Military Division

During the period of the Republic of China, there was a young man in the green forest in North China. Activities are held all year round inside and outside the Great Wall, on both sides of the Luan River.

The leader of this puny horse is called Du Erbiao, and people in the rivers and lakes call him the second master of Biao. The local people called his troops the “Biao” army.

In troubled times, the people are in dire straits. The local poor people, once they are desperate, will go up the mountain to join the “Biao” army. Therefore, Du Erbiao’s troops gathered more and more, and the reputation of the “Biao” army became bigger and bigger. Gradually, Du Erbiao’s stomach filled with a worry. I want to find an expert from the outside world to be a military adviser, sit in the army, and give him advice.

After searching around and searching in all directions, I finally learned that there is a Taoist priest with the Taoist name “Gangkong” in the Wuyou Temple on Zixu Mountain outside the mouth. Not only proficient in “Book of Changes” and “Qimen Dunjia”, but also has a lot of research on “Sun Tzu’s Art of War”.

Du Erbiao, carrying a heavy gift, excitedly ran to Zixu Mountain to pay a visit. Unexpectedly, the ox-nosed old man in Wuyou Temple is quite a bully, and he hides in the apse, avoiding seeing him. Let Daotong pass on the word that he lives in Zixu Mountain in order to devote himself to practice and enlightenment, and will no longer get involved in worldly affairs.

Du Erbiao came prepared and was not discouraged. He followed the example of Liu Xuande of the Three Kingdoms who visited the thatched cottage three times, and went up the mountain again and again, which was soft and hard. The heart said, the fire is so bad that the pig’s head is rotten. I don’t believe you can be better than Zhuge Liang.

Faith will move mountains to open. In the end, the Taoist priest “out of thin air” was still invited down the mountain by Du Erbiao, and became a military adviser in the Biaozi Army.

Du Erbiao invited the military adviser, and the army with the word “Biao” rejoiced. Even though most of these people are illiterate and rude people, they respect the literate and capable people the most. They compare Taoist priests “out of thin air” to Zhuge Liang, the Kong Ming in the Three Kingdoms, and Wu Yong, the wise star in Liangshan. My heart said, this is all right. With a military adviser who has clever calculations, our “Biao” army can act according to the military adviser’s clever plan in the future, and just wait for the victory.

The big autumn has passed, and the summer is coming and the cold is coming. The “Biao” army planned to send a team to “borrow” some grain and grass from the Wang family compound in Luanhe River to prepare for the winter.

Before the operation, the army division and the Huotou army were busy in the kitchen for a long time. When it was dark and set off, the military division distributed a small cloth bag to each of the brothers who were going to the Wang family compound, and there was a piece of round and big pancake in the cloth bag. After receiving the pancakes from the military division, the brothers felt an indescribable sense of mystery in their hearts. Xin said that inside the pancakes, there must be a military strategist’s clever tricks hidden. At that time, as long as you follow the plan, you can win a big victory.

The Wang family compound is a well-known big family on both sides of the Luan River. There are thousands of hectares of fertile land at home, and there are trading shops outside. There are seven or eight shotguns and foreign cannons guarding the courtyard, and there is a joint defense agreement with the militia in the county. It is a piece of bone meat that is not easy to chew.

The “Biao” army also made full preparations for this trip. Those who came were all top-notch elite soldiers and generals, all of whom were equipped with fast guns. I wanted to kill the nursing home first, and then make plans. Unexpectedly, when he got close, he used a loud arrow to light up the banner of the “Biao” army, and the gate of the Wang family compound was opened, and the brothers were welcomed in respectfully. First, pigs and sheep are slaughtered, and wine and meat are served. Then he put on the carriage, filled it with grain and grass, and sent it up the mountain.

The “Biao” army returned with a full load without firing a single shot. Du Erbiao held a banquet on the mountain to reward his brothers. At the banquet, someone remembered the pancakes given by the military adviser before leaving. Heart said. Now that we have returned victorious, why not break open the pancake and see what tricks are hidden inside. But when you break open the pancake, there is nothing inside. The brothers looked at the broken pancakes, everyone was in a daze, and everyone was in a daze. In the end, they all turned their attention to Du Erbiao. Du Erbiao didn’t understand what he meant, so he asked the military adviser: “This pancake…”

Seeing the military master twist his beard with his hand, he smiled slightly. Said: “There is a saying in the military book: Before the soldiers and horses move, the food and grass go first. This pancake is the dry food I prepared for the brothers.”

It was only then that everyone realized that the pancakes given by the military adviser were nothing more than pancakes.

The army with the word “Biao” had sufficient food and grass, and passed the winter steadily. On the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of the first lunar month, Du Erbiao and his brothers went into the county in disguise to watch the lights. Accidentally got good news. It is said that the county militia ordered 20 “38 Dagai” rifles from an arms dealer in the south. In two days, it will be delivered at Luanzhou Wharf.

Du Erbiao selected 20 brothers and personally went to Luanzhou to intercept the batch of “38 big covers”.

When we arrived at the Luanzhou Wharf, we caught up with the head of the militia and a few regiments who had just picked up the “goods” and were looking for someone to carry the guns. Du Erbiao asked a few brothers to pretend to be feet, and carried twenty “three-eight big caps”. The head of the militia and several members of the regiment followed behind, drinking five and six. When he got to the quiet place, Du Erbiao hit the back of the head of the militia with a twenty-four-gun box gun and said his name. The leader of the militia immediately urinated his pants, shivered and disarmed with the members of the regiment, and knelt down to beg for mercy.

Du Erbiao easily obtained 20 “March 8 Covers”. On the way back, when passing by Saheqiao Town, I took my brothers to the restaurant to become top. Simply order some food and make up for it. But at this time, I saw two brothers in the mountain, each carrying about a dozen bastard pots, entered the restaurant out of breath. Said: “I can catch up with you, I ran all the way.”

Du Erbiao asked: “You are…”

The two brothers breathed a sigh of relief and added to each other: “Within less than a bag of cigarettes after you left, the military adviser said it was bad, saying that you forgot an important thing. So let us carry these bastard pots, Chasing you. But these pots are rattling and hard to memorize. The two of us chased after you slowly, and only now caught up with you. I don’t know if I’m wrong or not.”

Du Erbiao said: “There is nothing wrong, you came at the right time.” As he spoke, he asked them to distribute the Wangba pot to the brothers, and asked with a mysterious face: “Brothers, do you know what is in this pot? What?”

Everyone shook their heads together, thinking to themselves, what is in the pot will not be the military master’s tricks. Du Erbiao said: “I think the military division expects that our trip will be a success, and when we succeed, people will carry these bastard pots to chase us. I dare say that the pot must be the celebration wine specially sent by the military division for us. Come, for us We’ve done a good job on this ‘sale’, do it!”

While talking, Du Erbiao opened the Wangba pot first, and “gudong” took a big gulp. Afterwards, the brothers also opened the bastard pot, and each of them took a big gulp with “gudong”. But after the “gudong”, everyone was stunned with big eyes and small eyes. After one bite, there is no taste at all. It turned out that the bastard pot was filled with cold water.

Du Erbiao blushed so much that he didn’t even taste the food. After returning to the mountain, he asked the military adviser, why did he send so many pots of cold water after so much effort. The military adviser said that during the period of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang lost his street pavilion, and because there was no water source on the mountain, he was trapped by Wei soldiers on the mountain and failed miserably.

Seeing the military adviser shaking his head and citing scriptures, Du Erbiao couldn’t help but want to laugh. My heart said, this is where it is. On the way to and from Luanzhou, there are big and small rivers everywhere. Still short of water? As for sending people to carry a lot of bastard pots on their backs, and chase after them clangingly?

In a blink of an eye, it has been almost two years since the military division joined the army. But I haven’t seen him come up with a plan. He actually made some small things like food, water, sesame and mung beans. Gradually, some people began to make irresponsible remarks. What are you talking about as a military division? What you do is the work of the Huotou Army and Dabazhu’s minions. If you don’t move, just talk about the Art of War and the Three Kingdoms, you won’t be a dog-skin plaster. Hearing the brothers muttering behind their backs, Du Erbiao felt a little cold in his heart. But it’s easy to ask God to send God away, and you can’t send someone away just by touching your upper and lower lips. Besides, people may still be hiding their secrets, and the critical moment of the real story has not yet come.

In the 22nd year of the Republic of China, Japanese devils entered the customs. I heard that the national army fought the devils at Xifengkou, killing devils with big blades, just like killing watermelons. The army with the word “Biao” was excited, crossed the Luan River from the Sahe Bridge, and went straight to the mouth of Xifeng. Let’s try it with the little devil. Unexpectedly, after the little devil suffered from the big blade of the national army, he became a little bit like an enemy. As soon as the “Biao” army appeared, they immediately covered it with machine guns and mortars. The “Biao” army fought hard for a long time, but they couldn’t hit the devils at all. Looking at the guy in his hand, he was really no match for the devil, so he wanted to leave. Unexpectedly, he was cut off by the devil. The “Biao” army had no choice but to cross the mountain from Tiemenguan, and wanted to go back to the mountain through Panjiakou and across the Luan River.

Seeing the “Biao” army retreating, the little devil clung to his back and chased after him.

The “Biao” army fought and retreated, and unknowingly retreated to the bank of the Luan River. There is a big river in front and devils in the back. The situation is quite critical. Fortunately, the ice on the Luan River has not yet melted, giving the “Biao” army a glimmer of life.

But when Du Erbiao was about to lead his brothers across the ice and across the river to get out of danger as soon as possible, he was stopped by the military adviser. The military adviser said: “As the saying goes, when the river opens on seven or nine, geese come on eight or nine. Today is the eighth day of seven or nine. It seems that there is ice on the river, and I’m afraid it can’t hold back people. How can this ice go away?”

As soon as Du Erbiao heard that the military adviser’s words were reasonable, he led his brothers down the Luan River, intending to go back to the Sahe Bridge and cross the Luan River. Unexpectedly, the devil had already sent another team to guard the bridge. After a fierce fight, the “Biao” army lost the lives of more than 20 brothers and ten “38 big covers” before they were able to cross the bridge and return to the old camp in the mountains.

The next day, Du Erbiao pretended to go to Panjiakou to invite a doctor to treat the wounded brother. Seeing people still walking back and forth on the ice of the Luan River, I asked them to find out that there is another saying: when the Qijiu River opens or not, the geese come and do not come. After hearing this, Du Erbiao almost died of heartache. I said in my heart, it’s a pity that my more than 20 brothers and ten “three-eight big covers” are gone.

After returning to the mountain, Du Erbiao presented a bag of dry food and gold bars, and resigned the military division. The military adviser didn’t ask for gold bars, but left a few words when he came down the mountain. Said: “People never leave the road, and tigers never leave the mountain. The fate between you and me is not over, and we will meet again in the future.”

Cold and summer are easy to festivals, and the seasons change. In the twinkling of an eye, it is the beginning of February, which is the season when spring returns to the earth and everything recovers. Unexpectedly, the Japanese devils entered the mountain and touched the old camp of the “Biao” army.

The “Biao” army fought with the devils in the mountains for three days and three nights, and was finally forced to the Luan River. Seeing that the ice on the river hadn’t melted yet, the “Biao” army ran onto the ice without even thinking about it. The one in front hadn’t even walked a few steps on the ice when they heard a “click”, the ice surface broke suddenly, and the person fell into the river with a “crackling” like a dumpling. Those behind quickly turned around and ran back, but they were shot by machine guns from the chasing devils, and a large number of people fell down. After such a toss, most of the “Biao” army was killed or injured. Du Erbiao led his brethren, rushed to the death, and blazed a trail of blood. Go up along the Luanhe River and transfer to the outside of the mouth.

During the transfer, Du Erbiao suddenly asked a veteran beside him: “What time is it now?” The veteran pinched his fingers and said, “Today is the eighth day of July 9th.” Yes, there is a chance that the river will open at seventy-nine times and the river will not open.” In fact, he regretted in his heart that he shouldn’t have resigned as a military adviser based on a momentary anger.

The army with the word “Biao” left Panjiakou in the north, crossed the Great Wall, and arrived outside the mouth. I thought I had jumped out of the devil’s encirclement and out of danger. No, this time the devil is trying to drive out the “Biao” army. A small team was sent to chase after the severely injured “Biao” army, and they clung to it. In the end, the “Biao” army and the ghost squad entered one after another, in an old forest in a deep mountain with no human habitation for hundreds of miles, and lost contact with the outside world.

The two sides encountered fire from time to time, and each had a victory or defeat. But no one can eliminate anyone, they can only consume each other in this deep mountain and old forest. As time went by, both sides ran out of supplies, and could only rely on wild vegetables in the mountains to satisfy their hunger. Due to not being able to eat salt for a long time, my whole body was sluggish, and my arms and legs were weak. Not to mention fighting, even walking became more and more difficult.

At this time, Du Erbiao suddenly thought of the military division, and couldn’t help crying emotionally. Said: “If the military commander is in the army, he will definitely think about bringing some salt. Cough, only the military commander can think about such a sesame and mung bean thing.” Du Erbiao was coughing and sighing, thinking about his thoughts, but when he looked up, his head was right He bumped into a cloth bag hanging from a tree branch. Untie it and open it, and it turns out that it is filled with glistening salt. Looking at the trunk again, there is a line written: There is no small matter in the army, the details determine the victory or defeat.

Du Erbiao regained his energy, climbed up a hill without hesitation, raised his head and shouted: “Military division—my good military division——where are you——” The brothers also climbed up the hill and shouted together : “Military division——, come back—we need you—” But all they heard was the echo of the empty valley.

With salt, the “Biao” army quickly regained its strength. He also quickly found the weak and limp devil soldier. After a firefight, all the devils in a small team were wiped out. While cleaning the battlefield, I saw the dead leader of the devil squad, still lying on a rock, holding a pistol and aiming ahead. Du Erbiao walked over cheerfully from the front and said, “You son of a bitch, all the ghosts have returned to their hometown in Dongyang, and they still haven’t put down their weapons.”

While talking, Du Erbiao casually grabbed the barrel of the gun, trying to pull the gun out of the devil’s hand. I didn’t want to hear someone shouting at this moment: “Don’t move…” But it was too late, and there was a “bang”, and the gun in the devil’s hand rang. It turned out that although the devil was dead, his fingers were still holding the trigger. After being pulled by Du Erbiao, the gun just rang off.

Du Erbiao didn’t speak well, and thought to himself, I, Du Erbiao, have been roaring in the mountains and forests for many years, but I didn’t expect to die in such a way. I was killed by a dead devil’s gun… Just at this time, I saw someone rushing to his chest , fell to the ground in response. The brothers of the “Biao” army rushed over when they heard the sound, and gathered around to have a look. The one who fell on the ground was their military adviser – Taoist out of nowhere.

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