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3. Mrs. Li

In the early morning, after washing up, Bilian was taken by Bao'er to "Guiju Garden", which was the residence of Mrs. Li, the head of the Li family, Mrs. Li Lu. Bao'er didn't say a word along the way, just leading the way with his head lowered. Bilian, on the other hand, looked around out of curiosity. The Li family's house is really big, with deep-walled courtyards and winding paths everywhere, but…it just doesn't have any flowers, plants or trees, which is a strange thing. Suddenly Bilian thought, there are no flowers and plants here, so what happened to Bao just now? Where did the flowers on my son's head come from, but then I thought again, maybe Bao'er accidentally got them on when he went outside to play. In addition to this, there is another strange thing. The huge Li Zhai didn't meet anyone else except the two of them along the way.

"The seventh young lady is here." Another yin and yang sentence. She raised her head and met Zhang Ma's eyes. The uncomfortable feeling lingered in Bi Lian's heart again.

"Zhang Ma." Bi Lian tried her best to make her voice sound calmer. Although her identity as a young mistress was much more noble than Zhang Ma, she still felt some inexplicable nervousness in her heart.

"How did the seventh young lady sleep well last night?" Zhang Ma's words sounded like she was concerned about Bilian, but the disdain in her eyes revealed Zhang Ma's true intention.

"It's okay, it's just…" Bi Lian thought about what happened last night and wanted to ask but didn't know what to say, so she only said half a sentence.

"Seventh Young Mistress, I have to remind you first, there are a lot of rules in our Li family. Don't say what you shouldn't say, and don't ask what you shouldn't ask. You will naturally know what you should know!" Zhang Ma's face showed Bi Lian couldn't understand it, but she felt a little trembling. She was a little afraid of seeing this expression, so she quickly lowered her head and said softly: "Bi Lian understands." .”

"Okay, it's good that the seventh young lady understands. When you go in to serve tea to the old lady, remember, you must not look around or raise your head to look at the old lady. Do you understand! And Bao'er, please Don't go in, otherwise the old lady will get upset again." There was an order in Zhang Ma's words.

Bilian and Baoer nodded at the same time.

The room was very dark, so dark that you had to be careful when walking. The rotten and old smell of the whole room became even stronger.

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Bilian followed Zhang Ma cautiously, her eyes looking straight at the ground, and her body walking forward stiffly, fearing that she would accidentally break the rules.

"Old lady, the new young lady is here." Bilian thought there was something wrong with her ears. The voice sounded a bit arrogant. Bilian didn't believe that it came from Zhang Ma, the servant, but it did. It came from Zhang Ma's mouth.

"Well, let her serve tea now." It was that old and oppressive voice again. Bi Lian had heard it when she first came in last night.

"What are you doing? Come on, serve tea!" Zhang Ma said dissatisfiedly, and at the same time handed the tea cup to Bi Lian's hand.

"Yes, yes." Bilian took the tea and walked forward slowly and cautiously. She was not sure where Mrs. Li was and could only rely on the voice just now to determine the direction.

"Okay, just stand there." Old Mrs. Li's voice sounded again. Bilian stopped, but she felt that Old Mrs. Li's voice was still as far away as before, and she didn't seem to be close at all. She slowly knelt down, raised the teacup above her head, and said respectfully: "Old lady, please drink tea." After a while, Old Mrs. Li slowly walked forward and picked up the cup of tea. . At that moment, Bilian felt Mrs. Li's hand touch her own. It was so cold. The old lady's hand was bone-chilling, not like the temperature of a living person. This was the only physical contact between Bilian and Mrs. Li. .

Bilian never saw Mrs. Li from the beginning to the end. Maybe the room was too dark, the light was too dim, maybe she was too timid to look up. In short, she was taken out by Zhang Ma without seeing anything. into this dark room. When she left the yard, she looked back at the room. The walls were white and the tiles were blue. Everything was normal. It was no different from other yards. But there was one place that was very special. There was a Two large white lanterns swayed in the wind.

The white lantern made Bilian frown.

"Seventh Young Mistress, it's time to go!" Zhang Ma's words seemed to remind Bi Lian of her gaffe.

As she walked out of the door, Bilian vaguely heard the old lady muttering: "Do evil, do evil."

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1. Bilian’s first marriage

Bi Lian sat blankly on the edge of the crimson satin kang, her scarlet hijab with gold trim hanging weakly on the ground. The whole room was silent, and even the sound of a pin dropping could be clearly heard. The room smelled of decay and staleness.

"From now on, you are a member of our Li family. The young master is in poor health and is recuperating in the east wing. This west courtyard is your residence. From now on, you can stay here when you have nothing to do. Don't run around to avoid collisions. Young Master… These are the admonishments given to Bilian by Li Lu, the head of the Li family, on the night of Bilian's wedding today.

Mu Bilian is 19 years old this year and has pretty features. She was considered one of the most beautiful girls in the local area, but until Bilian was 19 years old, no matchmaker came to propose marriage. This made Bilian's stepmother very anxious. She beat and scolded Bilian every day at home. In fact, the reason why no one proposed marriage was because of her stepmother's greed.

When Bilian was very young, Bilian's biological mother couldn't stand the drunken beatings of Bilian's father, so she jumped into a well and committed suicide, leaving Bilian and her one-month-old brother behind. Less than a year after his mother passed away, his father remarried the widow Zhang from the next village. From then on, Bilian has been living under the power of her alcoholic father and mean stepmother. At the beginning of this year, my alcoholic father got drunk and fell into the river. He couldn't even find his body. Since then, the stepmother has been trying every means to marry off Bi Lian and get some engagement money.

Two months ago, someone finally came to Bilian's house to talk about matchmaking. The matchmaker in the village was smiling with spittle flying all over the sky and said: "Her aunt, your girl is very lucky. The young master of the Li family in the next town has taken a liking to your eldest girl. You also know that." The Li family is a wealthy family, and his ancestors were high-ranking officials. Even if it is passed down to this generation, even if they don’t have thousands of taels of gold and thousands of hectares of fertile land, they are still a first-class wealthy family. Now the young master has taken a liking to your girl. , burn high incense.

After hearing this, Bilian's expression changed. The Li family was well-known in the local area and the Li family was a wealthy family in the area. However, they heard that the young master of the Li family had tuberculosis and had been relying on ginseng to survive. But even so, the Li family also married this young master with several wives one after another. If Bilian marries him, she will be the seventh concubine. I heard from neighbors chatting that the wives married by the young master of the Li family had never been seen outside the Li Mansion. Some people rumored that these women all died mysteriously not long after marrying the young master. It was the Li family who spent a large amount of money to stop everyone from talking, and prevented the matter from getting serious.

After Bilian's stepmother heard this, she smiled all over her face, turned around and said to Bilian in a gentle tone she had never heard before: "My dear little aunt, great blessings are waiting for you today, you are really Good luck. How about it? Just agree."

Bilian lowered her head and thought for a moment. He raised his head and nodded affirmatively. Yes, it's just jumping from one fire pit to another. What's wrong with that? Besides, since I am married, my family can still get some money. I just hope that for the sake of money, my stepmother will be kind to my only stupid brother and let him have a place to live in the future.

2. Zhang Ma and Baoer

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A pair of big red candles with a dragon and a phoenix in the auspicious shape keep making a "sizzling" sound. Bilian twisted her body slightly. She felt a little numb all over her body. Maybe she was a little stiff after sitting for too long.

"Creak-" The door suddenly opened, making a harsh grinding sound.

Who is this? It should not be the young master with tuberculosis, nor the Li Lu who just left. Bilian felt a little nervous and moved her body unconsciously to the bed. She didn't know how to deal with it, so she could only sit there and wait for the development of things as if resigned to her fate.

A gust of cold wind blew in, and Bi Lian shivered all over. She waited quietly for a while, but she didn't see anyone walking in. To be precise, she didn't hear anyone's footsteps at all…

There was no one, but the door opened. Was it the wind or…? Thinking of this, Bilian couldn't help but shudder again. She couldn't help but think of her neighbor's words. No one has ever seen the young ladies of the Li family go out, and it is said that they all died under mysterious circumstances. Bi Lian looked around, but there was no one in the room. Only two red dragon and phoenix candles were shining with a dazzling but weird light.

"Who?" Bilian's voice sounded trembling and changed, but no one answered her. Bi Lian bravely walked towards the door slowly and gently poked her head out. There was no one. The yard was empty. On this special day, there was no servant inside or outside the newlyweds' room, only two red lanterns. Hanging high above the door, floating in the wind. While Bilian was wondering, a voice suddenly sounded.

"Hello, Miss Seventh!" A clear and crisp voice said. "Bilian suddenly raised her head and saw a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl squatting at the wall. She had a pair of red and phoenix eyes, willow-shaped eyebrows, fair and rosy skin, and long black hair braided into a braid. Hanging on the back of her head, her body was slightly fat. She was wearing a pink quilted jacket on her upper body and a royal blue jacket and trousers on her lower body. She was dressed like a girl from a wealthy family. Bilian breathed a sigh of relief, but also felt a little embarrassed. A little girl has long, thin skin and tender flesh, and is full of beauty, but the so-called seventh young lady herself has a sallow face. It seems that she is worthy of being from a wealthy family, and the food and clothing are really different.

"Seventh Young Mistress, please go back to the house quickly. It's windy outside. Don't freeze. If Zhang Ma sees this, she will go to the old lady to complain. Then you will be in trouble!"

"Bao'er, what are you talking about!" A cold voice sounded from behind the two of them. "Zhang——Mom——" The girl who had been nagging just now suddenly looked like a mouse seeing a cat, with her head lowered and her body moving backwards.

"Seventh Young Mistress, why are you here? Shouldn't you be resting in the house?" Zhang Ma's words were yin and yang, sounding like they were popping out from between her teeth, but her wrinkled face was full of anger. There was no expression at all, but his two narrow eyes were always shining, a light that made people feel very uncomfortable. Bi Lian felt a little embarrassed. She lowered her head and said nothing. After all, she was still not used to the way and tone of speech of a wealthy family, and she didn't know what kind of words she should use to respond.

Marrying the wrong evil spirit into the wrong door Bai Jinxiu_Marrying the wrong evil spirit into the wrong door novel_Marrying the wrong evil spirit

"And you married the wrong evil spirit , Bao'er, go back to your room quickly, be careful I tell the old lady." Zhang Ma's eyes glanced at Bao'er again, and Bao'er's face suddenly turned pale.

"It's not Bao'er's fault, it's me… Bilian hurriedly explained.

"Seventh Young Mistress, it's windy and cold outside, please go back to the house!" Zhang Ma stared at Bilian condescendingly with eyes full of shrewdness and disdain.

"I…I thought I heard the door open just now, so…" Bilian really couldn't adapt to Zhang Ma's eyes, so she lowered her head and whispered in a low voice.

"Opening door!" Zhang Ma's voice suddenly became loud, as if she was frightened by something. Bi Lian did not expect that her words would trigger such a big reaction from Zhang Ma. She carefully observed the facial changes of Zhang Ma in front of her. Her face became a little pale. She slowly glanced sideways at Bao'er.

"Here it comes again, here it comes again, they are here…" Baoer kept saying this, his face was as white as a piece of paper, tears were rolling in his eyes, and his body could no longer stand.

"Shut up!" Zhang Ma suddenly shouted, then resumed her previous tone and continued: "It's getting late, it's time for the young lady to rest. Bao'er, don't say anything you shouldn't. Go back to your room. go!"

"Also, Miss Seventh, please take the old lady's words to heart!" Zhang Ma reminded Bilian all the time, which made Bilian feel a little breathless. Bilian slowly walked back to the house, but she But doubts arose in her heart. She really didn't understand why her words caused such a big reaction? Who are they in Bao'er's mouth?

Bi Lian didn't fall asleep that night. Whenever she closed her eyes, her mind kept wandering. Finally it got to dawn. Bilian rolled over and got up, sitting on the edge of the kang blankly and thinking. Suddenly that crisp voice sounded again: "Young mistress, have you gotten up?"

It was Bao'er. Bilian recognized Bao'er's voice. I felt happy and had many questions to ask. So he immediately replied: "Get up, come in." Bao'er tiptoed in and looked around the west wing with a pair of red and phoenix eyes. Bilian felt strange, so she asked: "Bao'er, haven't you been here before? Is there anything here?" After hearing this, Bao'er's face suddenly changed, and he stammered: "No, it's nothing. I haven't been in. I just want to ask the seventh young lady about her living habits."

Marrying the wrong evil spirit into the wrong door novel_Marrying the wrong evil spirit into the wrong door Bai Jinxiu_Marrying the wrong evil spirit

Bilian's first feeling was that Bao'er was lying, but seeing Bao'er's uneasy expression, Bilian changed her words: "By the way, Bao'er, who is Zhang Ma?"

After hearing this, Bao'er obviously breathed a sigh of relief and said: "Zhang Ma is a big shot who can't be offended. She is the old lady's dowry girl. She has been staying in the Li Mansion for so many years. She sometimes talks more than the old lady. Young Master and Miss are still useful. Now that the old lady is getting older and doesn’t want to see people, Zhang Ma usually takes part in all matters of Li Mansion. Now, the servants all know Zhang Ma and almost don’t know their master anymore, so they can’t mess with it. She." Having said this, Bao'er stuck out his tongue. Seeing Bao'er's naughty look, Bilian felt a little lighter.

Bilian asked casually: "Well, Bao'er, which house are you a girl from? I don't seem to have a girl taking care of me in this house."

After hearing this, Bao'er's expression was a little frozen, but he quickly said: "I belong to the lady's house, but the lady went to the province to study in a women's college and was not allowed to take the girl with her, so I stayed here and did some chores. In recent years The income of the house is not as good as before, and many servants have been laid off, but I think Zhang Ma will find you a new girl soon."

"Well, I think you are good. How about you be my personal maid? When your lady comes back, you can just go back." Bi Lian said with a half-serious smile.

"That's fine, but I don't think Zhang Ma will agree to it. I have to go too. If Zhang Ma finds out that I'm going around the house again, I'll be as gossipy as the old lady." Bao'er said coquettishly. He said, then turned around and prepared to leave.

"Bao'er, wait a minute," Bilian hurriedly called her, stepped forward and took down a small dry yellow flower from her head. Bao'er smiled and said happily: "Thank you, Miss Seven, I found you to be a really good person, much better than the previous ones. Good people will live longer!"

"The first few." Bi Lian's heart sank. She looked at Bao'er and asked calmly: "What did you just say? You said I was much better than the first few? The first few? Who are you referring to?"

Bao'er quickly covered his mouth, with a nervous look on his face. His other hand kept shaking the evil spirit of Marrying the Wrong Man , and at the same time he muttered: "No one, no one, I just said it, don't take it seriously…"

Bilian didn't expect Bao'er to have such a big reaction. For a moment, she didn't know what to say. She had to reach out and pat Bao'er's shoulder gently, and said softly: "Bao'er, do me a favor. I just came here, I don’t know anyone, and I don’t have a servant girl around me. I want to say hello to the old lady, so please show her the way.”

"Yes, yes, yes, okay." Bao'er stuttered.

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