Dead Baby

The hospital performed an operation, and the adults saved it, but unfortunately the child died. According to Hou Lei, they didn't want to go to that hospital at that time, because that hospital always picked up some pregnant women who had premature birth under special circumstances, and the high mortality rate of their children was unlucky. Grandpa sealed the eyes of the sky, and I am still plagued by many diseases, so I can only teach me some things, and when he dies, let me save my own life. My father smiled wryly and advised me not to be afraid. I said I was not afraid. This child was not my younger brother, but the dead baby number 1317. After the operation, he lied that the baby was stillborn, showed the dead baby to the family members, and persuaded them to sign. … Continue readingDead Baby

Deaf Mother-in-law Read Online

There used to be a deaf woman in the village. Although she was deaf, she could hear ghosts. Her eyes were like mirrors, and she could see things that others couldn't see. Since the deaf mother-in-law can see ghosts, if a child in the village is possessed by a ghost, she will be invited to drive the ghost out, and it works every time. The deaf-eared mother-in-law said: "This little green snake died because of it. It has a lot of resentment, and people in the world still can't hold it. Now the only way to subdue it is to use ghosts to catch ghosts. In the middle of the night, it will call the baby." One person (Note: The old people in the village say that ghosts are afraid of crowds, so the deaf mother-in-law will let the child go to her house by herself. … Continue readingDeaf Mother-in-law Read Online

Short Ghost Stories

Li Haibo is a person who loves to fantasize, his mind is always full of, what if, what if, what if, what if. "Young man, I have a music box here. As long as you press the button of the music box, someone who has nothing to do with you will die in a place you don't know, but at the same time I will pay you 1 million Dollars" he couldn't help but hit the music box button on his last night after struggling mentally. "Well, yes, at the same time you pressed the button, someone who had nothing to do with you died in a distance you didn't know." Looking at the music that brought him millions of dollars in the hands of the stranger. … Continue readingShort Ghost Stories