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A long time ago, the medicine mountain was called Changle Mountain. At that time, people did not fully understand Chinese herbal medicine, and not many people had seen the stick spirit in "The King of Herbs". The following little story happened during that year.

It is said that there is such a mother-in-law. Her son is called Guan Liang. He is sixteen or seventeen years old. He has thick eyebrows and big eyes. He is strong and looks very sincere and kind. The couple lived at the foot of Changle Mountain and lived by collecting firewood all year round.

One day, Guan Liang was collecting firewood in the mountains. He was tired, hungry and thirsty, and wanted to find some water to drink. I looked up and found a big bubble not far from me. The water was blue and blue, and I didn't know how deep it could be. Guan Liang was so thirsty that he simply walked over and drank without hesitation.

"Brother Guan Liang——, you can't drink this water!" Suddenly a woman shouted.

Guan Liang looked up and saw a girl wearing red clothes and green trousers washing clothes here.

"Brother Guan Liang, you cannot drink this water for washing clothes!" the girl repeated.

Guan Liang was stunned and asked: "Sister, how do you know my name?"

"I heard someone calling you!" After saying that, the girl looked at Guan Liang affectionately, then blushed and lowered her head.

Guan Liang asked again: "Where do you live? Why do you wash clothes here?"

The girl raised her head in embarrassment and said, "I live over at Dalizi on the top of the mountain." Suddenly, the girl's face was filled with clouds, "Oh! There is a big tree in front of my house, and there is an old man living in the tree. Eagle, it often bullies us. It poops on its head at every turn, which makes me wash clothes every day. I tried to talk to it nicely, but it is unreasonable. No one cares about it in the mountains, but it is so cruel. We are in trouble and there is really nothing we can do!”

At this point, the girl shed painful tears and cried sadly.

"Little sister, don't cry yet. Tell me your name and I will avenge you!"

"My name is Bangchui. Brother Guan Liang, I can't cause trouble for you."

"Oh, don't say that. That old eagle is nothing. He bullied your girl's family. I will avenge you tomorrow!"

"Thank you in advance, Brother Guan Liang. Come visit me at my house tomorrow. I'm leaving first!" The girl picked up her clothes and walked up the mountain.

Guan Liang looked at the girl's walking back and wondered, could someone live on the top of the mountain?

Back home, Guan Liang told Lao Na Na (Manchu: mother) exactly what happened to the girl he met on the mountain.

"My child, I heard people say that there is a stick spirit in red clothes and green pants on the mountain, but we have never seen it with our own eyes. She said she was a stick spirit. Needless to say, it must be a stick spirit. She is a good person, do whatever you want. Some good deeds. Maybe I can be your wife in the future!" Nana said happily.

"Nana, from what you said, I don't miss you for a long time."

"I miss my daughter-in-law!"

"Nana, no matter what, we must not let the old eagle bully the girl again!"

"Yes, tomorrow we go up the mountain to find the big tree and cut it down. Drive away the old eagle so as not to harm the girl again!"

The next day, Guan Liang prepared everything and went straight to the top of Changle Mountain with a wood-cutting ax in his hand.

After climbing to the top of the mountain, Guan Liang walked around the stone lazi and took a look. Sure enough, there was a big tree. The area under the tree was flat, with many flowers and plants growing there, but no one was there.

Guan Liang came to the base of the tree and looked up. He saw a large black eagle's nest. I thought to myself, whether there is a house or not, let’s cut down the tree first.

Just after he struck a few blows with the ax, he heard a whining sound in the sky. Guan Liang looked up and said, Oh my God! Not good. A big old eagle like a rolling disk flew in the sky. The wings are colorful and can be more than two feet long, which is scary. The old eagle saw someone cutting down a tree and rushed towards Guan Liang. It was too late, but it was too soon. Guan Liang picked up an ax and started fighting with Lao Diao.

This old eagle is not easy to mess with. It is the king of the sky in Changle Mountain. It has a pair of sparkling lantern-like eyes, a sharp hooked mouth, and a flap of its wings can knock people off their feet.

Guan Liang and Lao Diao fought hard for a long time. There was blood and water on the ground and on the trees. Finally, Guan Liang finally chopped off Lao Diao's head. Immediately afterwards, he chopped down the big tree with a "bang bang". After a while, he heard a "boom" and the big tree fell down. Guan Liang felt his vision go dark, and he fainted from exhaustion…

Amidst the noise, the stick girl appeared. Followed by an old man with a white beard. They gently lifted Guan Liang and walked towards a very beautiful small house.

It was getting dark. Girl Bangchui squatted beside Guan Liang and gave him water. Guan Liang slowly opened his eyes and was surprised to see himself lying in the room. Girl Bangchui told her story about how she and her father carried him. After Guan Liang heard this, he thanked the father and daughter from the bottom of his heart for their life-saving grace.

"Brother Guan Liang, you avenged us. My father and I have to thank you very much!"

"Don't say that dead spirits can be cured . Didn't you also save me?" Guan Liang sat up and said, "It's time for me to go home!" As he said this, he got down and wanted to go out.

"Hey, young man! You can't leave in the dark! You killed the old eagle and chopped down the big tree. You are so tired. Lie down and have a good rest!" Girl Bangchui's father also advised him.

"No. Nana is waiting for me at home!"

"Don't worry, let my girl take you home as soon as it gets light!"

Guan Liang was helpless and couldn't help but hope that the sky would light up soon.

As the saying goes, the mother worries when her son travels a thousand miles. Although Guan Liang was not thousands of miles away, within one night, Lao Na Na got angry and got sick in his throat.

The next morning, Guan Liang led Bangchui girl into the house, feeling surprised and happy. Tears streamed down my face. Rubbing her throat a few times with her hands, she reluctantly said: "Son, you're back! You make me so anxious. Is this the stick girl?" Nana was very concerned when she saw this beautiful girl. asked his son.

Guan Liang nodded. He saw that Nana was struggling to speak, and hurriedly asked: "Nana, what's wrong with you?"

"Oh! My throat is swollen due to the rush of anger! I dare not speak." Nener stared at the Bangchui girl intently, "How nice this girl is, she looks fair…"

When the girl Bangchui saw that Guan Liang's mother had a sick throat, she didn't say much. I thought to myself, if the old man is sick, no matter what, it is important to treat the disease first. Then, she went outside to pick up some bark from the yellow pineapple tree, peel off the old skin, cut it into small pieces, and wash it. Let Guan Liang's mother hold it in her mouth and swallow the bitter juice. After repeated repetitions, in less than half a day, the swelling and pain in Guan Liang's mother's throat were completely gone.

Girl Bangchui can cure diseases, and the two mothers are even more happy. The old mother was so happy that she couldn't close her mouth, praising the girl for all her good things. At this time, it goes without saying how grateful Guan Liang was to the Bangchui girl. He stared at the Bangchui girl with two eyes and said, "You are so kind! You are so kind!"

Everyone can probably guess what happened next, so I won’t go into details.

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