game Of Death

"I am the God of Death. Is the God of Death so handsome? The God of Death smiled. Have you never read a ghost story? He was released by Brother Death for fun. Don't scare others…~I actually saw that scary mask… The devil in SCREAM. A smile like death. … "Death?" No…" I turned around and wanted to run away, but the girl appeared and grabbed me with her terrifying hands. Her hands were so strong. … Continue readinggame Of Death

The Story Of The Ghost Mother

The story of Guizimu Guizimu is the wife of Pājaṇaka, the old ghost king. The ghost mother was very anxious when she found out that her beloved little son was missing. The Buddha said to the extremely anxious devil's mother: "You have ten thousand sons, and you lost only one. You are so sad and sad, searching everywhere. In the world, some people have two or three sons, and some only have an only son, but you are missing them." After eating, the Japanese mother said ashamedly: "I was wrong! After this incident, the ghost mother really changed her ways and never harmed children again. … Continue readingThe Story Of The Ghost Mother

The Damn Handsome Guy Works Hard, Read Online In The Basement

Asun said: "Do me a favor, tonight I want to study all night in the basement. I immediately understood his purpose: I joined a club at school, and I have the key to the club's activity room in the basement. When I woke up, I had already It was 9:50. We had packed up, and Ah Sun was here, so we went to the club activity room in the basement together. It seemed that there was something wrong with the entire basement! … Continue readingThe Damn Handsome Guy Works Hard, Read Online In The Basement

Devil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

"Meeting and chatting with such a netizen, I know that I must have the courage to face death as home." I don't know if I am lucky to receive Mr. Devil's advice. Ruzi has only a half-knowledge of "Tao", and he has never understood it, so he is restrained in action, depressed and aggrieved, and it can be said to be mediocre. "Mr. Devil continued to speak softly: "The Tao is to people, indistinct, indistinct, indistinct, 'Looking ahead, suddenly behind'. Therefore, it is said that in pursuit of faith, why bother with life and death, why bother with ascetic practice, and why bother with sensuality. Mr. Devil turned his face and said to me: "Without contradiction, there is no world." … Continue readingDevil's Night Interview With Mr. Zhao Zhongyuan

Military Division

I want to find an expert from the outside world to be a military adviser, sit in the army, and give him advice. In the end, the Taoist priest “out of thin air” was still invited down the mountain by Du Erbiao, and became a military adviser in the Biaozi Army. Du Erbiao invited the military adviser, and the army with the word “Biao” rejoiced. Even though most of these people are illiterate and rude people, they respect the literate and capable people the most. With a military adviser who has clever calculations, our “Biao” army can act according to the military adviser’s clever plan in the future, and just wait for the victory. The military adviser said that during the period of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang lost his street pavilion, and because there was no water source on the mountain, he was trapped by Wei soldiers on the mountain and failed miserably. … Continue readingMilitary Division