The Old Woman Discerns Shadow Ghosts Wisely

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There used to be a super scary rural ghost story . There was a man named Wednesday, a carpenter who often ran around to help others with carpentry work. Once, he went out again, and when he came home four days later, he saw his wife washing clothes at the door, so he greeted his wife.

When Wednesday's wife saw him, she was terrified and said, "You—you—I haven't seen you go out, what's the matter with you?"

Before the wife could finish her sentence, a man came out of the house and yelled at Wednesday, "Who are you? How dare you impersonate me?"

When I saw it on Wednesday, this person looked exactly like me. Surprised and angry at the same time on Wednesday, he quarreled with this impostor. Neighbors came to watch and talk about it.

Both Wednesdays said they were real, and the wife couldn't tell the difference. The neighbor asked about the past, and the two Wednesdays were full of answers. Everyone had no way to distinguish, so they had to come to the county government office and let the county magistrate to distinguish.

The county magistrate was also at a loss, but the master had a good idea and said, "According to my guess, it's a shadow ghost at work. Let's try to recognize the relatives with a drop of blood."

The county magistrate found Wednesday's mother, and confessed their relatives with a drop of blood. The blood of two Wednesdays could be integrated with Wednesday's mother's blood, and all the onlookers were amazed. The master said: "This shadow ghost has a very deep knowledge. It seems that we need to invite the great master to catch the ghost." The county magistrate nodded and said yes.

At this time, Wednesday's mother cried and knelt on the ground and said, "My lord, I can tell who my son is on Wednesday."

The magistrate said: "Old man, how do you tell the difference?"

Wednesday's mother said: "Wednesday is my son. No one knows him better than me. When I gave birth to him, my nails accidentally scratched his right armpit, and there was a scar there. It's small and hidden, I don't know it myself on Wednesday, only I know it. Just check the armpits of two people and you can tell the difference."

The county magistrate quickly asked the two to take off their shirts to see what happened. Sure enough, one had a scar and the other didn't. The county magistrate slapped the gavel and shouted: "Catch this evil spirit!"

The yamen guards around were about to take this man down, but unexpectedly, Wednesday's mother threw herself on him, crying loudly, "This is my son!"

Everyone was extremely surprised. The one with the scar on the armpit also said on Wednesday: "Mother, what's the matter with you, why are you protecting him?"

The old woman cried and said to this Wednesday: "You monster, I knew you would change, so I told a super scary country ghost story , my son has no scars on his armpits at all!"

Only then did everyone suddenly realize that they rushed towards the shadow ghost together, caught the shadow ghost who was about to escape, and burned him to death in front of the county government office.

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