyone ran downstairs to take a look. after all. However, the workshop door was locked, but the lights in the workshop were brightly lit, and all the machines were running rapidly. The employees were stunned.

Wu Qiujiang stood in the crowd and looked up at the workshop. The entire workshop was very well sealed, and it was almost impossible to enter without a key. In the past few days, he secretly observed the security in the factory. It can be said that the leadership of the factory has done a very good job in security, and it is almost impossible for outsiders to enter the factory and commit crimes. And what happened tonight illustrates a problem even more: there is a mole in the factory! Because it is impossible for outsiders to have the key to the workshop.

However, the next day, Li Fu, who found the headless body, disappeared. According to an employee's recollection, he saw Li Fu walking absentmindedly from the dormitory to the gate in the afternoon, but he didn't pay much attention. When everyone walked into Li Fu's dormitory, all his things were there and there were no signs of tampering. So what happened to him?

Everyone was talking and guessing where Li Fu had gone. Some people even connected his disappearance with the case of the headless corpse half a month ago. Since the case of the headless corpse, Li Fu has been listless all day long, and his whole person has appeared mysterious. Everyone thought that he was stimulated by that night. An employee who lived in the same dormitory as Li Fu recalled: One night when he went to the toilet, he found that Li Fu's bed was empty and the quilt was cold to the touch. In the middle of the night, he vaguely saw Li Fu sneaking into the dormitory, holding a bag in his hand. bunch of keys. Everyone's discussion made Li Fu's disappearance even more mysterious.

two.strange sounds

It started to rain in Jiangcheng in the afternoon, and the spring rain continued. A worker smiled and said: "Hey, the weather forecast is really accurate now. It rains when it says it will rain." But Wu Qiujiang shook his head. He didn't care about such a rainy day at all. like.

Wu Qiujiang couldn't sleep when he returned to the dormitory at night. Is there any connection between Li Fu's disappearance and the case of the headless corpse?

In the cold spring night, Wu Qiujiang tightened the quilt and was still thinking about what happened during the day. At this time, a "bang" came from the stairwell. It was the sound of a porcelain basin hitting the floor, followed by several panicked steps. Wu Qiujiang immediately sat up from the bed and listened quietly, but there was nothing. In this way, Wu Qiujiang kept monitoring the early morning, but there was still no sound. When the workers got up, Wu Qiujiang, who was tired after a night, immediately rushed into the corridor. There was indeed a porcelain basin next to the stairs going upstairs. That was what the workers had forgotten last night. Basin outside.

Wu Qiujiang held the stairs and looked up. The doors of the three dormitories upstairs were closed tightly. Zhao An used to live upstairs. After he was diagnosed with cancer, 19 people died in the Qujing Murder Case . The workers felt unlucky and all moved downstairs. Zhao An's floor was on the top floor, so there was no one upstairs.

Wu Qiujiang became confused. He clearly heard footsteps going upstairs last night. Who was running upstairs for what purpose in the middle of the night? Thinking of this, he quickly climbed upstairs and came to the outside of the closed room. These old-fashioned security doors were rusty and there was nothing strange about them.

Just when Wu Qiujiang was puzzled, the employees on the morning shift discovered that Zhao An's head was hanging under the big tree where the headless body was hanging. The employees screamed, and a stronger fear swept through the factory. Zhao An's head was hairless, apparently because he had lost all his hair due to cancer chemotherapy. His eyes were wide open and his mouth was slightly open, as if he had something to say. His head was slightly swollen from being soaked in rain all night. Unexpectedly, more than half a month after the incident, Zhao An's head was still so well preserved. It seems that the murderer deliberately staged this scene.

Wu Qiujiang stood outside the crowd and looked around the factory. Suddenly he found that the originally closed curtains of the room on the top floor of the dormitory facing the crowd had been opened a crack. He was startled, and then quickly slipped into Li Fu's dormitory and rummaged around. Sure enough, he found a bunch of keys in the closet. He rushed upstairs, and soon the room with thin curtains was opened. Wu Qiujiang couldn't help but beam with joy. As an old employee and deeply trusted, Li Fu should also have the key to the workshop. So based on this reasoning, Li Fu was very suspicious.

Because Wu Qiujiang can believe that what happened before must have been done by people in the factory, and Li Fu, as an old employee, has many conveniences, such as keys, and Li Fu had to sneak back to the dormitory with a bunch of keys before. Doubtful. The footsteps Wu Qiujiang heard last night should be that the missing Li Fu sneaked back into the factory and then hung Zhao An's head in the middle of the night. The room where he hid was the one with thin curtains. He used this gap to observe the situation in the factory, and then waited for an opportunity to go downstairs to commit the crime and then escaped.

Of course he wouldn't take away the bunch of keys, which would easily arouse suspicion, but he could make a few copies. As for why he disappeared, he just wanted to eliminate his suspicion so he could commit another crime.

Wu Qiujiang searched the house and found several cigarette butts near the window, and Li Fu was addicted to cigarettes. Wu Qiujiang danced for joy. Now as long as he finds Li Fu, the thief who shouted "Catch the Thief" in the case of the headless corpse, all doubts will be solved.

But where is this Li Fu hiding, and he doesn't have enough evidence, so if he acts rashly, he might alert the enemy.

three.Missing on a rainy night

Just when Wu Qiujiang was undecided, the factory director Chen Jingui and his wife Shen Lan came to the factory that afternoon. This time they brought several large carts of gifts to calm everyone down, because recent events have given them a headache. Then Chen Jingui announced that he would go to the provincial capital to sign a contract today, so the entire factory would resume overtime work starting tonight.

As soon as Chen Jingui finished speaking, everyone started complaining. What happened in the factory had not subsided yet, and the resumption of overtime work was indeed unacceptable. After Chen Jingui comforted him, everyone could only shake their heads helplessly. And Wu Qiujiang felt even worse. After working overtime in the factory, Li Fu would definitely not enter the factory easily, so how could he catch the real culprit.

After Chen Jingui finished speaking, he took a car to the provincial capital, leaving Shen Lan to handle accounts in the finance room, because working capital was needed to sign the contract. As night fell, the sky suddenly became gloomy and black clouds rolled in, which was a sign before it rained. Sure enough, it started to rain at night, rustling like spring silkworms eating mulberry leaves. It was approaching midnight, and everyone was a little tired. There were still two hours until get off work, and Wu Qiujiang also looked listless. Time passed by minute by second, and at this moment, an exclamation came from outside the factory. Everyone heard it clearly, and they dropped their work and rushed out of the factory.

The sound came from the finance room on the north side of the factory. When everyone rushed to the finance room, the workshop manager was calling the police. It was he who made the sound just now because Shen Lan was missing. Everyone was horrified, and then the workshop director called Chen Jingui in the provincial capital. When everyone gathered around the finance room and looked inside, they saw Shen Lan's coat falling on the office chair, and there were many blood stains on the clean floor. An ominous thought suddenly flashed through everyone's mind. It seemed that Shen Lan was in danger.

The police quickly arrived at the scene and found nothing but two vague footprints. Now they were helpless about what happened in the factory.

When Chen Jingui rushed to the factory, he couldn't help crying when he faced the empty financial room. He kept blaming himself for letting Shen Lan work overtime alone in the factory. That miserable scene made everyone sad. Wu Qiujiang was very painful. The good factory had now become like this. He secretly vowed to catch the real culprit.

After surveying the scene, the police took Chen Jingui to the police station to take notes, while the others returned to the dormitory with worries.Wu Qiujiang lay in bed and thought hard. If the murderer was Li Fu, what was his motive for committing crimes frequently, and he also attacked the factory director's wife?

Thinking of this, Wu Qiujiang sat up suddenly and decided to go to the room upstairs to have a look. At this time, all the co-workers were asleep. Wu Qiujiang walked slowly in the corridor under a little moonlight, and then came to Li Fu's closet to touch the key. But after touching for a while, I couldn't find it. The key was missing. Wu Qiujiang's heart skipped a beat. Could it be that Li Fu came back and took away the key? He gently left the room and stood on the stairs looking up. Li Fu had come back before, and maybe he was in that room now.

Wu Qiujiang suddenly became nervous. He tiptoed upstairs, came to the iron door and listened carefully, but there was no sound inside. Just as he was about to turn back and go downstairs, the iron door suddenly made a slight "squeak" sound. Wu Qiujiang quickly hid behind the door and held his breath. There was no movement at the iron gate for a long time. Wu Qiujiang turned his head and saw that the iron gate was open with a thin crack. It turned out that the door was not closed.

Wu Qiujiang was overjoyed. He took a wooden stick, then gently opened the iron door and stepped in. There was no light at all in the room, and it was eerily quiet. Wu Qiujiang searched and found no one. It seemed that the murderer had escaped. Then he turned on the lighter and checked inside the house. Sure enough, there were a few more cigarette butts in front of the window. Wu Qiujiang picked one up and it turned out to be Chinese cigarettes. He couldn't help but frown, and a new question began to come to him. My mind was spinning.

The day after Shen Lan disappeared, rumors that Li Fu was the murderer began to spread among employees. It turned out that Li Fu had approached Shen Lan because the factory benefits were too low, but his opinions were not adopted, so Li Fu cursed in the office and was forcibly dragged out by security guards. Maybe the security guard was too young and energetic, or maybe Li Fu was too reckless, and was beaten by the security guard in the end. Chen Jingui came to apologize for this matter, but Li Fu was still aggrieved.

After understanding this situation, the police began to track down the missing Li Fu.

Four.Midnight Terror

Wu Qiujiang had nothing to do that evening. Thinking that he hadn't seen Lao Zhang for a long time, he decided to go and chat with Lao Zhang in the evening. Lao Zhang is the gatekeeper of the factory. He is in his sixties and is blind in his left eye. People seldom see him and don't talk much. He always gives people a mysterious feeling.

Wu Qiujiang walked into Lao Zhang's hut with wine and food. At this time, Lao Zhang was sitting on the recliner and looking out of the house, his eyes full of desolation and sadness. Seeing Wu Qiujiang coming to see him, Lao Zhang had a smile on his face, and soon the two of them gathered around a wooden table and started drinking.

"More than ten years ago, the old factory director often drank with me when he was still alive. Who knew that just when Chen Jingui and Shen Lan were about to get married, he suddenly died in a bizarre car accident." Lao Zhang sighed.

"I heard that this factory was founded by Shen Lan's father, and Chen Jingui is just an employee in the factory. What's going on?"

"When Chen Jingui joined the factory, he was very capable. When the old factory director saw that he had great potential, he married Shen Lan to him. Unexpectedly, Shen Xinmin was very opposed to it from the beginning. No one knew the reason. After the old factory director passed away, he married Shen Lan. The cynical Shen Xinmin suddenly seemed like a different person and began to take care of things in the factory. Until today, the three of them have worked together to manage the factory in an orderly manner."

That night, Wu Qiujiang chatted with Lao Zhang until late at night, and then went out to return to the dormitory. Lao Zhang held the door frame with one hand and watched him go away, then turned and closed the door. Several heavy coughs came from the room.

Because of his drinking, Wu Qiujiang fell asleep quickly. This was the soundest sleep he had had in a while. In the middle of the night, he got up to go to the bathroom. As soon as he finished using it, he heard the sound of flushing water upstairs. He murmured and suddenly fell asleep. The sound of flushing water meant there was someone upstairs. Could it be… He immediately ran behind the door and listened to what was going on outside. Soon there was a sound of footsteps in the stairwell. Wu Qiujiang suddenly became nervous. He ran to the window and looked down. Soon a The black shadow left the dormitory and slipped towards the workshop. Wu Qiujiang hurriedly put on his clothes and ran downstairs, but when he followed him to the garden, the shadow disappeared. He had no choice but to hide in the garden and quietly observe the factory.

Just when Wu Qiujiang was impatient, the lights in Lao Zhang's hut in the distance suddenly turned on. For a moment, the lights went out, and a dark figure came out of the hut and walked towards the door. Wu Qiujiang was overjoyed and quickly followed. The black shadow walked very slowly, walking on the path straight towards the river. The river was not far from the factory. The river was wide and full of water.

After following one after another like this for a while, they came to a place where the river was very wide. The black shadow suddenly stopped and fiddled with it for a while, and then there was a "plop" sound like something was thrown into the river. After a while, the black shadow moved towards another river. Small road into town. After the black shadow completely disappeared, Wu Qiujiang came to that place. At this time, there were only circles of rippling ripples left on the water. Wu Qiujiang searched the water and found nothing, so he took off his clothes and started to enter the water.

The river water was freezing cold in the early morning, and Wu Qiujiang couldn't help but search back and forth in the water. The river was too deep, and he searched back and forth several times with no results. He began to feel a little unable to hold on. At this moment, he suddenly stepped on something soft under his feet. After a few tests, Wu Qiujiang plunged into the water, and soon He struggled to drag a woven bag ashore.

Without time to rest, Wu Qiujiang hurriedly untied the bag. He was full of curiosity. There was a big stone tied under the bag. What made the black shadow hide this secret? The bag was quickly untied, and Lao Zhang's head immediately appeared in front of him. There was only one open eye that made Wu Qiujiang tremble!

Who killed Lao Zhang? The dark shadow tonight was so strong and vigorous. It was definitely not the thin Li Fu. Wu Qiujiang suddenly felt suffocated and was speechless.

Lao Zhang disappeared, and the employees couldn't stay any longer. Some people started to pack their bags and leave, fearing that they would be the next to suffer. Everyone was in a very low mood.

five.first signs of emergence

Wu Qiujiang sat on the edge of the bed and smoked alone, with nowhere to vent his anguish. The appearance of the black shadow made him shake his previous judgment. Maybe he was wrong from the beginning. He briefly combed his brain and decided to start from the beginning. So he went to the hospital where Zhao An stayed after he fell ill and asked the nurse to think carefully about whether Zhao An had been in contact with strangers before he disappeared. The nurse shook her head: "Zhao An has no relatives or friends. He is all cared for by the hospital's nurses. It's just his factory." The deputy director of the factory visited him a few times, but other than that, he had no contact with any outsiders. Oh, on the third night before Zhao An disappeared, I checked the room and saw a young man in his twenties coming out of his room. When he came out, I thought he was someone he knew and didn't pay much attention." Wu Qiujiang's eyes lit up: "What does that person look like?" "I only saw the back, with yellow hair and a little thin." Wu Qiujiang secretly wrote down , it seems that the murderer is not an ordinary person.

As soon as Wu Qiujiang returned to the factory, he heard the news of Li Fu's death. The police station issued a death notice. Li Fu's body was salvaged from the river a few miles away from Jiangcheng. The time of death was about ten days, which happened to be It coincides with the time when Li Fu disappeared. It seems that the murderer is indeed not Li Fu. He died on the day he disappeared!

Wu Qiujiang was walking alone in the factory. The thin young man with yellow hair kept flashing through his mind. He tried his best to recall it and dig it out of his memory, but his mind went blank.

The confusing situation made Wu Qiujiang feel helpless. He unknowingly arrived at the parking lot of the factory. There were only twos and threes of cars in the huge place. He saw an off-road vehicle at a glance, and upon closer inspection, it was the vehicle Chen Jingui drove back from the provincial capital that night. Looking at the luxurious car body, Wu Qiujiang couldn't help but watch it with interest. Unfortunately, there was some dirt on the smooth body of the car. Wu Qiujiang frowned. He immediately came to the rear of the car and saw that the rear window was covered with splashing dirt. Then he climbed into the high car bottom without thinking, and his eyes were immediately horrified. His eyes widened, and a bold guess began to emerge.

That day, a mysterious person walked into the public security bureau. Wu Qiujiang sat in his office and told the police about the clues he had found during this period. Then he requested to retrieve the surveillance videos of various important roads in the factory on the night Shen Lan disappeared and check them carefully. stand up.

Late that night, a familiar off-road vehicle appeared on the surveillance video. Wu Qiujiang was excited, and then he and the police officers searched for the vehicle on all traffic arteries.

Soon, the shadow of an off-road vehicle appeared at the intersection leading to Damagou Village. However, because there were no cameras on this road, everyone could only watch the off-road vehicle speed out of the city and disappear into the night of Jiangcheng. Wu Qiujiang had a hunch that the missing Shen Lan was probably in the off-road vehicle. The police immediately began to trace the car. However, Damagou Village was crisscrossed by country roads and sparsely populated. It was not easy to find a car in such a large place, and it was still late at night out of the city.

The purpose of the off-road vehicle that night could not be found, and the existing clues were not mature enough. No one knew what to do next. Just when Wu Qiujiang was at a loss, good news came secretly from the police station, and there were clues to the whereabouts of the off-road vehicle that night. And this was purely a coincidence. Zhang Lin, an old man from Damagou Village, lived alone at the foot of the mountain. His cattle were stolen by thieves the night Shen Lan disappeared. Zhang Lin went to the police station to report the case the next day. When the police asked him about that night When something unusual happened, the old man said that after eleven o'clock at night, he got up to go to the toilet and vaguely saw a fire burning on the road into the mountain. The flames grew from big to small and quickly extinguished. The police were curious, so they went to the scene to investigate, and found a fire under the soil that was simply buried. They also found several unburned bones from the fire, which were identified as human bones.

Based on the clues provided by Wu Qiujiang, the police quickly thought of Shen Lan, so the forensic doctor compared the DNA of the hair left at the scene the night Shen Lan disappeared with the human bones found. The results came out. The person who was burned to death was Shen Lan! Wu Qiujiang was secretly speechless as the two murderers appeared in his mind.

six.Capture the thief

Summer has arrived, and it has been two months since the case of the headless corpse occurred. Chen Jingui's suspicion can no longer be escaped, and Wu Qiujiang is still not sure who Huang Mao and the dark figure who appeared in the hospital that night are, and he is afraid of exposing Chen Jingui too soon.

The sweltering heat of the weather and the anxiety in his heart made Wu Qiujiang breathless. Dark clouds were rolling over Jiangcheng, and the first heavy rain since the beginning of summer was getting ready.

That night Wu Qiujiang received a special task and was on duty at night. After receiving the task, Wu Qiujiang was puzzled. According to the factory's practice, ordinary employees would never be assigned to duty, not to mention that Wu Qiujiang had not long since entered the factory. He looked at the night sky and nodded thoughtfully. At this time, Jiangcheng was surprisingly quiet, and people were enjoying the rare tranquility before the storm.

The storm has come, and the thunder rumbles over Jiangcheng, roaring like a wild beast. Wu Qiujiang stood in the duty room and looked through the window at the dark cabin on the top floor in trance. He was waiting for a moment to arrive. At twelve o'clock at night, all the employees were asleep. Wu Qiujiang walked out of the duty room and looked at the door. Suddenly, a piercing siren sounded outside the factory. A group of police officers rushed into the factory and headed straight to the dormitory on the top floor under the leadership of Wu Qiujiang. The riot police opened the rusty iron door without any effort, and beams of lights shined on the window sill. Chen Jingui was seen looking at the policeman in front of him in horror, with an unburned cigarette in his hand. Then the policeman A pistol was recovered from him.

The corridor was filled with employees who had woken up from their deep sleep. Everyone looked at Wu Qiujiang and then at Chen Jingui, who was handcuffed, with surprise on their faces.

seven.true face

Chen Jingui, who was caught red-handed, quickly confessed his crime in the interrogation room, and a series of truths were revealed.

"If it had been a few hours later, you would have gone to see the King of Hell." Chen Jingui had a cold expression on his face that he had never seen before.

"You are indeed too cunning. I once suspected Li Fu, but when I learned that Li Fu had died a long time ago, I realized that I was wrong."

"Then how did you suspect me?"

"Actually, I was wrong from the beginning. The cigarette butts in the room on the top floor were from Zhonghua. Although Li Fu smoked, it was impossible for an ordinary employee to smoke Zhonghua. But what really made me start to doubt you was that off-road vehicle. That night you were taken by the police to write a record, and the car was parked in the factory. Then you forgot to drive the car away and even forgot to clean it. According to you, there shouldn't be dirt on the car when you came back from the provincial capital. That night Although it was raining, the whole journey was on a high speed, so I thought you must not have been in the provincial capital that night. So I went to the police station to check the surveillance, and sure enough, your car was driving back to the factory from Damagou Village. At this time, you were suspected It was unavoidable, but I never expected that a coincidence allowed us to discover your intentions that night. You killed Shen Lan and burned his body with gasoline."

"Indeed. Then tell me how you caught me tonight."

Wu Qiujiang lit a cigarette and said: "The headless corpse, the murder of Tou, and Shen Lan all happened on a rainy night. At first, I didn't connect the time of the three crimes. Later, I remembered something A co-worker praised the accuracy of the weather forecast, and I finally understood. You prefer to commit crimes on rainy nights, and use the weather forecast to determine the time of the crime, because few people go out on rainy nights and the erosion of the rain will not leave evidence for the crime. This is why the police did not Find the reason for the clue. When the crime is committed, you sneak into the dormitory in advance, wait until late at night, quietly go downstairs to commit the crime, and then escape. All this is not difficult for you, because as the director of the factory, you can have all the keys. Tonight When I was put on duty, I felt that there was a conspiracy. This was not in line with the rules of the factory. I guessed that you knew that I began to doubt you and wanted to kill you to silence you. And tonight happened to be a rainy night. You put me on duty because you wanted to kill me tonight. "

"That's right."

"I think you will say that there are some errors in my analysis, because you did not commit the crime on a rainy night when you killed Lao Zhang." Wu Qiujiang looked coldly at Chen Jingui, who looked confused.

"How do you know I killed Lao Zhang?" Chen Jingui screamed, "I obviously sank him to the bottom of the river."

"Unfortunately, I followed you that night. Now it's time for you to tell me how you committed the crime and what your motive was."

Chen Jingui suddenly laughed wildly and said: "I killed someone more than ten years ago, and I was the one who killed Shen Lan's father. Originally, Shen Lan and I were engaged, but he suddenly went back on his word for the sake of profit and wanted to marry Shen Lan to a man. The son of the company boss, I really liked Shen Lan, but I couldn't bear to part with this hard-earned wealth, so I caused a car accident. But the car accident was not very successful, and many people began to doubt me. There were Zhao An and Li Fu, but they couldn't find any evidence. I have been living in fear for more than ten years. After Zhao An was diagnosed with cancer, Shen Xinmin often went to the hospital to see him. When Shen Lan and I got engaged, Shen Xinmin was determined I objected. He might have seen that I was ambitious and was afraid that I would monopolize the family property, so he later changed his management of the factory. Moreover, he also always suspected that I caused the car accident. I was afraid that Zhao An would tell him some of the clues he had. , so I had no choice but to kill him. Later, I didn’t want to kill anyone anymore, so I just wanted Li Fu to leave the factory, so I borrowed the dying Zhao An to stage the headless corpse case, and started the machine in the middle of the night to create terror. Li Fu I was very superstitious. I thought I could scare him away and give him some pension in the name of the factory, but he didn’t leave. On the contrary, he suspected that he was in love with me.”

"It was indeed you who killed Zhao An, then who was that yellow guy in the hospital?"

"That was just a gangster I hired with money. It was inconvenient for me to show up, so I asked him to invite Zhao An out and then kill him."

"Then how did Li Fu die?"

"It's just that he was too smart. He actually found the dormitory where I was hiding. I had to trick him out and kill him. Finally, I used stones to sink him into the river a few kilometers away from Jiangcheng. I didn't expect him to float up."

"No wonder someone saw Li Fu coming back with a bunch of keys in the middle of the night. You must have taken that bunch of keys later."

"I forgot to take the key that night, so I had to borrow Li Fu's."

"Then tell me about killing Shen Lan."

"I have always regretted Shen Lan. I love him very much, but the fire cannot be contained within the paper. Two people sleeping on the same bed will inevitably arouse her suspicion. She also began to secretly investigate the car accident more than ten years ago, and Investigate my whereabouts. So that night, while everyone was working overtime in the workshop, I sneaked into the finance room and hit her with a stick from behind. Then I carried her out of the factory and burned her in Damagou."

"One more thing, why did you change the method of committing crimes on rainy nights and take the risk to kill Lao Zhang? He should not pose a threat to you." "One night I sneaked into the factory, and I didn't expect Lao Zhang to be sitting at the door of the hut without turning on the light. I know that Lao Zhang has bad eyesight and is blind in one eye, but I am not sure whether he saw me or not, so when he was so involved in chatting with you, I was afraid that he would see me that night and tell me about it. Here you go. I had no choice but to kill him."

"You are a beast with a human face and an animal heart." Wu Qiujiang suddenly roared, finally unable to control himself in the face of this cold-blooded killer.

Chen Jingui remained silent.

Everyone let out a long breath, and finally saw the full face of the person in front of them!

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