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There used to be a deaf woman in the village. Although she was deaf, she could hear what ghosts said. Her eyes were like mirrors, and she could see things that others couldn't see.

The deaf mother-in-law has no children, and she lost her husband very early, so she lives alone and helplessly. I heard people in the village say: when night comes, the deaf mother-in-law will sit on the bed in the dark room without lighting the lamp. Sometimes she cries, sometimes laughs, and sometimes seems to be talking loudly to others, or He kept arguing with others until the neighbors could not sleep soundly. After dawn, the neighbors would go to her house and ask her who she was arguing with last night. She said that her husband, who had been dead for many years, came to her and complained that she had not given birth to a boy and a half girl in her life. Back then, the couple went to many hospitals to see a doctor in order to have a child. The doctors said that her husband was sick and could not have children, but now her husband wanted to complain to her, and she was not convinced, so she kept arguing with him. After hearing what the deaf-eared mother-in-law said, the villagers realized that the yard of the deaf-eared mother-in-law was not clean, and there would be ghosts haunting them every night, and it was these ghosts that the deaf-eared mother-in-law was talking to.

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One night in the summer of one year, a young man who was accustomed to stealing in the village jumped over the wall and jumped into her house, trying to steal her laying hen. Ghost handprints were left on his shoulders.

After the villagers knew about this, they dared not go to the deaf mother-in-law's house again, for fear of encountering ghost handprints there. Since the deaf mother-in-law can see ghosts, if a child in the village is possessed by a ghost, she will be invited to drive the ghost out, and it works every time.

There was a child in the village who was playing hide-and-seek with a few friends in front of the ruined temple in the south of the village one night. He was possessed by a ghost and fell seriously ill. His mother invited the deaf mother-in-law to exorcise him. After seeing his situation, the deaf mother-in-law acted like a prophet, and said directly, "My baby, I may have killed a little green snake recently, and now its ghost has come to complain, and it is now attached to my body."

The child's mother nodded her head after hearing what the deaf-eared mother-in-law said, because a few days ago, she did see her child kill a little green snake, so she eagerly asked the deaf-eared mother-in-law: "Mother-in-law, Now how to do?"

The deaf-eared mother-in-law said: "This little green snake died because of it. It has a lot of resentment, and people in the world still can't hold it. Now the only way to subdue it is to use ghosts to catch ghosts. In the middle of the night, it will call the baby." A person (Note: The old people in the village say that ghosts are afraid of crowds, so the deaf mother-in-law will let the child go to her house by herself.) Go to my house and let my dead old man attach the soul of the little green snake to the baby. Take it away, and the baby will be fine."

When the child's mother heard the deaf mother-in-law's solution, she didn't agree at first, because she knew that there was a young man in the village who was accustomed to stealing. The ghost of the ghost came again to frighten his children.

The deaf mother-in-law saw that she was very worried about this, so she said frankly: "My dead old man hated people the most. If such people were encountered by him, he would take his fingerprints on them and use this as a way to get rid of people." Punish them, as we have no children, and he loves children very much, and would never hurt them."

Hearing what the deaf mother-in-law said, the child's mother felt that what she said was very reasonable, and in the middle of the night, she let her child go to the deaf mother-in-law's house with confidence.

After the child came to the house of the deaf-eared mother-in-law, she sat on the bed of the deaf-eared mother-in-law and waited for her dead old man to come and catch the snake spirit possessed on her body. After a while, he heard the leaves rustling outside , and then saw the door of the deaf-eared mother-in-law was blown open by a gust of wind, and then an old man in black came gently to the deaf-eared mother-in-law. In front of him, the deaf-eared mother-in-law directly spoke to the old man in black about his encounter with the snake spirit. The old man in black opened his hands and grabbed him. Since he was young, he didn't know that he was afraid of ghosts, so he expected the old man in black to come and grab the snake spirit attached to him. Immediately afterwards, he saw the cold hands of the old man in black scratching his body, which made him feel chills in his bones, and soon he saw the old man in black grabbing a small green snake from his body, and Take it, go outside, and disappear into the dark night.

On the second day, the child's illness was cured. Everyone asked if it was strange… In fact, there are many such strange things in the countryside, which cannot be explained from a scientific point of view.

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