The Mystery Of Immortality In The Bedroom

Death of Zhang Ying

Peng Xueer died like that, in a strange and strange way. The doctor said it was caused by cardiac arrest.

However, not long after, an explosive news broke in the school – after Peng Xueer's body was dissected, there was a black fingerprint on the heart!

Rumors spread that her death was actually caused by ghosts, as evidenced by the fingerprints on her heart.

When the news reached dormitory 311, it frightened several people who had not yet recovered from the shock of their roommate's sudden death.

Of course, the one who was most afraid was Wang Mei. Although Zhang Ying had always suspected that she was dead, she certainly didn't think so. The fingerprints on Peng Xueer's heart made her feel her heart tightening suddenly, as if someone had pinched it. It tried its best to beat, but it couldn't.

Wang Mei's whole body spasmed, she huddled in pain, and large beads of sweat appeared on her forehead. Seeing Zhang Ying enter the dormitory, she quickly suppressed the pain in her heart and covered herself in the quilt, pretending to be sleeping.

"Amei!" Zhang Ying called out. Seeing that she didn't respond, she took out a yellow talisman from her bag and walked towards her.

The footsteps stabbed Wang Mei's heart like awls. Her hands clutched the quilt tightly. The pain in her heart and the fear in her heart combined to make her worse than death. She firmly believed that she was a living person, but she felt frightened for no reason when she saw the charm on Zhang Ying's hand.

Wang Mei's heart was filled with desolation. She usually treated Zhang Ying well, but why did she have to go through all kinds of hardships? It would be great if the person who died last time was not Peng Xueer but Zhang Ying!

Suddenly, Zhang Ying groaned and stumbled onto Wang Mei. Wang Mei was startled and didn't dare to move. There was no wind in the dormitory, but the charm in Zhang Ying's hand was blown by the wind. Then, it began to escape from her hand, spun around in the air, and then fell to the ground.

Wang Mei was inexplicably relieved, and the pain in her heart miraculously disappeared. She quickly popped her head out of the quilt and called out to Zhang Ying, who was lying motionless on top of her.

But Zhang Ying didn't react at all.

Suddenly, Wang Mei felt that the quilt was a little damp. She put her hand into the quilt and found it was sticky. She didn't know what it was.

Challenge the horror incident_Challenge the supernatural novel from the incident_A great challenge to the supernatural incident

Take it out and take a look – "Ah!" Wang Mei froze with fright and screamed in horror.

Her hands were actually covered in blood! Zhang Ying was still lying on her body without moving, but this time Wang Mei could clearly see the bright red blood slowly spreading under her body…

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sudden death

The color ultrasound incident was like a huge stone weighing on Wang Mei's heart, and also on the hearts of everyone in dormitory 311.

Zhang Ying likes to read horror novels. There are often stories in the novels about people who are actually dead, but she doesn't know it. Is Wang Mei also so fond of them? However, the doctor only said that she had no heartbeat, but he could feel the heartbeat when he put his hand on her heart. What has actually happened?

Suddenly, Peng Xueer made a whimpering sound, which seemed extremely strange in the dark night. After whimpering for a while, she started kicking her feet on the bed again, screaming intermittently from her mouth. She used to have nightmares, but since her last check-up, they have become more frequent, almost every night.

Challenge horror events_Amazing challenge supernatural events_Challenge Supernatural novels about events

Zhang Ying was thinking about Wang Mei and had trouble falling asleep. Now she was even more irritable and restless. She couldn't help shouting: "Xue'er! Stop screaming!"

Peng Xueer, who was sleeping, seemed to be startled by this shout, and her whole body fell silent.

Peng Xueer's lower bunk was Wang Mei. After Peng Xueer was quiet, Wang Mei suddenly sat upright, breathing heavily. Zhang Ying looked at her without blinking.

"Bah!" The light in the bedroom was turned on. Yang Lulu stood there in white pajamas, her sleepy eyes filled with anger: "Are you guys done yet? Are you going to let others sleep?"

Wang Mei sat on the bed, huffing and puffing before she could finish breathing, looking straight at Yang Lulu. Suddenly, she rolled over and got out of bed, and knocked on Peng Xueer on the bed: "Get up!"

Then, Wang Mei looked at everyone dissatisfied and said angrily: "If you have anything to say, just say it today! I know you are very dissatisfied with me. You think I am a monster or even a dead person, right?" At this point, since she didn't see Peng Xue'er sitting up, Wang Mei impatiently knocked on her bed board again: "Peng Xue'er, you're up. Are you dead?"

Yang Lulu explained sheepishly, "Amei, don't be angry. It's because I haven't slept well for several nights, so…"

Zhang Ying said calmly: "Amei, we don't want to think this way, but the fact is there, you have no heart rate. In fact, it's easy for us to believe you, you just need to prove that you are still alive. We also It’s good to know where you should be, isn’t it?”

"Zhang Ying, stop talking…" Yang Lulu didn't expect Zhang Ying to say this, and kept winking at her and whispering to stop her, but she still insisted on finishing.

Wang Mei was so angry that her chest heaved, and she gritted her teeth and said, "How do you want me to prove it? If I were a ghost, I would have no shadow, breathing, heartbeat, or body temperature, but I have all these! How do you want me to prove it?”

Zhang Ying looked at the time, and then said slowly: "It's exactly twelve o'clock at midnight. I saw a post on the Internet, saying that there is a talisman that can be swallowed by ghosts at twelve o'clock, and the ghosts will disappear. , do you dare to try?”

Both Yang Lulu and Wang Mei looked at Zhang Ying in disbelief. Wang Mei had nothing to say, but Yang Lulu ran over excitedly to persuade her: "Zhang Ying, don't be like this. Amei has been sleeping with us for so long."

"Ask Xue'er what she means. If she agrees, we'll start." Zhang Ying said, getting out of bed despite Yang Lulu's dissuasion, and came to Wang Mei's bedside. She stood on tiptoes and looked at Peng Xue'er on the upper bunk, who had just called She didn't wake up after several calls, she was so sleepy.

Suddenly, Zhang Ying seemed to have thought of something and put her hand under Peng Xueer's nose – she was not breathing!

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